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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 3, Number 109

                  Wednesday, 7 May 1997

Today's Topics:

            re: XTC - who really wants them ?
              Re: Close But No Cigar Pt. 384
               reach out and touch someone
                XTC -- I really want them!
                  The Ladybird was Colin
                     Great XTC moment
                      recent 'hills
                      That darn demo
                 Sorry, Stormy Monday...
                        Girl talk
              Who exactly is Charlie Parker?
          Time for another Chalkhillian survey!
            Melissa is an anagram for aimless
               Ye Olde XTC Ice Cream Parlor
                   XTC Ice Cream Flavor
                       I Scream Man
                   Tape Orders Received
                      Re: Dave Marsh
            XTC - I love 'em ! Is it mutual ??
               re: Rolling Stone blurbs...
          Oranges and Lemons mini-disk for trade
                  Political Party Animal


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From: "Volker Dieling" <>
Organization: University Of Oldenburg Comp.Center
Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 14:18:56 MEZ-1MESZ
Subject: re: XTC - who really wants them ?
Message-ID: <>

He's right, you know. I love XTC, but, if I was responsible for
signing or not signing them, I probably wouldn't, since I'd love my
job even more. Sad but true.

XTC song of the day: The Forgotten Language of Light
Lemons shall rule the world !


From: (Stewart Evans)
Subject: Re: Close But No Cigar Pt. 384
Date: Sun, 4 May 1997 23:52:32 -0600 (MDT)
Message-ID: <>

->From: Scott Tury <>

->Yes, XTC is protected under Copyright law, but it's still "fair-use"
->outside of the music industry.  As long as two companies own the
->same/similar name in different areas of bussiness it's perfectly legal.

Not quite true.  A band (or company) name, like XTC, is not covered under
copyright, at least under US law.  It _could_ be registered as a trademark.
Trademark law is where the difference in areas of business comes in -- it's
generally not considered infringement of trademark unless your business is
judged likely to be confused with that of the existing trademark holder.

However, unless you apply for a trademark (and go through the associated
governmental search for conflicting trademarks), you don't get any trademark
protection.  Under copyright law, you may be entitled to protection of an
unregistered work, provided you can prove that you've taken steps to
identify the work as your own (for instance, allowing someone to print your
song in a songbook without credit would not be a good idea).

Again this is based on my understanding of US law, and I'm not a lawyer...

-- Stewart


From: "KIMBERLY MARTIN" <KMAR0971@Mercury.GC.PeachNet.EDU>
Organization: Gainesville College in Oakwood, GA
Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 14:01:41 EST5EDT
Subject: reach out and touch someone
Message-ID: <663C917AE6@Mercury.GC.PeachNet.EDU>

Hello chalkies...
Greetings from Gainesville once again!  Just a random commentary,
once again, on things I've read in the recent far as posts
not pertaining to XTC...yes, I know that I'm already guilty of
committing this heinous sin.  However, if I talk about a non-XTC band
(such as the Swamp Zombies), it's not to bore the pants off of anyone
reading, but rather just to find some people that have other common
interests as me.  I could do a list of my favourite XTC albums in
order, but everytime I listen to one of their albums I catch
something different and by the time it's posted my opinion might have
changed!  But I might just do it favorite XTC album has
always been and always will be "English Settlement," with
"Skylarking" coming in a close second, "Mummer" being third....ahh,
see, it's hard to do rankings, they're all wonderful.  It's great fun
to play "Go2" or "White Music" for people who have only heard songs
like "Dear God," they don't know what to make of all the spazziness!
okay, and about the ethnic/wife beating main problem with
the joke was that it just wasn't funny.  i really wasn't offended, I
guess this may have a lot to do with the fact that I come from a
region where bigotry is rampant (does anyone know who Danny "KKK guy"
Carver is??  He's been on Howard Stern's tv show a few times...well,
that guy lives in my town), not to mention the fact that I'm right in
the buckle of the bible belt.  So I've been hearing many, MANY worse
things than that joke for almost 19 years now, and not that I condone
it, I'm just immune to it.  But yeah, beating someone's wife to death
isn't funny, and I'm sure there are plenty of websites out there that
cater to this type of humor if that's your thing; an xtc discussion
list is probably NOT the best place to be un-p.c.  Amanda, you said
something about airing your views on vegetarianism??  I could maybe
put mine out in the open, but I probably wouldn't make any friends
that way (read:  I EAT MEAT AND I DON'T LISTEN TO
LEATHER SANDALS).  ah, there I go again contradicting myself.
    anyway, on the subject of Dave Marsh/rock critics...I'm not
really familiar with Mr. Marsh's work, but I'm not a huge fan of rock
critics in general.  I used to subscribe to SPIN and Alternative
Press, magazines whose sole purpose in existance is so the writers
can justify their miserable existances with hipper-than-though
tirades against any band that doesn't fit into their narrow category
of "cool",  by constantly name-dropping and alluding to obscure
"underground" bands that no one's ever heard of, yet are
supposedly the founding fathers of music as we know it, and giving
glowing reviews to any crap that U2, Pearl Jam, or Perry Farrell
decide to churn out.  I think that a music reviewer should tell me
what the music sounds like, yet most reviews don't impart this info--
they're just a huge mess of $3 words and extended metaphorical
allusions ("twisting, twirling, and churning on the edge of
intellectual chasms, this 4- piece post-punk-art-grunge-group from
Jersey sonically assault the lobes with a whirling dervish of
antidisestablishmentarianism..." well, you get the idea...)and after
I read it I still don't know if I should go out and buy the CD or
not.  Usually, when a reviewer makes fun of a band or talks about how
irritating they are, I end up loving the band.  When a reviewer
tries to give a TRULY irritating and sucky band (read:  WEEN) more
credit than they deserve, I am just ever more justified in my opinion
that record reviewers are for the most part full of it.  I really
don't understand what makes someone's musical opinion more important
than someone else's anyway; it's all about personal taste, and what
makes these guys' personal tastes so much better than anyone elses?
Just cos they know more about the history of music?  Or because they
know a lot of big words??
    ah, opinions, opinions, they're just like....well, you know,
everyone has one!!  i'm really open-minded though, I love to hear
other people's opinions. My opinions at times aren't even based in
reality, just the way I feel...
    But yeah, XTC!!  Sometimes I do find it hard to say anything new
or relevant about them, cos as we all know, not much is going on in
their world...I have a question, I hope it's okay to mention this
subject on this list, but does anyone know if Andy & co. were dosing
up any LSD around the time of the Dukes of Stratosphear (or at any
time for that matter)?  I say yeah, one of my friends says no,
they're just PRETENDING to do drugs.  well, I'd better not say any
more on that subject, just in case.
    well, enough opinions, back to more relevant things!
please write!


Date: Mon, 05 May 97 14:26:37 PST
From: "MARK HEGGEN" <>
Message-Id: <>

OK, here is a counterexample of someone doing a GREAT version of "Nigel":

On Valentine's Day at Largo in LA, saw Jon Brion (ex-Grays, Jellyfish, etc.)
render the song by request--on a pump organ, bedecked with lit candles!

The audience, obviously well-versed in XTC, filled in very well on all the
backing vocals.  And Mr. Brion can add Nigel to his core list of impeccable
covers (the best being various versions of "Waterloo Sunset";  though he also
did wow us that same night with an impromptu slab of Abbey Road Side 2).


Date: Mon, 05 May 1997 15:11:19 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: XTC -- I really want them!
Message-id: <9704058628.AA862870213@FINSMTP1.FIN.GOV.BC.CA>

Peter Wright asks "XTC - Who really wants them?" and

Initially I draughted a 10 page, point-by-point dissection of Peter's
post.  But for brevity's sake all I'll say is ...

I too am lamenting the delay, but much of the cause lies beyond the
band's sphere of influence; i.e. they aren't entirely to blame.

And as to the claim that they can't get a deal, many records are
independently produced and earn modest amounts of income for their
creators and the companies that make, distribute, and sell them.
XTC's search is for a label that will help them achieve their
commercially modest ambitions while allowing them to pursue their own
artistic direction.  While it seems unlikely that The Major Labels
won't want to handle them, an independent label that can get copies
into the stores and mentioned in the press will succeed in turning a
profit from the next XTC album.



Message-Id: <v03102801af941292a3db@[]>
Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 18:46:24 -0400
From: Ira Lieman <>
Subject: Ben&Jerry&Andy&Colin&Dave...

Mitch wrote:

>So let's say someone like Ben and Jerry's was going to name an ice cream
>after XTC. What would they call it?

You're cool. :) My fave of yours is "It's Nearly Apricot" but I'd
personally go for "Making Plans For Nougat" or "Prince of Orange Sherbet"

If I were a bartender, how about a drink called "Train Running Low on SoCo?"

If I was naming for John Lennon it might be "Instant Caramel"

Keep up the good work.



Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 17:58:40 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <v01510101af93cebaf2c6@[]>
From: (Mitch Friedman)
Subject: The Ladybird was Colin

The very first time I ever spoke to Andy (on the phone in January '84) I
asked him the very same question about "Ladybird" that Cheryl posed last
time. He told me that while they were recording, Colin played a bad note and
yelled out and it went down one of the drum mikes and they couldn't get rid
of it so they just decided to leave it in there. If you can find the
Musician magazine issue from around that same time, there is a very long and
nice article/interview with XTC all about Mummer (I think they referred to
XTC as "Electric Farmboys") in which Andy actually mentions that he was just
talking to somebody on the phone the other day and they asked about that
yelling in "Ladybird".


Message-Id: <v01540b00af9445e29a89@[]>
Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 21:32:23 -0500
From: (Derek Miner)
Subject: Great XTC moment

I wanted to share an incredible XTC moment with everyone...

I had what I would consider to be the third best XTC moment I could have.
First being actually meeting the band, and second getting a new CD.

Here's the story...

I walked into work the other day at the record store to discover some
autographed album flats (those 12"x12" cards of album artwork used for
promotion) on the counter. One of them was of Oranges and Lemons! After the
whole day had gone by and nothing had been done with the flats, I asked the
manager what was going to be done with them, and if I may be able to have
the XTC one... He said they were going to be put up on the wall with the
other autographs. I politely pointed out that there already was an XTC flat
on the wall. He then HANDED ME THE AUTOGRAPHED FLAT! I am now the owner of
an autographed Oranges and Lemons album artwork flat! Andy and Colin signed
in silver marker, and Dave signed in black. I think this will tide me over
until the boys record a new disc.

= Derek Miner =


Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 20:13:35 -0700
Message-Id: <>
Subject: recent 'hills

Hey folx-

Just caught up on the last 3 'hills, and wanted to make a few comments -
God, the note about 5 years was depressing, although I figured it was close
to that.

Rob Cumberland: I bow down to your humor, especially "The List of
Everything".  WHEN will this be available, and do you accept VISA?  Will a
CD-ROM version be available? - because I'm afraid the printed version will
be too large & heavy to be very portable.  Maybe versions could be put out
by category: "The List of All Restaurants in the Known Universe", etc.

Peter Wright: I agree with the vast majority of your comments on our boys,
their label situation, Andy, etc.  I only hope that despite all that,
they'll still be able to get signed & put out a label THIS YEAR.

Jason Phelan: People thought you were SERIOUS?!! Hah!  We're just desperate
for new material, eh?  OK, I didn't mean to make fun of those of you who
fell for it...

Jason Garcia: McCartney's album did NOT come out on April 29 as you'd told
us, but will come out on May 27, I believe.  AND, since you're dissin' Bruce
Horsnby, I'd suggest you check out "Harbor Lights" before you make your
final statement on the man.  :^) Seriously - it's great.

Simon: Man, hang in there!  You're still cool!  Quit falling all over
yourself apologizing about apologizing (to the 3rd power?).

BTW, if anyone's starting to think that lots of us can't be trusted (and I'm
NOT belittling Michael Myers' post!!!), I just want to go on record saying
that I offered to get & mail copies of "Costello & Nieve" to the first
takers, and I came through.  And I think the 3 amigos that responded to my
offer will pay me as well (one has already, thanks!).


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 05 May 1997 23:10:09 -0500
From: Steve Clarke <>
Subject: That darn demo


I think I'm out of the loop (or living in a virtual cave) but can
someone PLEASE tell me where I can get the demos.  I currently carpool
with asomeone who only listnes to Van Morrison and CBC news and need
something else NEW!!!

I'm all in favour of someone posting clips in realaudio format or
similar.  After five XTC-free years....I'll settle for anything new.

On another note, the inedendent FM statio in Bellingham WA (92.9 FM-if
you're in southern BC or NW Washington, check it out)has been using the
intro from "Nigel" under public service announcements for some time
now.  This on an XTC free station.  Why save the best tunes for the bits
no-one listens to?

Steve Clarke (Canadian edition)


Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 08:44:48 +0200 (METDST)
From: James Isaacs <>
Subject: Sorry, Stormy Monday...
Message-Id: <>

I am listening to the new Paul CD, Flaming Pie, as I scribble this.
It is pretty darned good.  Only 2 of the 14 songs has what we consider
"that darned Jeff Lynne"-type production.  The songs aren't about beating
seals either.
Not out in the states until May 27.
Is there a plan to release "Upsy Daisy" in Europe, or is it Geffen-only?


Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 02:08:20 -0700
Message-Id: <v01510101af94a2ae4042@[]>
From: (Mark Fisher)
Subject: Girl talk

I've already lost most of my credibility by admitting to buying a Robbie
Williams single, so I will blow it completely by confessing that I've been
finding the Cathy Dennis album, Am I the Kinda Girl, rather enjoyable. I
don't even think the Andy Partridge title track is the best thing on it.

Is there any hope for me?

Am I alone?


Date: Tue, 06 May 1997 08:26:31 -0500 (CDT)
From: amanda caryl owens <>
Subject: Who exactly is Charlie Parker?
Message-id: <>

I ask this because I know Andy's dog is (was?) named Charlie Parker, and b/c
on my soap (yes, I watch the bastard son of fantasy, the soap opera), a guy
just named this parrot that flew into this window Charlie Parker. So who IS
this Charlie Parker?????

Yes Josh, I'm growing up. Time to break out the frilly white dresses and
expensive mansions, I'm having my debut! (Hardly!)

Becki, I am sitting in insane jealousy of anyone who has heard your cd. My
parents supply all my funds, seeing as that my sorry ass has no job, and
they won't let me get a copy!

FINALLY got to see some more videotape of XTC stuff. David Letterman really
has no idea, does he......and I could've sworn I saw Yahoo Serious introduce
them one time........

XTc song of the day-Dame Fortune
non XTC song of the day-Black Water-Doobie Brothers


Date: Tue, 06 May 1997 09:07:19 -0500 (CDT)
From: amanda caryl owens <>
Subject: Time for another Chalkhillian survey!
Message-id: <>

And I thought I'd get this done before I have to leave school for the
summer, so here goes nothing....

This is a general survey to see who is listening to XTC these days. I got
the idea for this survey when my friend Kevin asked what I think the
"typical" XTC fan is like. So I am here to find out just how typical, or
atypical, we are.

And here we go!
3.-Religion (youcould put whatever you want here, you know Church of Christ
the Double Glazing Salesman, or Gary's Witnesses, pick your preference.)
4.-Current country of residence.
5.-Sexual orientation (I'm not gonna post names, and I won't keep anyone in
my memory, so just be straight with pun intended.)
6.-Marital status
7.-How old were you when you started listening to XTC?
8.-What was the first song you heard by XTC?
9.-Do you have any close friends who listen to XTC/do you know anyone who
listens to XTC?

That's all for now. Send your answers directly to me, not to the list, and I
will compile them and post them as soon as I'm done. I'll give you about a
week from the time the digest that has this post in it to send me your
answers, so please do it! This is my last survey before summer!

Ciao (again),


Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 11:42:48 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Melissa is an anagram for aimless

Hello Chock-a-Blockers! (or should that be Chalk-a-Blalkers?  I think not)

Only the brave Todd Bernhardt answered my call for Life's like a verses.
 And quite admirably too:

>> Life's like a kind word

>> It makes your face blush

>> 'Til you realize this life ain't modest

and then:

>> Life's like a pumpkin

>> You're only carved once

>> And you wait for love to light the candle

>> Of course, you could come up with a variety of endings on that one --

>> rotting in the back yard (like Peter), getting smashed in the street by some
>> young hooligans, you name it...

No others came forward.  I've been cursed with writer's block on the subject
myself, though.  I had several good ones about 6 months ago  Oh well.

We also had two (or one-and-a-half) entries in the rewrite an XTC song
challenge.  Both worthy efforts.  I especially thought Chris Coolidge's Dear
Andy was for-mee-DAH-bla (translation:  pretty cool).

Regarding the Polish wife-beating joke, I am genuinely shocked that people
could be offended by something like that.  It's not about dumb Central
Europeans, nor is it about domestic violence.  It's a clever retelling of
the Abraham-Isaac sacrifice tale from the Bible.  Except in this case, the
ersatz Abraham didn't get the message from the all-powerful (the Mob boss)
not to go through with it (blanks in the gun), and so sacrificed his beloved

What if, when god stayed Abraham's hand, Abe thought it was temporary
paralysis brought on by stress and imperfect obedience, and proceeded to
stomp the boy to death?  That's what this "joke" is really asking.  It's
more of a philosophical, Joseph Campbell-style exploration of our mythology
than a simple Polack joke.

My ice cream flavor entry:  Hats Off to the Blueberry

On BFF:  Patty Haley, where are you?  Ms. "Barf Folds Five" has remained
curiously silent throughout this discussion.

OK, here's something I've wanted to know for a long time now.  Does anyone
else break out with a serious case of the giggles with the blub-blub
loo-loo-loo middle part of Brainiac's Daughter?  ( I hope you know what I
mean.  I don't know how else to describe it, esp. since I don't have it here
with me to listen too now ) That just cracks me up.  I think it must take me
back to when I was about 3 years old and Paul McCartney's Uncle Albert was a
current hit.  That song used to send me into 3-year-old convulsions.  Anyone
else have a song like that that just plain makes them laugh without knowing

One last thing: I know there's lots of Ohioans out there.  Lots of Northeast
Ohioans at that.  Anyone feel like hosting a get-together?  If not, lets at
least all meet at a restaurant like the Tokyo contingent and annoy the rest
of the patrons with our singing.  E me.  Columbus would be nice and central,
but I live in Kent if the nor'easters want to do something.  I wouldn't know
myself, but I imagine Kent might have a bar or two somewhere in the
vicinity.  (insert mondo smiley)

And with that, I shall bid you all a fondue, er, I mean a fond adieu.  What
the hell, go out and have some fondue, everybody!



Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 06 May 1997 12:16:37 -0700
From: Stormy Monday <>
Subject: Ye Olde XTC Ice Cream Parlor


Chunkiest Monkey
Candy Andy
Pie On The Wall
Chocolate Chip Fireball
Jingoistic Cake
Sgt. Rocky Road
Fig Day
Sacrificial Bon Bons
Merely Pecan
Madame Barnum's Frosty Circus
Cashew Tiger

Stormy Monday


Subject: XTC Ice Cream Flavor
From: (Wesley H. Wilson)
Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 6 May 97 13:54:47 -0400

I have one more "XTC Ice Cream Flavor" to add to the list:

Chunky Smartest Monkey


Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 17:58:15 +0000
Subject: harmonies

HARMONIES - any recommendations for bands with great harmony singers ? This
is, I hope, my final beatles related topic. Listening to Anthology 3 i
realised that whatever was happening outside Jon & paul continued  to sing
together right  to the end, continuing the tradition of don & phil.
Thereafter that style of singing became redundant until. . . .  any ideas?
at least outside the dukes, the roches (see already covered) and bluegrass
(such as Jim & Jesse).

the Roches ; I'd agree with the sentiment expressed ; the can we go home now
is a gem ; great singing and all sorts of lyrics

the kinks ; strong support for the guys ; what are their  great
albums ?

Thanks for all who offered names for twins ; they are arrived at dawn of
30/3 and we named them Alexander Guy and Madeleine Eve. We are enjoying them
immensely but still recovering. Any suggestions for music which would help
them settle?

Does anybody find their copy of the chalkhill digest arrive with the last 10
 -20 % missing due to lack of space ?

Anybody outside the UK read Nick Hornby's 'high fidelity' ?

bye for now

jon monnick
The views expressed are of the individual, and do not
necessarily reflect the views of The United Bank of Kuwait PLC.


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Organization: The Little Lighthouse
Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 19:39:17 +0000
Subject: I Scream Man


First a big "thank you" to Tom for the nice XTC badges.

Now on to some serious business:

> So let's say someone like Ben and Jerry's was going to name an ice cream
> flavor after XTC. What would they call it?

How about Melt The Yums or Iceman/Snowman ?

yours frostily,

Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse

===> Mark's Random XTC Quote <===
Hail mother motor, hail piston rotor, hail wheel!


Message-Id: <>
Subject: Tape Orders Received
Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 12:52:16 -0700

I have received orders from the following people:

Jose Artecona, Todd Bernhardt, Ben Brand, Jason Brown, Steve Cameron,
John Christenson*, Randy Christopher*, Phil Corless, Andy Cuthbert, Eric
Day*, Pune Dracker, Bob Estus, Mark Fisher, Peter Fitzpatrick*, Mitch
Friedman*, David Gershman, Greg Gillette, Ben  Gott*

Scott Haefner, John Hedges*, Naoyuki Isogai*, Tim Kendrick*, Simon
Knight, Jeffrey Langr, Richard Leighton, Ira Lieman, Andrew Lippitt, Ian
Murphy, Robin Myrick*, Steve Perley*, Troy Peters, Randy Posynick*

Dave Ray, Melissa Reaves*, John Relph, Della & Steve Schiavo, Tim
Schreyer, Harrison Sherwood*, Charles Silverman, Thomas Slack*, J.D.
Smelser, Jeff Smith, Ekram Soylemez, Chris Spillios*, Michael Stander,
John Wilkens, Wesley Wilson, William Wisner, Jim Zittel

* Contributor

Orders total 96.  Plenty left!  Order soon to lower my blood pressure.

Cheers, Richard

Richard Pedretti-Allen
Manager, GBS Phrase Development
Octel Communications Corp.
1001 Murphy Ranch Rd.   MS C1-2N
Milpitas, CA 95035-7912
phone 408.324.4516
fax 408.324.6170


Subject: Re: Dave Marsh
Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 20:47:47 +0000
Message-ID: <19970506204744.AAA17560@CTX>

I found Dave Marsh's analysis from "The New Rolling Stone Record Guide"
(thanks Martin Monkman for reminding me that I actually owned that
dinosaur!) simultaneously anachronistic and relevant.  In 1983, XTC may have
sweat "enough to earn its pretensions," but certainly not anymore.  While I
would still consider the band "avant-garde," they have grown far beyond a
post-punk band that can "really rock out."  Don't get me wrong - XTC is a
great rock'n'roll band, but as all their fans will attest, they transcend
ideas of traditional rock music.  And as for XTC's nihilism - I don't think
they were ever a truly rejectionist band - they never professed the
destructiveness of the Sex Pistols, the activism of the Clash, the political
acumen of the Gang of Four, or the complete goofiness of the Damned.  I
would like to term a new "ism" to describe the band:  "XTCism."

Anyway, my point:  A friend and I have been engaged in a (at times) heated
debate about Colin's songwriting ability.  I have always appreciated Colin's
"penchant for skewed art," while my friend strongly believes that his songs
contribute nothing to the albums.  One thing we do agree on:  Colin's songs
seem more "hit and miss" than Andy's.  Therefore, on albums where Colin is
given more opportunity to express his creativity (read:  has more than three
songs - such as "GO2"), he is more likely to have better material.

Love to write more, but a t-storm is approaching.  Peace.


"If you think there's a solution, you're automatically part of the problem."
- George Carlin


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 06 May 1997 22:18:56 +0100
From: (
Subject: XTC - I love 'em ! Is it mutual ??

Hi all,
I must say that I am very pleasantly surprised at the support I received
after my last post (#107). I had fully expected to take such a severe
beating that I wouldn't get up for some time. However, so far there has
only been virtual agreement with my views . Sorry to have misjudged you!
Special thanks to Kraig Olmstead for his email and sorry to Liz Neil
whose post just wouldn't come through !
Most of you seem to agree with most of my thoughts but feel that some
small label will pick up the band soon. Yes , I'm sure there are lots of
small companies out there who would sign XTC but you see, I wonder if
this is what XTC THEMSELVES want ? Remember, they have had the luxury of
a huge label (Virgin) behind them for a very long time. Granted, Virgin
were preoccupied with their other acts and left XTC on the shelf but the
band knew that the Virgin cash was always there to bail them out. (Read
the biography to see how many times THAT happened over the years.) With
a small deal, the safety net is gone. And one thing still nags at me .
If XTC simply want a new album out and just enough cash to cover their
expenses and get them through til the next album ( as many of you seem
to believe ), why the hell don't they put the album out on their OWN
label ?? Nowadays recording costs are minimal, they could produce it
themselves (less conflict !), design  and press it themselves . The only
deal they then need to broker is for promotion and distribution. Sounds
simple enough to me. I think the reason is clear. What they really want
is a big multi-national to take them on. And as I said in my last post,
it seems unlikely. Again , I hope I'm wrong.
A final querie. 'Chalkhills' has been going for a long time now. As many
subscribers have told us, XTC are aware of it. Would it be such a
hardship for at least one of the band to drop us a message sometime ?
After all, they've had 5 years "on strike". Couldn't they spare us a few
precious moments to say ....well, anything ! They know we are loyal fans
who care about them and their music yet they totally ignore us and leave
us completely in the dark about what - if anything - is going on.
The chances are they probably don't even bother to look at 'Chalkhills'
once in a while so they won't get this message. However, if anybody
reading this knows any of the band, let them know that some of us out
here are a little peeved at the bands  lack of involvement with the
people who have stuck by them through thick and (gossamer-like) thin.
Come on, chaps. You know we'll continue to buy your brilliant music no
matter what but if your at all interested in your fans , for God's sake
get in touch !!
If any flames are coming my way, now is the time ! But I think that I'm
not alone on this one. Our allegiance is as strong as ever , but a
little appreciation from time to time would be nice !


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 06 May 1997 21:35:58 +0000
From: dke <>
Organization: Prodigy Internet
Subject: re: Rolling Stone blurbs...

Hi there!, re: The Rolling Stone record guide, Dave Marsh is actually
not the worst affront to XTC fans out there. I've got the 1992 edition
of the guide. Mark Coleman (credited as 'the music reviewer for US
magazine' gets to review XTC in this edition.) Picking up where Dave M.
left off, he gives English Settlement only 3 stars, calling it and the
next two albums, "cluttered and fussy affairs, with only the occasional
hook rising from the intellectualized din." and "Partridge sounds
woefully cynical (and nasal) on Mummers 'Funky Pop a Roll'(sic)" and
"After 'Mummer', XTC retired from live performing." Aaagghh!! This guy
is an idiot!...(take a few deep breaths Doug...o.k., I'm better now.)

But anyway!, re: the long wait between albums, I'm also a Peter Gabriel
fan (go ahead and hiss if you must) (Dave G. is on his 3rd album) and so
I'm painfully used to waiting years (and years) between albums. (For
those of you only familiar with his later MOR friendly material, listen
to the 1st three albums. BTW, Robert Fripp is on all three.)

Re: XTCers in Florida, are there any of you out there lurking in south

Re: Talking Heads influenced bands, has anybody heard the new INXS
single (I don't know the title) that I'm bombarded with at work five
times a day? (radio in S. Fla, you It sounds like
they directly sampled 'Remain In Light's guitar parts and then decided
to sing over them.

And finally (everyone in unison: "Thank god!") re: the New Demo tapes,
does anyone know where I can get a copy!!! Pleeeaasse!!!!!


Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 23:00:18 -0700 (PDT)
From: Wesley Shaw <>
Subject: Oranges and Lemons mini-disk for trade
Message-ID: <>

I recently stumbled across the aforementioned disks in a record store and
decided that although I didn't need them, that there was probably some
chalkhill type who did. i'm not looking for cash, but stuff (unless I
can't get stuff). Message me personally if you're interested. They're
actually pretty cool.


weshaw@teleport.COM  Public Access User -- Not affiliated with Teleport
Public Access UNIX and Internet at (503) 220-1016 (2400-28800, N81)


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 07 May 1997 16:56:41 +0100
From: Simon Sleightholm <>
Subject: Political Party Animal

From: (James Dignan)

>but what of the following lyric from "Blue Overall" (which
>would have been written deep in the heart of Thatcher's reign):
>"I tried to lose myself in labour/The more I push the mirth/I'm giving
>birth to a baby turning/blue overall..."

Nifty notion, James, especially when you consider that blue is the colour of
all things Conservative.  Of course Andy gave Thatcher a few jabs in the
face on "Reign Of Blows" from the same period - "Iron maidens will slam"
(Iron Maiden was one of her many nicknames) and "Violence is only a vote for
the Black Queen to take back the throne" (many believe the Conservative
government would never have been re-elected after their first term if it
hadn't been for the rally-round-the-flag jingoism instilled during the
Falklands conflict).  But as he says in the same song "By the half light of
burning republics, Joe Stalin looks just like Uncle Sam"; in other words, no
matter what colours you fly, when you trangress the basic human rights
issues you are a villain - and it doesn't seem as if Andy has much truck
with _any_ party within the current British system.

Around the time of Oranges And Lemons Andy did an interview with Jonnie
Walker in which he decried voting as something of a waste of time, reckoning
all political parties to be much the same - they'll all take a few pence off
this, but put a few pence on that and life continues much as normal.  If,
though, the government started dragging his family out of bed in the middle
of the night, then he'd do something about it - not with a voting slip, but
with a gun and some bombs.  Voting was, he thought, a huge con, a sop to the
public to make them think they actually have some control over the way their
country is governed.  His general opinion of politicians seems to be roughly
in line with that of comedian Billy Connolly's - "The desire to be a
politician should bar you for life from ever actually becoming one."

Also, Sister Ray Records, 94 Berwick Street, Soho, London, W1V 3PP (phone:
0171 287 8385, fax: 0171 287 1087, email: are
selling 'The Disappointed' 10" Single for  1.99 (Sterling) at the moment.

XTC? Are they still going? Follow me and find out..


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