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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 3, Number 139

                   Tuesday, 8 July 1997

Today's Topics:

              More on the humble "Daisy..."
            The meeting place was Astor Place
             Recent picture of boys & guitars
                     Your Financials
                     Short today....
         That'll Learn Me to Mind My P's and Q's!
       Bridges and the Trent (I must be in Stoke!)
                  martin newell & moscow
          re: all the blabber about lame bridges
                      AP in Westword
                       stolen bits
                      Re: Shriekback
           Now everything looks right today...
               meeting a fellow listmember
                      Raymond Scott
             I could't believe my eyes dept.
                  chords to Season Cycle
                Trent Reznor covering XTC?
                    Re: free speachers
                     RE: Skinny Andy
                     Minature "Ding"
            But tell us how you REALLY feel...
                       Reel by Jig


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I got so much to say but I'm afraid it'll come out wrong.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 1997 17:26:38 +0100
From: Simon Sleightholm <>
Subject: More on the humble "Daisy..."

From: (Mark Fisher)

>He pointed out that *Always Winter Never Christmas* is a chapter heading in
>*The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe* by C.S. Lewis.

Martin Monkman provided a neat bit about this for the "Your Dictionary"
section of Bungalow if anyone wants more info... (Whose trumpet is this?
Oh, mine?  Well in that case... *toot*)


>I'm surprised that they hadn't added Rook or Wrapped In Grey onto the end...
>they could've sqeezed in one more track if they really wanted to. When the
>compilation was originally announced, I was somehow given the impression that
>Andy himself was to determine the tracklisting


From: FA ken clinger <>

>I just noticed on CD Connection that Geffin has WAXWORKS available as a
>domestic release. Would this explain why Upsy Daisy Assortment begins in
>1982? Are there any tracks common to both comps?

It's a strange mix of songs, indeed, and though I never heard tell of Andy's
involvement with the track selection it does make a certain sense - Andy has
said that XTC only started to find their feet musically and start growing
around the time of Drums And Wires, and this is exactly where UDA track
listing kicks off.  It excises completely the two albums Andy is least happy
with.  The only things that make me dubious about Andy having any form of
real control over the content are the inclusion of "Dear God", a song he's
always been a little unhappy with, and the aforementioned omission of
"Wrapped In Grey".

I've been thinking more about the cover concept and, while it still makes me
giggle, it's a curious piece to be honest.  Andy has always used the "sweet"
or "dessert" metaphor to catagorise singles as being apart from the
"roughage" of the more intricate album tracks, yet here the "sweet" metaphor
has been applied to a mix of single and album tracks where it would have
suited a "Fossil Fuel" style singles collection a lot better.

And yes, I *do* have better things to think about, they're just not as much

"...a roof held together with holes..."

Food for the thinkers...


Message-Id: <v03102800afe1d4e3ad94@[]>
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 18:49:49 -0400
From: Ira Lieman <>
Subject: The meeting place was Astor Place

Hey there,

Thankfully I was able to leave early from work...otherwise you might not be
reading this. I met Fellow Chalkies John Baldan and Dean Zemel this
afternoon. I know John from before, he's almost a townie. But Dean's in
from exotic Milwaukee, Wisconsin, so I felt it was needed to show him how
cool record shopping REALLY could be once he was in New York.

Well, John had to leave the second I got there, but all that he missed was
watching Dean and I spend most of our cash on used cds. I thought I had a
broad range of music I listened to. I was wrong. Dean's interests cover the
gamut. And he made *ME* purchase 3 or 4 or so on recommendation alone. But
I respect that. I bought a number on my own volition. (And finally I have
Adam Ant's "Room At The Top" on disc. Yay!)

Dean's a pretty cool fellow, imho. Of course, he'll be the first person to
say that he's never met an internet-friend he didn't like, but I'll surely
be the second.

The funnier thing that happened, was I walked into my apartment at 5 pm.
And the phone starts to ring. It's Ben Gott. Who says hi to everyone, by
the way. Oh well. It's always fun to meet fellow Chalkies like Dean and
John (and Ben), so if anyone's ever in New York, let me know so I can use
you as an excuse to plunk another $50 down on cds at Sounds.




Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 1997 19:48:18 -0400
From: Tobin <>
Subject: Recent picture of boys & guitars

>In Sunday's Houston Chronicle was a review of the Upsy Daisy
>two of them had guitars, one guitar was that odd-shaped type that
>was popular in the mid 60's and with band like The (English) Beat.

In the "The Onion" photo
( it looks like Dave
is holding a Vox Phantom.  Is this what The Beat used?  I never knew...
For some reason I thought all those 80's ska bands played Rickenbackers.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 1997 17:59:30 -0700
From: Wesley Hanks <>
Subject: Your Financials

... and now the closing market prices on 7/3/97 for Best Buy...

Upsy Daisy $9.99
O&L $5.99
O&L Gold $19.99
TBE $5.99
Nonsuch $5.99
Skylarking $8.99
Compact XTC $23.99
Explode Together $18.99

and in related markets "ok computer" by Radiohead closed at $10.99.

Burning with optimism's flame,


Message-Id: <>
From: "Matt Keeley" <>
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 18:57:23 +0000
Subject: Short today....

> From: Stormy Monday <>
Oh, well, it was only 17 years ago.... that's not too bad...heh...

BTW, as to correct the whole Wrapped in Grey marathon of last
message, I actually did go up to 4 hours, and then I listened to
Nonsuch again today... I'm still not sick of that song!

Ah well, that's this world over...

     -=>Matt Keeley<=-
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Cuba -- XTC    | I used to be temporarily insane!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now I'm just stupid! -- Brak
(ICQ UIN: 1455267, Name: MrMe)


Message-Id: <l03102801afe2312a3bc4@[]>
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 22:49:55 -0600
From: jason garcia <>
Subject: That'll Learn Me to Mind My P's and Q's!

>Playing in my head: The Stereotypes - Blur

That's a good song.  Too bad I didn't listen to it before I posted.



Message-Id: <v01540b02afe26865a126@[]>
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 1997 16:22:38 +0700
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: instrumental

>>>>After 15 years or so of listening to "No language in our lungs" I
>>>>suddenly realise that "I would have made this instrumental but the words
>>>>got in the way" can be read as "I would have made this effective
>>>>but...".  I'd always thought this was one of the clumsiest lines in
>>>>XTC's repertoire, but I've suddenly gained a lot more respect for it!
>Listening to the song, I could swear he's singing, "I *wrote this out*
>as instrumental, but the words got in the way." Am I just mishearing it?

my point exactly. That's how I've always heard it up until last week - then
I realised that Andy's punship might be coming into play again, and he was
saying this song would have been instrumental - i.e., could be of more use
for the purpose that he was trying to put it to, if it wasn't for having to
conform to the strictures of the language. It's the old Sapir-Whorf
philosophy, that we can only express the things our language allows us to,
and because of that we stop thinking in other ways.


PS - I know that "instrumental" and "effective" are not good synonyms in
all cases. However, to say "this song was not instrumental in putting
across my ideas", whcih is what Andy appears to be saying as far as I can
see, is the same as saying it was not effective.


Message-Id: <v01540b0bafe271c1d413@[]>
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 1997 16:25:33 +0700
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: Bridges and the Trent (I must be in Stoke!)

>Last thing, song bridges: oddly, I had always assumed the usual rule was
>that Andy wrote poor bridges. While there are certainly exceptions
>(Miniature Sun.... ohhhhhh...) there are a lot of examples of it. "I Can't
>Own Her," for example, completely falls down at the bridge. And I know
>there are others, although I can't think of them at the moment, sadly...

oh, no! Consider such excellent bridges as All of a Sudden, and Paper and
Iron, which would be infinitely inferior if not for the bridge. Then
there's "Then she appeared", "Towers of London", the list goes on and on.
Most importantly, Senses Working Overtime, where the melody of the bridge
so cleverly and beautifully mimics the melody of the church bell chime
mentioned in the chorus.

BTW - why does nobody ever mention that great song "Paper and Iron" here?
Doesn't anyone else like it? (I bet Trent Reznor could do a good version of
it :)



Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 1997 11:46:56 +0000
Subject: martin newell & moscow

Martin Newell
Some of you may already know this but Martin Newell publishes a poem in the
tabloid part of the Independent newspaper every Friday.

Can anybody offer any ideas Moscow ? I'm off there for a few days starting
Sunday 13th July.


The views expressed are of the individual, and do not
necessarily reflect the views of The United Bank of Kuwait PLC.


Message-Id: <>
From: steve mcallister <>
Date: Fri,  4 Jul 97 10:40:11 -0500
Subject: re: all the blabber about lame bridges

hello again from Austin TX,

   Bridges seem to me to be the bit of the song that goes somewhere
else (hence the term 'bridge').  Sometimes it's a beautiful lovely
powerful place; sometimes frightening; and sometimes everything
breaks and falls into the water.  Arguing about what bridges are
good or bad or wet is useless - we all go someplace different on
them.  AP is a great writer, to argue that some of his bridges are
great and others not is, well, like arguing that some of van Gogh's
paintings have neat colors and others are somewhat drab.  It's all
about the effect the artist wants to create and the perception of
viewer (listener).

   I shall edit myself and stop now.  Otherwise I'll keep going on
'n' on 'n' on.



From: (Stewart Evans)
Subject: AP in Westword
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 1997 13:08:24 -0600 (MDT)
Message-ID: <>

There's an article on XTC, with brief Partridge interview, in this week's
Westword.  Westword is a Denver alternative-weekly newsrag; those of you
outside the Front Range can find an electronic analog at

Not affiliated etc.

-- Stewart
* ----------------------------------------------------------
"My mind's a hand grenade.  Catch."  -- Ice-T
Stewart Evans - - Boulder, CO
* ----------------------------------------------------------


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 05 Jul 1997 04:12:56 -0700
Subject: stolen bits

From: bmilner <>

> Has anybody noticed that on that otherwise silly Jill Sobule single "ship
> comes in"  <-- ? Jill pulls a major XTC moment on the bridge.

I wouldn't know about this, but it reminded me of another swipe in
another direction. Or maybe it's a "tribute"...  I don't know, and
forgive me if this has been discussed earlier, but the bridge of "King
for a day" ("You're only here once... ") has clearly been lifted from
the chorus of "We can work it out" by the B-tles ("life is very short...
"). The melody's the same, although in a different rhythm, and some of
the lyrics ["... fuss and fight...") match almost exactly. So I sippose
it must be an intended hat-off to McCartney, given the overwhelming
Beatles influence on XTC.

From: Steed <>
> As for Colin's bass playing, it sounds fine to me, great even. Who cares if
> he can jam with Weather Report?

Right. I'd be really worried if Colin *wanted* to jam with Weather



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 1997 00:45:47 +0100
From: Phil Hetherington <>
Subject: Re: Shriekback

In message <v01540b00afde6e2c6ceb@[]>, James Dignan
<> writes
>>>By the way, is anyone else on this list as keen as me to see Shriekback's
>>>"Tench" made available on CD?
>>Yes! Though I'd say <<Jam Science>> was more important...
>>Some of the tracks off 'Tench', 'Care' and 'Jam Science' are available
>>on various compilation CDs though.
>Huh? Care *is* available on CD - I have a copy!

My mistake... though it was only CD issued in Australia, and is
pretty hard to track down on this side of the world. I have one
though, so I don't know what I was on about.

> I must say, though,m that
>on my list of CDs that should exist but don't, Jam Science is right at the
>top of the list (alongside Joe Jackson's "Mike's Murder" soundtrack and
>Edgar Froese's "Ages"). Since there are two distinct mixes of the Jam
>Science album, it could come with its very own set of bonus tracks, too!
>Perhaps it is this fact, though (that it was released by two different
>companies) that keeps it from the shiny silvery plastic.

Not so, as the Dutch release (on Y records) was very much without the
bands authority - when I told Barry that, finally, I'd tracked one
down, his reaction was something like "I hope you destroyed it". The
wounds still haven't healed, it seems. Basically, Y Records ran out
of money, so Shriekback signed to Arista to finish off the album, then
Y released what were basically unfinished demos in order to make
some money.

Anyway, the only thing stopping a CD issue of Jam Science is Arista
Records - they could release it tomorrow if they wanted to. All but
three tracks are on other CDs though (one of those is the album mix
of 'Hand On My Heart', but various single mixes have been on CD).

Incidently, there are two versions of 'Care' too, as the US version
had "My Spine (Is The Bassline)" and "Accretions" in place of "In:
Amongst" and, er, somethine else whose name escapes me. Apparently
Shriekback were told that the American market needed a "loud side"
and a "quiet side", so again the UK/rest of world version is the
"proper" one.

Whilst on the subject, does anyone have either a CD single of
'Get Down Tonight' or a 'Jungle Of The Senses' UK video going

|_) |_  * |    My web page:
|   | ) | |    Shriekback web pages: The above + shrkindx.html


Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 1997 22:28:34
From: Chaos Harlequin <>
Subject: Now everything looks right today...

>BTW, Karl and Mitch aren't doing very much to dispel the
>lumbering-ignorant-male-who-can't-do-his-own-clothes-shopping myth we
>hear so much about. Read up on cotton fabrics, gents ( ;- )>

Hrmph. My t-shirt fits perfectly. :)

>Alright, I want everyone who knows who is playing on the demos to stand up.
>My feeling is that the XTC demos are XTC and not ANDY. Please correct me if
>I'm wrong.

Andy said that the demos are all him, with no Colin or Dave participation

>Hello... nothing much to say, except that I thought I'd share with
>you that I've been listening to Wrapped in Grey for 3 hours straight,
>and still counting... and I say it's got to be one of the most
>beautiful songs ever written, by XTC or anyone...

Truly. As I mentioned once before, I put this song on once for a group of
thirty people, after a rather draining gut-spilling sharing session, and
they were blown away. Several people came up to me afterwards and asked me
what that wonderful song was... so I dutifully gave them the album and song
name. But yes, great song. Some of Andy's best lyrics, certainly, and one
of the only songs I could truly call "inspirational" without gagging.

>Concerning Andy's bridges:  Yeah, I'm occasionally
>dissappointed by them.  Total agreement with whomever
>said 'I can't Own Her' falls flat there.

Andy makes the cardinal mistake of trying to *explain* the song within the
song. "It's nothing at all to do with moneeeeeeeyyyy"? Jeez.

>Lots of those Mummer bonus tracks and O&L songs do that,
>too.  They're often so NOT subtle.

Exactly. They try to sum up the whole song for us in that one small
section, and end up beating us over the head with it.

>Sometime, though, they pitch the song into another realm,
>like 'No Language in Our Lungs.'

Agreed -- the NLioL bridge is excellent. I mentioned Miniature Sun already
(ohhhhh...) and, while I suppose it's not really a bridge (since it's
repeated twice) the "manimals" section of "Jason and the Argonauts" is also

>One thing I really hope for from a new XTC record deal is some
>genuine new B-sides.

Agreed. Not to knock the Skylarking and Nonsvch demos, of course -- "Always
Winter Never Christmas" is good and I'm a big fan of "My Paint Heroes" --
but something recorded by the whole band would be nice. But, as you
mention, with 40+ songs saved up now, I would fully expect to get some nice
extras on the first single...


/---------------------------Joshua Hall-Bachner---------------------------\
|   |
| "We all have our idiosyncracies -- maybe thinning hair, or gum disease."|
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Message-Id: <>
From: "Katrina_and_ Scott" <>
Subject: meeting a fellow listmember
Date: Sat, 05 Jul 1997 04:59:43 PDT


I met with fellow Chalkie, Cheryl a couple weeks ago and it was really
nice.  We went out to a coffee shop and discussed many things, mostly
XTC.  It was nice hearing a first-hand account of the convention!  I
told her about the chat with Andy and we discussed other things as well.
We'll have to do it again soon.

I was walking home from the library a couple days ago and saw a copy of
the 3D EP in the window of a small record shop.  They also had lots of 7
inch singles, including Great Fire.  Is this rare?  It was only #4.
Many singles were only #2.  I can't remember if this has been discussed,
but I saw a CD copy of Nonsvch and the cover was solid red - is this
what the UK release looks like?  I hope this isn't in the FAQ as I am
very limited on my time on the computer.

One last note, if anyone is interested:  Of the CD's I brought, I
decided to include ES, O&L, Nonsvch, and Mummer from XTC.  I regret not
bringing the Giant Peach songs, but I have no tape player w/ me.

'til next time,
-Scott Haefner


Message-Id: <>
Date: Sat, 05 Jul 1997 17:32:34 +0100
From: Simon Sleightholm <>
Subject: Raymond Scott

Did I miss this or is it new?  I was trundling around the internet, with my
hat tipped back and my arm out of the window when I hit on the Raymond Scott
page.  It's a wild page about a wild guy - he composed music not *for*
cartoons, but which was adopted and used by Warner Bros for many of their
animated shorts.  I've heard his music praised far and wide, but on the
title page I found this :-

"What can you say about a man who inspired cartoon melodies
and bebop, invented Frank Zappa and electronic music,
and still found time to work for Motown?"

- Andy Partridge, songwriter & leader of XTC

I should have known this was Andy's kind of guy...

The page is at if you're interested.

Apologies if this has been covered before,

Food for the thinkers...


From: "Lee Lovingood" <>
Subject: Ahem
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 1997 22:48:56 -0400
Message-Id: <>

Lurk, lurk, lurk. It is all I do! Don't any of you live-in posters have day
jobs? I barely find the time to read the digests much less post.
Well, low and behold, I have a lucky people. I normally get
paid for doing this.
One thing I wanted to mention is that as many times as I have read the
posts and have heard countless artists recommened, likened to or spoken of,
but there has been very little mention of one of pop musics greatest
songwriters. In case you haven't guessed it by now, I am speaking of one
Elvis Costello. Okay, so his songwriting is merely akin to Andy's by genre
or era, more or less. Geographically to an extent as well, I suppose. Then
again, these are two different styles altogether. While both have a rapier
wit about them, Andy tends to reside on a more elevated plain, while King
Elvis tends to put more of himself and his life experiences into the tales
he weaves. Still, with all of these differences, the two are the undisputed
kings of their respective niches. I am not bugged by the lack of Elvis
mentions; much. Lord knows I have seen mentions of bands in these postings
which I wouldn't give a second listen to, even on a chalkies
recommendation, but hey, to each his own. It just strikes me as odd that a
lot of us, myself included, were probably into Elvis around the same time
we discovered XTC, and yet, I rarley hear mention of Costello. What up wit
dat? (Elvis, like Andy, sometimes get's the feeling that no one is hearing
him, so I have taken it upon myself to try to recruit the right people, and
I could think of no better place to start than Chalkhills.)
By the way, here are a few other songwriters who are largely ignored, but
geniuses Nonsuchtheless.......
Paul Weller
Paddy McAloon
Tracy Thorn and Ben Watt
Todd Rundgren (Stop that hissing!)
Rickie Lee Jones (Up until her new album, which is a bitter pill to
swallow, let me tell you!)
Marty Willson - Piper
Lloyd Cole
Los Lobos (A collective effort)
Barenaked Ladies (Ditto)
Todd Park-Mohr
Oh, I could go on and on, but alas, it is midnight and I am in the air at
six a.m.
I think I shall start tomorrows show with "Little Lighthouse" and go
directly into "The Element Within Her."
Ah, the life of a star! (snicker)
Haven't figured out how to make a cool sig file yet, nor do I have time, so
I leave you with the thought of the day........
As my brother used to say..."Every wave is a new wave!"
How right he was, and boy, could we use a new wave!?!
Goodnight A.P. Wherever you may be. ( You too, E.C.!)
Think for yourselves!


Message-Id: <>
Date: Sat, 05 Jul 1997 23:45:51 -0700
Subject: I could't believe my eyes dept.

>From the brain cell of john murphy
Hey Kids
Sat.July 5th.Burbank California.11:00 p.m.
Decided to go to local Virgin Megastore to see if
they might have Fossil Fuel in their import section.
As I walked in I noticed one of their listening stations
had a slightly familiar looking album cover.
Lit up in all it's colorful plastic and leaping sheep glory over a pair of
headphones,you guessed it, Upsy Daisy Assortment.
Virgin actually has given our heroes their own little space for you to go
and sample the new(old) XTC wares.
Sandwiched between Notorious B.I.G. and Sheryl Crow (or something like that
i was too stunned to notice).
It really makes me wish for the new stuff.
I bought UDA for the unbelievable price of $7.99.
I would like to get my hands on some of those demos that i hear so much about.
Would any one care to help me out.
I have little in the way of seriously interesting stuff.
I have a few gems,like Ray Davies last tour.The one where he reads from his
book and does some tunes mostly from Village Green,and Arthur.
Great show from the Henry Fonda Theater.
I tried to do this privately before with not much luck.
I won't name names.(thanks ira!)
If I can't find some new stuff soon i'll offer MY ears up
for a Mike Tyson happy meal.
                         "Stand up naked and grin"


Message-ID: <y$>
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 1997 22:06:32 +0100
From: Tim Harris <>
Subject: chords to Season Cycle

I'd hoped someone with theoretical skills might have attempted this one
by now! - trial and error on a keyboard got me this far, some of the D
bits have more complicated harmonic things happening that others may
care to develop - and the ?s still need attention - but it works

(transpose keyboard down 5 semitones to match CD)

D       A/D          D         A/D
Season cycle moving round and round
D       A/D             D         A/D
Pushing life up from a cold dead ground
              B7    E7                   B7   E7
Its growing green          Its growing green
E7+   A        E             Fdim     D
well   Darling dont you ever stop to wonder
A         E                Fdim     D
about the clouds about the hail and thunder
A         E            Fdim  D
about the baby and its umbilical
                               B7            D
who's pushin the pedals on the season cycle

(Summer chased by autumn)
(Autumn chased by winter)  Season cycle go from death to life

(winter chased by springtime)  Bring a harvest or a man his wife

(springtimes turning)  Its growing green

its growing green

well Darling dont you ever sit and ponder (darling did you ever think)

about the building of the hills a yonder (all this life stuffs closely

Where were going in this verdant spiral

Whos pushing the pedals on the season cycle
D     A    G     D  C     Fdim
Round and round and round and (round)

E               E7                 A        A7         (Ab)
I really get confused on who could make all this in a (day)
Ab        Ab/Gb     Ab/F Ab/Eb          Dbm  Db
everybody says join our religion get to hea--ven
Db7       Bb                                  Eb        ?
I say "no thanks why bless my soul I'm already there"

D  A  D  A  .... ?
              Do do do do do.....

D/A                Bm
Autumn is royal    As spring is clown
   Am7                  Abdim                  D      ?
But to repaint summer   They're closing winter down

A        E           Fdim     D
Darling did you ever stop to wonder   (darling did you ever think)
A         E                Fdim     D
About the clouds about the hail and thunder  (all this life stuffs
closely linked)
A         E           Fdim   D
About the baby and its umbilical
                               B7                E
Whos pushing the pedals on the season cycle
E+ ...
well Darling dont you ever sit and ponder (darling did you ever think)

about the building of the hills a yonder (all this life stuffs a
closely linked)

Where were going in this verdant spiral

Whos pushing the pedals on the season cycle

(Whos pushin, whos pushing, whos pushin yeah) .......

Tim Harris


Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997 09:28:34 -0400
From: Beth Wojiski <>
Subject: Trent Reznor covering XTC?

Hi all!  Just got back from vacation, and am catching up on my
backed-up Chalkhills digests.  Anyway, I had to put my two cents'

Julian Cook wrote:  Maybe this has been mentioned but wouldn't
Trent do a great version of
"Complicated Game"?

Yes yes yes!   I can totally envision what this would be like.  As a
fan of both artists, I think it's really cool that Reznor likes XTC.
Anyway, now that I've responded, I think I"ll go back and continue
catching up.   It's good to be back....

Beth :-)


Message-ID: <>
From: Ed Miller <>
Subject: Re: free speachers
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 1997 09:41:06 -0600

Regarding Eric Rosen's post in the last issue....

I guess I should be ready for anything when I read a disclaimer at the
beginning of a post stating a lack of XTC follows, but this is over the
edge IMHO.

If I want to read about barbecued children or hear the real audio of the
related trial or BBC story or whatever, I'm definitely not going to look
for that info on Chalkhills.  There are plenty of better places on the
net for that kind of stuff.

I'm sorry to those free speachers out there, but the page down key does
not work in this case.  I guess you got your shock effect, Eric.  Take
it somewhere else, please.

Anybody else wanna back me up on this (or argue with me, for that


Ed Miller


From: Legett RD Lore Guilmartin <>
Subject: RE: Skinny Andy
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 97 14:07:00 C
Message-ID: <>

>From: "Mark Rushton" <>
>In Sunday's Houston Chronicle was a review of the Upsy Daisy
>Assortment along with a picture of the band.
>The interesting thing is that Andy looked like he was in very good
>shape!  He looked in the last decade like he was beginning to pack it
>on, lose the hair, etc etc.   But in the photo he looked trim and
>fit, so did everybody else in the band.

I noticed the same picture but had a different take on it, as I immediately
became concerned about Andy's health!  Compared to previous pictures he
looks positively gaunt!  I'll second Mark's request:  Does anyone have any
information on this?

On a more positive note, now I have a picture to clip out and post on my
refrigerator, adding to my shrine to Geeky-Looking yet Brilliant Musicians
(Lyle Lovett, Alan Fudge, etc.).  :-)

Lore G


Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 1997 10:29:14 -0700
From: (Ian Dahlberg)
Subject: Minature "Ding"

Eric Rosen:

>It's reassuring to discover that I'm not othe only one experiencing the
>triggering of MSun horns when PMacs power up.

>Any of you "perfect pitch" people figured out what chord that is? Ian D?

        I think it's a D min 11 or something.  A programming friend sez
that Stanley Clarke wrote that chord for Apple.  Imagine, a commission to
write a start-up "ding!"   I don't quite hear "Minature" horns in that but
to each his own.

my now preferred email address, according to my provider is:           despite what it says above


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 1997 18:29:04 -0400
Subject: But tell us how you REALLY feel...

Okay, let me begin by warning everybody that THESE ARE NOT MY WORDS,

The following vitriolic screed was posted on a bulletin board decicated to
the band Jellyfish, which I'm sure many of us Chalksters are fans of
(pardon dangling participle).  I never realized how spoiled we are in the
safe Chalkhills haven -- Amanda-bashing notwithstanding.  Seemingly, by
comparison to the real world out there, we're a well-behaved, sensible,
altogether friendly bunch.  I just thought fellow chalksters would get a
kick out of this almost hateful response to a well-meaning XTC fan's post
to the Jellyfish list.

In the interest of not starting an inter-mailing list flame war, I'm not
going to print this person's e-mail address.  Just sit back, relax and

Or alternately, clench your fists and grind your teeth.


    Oh please. I didn't want to get involved in this thread but
    now I have to chuck in my two cents. I had heard that XTC
    was what I should be listening to. People were going "sounds
    like XTC" when I played them "Author Unknown."

    So I borrowed "English Settlement" and one other earlier
    disc and listened to "English Settlement" all the way
    through. I can't remember the last time I have worked so
    hard to restrain myself from ejecting a disc midway
    through. This was worse even than "Jesus' Blood Never Failed
    Me Yet."

    Talk about flogging a mediocre idea to death. Anytime they
    did something even remotely novel or interesting they would
    then do it again and again and again until I began to
    despise it. It was like they found a turd in their diaper
    and wanted to spread it proudly on the wall.

    And neither the music nor the "lyrics" were what I would
    consider "complex," not by a longshot. Just relatively
    untalented people fucking about and dressing it up as a
    great artistic accomplishment. Too British?  How insulting
    to the British.

    I returned the second disc unlistened. This is something I
    almost never do.

How's everybody's blood pressure?

-- FS

p.s. -- the product launch that's kept me out of the studio wraps up at the
end of the month.  I should be able to get the Chalkies originals tape out
soon thereafter.  Thanks, as always, for your patience.


Message-ID: <>
From: Catherine Sweeney <>
Subject: Reel by Jig
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 13:27:06 +0100

Just out of curiosity, have any of you got any suggestions re the
following idea.

I play the tin whistle, and am hoping to launch into learning the
Uillean pipes.  I think it would be interesting to arrange an XTC song
and add an Irish slant to it.  I just wonder how it would come out,
really.  I like to amuse myself in those stressful moments at work
pondering over the possibilities of turning Reel by Reel into a jig.  Or

Anyone got any suggestions as to an appropriate XTC composition with
which to tamper?

I'm just entertaining myself here, you can e mail me separately if you

BTW - I always thought the bass line in "One of the Millions" was
reminiscent of Celtic groups I've heard over the years.  Can't explain
why.  But there you go.....


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