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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 3, Number 125

                  Saturday, 7 June 1997

Today's Topics:

               Re: The Alternative Opinion
    Getting Straight, You're all bad, and I hate you.
    For my sake won't you put your knucles down, boys?
                    Mr. Moulding is #1
          James & the Peachtree contains XTC ???
         chalkhills (& captain beefheart) live !
                    Drums and Wireless
            English Settlement in a new light
             Chalkhills Children Tribute Tape
                      Winning streak
                    Edited Highlights
             the Moderator/Drums and Wireless
                    Hey, knock it off!
                  The Bis-XTC Connection
    Wrist-holding, my fave, Simon says & the five W's
               Re: The Alternative Opinion
       Chalkhills Children Reviews-Caution advised!
            Michael Penn / "My sec-ret WEAPON"
                   I Started a Joke...
     Just thought I'd drop in for a few seconds.....
                   One more thing.....
     Well I don't have a crush on you, Mr. O'Connel,
          filler on top of a couple good tracks?
          Chalkhills' Children `97... yes, "97"
                        The Loving


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Date: Sat, 7 Jun 1997 14:21:12 -0700
Message-Id: <>
From: John Relph <relph>
Subject: Re: The Alternative Opinion

As I said in the special bulletin, the discussion of Dave Gregory's
theoretical (or actual) sexuality is now closed.  The discussion of
why this is so is also closed.  I make no apologies for ending the
discussion at this point.  Those of you who wish to rebut
Mr. O'Bannon's opinion may do so in private e-mail or any other forum
you wish to use.  You may not do so in Chalkhills.

Many of you have written to say that you find Mr. O'Bannon's position
offensive, as do I, and that you wish to be able to use Chalkhills to
reply.  You may not.  End of subject.

If you, gentle readers, cannot police yourselves within this forum,
then I may be forced to continue stopping discussions.  I do not like
to take this kind of action, but I will do it.

Also, to those of you who believe this is an abridgement of your right
to free speech: Chalkhills is not a public forum.  Although I allow
anybody to subscribe, I also reserve the right to refuse service to
anyone.  Think of Chalkhills as a cafe where we can get together to
discuss XTC, their music, their records, the people in the band, and
most of all, why we enjoy XTC.  Please keep a civil tongue in your
heads.  No yelling.  No fights.  I make a mean cup of coffee, too.

	-- John


Message-ID: <>
From: Bob Thomas <>
Subject: Getting Straight, You're all bad, and I hate you.
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 17:02:08 -0500

Hi everybody.

I have just been deeply offended in Chalkhills.  I never thought I'd see
the day.  I was doing one of my highspeed reads of a few digests to
catch up when I came to #3-124.

We deserve it, you know.

I can't recount the words for you, and I won't quote them either.  You
know the thread, the one that should never have occurred here.  I didn't
care about it.  Lots of people wrote in to say they didn't care about
it, and on and on we went, about a joke, about a bogus claim, about
nothing.  And all the time we knew it.

But I don't hate you (except for that split second of total disgust that
writing this has helped to relieve).  I trust you to turn a corner now.
Don't take up the fight, if that's what you feel inclined to do.  Let it


Oh, and I do so hate everyone who got to go to Basingstoke and have all
that fun without me.  Your recounting of the camaraderie, the drinking,
the games, the drinking, the new music, the video, the Newell
performance, the drinking, the interview, and the drinking, is cruel.  I
hope you toasted all your sad, deprived mates, who sat home tending the
kids and holding back the tears.  Probably not.  Nary a thought.  That's
really super.

I am a baby.  I hope nothing comes of Atlanta (more damn fun and games,
I'm guessing).  Just go away and leave me alone!

Be good : ^ )

Bob Thomas

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Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 20:40:49 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: Joshua Hall-Bachner <>
Subject: For my sake won't you put your knucles down, boys?

>There's a colorful, full page advertisement for Upsy Daisy in the July
>issue of CMJ monthly. It shows a happy ittle lamb leaping in the air over a
>meadow of flowers, butterflies, and bees (I assume this is the cover art).

Oh, great, that's how to get people to buy the album. Why not just print
"wussy" in big letters on the front?

I am not going to yield to Bob's post and write what I want to here, in
deference to the demeanor of the group. I will merely state that I hear
enough of people trying to push their idea of "morality" on others in real
life. I don't want it here.

><insert Handel's Messiah here>

Don't you mean, <insert XTC's "Burning With Optimism's Flames" here>?

>Does this even include the songs that were on those Demo Tracks CDs?

No, -- the entire purpose of the Bootleg album is to release the type of
songs that were on the Demo Tracks CDs. Just ones that were released on
official singles.

Put aside the hoodoo and some of the voodoo
'Bout people being different and take them by the arm
and run to the stree, take a little drum to supply the beat
soon the whole world will be up on its feet and dancing...

/-------------Joshua Hall-Bachner-------------Chaos Harlequin-------------\
|   |
|"We all have our idiosyncracies -- maybe thinning hair, or gum disease." |
\---- Kowanko, "Will You Come To?" ------ Thank You, And Goodnight. ------/


From: Matt_Kaden/CAM/
Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 17:02:42 -0400
Subject: Mr. Moulding is #1

"Bruce is a
divine Bass player.  Along with Colin and Paul, Bruce has inspired me to
become a bassist myself."

That about covers it! Let's not forget Brian Wilson's omnipresence on Sgt.
Pepper... And if you haven't heard SMILE, I don't know how to warn you. It
will blow you away - not for the bass playing but for every sound in it.
I'm sure Andy heard it a long time ago (even though it never came out). A
note about bassists. We could list all the slick slippery slappers and
that, but what's so great about Colin is the jagged, off-kilter patterns he
creates. I can't imagine any XTC song with a different bassist. I wouldn't
rate him lower than Macca, whom I revere for his weird patterns (using
plain octaves and fifths) in Lovely Rita, Baby You're a Rich Man, and so on
and so on the subject of technique, it can be only hollow if it has no
vision. I'd like to sight a few Bruce Thomas nuances for the sport of it -
notably the ending of Accidents Will Happen, those breaks in Shabby Doll,
every single second in Beyond Belief. Regardless, it would take up too much
space to list every XTC song, wouldn't it? Mr. Moulding is #1 with this

"With all this talk of The Pink Floyd/Wizard of OZ coincidences
I couldn't help but wonder what film we should watch when listening
to Oranges and Lemons (I picked it 'cause it's the longest)."

Sounds like hell.
And please, Pink Floyd only really had one complete album.

"Like percussive details in Pale & Precious
(sounds like "click-clok, a-clook-clok") that I never noticed until I
got into Pet Sounds"
Go Brian!

By the way:
Who's AntiLennon again?
I've seen enough of this: " IMHO "
and this:     "  ;)  "
What's up with those?

PEACE - an I'm OUT


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 06:46:27 -0700
Subject: James & the Peachtree contains XTC ???

My one brain cell, that is left working, is sending a message that there
was a discussion on this website about XTC either writing or performing
on James & the Peachtree, a Disney movie soundtrack.  Can anyone confirm
what my brain cell is telling me?



|						("`-/")_.-'"``-._       |
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Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 12:46:15 +0000
Subject: chalkhills (& captain beefheart) live !

The Chalkhills
It's looking good at the moment.

The Captain
good to see dan the man is still going. I recently heard tapes of his bbc
sessions from 68 and a radio show form 78 ; both sounded great and i would
recommend his 'safe as milk' to anyone. I never managed  'trout mask
replica' but did so with wild man fischer. Has anyone heard the recently
releasd beefheart booklet with a cd of poetry ?

Danny Thompson the bassman
Good to see him mentioned as he has always been great.I enjoyed his
'Whatever' and wondered if anyone had suggestions.
How about Mr Mingus and his early 60's outfit ?

Rock Reads
Greil marcus and the basement tapes ; what did he listen to ?
legend has it that Garth Hudson has most complete archive.
Does Robbie Robbertson have terminal vanity ?

Is 'England is mine' still available?

Not much to add on rock criticism other than that it is good as long as it
is done with TLC and humour and is aimed at the readers rather than the
writer. For me lipstick traces fails on both counts.


The views expressed are of the individual, and do not
necessarily reflect the views of The United Bank of Kuwait PLC.


Date: 06 Jun 97 15:04:00 GMT
From: (David McGuinness)
Subject: Drums and Wireless
Message-Id: <"<A85D983381821573>A85D983381821573@GW.BBC"@-SMF->

Hi all.

Seeing as there have been two posts recently about the wonderful sound
quality on 'Drums and Wireless' - a quick aside from inside the BBC.

Yes it's true - (most of) our sound engineers in here know what they're
doing.  They may have to record a brass band in the morning, a football
match in the afternoon, and capture those thunderous Moulding tones at
night, but God bless 'em, they can!  All we need now is for new National
Heritage Secretary Chris Smith to give us all a huge pay rise and we'll be
happy.  I don't think I'll hold my breath in anticipation.



Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 1997 23:25:04 -0400
From: Pete <>
Subject: English Settlement in a new light

I recently started studying jazz, and after I was a few months into it,
I dug out English Settlement and played bass along with it (I was surprised
to find that I remembered most of the lines!) Anyways, a closer look at
the songs revealed some stuff that is largely associated with jazz. Now I
know that the guitar players in XTC play lots of what I call 'color chords'
(9ths, 13ths, etc), but some of the songs on ES have more:

Jason and the Argonauts (G lydian mode bass line *and* diminished change)
All of a Sudden (diminished change in the pre-chorus)
hell, even the verse of Senses has Ab min7 - Bb half diminished -
very modal, yet one of their biggest songs!

So, my question is...(forgive me if this is on the FAQ), have these
guys had any formal music training? Sure sounds like it. If not, they
must have a helluvan ear. All of them.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 10:49:03 -0400
Subject: Chalkhills Children Tribute Tape

I got my Chalkhills Children tapes (and CD) in the mail today... a big
hearty thanks to Richard for putting it all together and to Peter for
burning the CDs (and soliciting comments from Mr. Partridge).  Thanks guys
-- it sounds great!

I'm going to give it a couple more listens before praising individual
contributors, but let me just say, there are some great covers on this
tape.  Bloody fine job!



Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 17:30:57 +0200 (METDST)
From: James Isaacs <>
Subject: Winning streak
Message-Id: <>

Someone mused if anyone had put together a streak of album isn short
order like XTC did from 78 to 83.
The answer is yes, overwhelmingly
Here are my choices.
1- Elvis Costello from 1977 to 1980
My Aim is True, this Year's Model, Armed Forces, Get Happy!, Trust
2-Husker Du, 1984-1987
Metal Circus, Zen Arcade, New Day Rising, Flip Your Wig, Candy Apple
Grey, Warehouse:Songs & Stories (2 double albums!)
3-The Beatles, 1964-1969  Nuff said.
There are lotsa more, I know it!  I think these are unbeatable, tho.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 16:52:32 +0100
From: Simon Sleightholm <>
Subject: Edited Highlights

From: (Mitch Friedman)

>Subject: The Partridge Report: 6-2-97
>Andy was just getting ready to compose a letter to a publishing company in
>the US that wants to do a book in which the members of XTC discuss every
>single song they've ever recorded to date. Anyone interested?

Umm. Now let me think about this. Oh, okay. :)

This, actually, was one of the main topics missed from the Chris Twomey
book.  While a third-party analysis, like Revolution In The Head, can be a
turgid trawl through the author's own likes and dislikes, something from the
band themselves would be not only interesting, but also a lot of fun too.

From: Matt_Kaden/CAM/

>Syd Barrett, Brian Wilson and Bob Dylan are all still alive despite all
>odds. Let's get them all in the same room (it would probably have to be
>Syd's place) for 5 minutes. Anything's possible.

Now that would be interesting. Syd's just about blind, Dylan changes the
songs during the playing as he sees fit and Wilson is a note-perfect
stickler, deaf in one ear. I have a vision of Wilson handing out this
carefully prepared manuscript, Syd staring at it dumbly and wondering if
it's going to eat him and Dylan standing on his deaf side playing a
different song entirely. The only useable song from the session,
"Astro-pixie Snakeskin Blues, USA", would limp clumsily into the lower
reaches of the chart.

And Becki, my SWEET, SWEET, friend, your gift was beyond value.  Worthy is
too weak a word for you, you angel.

It's too late to stop naaaoooowww,


XTC? Are they still going? Follow me and find out..


Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 10:54:41 -0500
From: Dave Ledbetter <>
Subject: the Moderator/Drums and Wireless


John Relph (our gracious moderator) replied via private email:

(This is not a direct quote)
>I'm sorry, but this discussion (re:Homosexuality) is closed by popular
demand.  >If you wish to debate the homosexuality issue you'll have to do
it in private >email.

Thanks for stepping in John - Good Advice.

Back to XTC.

Matt Kaden wrote:
EVERYONE should have Drums and Wireless, no question.

I have tried to order this from CDNow.  It's listed as backordered though so
I despair of ever getting it.  If any of you know where I can find this,
preferably on CD, please email me privately and tell me where.  I would be
most grateful.  I've never even heard it!



Message-Id: <>
Subject: Hey, knock it off!
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 09:34:45 -0700

Dave's not gay.  I checked.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 12:43:07 -0700
From: ts <>
Subject: The Bis-XTC Connection

>From the Village Voice, June 10th 1997 by Jeffrey Rotter:

"The Glaswegian trio Bis...Photo Shop raises their already high XTC
quotient this much closer to English Settlement."

>From me, June 6th 1997:

"I haven't heard Photo Shop, and I have only heard one other song by Bis.
Still, I highly doubt they are *anything* like XTC era English

Ok Brits in the know, set the record straight here.

Thanks, Tom


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 13:09:27 -0500
From: Brian Matthews <>
Organization: Ringling Multimedia Corporation
Subject: Wrist-holding, my fave, Simon says & the five W's


After receipt of the special e-mailing from Chalkhills, I figured I'd
better send out a new post, because the last one may not make it. My
apologies if this material is repeated.

The fave bassist issue is obviously dictated by personal opinion, so
here's my vote:
	John Avila - of the late, great Oingo Boingo.
	(I'll get raspberries for this) Flea (RHCP's) - he's too fucked-up not
to be cool!

To Simon Sleightholm - thanks for your comments about the "Melt The
Guns" MIDI - some XTC guitar parts are technically difficult to
replicate, so I am forced to genericize in order to get anything done.
This violates my code of "Good MIDI-Making", but I just don't have the
time to figure it all out. Next out of the loop may well be "Another
Satellite", as it's dictated by another project.

There are those that I have contacted and who have contacted me about
demo tapes, and one whom I have contacted about a Chalkhills T-shirt. I,
unfortunately, have been unable to stay on top of who and what. If you
gentlemen know of what I speak, please e-mail me at the above address or
so that I can confirm/make arrangements/whatever. Thanks.



Message-Id: <>
Subject: Re: The Alternative Opinion
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 97 09:52:22 -0700
From: #drbeat <>

Kudos John, an excellent example of responsible and enlightened list

It's a pleasure being on your list and a member of the chalky confines....



Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 13:26:04 +0000
From: Andrew Lippitt <>
Subject: Chalkhills Children Reviews-Caution advised!

I just received, and am enjoying, Chalkhills Children.
Although it's probably too late for some, I want to urge everyone to
avoid track by track reviews of the tribute tape to avoid hurting
feelings.  It's one thing to slam the Rembrandts for a crappy cover of
'Nigel' but quite another to post here saying you hate, dislike, loath,
or can't stand any of the creative efforts of contributing musicians
that subscribe to this list.

I've never met anyone who's a Chalkhills subscriber, yet, as cheesy as
it sounds, consider each and every contributor a friend (except perhaps
the homophobic Mr. O'Bannon, re: his last post).  I found myself
defending you, my little cyber-pals, to a flesh and blood friend who was
visiting during my first listening of CC. He was amazed that I was
staunchly defending a version of an XTC song by someone I don't even

The effort put into each and every song blows my mind, and you should
all be very proud of your submissions (hell, maybe even _I'll_  have a
go at CC '97) Thanks to all for providing me with a most enjoyable
listening experience.

except perhaps the homophobic Mr. O'Bannon re: his last post


Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 13:59:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: Brian Whitman <bwhitman@WPI.EDU>
Subject: Michael Penn / "My sec-ret WEAPON"
Message-ID: <Pine.ULT.3.95q.970606134409.2165A-100000@bigwpi.WPI.EDU>

I don't know how much this has been bandied about, yet, but... the new
Michael Penn album, Resigned is out!! I've been waiting forever (well,
since Free-For-All came out, oh, 4 years ago) for this!

I must urge all of you to go and buy it. It's not a quirky as his previous
outings, more centered on beatles-type rock stuff. That's probably due to
the fact that its the same musicians on all tracks, including producer
Brendan O'Brien on bass.

And the track 'Me Around' to me is one of the most perfect pop songs
since, that's right, Mayor of Simpleton.

If you want to hear samples or read lyrics, go to the excellent webpage There's also a pretty good CDExtra (computer
multimedia) track on the disc as well.


On another note, I have a qualm with the song 'Weapon' on GO2. The problem
is, I love it. The other problem is that other people think it's a
misogynistic anthem only written because XTC, of course, are pure evil
incarnate and they wish to rape and pillage and celebrate it in song. I
try to convince people that it goes along with the concept of the album
and it's more of a mocking thing than anything else. But they don't buy
that. How can I listen to this song and enjoy its pure quirkiness without
embarassment? I obviously don't believe in the subject matter, and I think
it's more effective because of the way it's sung without sarcasm or irony
(see Toad the wet sprocket's _Hold her Down_) -- it forces the listener
to actually step into the lives of this 'kind of person', also outlined in
Beat Town and Meccanic Dancing.

Which reminds me, GO2 is a beautiful album. How many people are in the
appreciation club, James?

That's all from me.

                        "Blue turns purple"


Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 14:17:28 +0400 (EDT)
From: Thomas Slack <>
Subject: I Started a Joke...
Message-ID: <>

[Warning: Long Story, No XTC Content, Man your page-down keys]

Poor Harrison Sherwood, wild prankster hair tickling his nose, decided to
yank Amanda's chain by telling her that Dave Gregory, the hunky ideal
fantasy man of her dreams, was in fact gay as a french trombone. Amanda,
to her credit, got the joke, but the slight tinge of doubt in her reply
was probably enough to let Mr. Sherwood feel he had accomplished his
purpose. Another reader, paging quickly down, managed to catch the words
Dave Gregory and Gay, and replied "I didn't know he was gay!" Several
posts of the "Who cares if he's gay, he's still a great musician" variety
appeared, along with a couple of "What's a french trombone?" ones.

Harrison finally felt compelled to reply that it was a J-O-K-E, that he
wouldn't know a thing about Mr. Gregory's sexual preferences. More posts
appeared defending Mr. Gregory's right to be gay, and in fact that gays
are more creative, etc, etc. The "Gay Musicians" support group formed,
meeting weekly and touting Dave as their hero. The "Anti-Gay Musicians"
backlash group formed, threatening to boycott a well-known and beloved band
because of their gay guitarist.

Word got to Mr. Gregory, met with shock, followed by periods of
self-doubt: "If such a rumour exists, maybe I am gay?". Thousands of
women contemplate suicide as the handsome Dave Gregory experiments with
cross-dressing and holding hands with men in public. Meanwhile, the
formerly outspoken and jovial Harrison Sherwood has become a timid,
withdrawn man, prone to repeating statements several times to ensure
it isn't taken the wrong way.

This Internet thing can get scary sometimes.

Tom Slack

PS- The above story is FICTION, any resemblance to actual characters and
events is purely coincidental. Not that it matters....


Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 13:50:05 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Just thought I'd drop in for a few seconds.....
Message-id: <>

and say HEY Y'ALL!!!!

Howzitgoing? Cool enough it seems, I've gone through four digests already,
and I'm choosing to ignore Cheryl's rude and unwarranted comments about
me. You don't know me, who are you to judge me? I'll leave it at that......

Dummyhead Girl...I gave you fair warning, better get out a fireproof

Becki-I got the cd, it is FANTASTIC! I would've loved it even if Dave hadn't
done anything on it. The lyrics are incredible, and the music just flows in
such mellifluous textures.....
(Thanks Doug!!!! I owe you one!)

Dave and Aimee Mann....oh well. To each his own.

That's all for now, I might pop up again soon, till then,



Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 13:57:19 -0600 (CST)
Subject: One more thing.....
Message-id: <>

NEVER play wityh my admiration (and I will go so far as to say obsession)
with Dave Gregory. The man is the closest thing to God as far as I'm
concerned. (Even more so than Brad Roberts...scary thought......)
I don't know what prompted me to look at him in the way I do....the man is
just a beautiful person. I don't know him so I can't judge him on any level,
but hell, he sure is pleasing to the eye. (Matt Kaden sent me some old
issues of the LE, and one of them has some pics of him from around Christmas
of 1985, and I nearly croaked he is so sexy.......
but enough of that.....



Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 14:13:17 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Well I don't have a crush on you, Mr. O'Connel,
Message-id: <>

so don't worry.....(and sorry if I spelled your name wrong, I'm in a hurry.)

As far as the comment about fun at my expense. you want me to let you in on a
little slice of my life???? Get out your pillow, you asked for it.

I was ostracized since I was in elementary school. I've been shy all my
life, and the fact that I listened to heavy metal when it wasn't "cool" to
do so added fuel to the flames. When I get to high school, the same thing
continues, then in my sophomore year, I hear a song about God that touches
off a nerve in my brain and in my heart, but sends me running for
more. Since then, XTC has been my sword and my shield. They pick me up when
I'm down, and relax me when I'm wired (which lately, has been constantly.)
And when I'm introduced to the internet and find this digest, I think
"GREAT! A place where I can finally belong." Yet when I get signed on, I
find out it's no different. No matter what I say, I'm STILL ostracized. So
you go right ahead and you crack your infantile attempts at humour, just
remember the chip on my shoulder is growing bigger every day. You want it to
expand, keep heading in the direction your in.

I've had it with this shit, I'm outta here.



Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 15:18:10 -0500 (CDT)
From: James Dupuy <>
Subject: filler on top of a couple good tracks?
Message-ID: <>

Hello Chalkhill People,

Tom wrote:
>who needs the O&L bombast, or the Nonsuch doo doo
I doo!
I am not here to flame your rosy cheeks. I believe you have the right to
your opinions and will be the first the stand up for it but I am
bewildered. I myself love the early XTC music and would go as far to say
that if I could have only one XTC album it would be Drums & Wires but I am
loosing you on the "twiddling around" sound of O&L and Nonsuch. I like to
think I have an open mind and would welcome examples from you or any
other Chalky on specifics of the "filler" music on these albums. While
Drums & Wires is my favorite album I think O&L is their best.
I am interested in how these albums give you
this opinion. My curiosity is driven mainly by song writing interests and
my eyebrows do a Spock when reading your thoughts on music that I only
wish I could write.

"If anyone would be into discussing production or engineering
aspects of the XTC oevre it might be a more fun way to exploit this
wonderful website than banter back and forth about French trombone similes
or who's flaming whom."
Can we include discussions on XTC chord progressions as well? I would love
to understand more of how XTC accomplishes the effects that they have on
me at least.

"If I'm not the sole fool who pulls his trousers down
then dear Madam Barnum, I resign as clown"


Message-Id: <>
Subject: Chalkhills' Children `97... yes, "97"
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 16:28:38 -0700

The big shipment of  Chalkhills' Children `96 is landing in people's
hands and the initial reports make me very proud!  Thank you all for you
patience!  I hope you feel it was worth it.

The response has been totally uplifting.

I have wondered about doing another tribute tape.
I have hinted that I might.
I would like to do another.
I will.

It's official.

AND!  This one will take much less time now that I know what and WHAT
NOT to do (er, and WHO REALLY ARE my friends), but hey... it was cheaper
than college!

Details next week.  Get recording!

Cheers, Richard


Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 20:48:39 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: Michael Kearns <>
Subject: The Loving

"The Loving" was the song that sort of identified XTC for me. Until someone
gave me a copy of O&L, I had wondered for years who did "Thanks For
Christmas" which was on some old tape I had of holiday stuff from WNEW in
New York in the late 80's. WNEW would also spin Beatles Christmas messages,
and Lord Buckley doing his take on A Christmas Carol, wacky commercials
("Uncle Steve He Loves Ya"), lots of fun stuff.

Anyway, the chords around "that thing that we need most of.." in "The
Loving" grabbed me because it seemed so much like the "It's nearer,
children's eyes shine clearer now.." progression in "Thanks For Christmas"
-- with those silvery chords.

Does anyone think "Wrapped In Grey" might ever be released as a single, or
if the band even still wants to release it? I think it would be _really_
interesting if that song were to really "hit" the airwaves, years after it's
album release.. any XTC song would be great to hear on the radio; they're
not getting enough airplay here in Cleveland. Detroit-Windsor's "The River"
is a pretty strong signal out here, and they _sometimes_ play XTC.

Price XTremes at Best Buy: It kind of balanced things out a bit to see some
new release of O&L going for $25.99 in the top shelf. What I ended up buying
though was "Nonsuch" as a gift for someone. It was only $5.99. I used buy
those O&L tapes for $3.99 in the supermarket and give em out. But I think
many people nowadays prefer the CD format when checking out new music, so I
look for those now.


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