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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 3, Number 126

                   Monday, 9 June 1997

Today's Topics:

               Chalkhills' Kids/Andy Belew
         Karn's solo efforts (Off topic, sorry!)
                    Peter Fitzpatrick
                     Close But No XTC
                 The prodigal returns....
                      Silvery Chords
          Brief lapse of nonsense, but I'm back.
             Another Best Bassist Nomination
                        I am back
                English Settlement Liners
                 Me, on Internet "radio"!
                   Baroque and Hopeful
                    Take it out on her
                    Chalkhills and XTC
                 more chords, and wanted
         The Goons & the Beatles (0% XTC content)
                   temporary 'bye y'all
                    The Deeper Meaning
                 Chalkhills Children '96
            Congrats, complaints and congrats


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Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 19:35:21 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <v01510101afbe137e43f5@[]>
From: (Mitch Friedman)
Subject: Chalkhills' Kids/Andy Belew

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who thinks that the Chalkhills' Children
tape is fantastic and entertaining as hell. It sounds as good as anyone
could hope for (thanks to Richard's meticulous engineering skills) and the
versions of XTC songs are all interesting at the very least. My favorites
are, um, well actually I like all of them except for one but I'll leave it
up to you to figure out which one that is. In my mind, this is the best of
the four fan tribute projects and is much better than Testimonial Dinner.

Now here's some interesting potential news for you. Thanks to Jim Smart, I
joined the Adrian Belew mailing list which is amusingly called BIG ELECTRIC
ChAT about 2 weeks ago. There is a website run by the same guy who monitors
the list and it's filled with all sorts of excellent info about Adrian and
his career. I've been a big fan of his for 16 years now so I'm glad Jim told
me about it. Adrian has email but doesn't participate directly with the
list.  Instead he will occassionally take the time and answer everyone's
questions and post these to the list. Sometime last year he was asked which
artists he would like to work with (I believe this info was posted to
Chalkhills in the recent past) and he mentioned that the idea of sending an
ADAT back and forth amongst he, Andy and David Byrne was a compelling
thought. I tend to agree!

So last Monday when I spoke to Andy I told him about Adrian's idea and he
said he was interested and asked me to tell Adrian to ring him up! Well I
didn't have Adrian's number nor had I ever met him so I emailed the guy who
runs his list and asked him to forward my message about Andy wanting to
speak with him and gave my phone number. On Wednesday morning I got a call
from Adrian and he's a really nice guy. We spoke about lots of things
including how he finally figured out a way to actually make money from his
music and I gave him Andy's number. He was very excited about the whole idea
and was going to call Andy on Thursday. If I hear anything more about this
I'll let all of you know!



Message-Id: <l03010d00afbeef14edb9@[]>
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 1997 08:34:47 -0300
From: Paulo X <>
Subject: Karn's solo efforts (Off topic, sorry!)

Hi everyone,

Paulo, from Brazil, de-lurking here:

Peter McCulloch says:
>Great choice! His rubbery fretless technique is uniquely identifiable. But
>what's he been up to lately? I know he's got a few solo CDs out, but I
>haven't been able to find any of them.

I happen to be a Japan/Sylvian/Rain Tree Crow/Whatever-the-guys-do
fan. Karn's played some gigs with fellow japan-ese Barbieri and Jansen in
Europe.  Regarding his solo efforts, IMHO _Dreams of Reason Produce
Monsters_ (1987) is his best by far. It's his most coherent record.  You can
get more info at Keesjan's Alchemy homepage:

WARNING: The following contains *some* XTC content:

I did take my time one of these days to actually *read* the info on the
booklet of Marc Almond's _Enchanted_ which a friend had lent me and was
astonished to notice that Dave Gregory plays guitar in one of the tracks!

Best wishes,

Paulo (whose list of favorite bass players include Percy Jones, Ian Maidman,
and Martyn P. Casey)


Message-Id: <>
From: "Keith Beck" <>
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 1997 13:46:38 +0000
Subject: Peter Fitzpatrick

Hello everyone,
                         I was reading Simon Sleightholme's excellent
review of our recent get together in Basingstoke, and I was enjoying
it immensely, until it got to the part when he explained that someone,
(a so-called fellow XTC fan) had indeed stolen Peter Fitzpatrick's
autographed Oranges and lemons sleeve, this for me had soured a
great day, I never got to see this cover, apparently Andy had drawn a
a very funny penis image on his own caricature.
I hope the person who did this awful deed is reading this,
if so I suggest you redeem yourself and send
this back to Peter anonymously, and maybe then, you may be able to
live with what you have done to a fellow fan, Peter was kind enough
to bring all this signed stuff for us to see, and also to show us his
excellent video, and internet software, he was very gracious about
it, and told us, as we scrambled about the floor looking to see if it
had been dropped, "It's no big deal, I'll get Andy to sign another
for me", with all due respect Peter, this is not the point, if you do
get him to sign another copy, it won't be the same, he probably won't
do the same doodle, and if you ask him to do that same doodle, then
it just won't be the same.  I don't see why this person would want this
item, it wasn't signed for him/her, this is why I personally don't
care to buy signed copies of records etc, the autographed stuff I
have has been signed for me.  It may seem to some people that I am
over reacting slightly, but I know what it's like to lose something
like this, I once lent all my XTC singles to a friend a few years
back, and when he moved to London he took my singles with him, and it
took me a long time to replace them, and of course, I've never been
able to replace my copy of Science fiction 7".  Peter must have felt
very sick inside on a day that was a celebration of our favourite
band, so on behalf of that bastard out there somewhere, I'd like to
apologize on his/her behalf.
On a happier note thank's to Peter for sharing that wonderful track,
("We're all light")with us, just take note of this fellow Chalkies, this
will be on the new album, the song was just stunning, the electricity is

Bye bye for now,    Keith.


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Organization: The Little Lighthouse
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 1997 16:33:56 +0000
Subject: Errata

Dear Chalkers,

Just a few things I have to set straight:

1. The Dave Gregory - Robbie Williams connection does not exist.
Dave played on Mark Owens solo album and not on Making Plans For
Nigel by Robbie Williams. Both are ex-Take That members that's how I
got confused.
 In the excellent Basingstoke Convention Interview (is there a
tape available yet?) Colin told us that R.W's manager approached
their manager to ask permission to cover this masterpiece AND to
slightly alter the lyrics... So the "fist of steel" instead of
"British Steel" was intentional and not a mistake

2. I got the Play At Home video from David Goody, not from Daniel.
I met so many lovely people at the Convention that I forgot a lot of
the details and the beer didn't help much either :)
The inimitable Daniel P. gave me a copy of "The Prisoner" with XTC
miming their way through The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul.

3. The Canadian XTC "gold" disc sold at Christie's was not for Black
Sea but was presented to Colin Moulding for selling lots of Drums And
Wires albums.


Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse

===> Mark's Random XTC Quote <===
She got to be obscene to be obheard


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Organization: The Little Lighthouse
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 1997 22:34:43 +0000
Subject: Close But No XTC


I have just added a very strange XTC record to my collection...
It's a 3 track 12" called the "On A Mission EP" by an artist (or
group?) who calls himself XTC.

The label is Conqueror Records (London) and the music is
some sort of techno/trip hop/dub cut-up groove; not totally unlike
some of the XTC dub tracks in fact...

yours in an anorak,

Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse

===> Mark's Random XTC Quote <===
Snipping, snipping, snipping goes the scissor man


From: "Lee Lovingood" <>
Subject: The prodigal returns....
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 1997 19:12:53 -0400
Message-Id: <>

Hi all,
Man, it has been a long time since I posted, or for that matter, even read
a Chalkhills digest. I just had a little time and was reading through a
couple of digests. I don't even want to know what the whole Dave Gregory
thing is about. Frankly, I could care less, and totally agree that this
isn't the place for such ponderings, whatever it was.
That being said, and even though this isn't really XTC related, I thought
those with like minds, (as the majority of Chalkhills subscribers seem to
be, musically anyway) would appreciate my recommending a fine album like
the new one from Prefab Sprout entitled "Andromeda Heights".
If you live in the U.S. chances are you didn't even know they had a new
one. It was released in the U.K. only on May 5. It took me a whole month
and twenty bucks to get it, but it is incredibly good. Find it, however you
can, listen to it and love it. I do!
Just so this post has some info about XTC, I agree that every fan should
have "Drums and Wireless". Excellent! Also excellent is the Mobile Fidelity
version of O&L. Magnifique!

"The Bible mentions four, I tell you there's one - Love is the fifth
horseman of the apocalypse...." (Prefab Sprout)
Peace and Love
Lee (me)


Date: Sat, 7 Jun 1997 16:37:32 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <l03020900afbf36d164a6@[]>
From: Dave Blackburn <>
Subject: Silvery Chords

Hi folks,
	My last post pertaining to the great sound of Drums and Wireless
yielded a reply from a proud BBC insider-thanks much  for that. I was
wondering if the mixes on it were painstakingly done over several days to
recreate the album mixes or if (staggeringly) they were done on the fly. I
notice on the liner there was 1 week between taping and broadcast so I
imagine the former was the case. Still, pretty amazing work; you'd have to
be a fan to nail those mixes like that.
Jon asked where one can buy D&Wireless...I got mine on a trip back to
England; perhaps one of the Chalkhillians in the UK could find a good
source over there for us over here? One hates to give more revenue to the
Virgin megastore, but I guess they get their pound of flesh one way or the

	Being a big Captain Beefheart fan I am fascinated by the
Beefheart/Partridge connection (Trout Mask was Andy's favorite album at one
point according to an interview I read in Simon's Bungalow). I realized
listening to Roads Girdle the Globe last night where all the dense
polychords and hominid vocal delivery came from-Trout Mask...the song Hobo
Chang Ba uses exactly that lobotomy voice, and the double-guitar
dissonances in the song were a Magic Band staple too.

	A number of recent postings commented on the unique chord
progressions in most XTC songs. I too was turned on by just that when I
first heard the intro riff of This is Pop, back in '79. What about the
parallel Major 9 chords in Miniature Sun. And what about the parallel
Maj9#11 voicings in the bridge of Rook? (not to mention the brilliant 9/8
alternating hand piano part in that same section.) According to Andy in
interviews, he uses open tunings a lot (open E in particular I believe)
which can give you lush silvery chords without too much trouble, but which
make transcribing quite tough. Plus, they will sometimes use a sampled
guitar strum (Another Satellite) and build the melody around non diatonic
motion from that. And then there is their use of "polyrhythm" such as the 3
against 4 comping pattern of one guitar in Burning with Optimism's Flames,
or the bizarre melody phrasing in Miniature Sun which sounds like quarter
note quintuplets over a swing four or pealing bells in an English vllage.
	Yes indeed, these are composers in the fullest sense of the
word---and pulling it all off in the straitjacket that is commercial pop
too; my hat is permanently tipped.

I think Chris Hughes would make a fine XTC producer but I think David
Bascombe that did Tears for Fears' Seeds of Love would be even better-just
a thought.

Dave Blackburn,
San Diego CA


Message-Id: <>
From: "Matt Keeley" <>
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 1997 18:08:17 +0000
Subject: Brief lapse of nonsense, but I'm back.

Maybe you noticed that I didn't post last digest.  More likely, you
had better things to worry about, like whether your refrigerator was
running... (self-esteem? Who needs it?!)

> From: Joshua Hall-Bachner <>
> ><insert Handel's Messiah here>
> Don't you mean, <insert XTC's "Burning With Optimism's Flames" here>?
I think that would be better, especially since I just bought Black
Sea (along with White Music).  Thing I want to know is, why didn't
they release that as a single, and release Sgt. Rock instead??  I've
heard that even Andy didn't care too much for Sgt Rock?  BWOF is such
a great song! (And the acronym is onamotopoeic... I hope I spelt that
somewhere close to right)

> >Does this even include the songs that were on those Demo Tracks CDs?
> No, -- the entire purpose of the Bootleg album is to release the type of
> songs that were on the Demo Tracks CDs. Just ones that were released on
> official singles.
Cool... I was just a little curious on that one... now I may rest

> From:
> My one brain cell, that is left working, is sending a message that there
> was a discussion on this website about XTC either writing or performing
> on James & the Peachtree, a Disney movie soundtrack.  Can anyone confirm
> what my brain cell is telling me?
Close.  Andy sub'd some demos, and the execs decided they weren't
right for the movie.  My hypothesis:  They were too good, in the same
way as Peter Pumpkinhead.  I've listened to one of the songs (Everything'll be
Alright), and  it's about 25-100x better than anything that made it into the
movie.  Maybe they didn't want the other non-Andy songs to sound like crap?

> From: Dave Ledbetter <>
> I have tried to order this from CDNow.  It's listed as backordered though so
> I despair of ever getting it.  If any of you know where I can find this,
> preferably on CD, please email me privately and tell me where.  I would be
> most grateful.  I've never even heard it!
I've backordered things (OK, one) through CDNow before, and I got my
copy.  Thing is, I'm pretty sure what I ordered was out-of-print, and
it's mainly just getting rid of what was in the warehouse now... so
don't despair, mia amiko, you'll probably end up getting it.

BTW, for the record, the thing I ordered was Barnes & Barnes
Zabagabee video... like anyone cares.

Ah well, that's this world over.

     -=>Matt Keeley<=-
Living Through | Visit my home page
Another        |
Cuba -- XTC    | I used to be temporarily insane!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now I'm just stupid! -- Brak
(ICQ UIN: 1455267, Name: MrMe)


Date: Sat, 7 Jun 1997 22:48:17 -0400
Message-Id: <970607224817.2280328e@RCMAD.UPR.CLU.EDU>
Subject: Synchronicity

well, all,

first off I am gld we are off the nasty thread.....goodriddance! I am
sorry it happened although I was afraid it would, I can assure you
that its presence onthis list was due to an unfortunate circumstance
and was never intended for public consumption. RIP.

Boy am I glad that captain beefheart is alive, I am a big fan and was
under the misimpression that he was either very sick or dead. Sorry he
isn't making music anymore, I think his last two albums where the apex
of his career IMHO. I once saw a cd of him playing live in NYC but
didn't pick it up because it cost 50 bucks.....I am so sorry I didn't
jump at the chance....more info re his poetry cd will be welcome.

About Brian Wilson's Smile, I just got turned on to him and am totally
amazed!  Now I know where a lot of people got their ideas eg the
beatles for one. The guy was truly gifted. Can anyone tell me what
happened to him? Did he suffer the fate of SYd Barret and go nuts or
did something else happen. I remember a 60 minutes piece on him a few
years back and he sounded sort of loony.

Last bit....I believe in synchronicity (an acausal connecting
principle) because I had recently been hearing Drums and Wireless and
was reminded of what a great cd that is...really great sound and
remarkable performances..its amazing what three really talented guys
and a drum machine can sound like....XTC live......  hopefully before
the next millenium. If I was terminally ill and the Make a Wish
foundation asked me what I would like it would definitely be a live
XTC performance (Hmmmmm, interesting) ADIOS


Message-Id: <>
Date: Sat, 07 Jun 1997 20:35:27 -0600
From: Ed & Pam <>
Subject: Another Best Bassist Nomination

Hello fellow C-hillers!

Starting with 1984's "Difford & Tilbrook" album and continuing up to the
latest studio release by Squeeze, "Ridiculous", Keith Wilkinson has long
been one of the most underrated bassists today. His playing on the
tracks "The Last Time" from the "frank." CD, "Everything In The World"
from "Some Fantastic Place", and all of "Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti" are the
definition, to me, of great pop bass playing - commanding but not
overpowering, dynamic & distinguished, breaking a few melodic &/or
rhythmic conventions along the way, but all the while, still fitting the
song like a hand in glove. Colin and Bruce T. do this on a regular basis
I whole-heartily agree, but I thought Keith should get his due. By the
way, does it seem all the great pop bassists are English (Paul, Nick
Lowe, Graham Maby, John Paul Jones, and where does Tony Levin hail

 Ed in S.F.,
waiting patiently for 5 years


Date: Sun, 8 Jun 1997 00:05:02 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: I am back

Hi, all--I am back.  I was without access for about a month, so I am a little
behind. Did the new album come out yet? (just kidding).

If Dean and Rob are reading--drop me a line--the computer ate your

I was reading one of the Rocket from the Crypt (one of my other favorite
bands) pages the other day. I thought you might be interested in the way the
lead singer, Speedo, describes a band that he recently saw. He says that they
were rockin'--a cross between the Jam and XTC live. Now, having a band who
knows there stuff as well as Rocket commend you is a GOOD thing.  But we
already knew all that....

anxiously awaiting the new album,


Message-Id: <>
Date: Sun, 08 Jun 1997 13:33:00 +0900
From: <>
Subject: English Settlement Liners

I seem to have a recollection that when I first layed hands on the
vinyl Edition of English Settlement, there was all kinds of recording
data listed on it, song by song, including who used what instruments,
etc. But, this data is nowhere to be seen in the CD booklet and I have
not seen a vinyl copy for sometime (for those who want to know, it was
probably the Japanese edition, which came out with only ten songs and
was not a double album. I, being a penniless High School student then,
could not afford to buy a copy, and probably borrowed one from the
public library. This was about 8 years ago).

Does anybody have the information listed above? If so, would they be
so kind as to share it? Or is me memory completely wrong?

Daisuke Nakai


Message-Id: <l03102802afc0d8371d98@[]>
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 1997 16:59:14 -0500
From: jason garcia <>
Subject: Me, on Internet "radio"!


Anyone else think "Wonder Annual" is a great song that you
didn't think was so great when you first heard it?  (That
happens to me quite a bit with XTC).

Now for the news:  I, as my "group" name TOP 40, have been
selected as one of 102 artists to compete in the FIRST EVER
Internet talent competition the Demo Derby, put on by new
independent record label Callner Music in association with
The Metaverse and Billboard Live.  Sometime in the coming
weeks, one of my songs, "The Trouble With Being Nice", will
be featured with 10 or 12 others on the RealAudio show The
Delivery Room, to be voted on by the Internet audience.  I
encourage all of you to go to the site and check it out (and
perhaps vote for me :)!)  The top 2 songs from each week move
on to Round II and the grand prize winner receives a recording
contract from Callner.  All of the voters get put in the
virtual hat for prize drawings.

Here is what you can do- go to to
check out the music and vote!  I won't be on for another
week or two, but I'll keep you "posted"!



Date: Sun, 08 Jun 1997 16:14:34 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Baroque and Hopeful
Message-id: <Pine.PMDF.3.95.970608155119.538970542D-100000@TTACS.TTU.EDU>

Thanks for destroying that cancer, Cpt.Chalkhills.

I wonder why the same group of bassists keep coming up.  I bet Mssrs.Mac,
Thomas, Levin, Lee, and the lot are great.  I'd be willing to concede the
Squires, Entwhistles, Mouldings, Wilsons, and any poppers you'd care to
name.  But I guess nobody here listens to jazz, or doesn't hear anything
outstanding in the work of Charles Mingus.  I love him.  I wonder if you
guys don't, or just don't listen to him.

Anyone ever use the term Baroque to discribe XTC?  I think it's rather
appropriate.  Formal, ornate, extremely textural.  And tuneful to boot.
Perhaps the nature of modern pop--primal, free, use of repitition--helps
explain why our men in Swindon don't get any 'props.'  One thing I have
noticed that XTC have in common with many of today's headliners is their
respect and integration of styles from the past.  It seems that throwbacks
are in vogue, but reinterpretation is not.  Zep might very well have made
a tune like "Highway Love Song" by Stone Temple Pilots, but I don't think
Brian Wilson would ever do anything as complex as "Humble Daisy."

What I'm trying to say is that XTC sounds like an extension of past
musical ideas, rather than a recycling.  Evolution sounds like that.  I
have a strange feeling that somewhere down the line, "Love On A Farmboys
Wages" will pop up in a textbook right by "Erlkonig," "Claire De Lune,"
"Summertime" and "God Only Knows" for music students to analyze the hell
out of, and learn to hate because they're studied so much.

If only we could be around to see it, no?



Date: Sun, 8 Jun 1997 19:54:56 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: Joshua Hall-Bachner <>
Subject: Take it out on her

>My one brain cell, that is left working, is sending a message that there
>was a discussion on this website about XTC either writing or performing
>on James & the Peachtree, a Disney movie soundtrack.  Can anyone confirm
>what my brain cell is telling me?

Andy *was* going to do the soundtrack for "James and the Giant Peach," but
for various reasons someone else ended up doing it instead. The movie came
out early last year, IIRC.

>I try to convince people that it goes along with the concept of the album
>and it's more of a mocking thing than anything else. But they don't buy

Who are these people? IMHO, it's quite obviously not supporting the position
of the singer -- I mean, look at some of the lines in the song: "I don't
know what she done wrong but I want to hurt her."

>I obviously don't believe in the subject matter, and I think it's more
>effective because of the way it's sung without sarcasm or irony (see Toad
>the wet sprocket's _Hold her Down_)

Exactly. And the fact is, they had exactly the same problem with that song.
(For those who don't know, HhD is an anti-rape/abuse song, but since the
song uses the same technique (using the position of one of the attackers) in
the chorus, many people seem to think it's a pro-rape anthem, of all things.
(The "take the night back" line at the end of the song evidently didn't tip
them off...)

-- it forces the listener to actually step into the lives of this 'kind of
person', also outlined in Beat Town and Meccanic Dancing.

Hey, there. "Meccanik Dancing" is just about some schlub who works a 9 to 5
factory job all week and needs to "unwiiiiiind," as Andy sings it, on the

She doesn't value the attention she receives...

/-------------Joshua Hall-Bachner-------------Chaos Harlequin-------------\
|   |
|"We all have our idiosyncracies -- maybe thinning hair, or gum disease." |
\---- Kowanko, "Will You Come To?" ------ Thank You, And Goodnight. ------/


Date: Sun, 8 Jun 1997 14:35:42 +0900 (JST)
Message-Id: <>
From: (mikewix)
Subject: Chalkhills and XTC

At 2:25 PM 97.6.7, John Relph wrote:

> Also, to those of you who believe this is an abridgement of your right
> to free speech: Chalkhills is not a public forum.  Although I allow
> anybody to subscribe, I also reserve the right to refuse service to
> anyone.  Think of Chalkhills as a cafe where we can get together to
> discuss XTC, their music, their records, the people in the band, and
> most of all, why we enjoy XTC.  Please keep a civil tongue in your
> heads.  No yelling.  No fights.  I make a mean cup of coffee, too.

This is spot on, right on the mark, and I just wanted to thank Mr. Relph
for _finally_ doing something about it. I've been subscribing (if that's
the right word) to this Digest for the past two years, and in all that
time, I have not, in all honesty, seen, read, and put up with so much BS
in the past month or two (with the exception of the absolutely terrific
posts from those of you who were fortunate/determined enough to attend the
XTC convention in England the other week. After reading the reports and
such, I am English Settlement-green with CROCODILE envy that I was unable
to go--hope to see all of you next year!)  that I have almost been tempted
to leave this most warm and friendly corner of cyberspace....what once was
(and still is, from time to time) a forum to chat about xTc (past,
present, and future going-ons), and also the many musicians and bands
associated with them (however distant and faint that link may be) almost
turned into a dirty, mudslinging junk heap of a place. Hooray and Three
Cheers for our fearless list administrator for stepping in.

Now let's get back to some XTC--isn't this what we used our browser
search engines to find in the first place?     :-)


Michael Wicks

P.S.  Kudos and Congrats to Simon and Natalie--Gurus of XTC Knowledge!

Songs of the Month (as far as I'm concerned; From  Hong Kong to China:

Knuckle Down
Melt The Guns
Reign of Blows (VOTE NO VIOLENCE)


Message-Id: <>
Subject: more chords, and wanted
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 1997 21:21:41 +0100 (BST)

Two things this time. First, I've contributed chords to 1000 Umbrellas
and Crocodile to the archive - I know these already exist and I hope I'm
not treading on any toes. Second, I'm going to be finishing my final
year at Uni in 3 weeks time, and my future with email and the internet
will come to an end indefinately. With no new intake of XTC for the
foreseeable future, I am starting to panic, and need something to take
away with me. So, as I finally get to the point, can anyone help me. I
am trying to find XTC I haven't heard already. I need copies of the
following (Not originals but good audio tape recordings - I reckon I've
got more chance of getting a response if you only have to send a copy,
not the original):

Jules Verne's Sketchbook
Window Box
The Bull with the Golden Guts
Hello Selection

Mayor of Simpleton 3"CD:
        Living in a haunted heart
        The Good Things
        Ella Guru

Nonsuch Demos
Oranges and Lemons Demos
Skylarking Demos
and any other demos not eventually used on albums

I'll pay money - and it's probably best if I optimize the number of
people I talk to, to save on postal costs.

If you can help, email me to discuss what you can give me, tape quality
and price.



Message-Id: <v01540b07afc122088f88@[]>
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 1997 16:00:11 +1300
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: The Goons & the Beatles (0% XTC content)

>Heard the Beatles Anthology version of "You know My Name, Look Up the
>Number?" It's rather extended and hops from one genre to another. When
>they get thru with the ska-rocksteady part, there's some very goofy
>mutterings and novelty noises that conjure up Monty Python in a big way.

>Let's not forget Ringo w/ P. Sellers in "The Magic Christian" which also
>gave us Badfinger doing Paul's "Come & Get It." Of course, George went on
>to produce a number of Python flix...

and lets not forget who produced many of the Goons' recordings back in the
fifties - one Mr. George Martin...


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Date: Mon, 9 Jun 1997 16:08:21 +1300
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: temporary 'bye y'all

Well, if you think that your southernmost listmember is a bit quieter than
normal for the next few days, it's because I'll be going into hospital on
Wednesday for minor surgery. I should be out of action for only a day or
two, but I doubt I'll feel much like emailing for a while after that. So
take care y'all, and hopefully I'll be annoying you again soon!


PS - I won't unsub, so don't write too much while I'm away!

 James Dignan___________________________________               You talk to me
 Deptmt of Psychology, Otago University               As if from a distance
 ya zhivu v' 50 Norfolk Street               And I reply. . . . . . . . . .
 Dunedin, New Zealand               with impressions chosen from another time
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Date: Mon, 9 Jun 1997 01:51:12 -0700
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From: (Mark Fisher)
Subject: Rarity?

On the same weekend as I received copies of Chalkhill's Children (thank you
Richard) and Seven Worthies (thank you Becki, thank you Simon), I picked up
a rarity I didn't even know existed.

It's an Australian 7" copy of Generals and Majors (b/w The Somnambulist)
pressed in transparent green vinyl, apparently as some sort of promotional
gimmick for some live gigs. It comes with a flyer that reads:

XTC [Black Sea era logo]
Australian Tour
5th     Adelaide, Thebarton Town Hall
6th     Melbourne, Festival Hall
7th     Sydney, Capitol Theatre
10th    Ambassador Nightclub, Newcastle
19th    Brisbane
20th    Gold Coast 'Playroom'

Does anyone know anything more about it? Is it especially rare?

- Mark


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From: Gary Minns <>
Subject: The Deeper Meaning
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 1997 13:00:30 +0100

> suggest the deeper meaning is not there is ignoring the door
>to the inner self...
>...deeper meanings are there, in every line, if one chooses to explore.
>If one doesn't, that's cool, but they're there!

Not necessarily.  The psychiatric profession may well argue such a
case but there are still a lot of people in this world who actually say
what they mean.

I always had great debates with my English Literature teacher about
Shakespeare.  She was trying to explain what Shakespeare actually
meant and I always argued that he was just telling a story.  It got me
a few detentions but it was fun to see her try and explain how she
could possibly know what some guy was thinking 400 years ago!

I recall a brief interview with Andy Partridge circa 1982.  The interviewer
asked what the line "all the world is football shaped" meant from Senses.
AP replied: "...the psychedelic one!  If you think I mean all these laces
going up the Atlantic then you're mistaken...".  I'm quoting from memory so
the exact words used may be different but the gist is the same.

Ultimately, it matters not how much we all hypothesise, the only person
who knows what he meant by an XTC lyric (or any other work) is the
author himself.


"Fascism may be good at making trains run on time, but you wouldn't
like some of the destinations." - Terry Pratchett


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Date: Mon, 09 Jun 1997 09:26:03 -0400
From: Tim Kendrick <>
Subject: Chalkhills Children '96

 Hi Everyone!

 I LOVE the Chalkhills Children '96
 compilation.  Every cover song on it
 is wonderful!  I especially like the covers
 of "Sacrificial Bonfire" and "Collideascope".
 The best compliment I can think to give these
 two is to say they are almost as good as the

 But all the covers are good (actually my contribution
 is the weakest one!) and I was very pleasantly
 surprised at how professional sounding many of
 them are.

 Thanks Richard for all your efforts (and to Peter,
 for your work on the limited edition CD)!!!!
 This turned out to be a fantastic project and
 I'm glad I was part of it.

           Tim K.


Subject: Congrats, complaints and congrats
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Date: Mon, 9 Jun 1997 10:53:42 -0400


Sir John of Relph wrote:
> Also, to those of you who believe this is an abridgement of your right
to free speech: Chalkhills is not a public forum.  Although I allow
anybody to subscribe, I also reserve the right to refuse service to
anyone. <

And, may I point out to everyone not already aware of this, John does
this *extremely* infrequently. I have been amazed by his tolerance and his
patience with certain threads, esp. compared to other lists that I've seen
where the "editor" has to frequently declare topics off-limits for the sanity
of all involved.  I applaud John's everyday efforts with this list -- he is a
big part of what makes this list the best on the Internet, IMO -- and
applaud his decision to shut this particular subject down.

Bob Thomas complained:
> I hope you toasted all your sad, deprived mates, who sat home tending
the kids and holding back the tears. <

Well, my friend, at least you weren't the only sad, deprived mate out
there...  I had the added frustration of spending all day Saturday trying to
find the conventioneers out on the Internet, but to no avail (no dig at you
Peter, I know these things go wrong sometimes...)

"When we get to England..."

Joshua Hall-Bachner pointed out:
>>There's a colorful, full page advertisement for Upsy Daisy in the July
issue of CMJ monthly. It shows a happy ittle lamb leaping in the air over a
meadow of flowers, butterflies, and bees (I assume this is the cover

>Oh, great, that's how to get people to buy the album. Why not just print
"wussy" in big letters on the front?<

:^) :^)  What, Josh, you expect marketing smarts from Virgin?

Andrew Lippitt said:
> Although it's probably too late for some, I want to urge everyone to
avoid track by track reviews of the tribute tape to avoid hurting
feelings.  It's one thing to slam the Rembrandts for a crappy cover of
'Nigel' but quite another to post here saying you hate, dislike, loath,
or can't stand any of the creative efforts of contributing musicians
that subscribe to this list.<

I agree completely. What I'd like to say about the compilation is that it is --
in every way except sound quality -- far, far better than Testicular, um,
Testimonial Dinner. There's not a straight-ahead cover on the tape --
every single song takes an XTC song and does something original with it,
which is, IMO, the whole point of an album like this (otherwise, why not
listen to the original?). This was the reason why the Verve Pipe's "Wake
Up" and Ruben Blades' "Man Who Sailed..." were the standout tracks for
me on TD.

My congratulations to everyone who contributed. I found myself listening
to the tape and grinning like an idiot at the talent and originality of my
fellow list members. And a "Yo, my MAN" to Richard Pedretti-Allen for a
fine job of management. It was worth the wait.

And count me in for CC '97!



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