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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #3-106

         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 3, Number 106

                  Tuesday, 29 April 1997

Today's Topics:

              Last Call To Atlanta XTC Fans
             Ah well, that's this world over
                    T-shirt and flames
              An apology from silly Japanese
                   Be Your Own Ticket!
                  A digest without moi?
              Grammy gripes (Digest #3-105)
           XTC reference from Goldmine magazine
            And so with a mop and a bucket...
                    Give US a break...
                 I'll make this short...
                     "Toys," indeed!
              7 Worthies Of The Bamboo Grove
                  More about Dave Marsh
                        Dear Andy
                       XTC reviews
                   Re: Robbie Williams
            O&L MoFI / Voice / R&BB / F.A.I.R.
                      demo demerrier
                Let's form our own label!
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Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 1997 11:02:29 -0700
From: Stormy Monday <>
Subject: Last Call To Atlanta XTC Fans


If you live in the Atlanta area,, and are interested in meeting some
fellow XTC fans, please e-mail me privately.  So far, there are about
five of us.

Stormy Monday


Message-Id: <>
Subject: Ah well, that's this world over
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 97 19:18:16 +0100
From: Rob Cumberland <>


The recent racist joke about wife-beating made me think - how many songs on
this subject (or similar quotes from members of XTC) do you know? Send 'em
in, I'll compile an easy reference compendium for fans of the band.

Also, like many subscribers, I only know how to read this mail - so I rely
on experts to cut and paste other stuff into this list from the Internet.
Any suggestions for sites we haven't heard from yet (Exxon, AT&T, Spice

Lastly, we need to sort out once and for all the question of what is 'best',
so I am compiling a list of everything there is: pocket fluff, gothic
buildings, echidnas, organic (and inorganic) molecules, guitar parts,
wallpaper etc. in order of their absolute value. Then, if you want to know
how your taste (0.0000000002 of the opinion of the human race) shapes up you
will be able to check. Is Ray Davies better than Andy Partridge? Was the
White Album any good? The List Of Everything will tell you, and save
unnecessary arguments.

Thanks for your help, and BTW - the guys who do that savagely ironic
pastiche of some other lists ('I hate you' - 'So what, you smell' and all
that), you have me creased up - it's  so real! Thank God this list isn't
like those others, eh?

Love, Rob.


Message-Id: <>
From: "Ben Gott" <>
Subject: T-shirt and flames
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 1997 17:12:53 PDT

(As I eschew the formal greeting:)

As a long-time (2 1/2 year) subscriber to this list, I must say that part of
the charm of Chalkhills (to me, at least) is the occassional off-topic
comment. I know that I've learned a lot about other bands (Blur, Elvis
Costello, Martin Newell, King Crimson, and now Talking Heads) on this list -
I would've never paid them much heed if I hadn't read about them here. I've
also been privy to special XTC information - stuff about the new album,
videos, etc. - that I wouldn't have otherwise. Sure, tirades against fellow
Chalkhillians can get old quickly, but I would never have been able to
record an XTC song on a tribute tape which Andy has heard (or has yet to
hear) if not for this list, and the hard work of Richard Pedretti-Allen. I'm
not unsubscribing in the near future, believe me. As long as there's XTC to
hear, new Yazbek albums, and Dave and Colin's side projects, I'll be a loyal
Chalkhillian. And, on July 20th of this year, I'll actually be a legal
adult. So there.

Mr. Relph has mentioned that Skylarking shirts are available at some Tower
Records. If anyone has seen a shirt at their local Tower, please e-mail me,
as I'd love to buy one. Thanks.

I never mentioned this before, but chalk me up as a member of the Go2 fan
club.  There's nothing like driving along at night with the sunroof open and
listening to "Red" That having been said, I think I'll start a thread: does
anyone have a favourite XTC song to listen to while in the car? Send your
responses to me, and I'll compile them on my web page. Call it "Raising a
Family in a House Full of Cars," perhaps? Or what about "I Am (Driving) the
Audience." There's nothing like "Travels, by Bus, in Nihilon."

You keep saying what you got. You keep saying what you got. Look out!

* -----------------------------------------------------------
Ben Gott
"Never again" is what you swore.
The time before.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 21:45:30 +0900
From: tateoka miwa <>
Subject: An apology from silly Japanese


I`m sorry. I send wrong information to XTC BBS JAPAN.

I meant "Daisy" will be released as imported disk from USA.

If there is an information from Japanese distributor, I send  correct
release info to Chalkhills.

Gomen-nasai!!  Import  no tumori de kaitanodesuga, magirawashii
bunsho de gokai wo unnde shimai mashita.
Nisei-san, gomen-ne.
Seishiki na info ga kitara mata kokoni mail shimasu.


Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 22:15:44 +0900 (JST)
Message-Id: <>
From: (mikewix)
Subject: Be Your Own Ticket!

Hello Chalkers!

'Tis spring here in Osaka, Japan..the cherry blossoms in full bloom, and
Mummer (as well as All Good Things XTC) is in my Walkman...Life is Good
in the Greenhouse!  And in addition to the music, I'd like to thank all of you
for making this place/list such a colorful kaliedascope of flavors. Domo!
(And to those of you who had that party in Tokyo: color me Crocodile with
envy!  If  only I could've made it there--hey! how bout an XTC Friends &
Music party in Osaka?  Or, we could meet half way in Nagoya. Anyways, I'm
looking forward to coming to Tokyo next time, since my wife has to apply
for a green card before we go back to the States next year.
Other news from Japan:  As I went to Tower Records here in Osaka, looking
for the Explode Together CD (and was successfull, I might add!), I came across
a new music magazine in Japanese, called  "The DIG"...I almost passed this
up (seeing that U2 was on the cover, I kinda went, "eh, ok.." but then, lo
and behold, what was that written on the cover?  "XTC"?!  OK, so I opened
it up, and, right there on page 26, a full-color, full-page shot of the
boys (circa Drums and Wires/Black Sea era? Andy has a suit on, with a navy
blue-white polka dot tie!), with the article title, "Tomorrow Never Knows",
and something written in Japanese about it being 20 years since the group's
been together.
On the following page, an interview with Andy Partridge (1996. 9.12-one of
the Fossil Fuel interviews).  A nice discographyfollows, including a
listing of rare tracks, and an "Incomplete Encyclopedia A to Z of XTC".
Perhaps one of my Japanese Chalkhills tomodatchi's can help out with the
translation of this feature.  (Unfortunately, it would probably take me a
week or two to translate the damn thing!).  The magazine wasn't cheap,
however; it cost 800 yen ($8!)

A couple more things (sorry for the length!):  What with all this talk of
surveys and such, I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring and ask a few
questions-an informal survey, if you will (and please e-mail me directly,
not to the list, since we don't want to clog up the list with too much
XTC-related stuff! :-)

1.   When listening to XTC's music, what activity are you most apt to be doing?
2.   Where do you usually listen to XTC (inside? outside? in your car? etc.)
3.   Around what time (morning, afternoon, evening, late nite) do you listen?
4.   What format do you use the most?  (CD's, LP/Vinyl, cassette, 8-track!?)
5.   What kind of equipment do you use (hi-fi stereo console,cheap $10 Walkman)
6.   Finally, how long ago (from the time of reading this) did you last
hear XTC?

AND, lastly, an update (and a plea, if you will) on the Audio/Video anthology:
I've pretty much completed the video tape compilation; still need The
Meeting Place/Man Who Sailed.../Grass/The Dissappointed for the
audio project, I've ran through several interviews, putting them into a
pseudo chronological thinking about getting some of my fellow
Chalkers (yes, you guys!) to put your thoughts down on tape as to what
songs/albums have inspired you the most...more on this in a couple weeks.
Stay tuned!

BTW, is it me, or has Chalkhills suddenly got a lot more subscribers
(especially teens/early 20's?) This could be the start of a very welcomed
trend. Yah!

OK, OK, I see the Scissor Man coming--that's enough for one posting!

Mike W.  (survey answers should be e-mailed to:


Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 08:38:42 -0500 (CDT)
From: "AMANDA \"louisiana lollipop\" OWENS" <>
Subject: A digest without moi?
Message-id: <>

(A shiver goes up my spine, along with the words AUUUGGGHHHH!)

Well, the abominable Dr. Phipps......
I'll keep this as short as I can.....
Thank you, and goodnight.

As far as the words to TL go, I still hear "strange trip", so I'll just keep
it at that.....

And please people, I already begged this last time, NO MORE TRADING! I am
taking care of everyone who has sent me a request, but I cannot do anything

XTC song of the day-Mopti Fake
non-XTC song of the day-A C+ In Writing 101-Package (Hope I got that title
right, Matt!)
Je me souviens du soleil
PS-Why don't you ask Andy what he thinks of the net sites about XTC, whoever
asked for questions....


Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 10:49:49 -0400
Message-Id: <v01510102af8a2bbb5075@[]>
From: (Chris Van Valen)
Subject: Grammy gripes (Digest #3-105)

Hi all

>From: Ralph DeMarco <>

I don't
>know who did win 'cause I have not watched the Grammies since 1980
>when Christopher Cross beat Pink Floyd's "The Wall" for best Rock
>Album of 1979.  I was an outraged 14 year old at the time.

In 1974, Bad Company and Marvin Hamlish were nominated for Best New Artist.
Guess who won. Many, many irate 16 year olds in my high school, I'll say!!

On the Dave Marsh thread, I'll just say that he's a Springsteen sycophant
who thinks that everything that falls out of the Boss's orifice is gold. In
the 1980-81 Village Voice Pazz and Jop Poll(yes, that's how it's spelled!),
the music press was asked to vote for the top albums of the year, assigning
points from 0(the worst) to 30(the best). Mr. Marsh gave Springsteen's
bloated and ponderous "The River" 30 points. The record he picked second,
Talking Heads "Remain in Light" he gave 15. And so on. So if you're
expecting him to appreciate Andy or XTC, don't hold your breath.


If you have an unpleasant nature and dislike people
this is no obstacle to work. -- J.G. Bennett

Catch "Forever Knight" on the Sci-Fi Channel every Monday-Thursday at 9PM
and 1AM, EST. -- Lucien LaCroix


Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 11:10:33 -0400
Message-Id: <>
From: "Michael D. Myers" <>
Subject: XTC reference from Goldmine magazine


Not sure if most of you are familiar with Goldmine magazine, but it's aimed
at vinyl/CD collectors and comes out bi-monthly.  Each year, one issue
features articles on independent record labels, and I just read a piece
written by Dave Thompson about New Millenium Communications (one arm of
which has distributed Martin Newell-related discs).  He gives a fair amount
of space in the interview to information about Andy.  I'll excerpt some key
points in the article; the issue is dated 5/9/97 if you want to buy the
magazine at a record/CD store in a town near you.

"Martin Newell, one-time member of Cleaner From Venus (sic), but best known
for his collaboration with XTC's Andy Partridge, The Greatest Living
Englishman (Humbug BAH 10), calls New Millenium home.....

Two of the label's first four realeases were (Captain) Sensible
albums,.....but by the time Humbug celebrated its first birthday, with a London's Bass Cleft club in September, 1993, much of the
current roster was already in place.

....Martin Newell....played a short set that night, and afterwards, talked
excitedly of the as yet unheard...Greatest Living Englishman.

Six months after that, Newell's name was everywhere, as the American press
leaped gratefully onto an album which stands today as perhaps the defining
moment in the development of BritPop.  Everything you heard from Blur,
Elastica, Oasis and all can be dated back to that record, which made
Newell's own bemusement al the more alluring.

"I didn't want to make this record!" Newell grimaced.  "I'm too old to be a
pop star!  I only did it because they made me!"  Then he reeled off who
"they" are - an audience who only knew him from a band he'd quit several
years ago (The Cleaners from Venus); a label who'd signed him as a spoken
word poet; and a producer who knew him as a writer alone, Andy Partridge -
"the new, improved, Andy Partridge" as it said on the album jacket.

Indeed, when he originally agreed to bicycle down to Partridge's house, to
record in a shed in Andy's garden, he saw the gestating album as a gesture
of thanks to a few dozen admirers, nothing more.  Instead, he found himself
with one of the year's most talked about records (sic), a collection which
flew its influences like a flag, but remained starkly, startlingly original
regardless.  Newell spent his early years surfing the British Invasion, his
early 20s imbibing punk, and it showed; imagine the Hollies-meet-the-Kinks
as a Jam gig."

The article goes on, but that's it for Andy stuff.

Now for a couple of other things:

Jason had a legitimate complaint a few days ago about an apparent shady deal
some of us were involved with late last year.  One member of this list asked
people who write original music to send him material so that he could
compile a tape showing the wide range of styles exhibited by composers who
are also list members.  I sent a tape of one of my copyrighted songs with
the promised expectation that this would be complete and issued by
"Thanksgiving, or at latest Christmas".  Of course, as you are all aware,
this tape has not been completed.

I sent a couple of messages to the person who was compiling the tape, and
got "sorry, I'm so busy, I promise to get to it" as an excuse.  So here's
how it looks to me: in good faith, I sent a copy of one of my best songs so
that this guy could put together a tape that could be sent out to the list.
I was hoping that my song along with 10-15 others could be listened to and
perhaps enjoyed, and maybe even start some discussion on the list.  Now, my
original material plus that of others is in limbo.  Perhaps that doesn't
mean much unless you write songs, but it's very distressing to me.  I sent
my material with the specific intent that it would be put on a tape for the
use of this list by Christmas, 1996; now I don't know where it is.  That

Another problem that I have is that I asked someone on this list to make
copies of the XTC demo tapes for me last October.  That person agreed to do
it, so I sent a large stack of blank tapes and waited.  I have asked several
times for an update and have been ignored.  It is very frustrating and makes
me wonder about trust.

I also read (but was not involved) about a videotape ripoff that about a
dozen list members were exposed to last year; apparently they sent $12 each
to someone who skipped off with the money.  What's going on here?

I am asking for advice from members of this list as to how to proceed.
Perhaps a lesson that can be learned is that people who decide to make a
compilation tape or volunteer to do something should be very sure that they
are going to deliver before they announce an undertaking to the many fine
people on this list.

Sorry to sound like I'm moaning but I just don't get what's going on.   Mike


Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 16:25:17 +0100
From: Simon <>
Subject: And so with a mop and a bucket...

From: The Gottschalks <>

> And about how it dealed with spousal hatred, give me a huge
> break. Anyone who is so overly sensative that even THAT offends them
> shouldn't really be talking to anyone, I'm sad to say.

Oh shit.  I was _kidding_ Mark.  I'm _truly_ sorry if you, or anyone else
for that matter, thought otherwise.  I was simply extrapolating the subject
to its most ridiculous conclusion in a (very) failed attempt at a dumb,
ill-advised and insufferably smug bit of impenetrable satire on the way
these mailing lists can sometimes generate heat and spark from _anything_
when on-topic subject matter is thin. I thought the over-the-topness (TM)
was sufficiently hyper to be obviously fake.  You know, I keep on doing this
sort of stuff and it keeps bouncing back in my face - I forget that you're
not all in my head looking at these things the way I am (probably just as
well, it's pretty noisy in here as it is.  Plenty of room though).  You'd
think I'd learn by now, but no - I have loads of foot left and this gun
never seems to empty.  Maybe I'm secretly addicted to public humiliation
(no, I'd be wearing a BFF T-shirt if that was the case :D).  Don't shoot!  I
remembered the smiley this time!  I remembered the smiley!

Sincere apologies to anyone who was offended by me being "offended", which I
never actually claimed to be, now I think of it, but no matter - it's
trouble enough that I made a bad job of it and caused upset.

On another subject entirely, if anyone wants to catch the sleeve artwork for
Becki's excellent "Seven Worthies..." CD, make for

It's not the _best_ scan in the world (I have a clockwork Logitech scanner -
on loan - with square rollers and a flickering light, and was trying not to
damage the CD insert), but it's close enough for jazz.  I was going to
include a Shockwave toy that would cause Dave Gregory to leap out of the
monitor to perform peerless guitar work on request (and _only_ guitar work,
Amanda), but Macromedia seems not to be up to the task.  Java _might_ do it
though, and I'm sure if I phone Microsoft they'll tell me that such a
function is _already_ part of ActiveX.

Since mentioning the CD a few posts back I have had a couple of requests
from other UK Chalkies wondering how to go about making the payment for the
disc.  Banks _will_ do an International Money Order, but they charge 7
pounds for doing so and my bank actually refused to handle an IMO for such a
small amount - they suggested I exchange pounds for dollars and mail the
cash over, but I've since found out that sending cash into (and within) the
USA is illegal.  If there are any other UK people who want the CD, please
get in touch and maybe a collective order could be put in place.  If it
hadn't been for the estimable Natalie Jacobs who helped me out with a little
cashflow creativity, I wouldn't have been able to get payment over there
particularly easily myself, so I know what a pain it is.

Can someone put the lid back on my jar please?  Thank you.

XTC? Are they still going? Follow me and find out..


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 97 12:00:00 -0500
From: dgershmn <>
Organization: AMS
Subject: Give US a break...

With apologies to John Relph, if he'll allow me the space to say this, in
the name of mailing list etiquette:

 I refrained from commenting on Mark Gottschalk's joke originally, as I knew
that other people would, but I couldn't help but comment on his rebuttal:

>I'd like to think the members of this list are smart enough to tell what
>an ethnic joke is.

And smart enough to know that it's offensive.

>The joke I told didn't deal with any specific trait of the Polish people.
>It's just that in America the Polish person is commonly made the butt of a
>joke that for its sake has to choose a group.

So why perpetuate that?

>I would personally be delighted to see an American, or even a Texan, to be
the butt of such a joke.

So why didn't you? Better yet, why make it any group at all? Not labeling
their ethnicity wouldn't have changed the "humor" (as you saw it, anyway) of
the joke.

>And about how it dealed with spousal hatred, give me a huge break. Anyone
>who is so overly sensative that even THAT offends them shouldn't really be
>talking to anyone, I'm sad to say.

Sorry, no breaks...marital violence is too serious a problem for most
thoughtful people to find anything to laugh about. You wouldn't have printed
the joke if it were a guy of one race going in and killing someone of a
different race, would you? It's really no different, I'm afraid. And it's
really those who are overly INsensitive to other people that we should be
"sad" about.

>Love to all and pity to those I might have offended,

Oh, please.

You've made some interesting comments about XTC in recent issues, Mark...I
hope you'll keep posting with that sort of material...but please, lay off
the jokes.

Sorry for the lack of XTC content, folks, but I wanted to get that off my
chest on the list, hoping that I might be speaking for a lot of you out

Dave Gershman


Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 11:57:51 -0400 (EDT)
From: Natalie Jane Jacobs <>
Subject: I'll make this short...
Message-ID: <>

A Ben Folds Five fan writes,

>I thought that this list was primarily dedicated to XTC discussion items.
>So how did it degenerate into a BF5 bashing session?

I'm sorry if I annoyed any BFF fans by (gasp!) airing my opinions (there
oughta be a law!), but I just got a little tired of seeing post after post
with *no* XTC content, discussing bands that I have no interest in, with
the unspoken - and occasionally spoken - assumption that, since I'm an XTC
fan, I would of course adore this band.  (I really have seen posts that
start with something like, "Well, since we all love Jellyfish...")  Yes, I
know I have a page-down key, and I use it frequently, especially when the
words "Beatles Anthology" or "AMANDA" appear - I just forgot about it
temporarily.   Again, my apologies.

Let's look at it this way:  everyone has the right to write off-topic
posts.  (What else can we do?  It's not like the world of XTC is hopping
with action right now.)  But everyone also has the right to criticize
off-topic posts, and to air their opinions in general.  Our Father Relph,
who governs best by governing least, hath decreed it, and it's to our own
advantage that such a situation exists - otherwise all discussion would
wither and die.

I'm not going to add an "ObXTC" bit.  Go look at my website and be glad
XTC exists.

Natalie Jacobs
Perdix: The Andy Partridge Appreciation Page
He's a complicated man...


Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 97 11:49:26 -0500
Subject: "Toys," indeed!

     JHB notes:

     >BTW, just a small note regarding two lines from "Toys" -- there is in
     >reality a gay doll.

     In fact there was a real "Gay Bob" doll that I believe was marketed (or
     was THREATENED to be marketed) in the late 70s/early 80s. "Straight
     Steve," believe it or not, was ANOTHER doll in that line.

     -Jon in Philly


Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 10:04:27 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: (Dean Martucci)
Subject: 7 Worthies Of The Bamboo Grove

This past week I found out that I listen to too much pop music.

Two things happened: the Jimi Hendrix re-releases and Becki diGregorio's
album 7 Worthies Of The Bamboo Grove.

Neither can be called pop, but both have a resonance to them that I have
neglected in my musical gallery. This came as a very pleasant surprise. As
much as I dig Redd Kross and all those Jellyfish spawn, this week it's been
'tapestries' for me.

I've been listening to Becki's album for a week now and I'm still at that
stage where I put it on and song by song, I turn up the volume. That's a
good sign. I'm not digging into it searching for something; when I have to
do that I know I'm going to be finished with that disc in a hurry.

Becki has a delivery that reminds me of Grace Slick's solo material. The
texture of the songs are Led Zep Kashmir-esque (I hate saying words with
-esque tacked on the end! Why did I just *do* that??). In other words, these
are warm, miasmic sounds that have solid song structure; occasional wisps of
Cocteau Twins harmony, but none of the pretension.

If you're a popster, you're probably wriggling in your seat right about now.
I know some of the above hippy references are nail-to-blackboard for you.
But wait, let me talk about the musicianship!

Becki mentioned one Dave Gregory makes some contributions to this. They are
simple, understated gems. On "Inside The Dream", Dave's solo *is* the dream.
The one problem with this song is I wish there was one more verse and
another refrain so that Dave could return with a later in the evening,
deeper, more primordial dream/solo! What can you say about him at this stage?

He also plays on 'Godbox' and the cover of 'Open My Eyes'.

John Wedemeyer (guitar) and Randy Hayes (drums) are all over this album. And
these guys play. If you can't hear the joy and enthusiasm in their work,
your ears are plugged sphincter tight by too many nights of trying to be
hipper than hip. ;-) Randy is spot on tight, Pete Thomas accurate, but
better yet, there is a real noticable exuberance in his style. And Becki has
already mentioned how talented John W. is; this guy plugs in and becomes his
guitar! You can hear clearly how tight the musical connection between Randy
and John is; if you ever have the chance to see them live, you must check
them out. They play a most joyful version of the blues.

OK, that's enough from me. Love to you Becki and best of luck with the record!
  Dean Martucci    San Mateo, CA USA


Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 16:06:21 +0100 (BST)
From: "H.Davies" <>
Subject: More about Dave Marsh
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.970428153846.352A-100000@ashby>

Marshall Joseph Armintor <> wrote:
> Marsh's critical outlook is grounded in the idea of rock
> as a genre suited for the lower class exclusively, in order to express
> outrage, depict life as it's lived, and to produce a feeling of class
> solidarity.  So for him, Springsteen is the greatest music force ever
> unleashed, ditto Woody Guthrie, the Who, Creedence Clearwater Revival,
> the Band minus that pretentious Robbie Robertson, Bob Seger before he
> started doing Chevy commercials, and also, by extension, the Beatles (as
> opposed to the plasticky rip-off artists the Stones...who were firmly members
> of the middle class), because of their working-class Liverpudlian origins.
> ...Bob Dylan is also rank middle-class faker, and the same goes for the
> Beach Boys.  His article on them in the book is brilliant cultural

It looks like Dave Marsh has some very strange ideas about class. For a
start, the Beatles weren't really-Working class. Paul McCartney and John
Lennon, at least, had very much middle-class upbringings. And is it true
to say that Andy P. & co. are middle class? What sort of upbrinings did
they have? I don't actually know myself. It just seems stupid to assume
that beacuse someone reads books that they are either automically middle
class or are somehow betraying their class roots. Anyway, rant over.

Phil Hetherington wrote:

 > >We spoke to Colin in February and
> >he felt the band were very close to signing a
> >deal with Setanta / Go Discs! in the UK.
> Old and dead news, I fear, since Go! has folded (due to their
> paymasters at a big corporation who shall remain nameless (because
> I've forgotten who) wanting more control, and the guy who ran
> it falling out with them over this, or something).

What about a possible deal with Setanta, though, which I am assuming is a
totally separate record company from Go discs? If XTC signed to this label
they would have good company: notably The Divine Comedy and Edwyn Collins.
Huw Davies


Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 18:04:41 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Dear Andy
Message-ID: <>

  I'd been wanting to do this one for a long time.

 Dear Andy
Yes I got the message, you wouldn't
Believe the things to do around here
I don't exactly have time to sit and have a beer
But all those people who make me in their image
They're fighting in the street
'Cause they can't make opinions meet
About me

  Dear Andy
Sorry I took so long
To reply, I don't do this for everyone
By the way, have you heard from my only son
I haven't heard from him in a while
And I need a reason to smile
If you see him, tell him to write or call

If I made disease, I'd never give it to you
I just made the universe, just like I made you
(Yes, and the devil too)
  Dear Andy
This omnipresent being is so touched
By all your show of concern
But all you crazy people have a lot to learn
You mess up all your little lives
And then you try to put the blame on me
'Cause you can't accept being free
To decide
Whether to believe in me.

You're right, there's no pearly gates, no heaven or hell
Just a different challenge for those who do well
And as for all the rest of you
There's still more lessons to get through
There's no religion, you did that
It helps to keep your leaders fat
I just made the world you live in,
What you do with it is up to you!

yours most sincerely,

Christopher R. Coolidge
Eleventh Hour Cauldron Publications

I heal with magnets. Ask me how!


Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 15:42:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: Terry Sharkie <>
Subject: XTC reviews
Message-ID: <>

Dear Chalkhills,
  I have some evocative rereviews and info on all the Barry Andrew's
period XTC releases at
that you might want to add to your links page. I have your link on my
liks page.

  Going gaga
  Terry Sharkie,


Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 21:30:18 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: D.T.s

April 28, 1992, 5 years  today since Nonsuch was released.....Going thru
withdrawal, am pissed and angry.....NEED NEW XTC NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Message-Id: <v03007800af8b855eb85b@[]>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 13:21:42 +0100
From: Stephen Varga <>
Subject: Re: Robbie Williams

On 25th April 1997 Mark Fisher wrote:
>Just got the Robbie Williams CD single (Old Before I Die) with his cover of
>Making Plans for Nigel on the b-side (remember b-sides?).

Well Mark,

How on earth did you have the nerve to walk into your record store and ask
for Robbie Williams? Surely, this must have cramped your style! Was it
worth it?

I must admit, although I'd like to hear the cover of MPFN, I can't bring
myself to forking out 4 quid or so to buy a Robbie Williams record! I've
been asking a few people at work who are the type likely to go for the over
commercialised chart stuff if they know of someone who has this, but so far
without success.

One person suggested I contact a female teenybopper (or even younger!)
because they are the type of person most likely to have this record,
although if I did this, they might get the wrong idea!

Maybe I'll just wait until it works it way into the 99p bargain bucket!

Perhaps, if the proposed UK tribute album materialises, we could include
Robbie Williams along with Blur, Squeeze, Sting and other XTC influenced


Message-ID: <>
From: "Witter, Karl F" <>
Subject: O&L MoFI / Voice / R&BB / F.A.I.R.
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 10:34:35 -0400

>[Jasper in Ann Arbor] Oranges and Lemons benefited more from the MoFi
>remastering [than Skylarking]...SL gained some "punch," [however] O&L
>...sounded like a new and fresh album!  I heard sounds, instruments, and
>musical nuances that I had never heard on the Geffen pressing.

I have the vinyl and am thinking of these MoFi CDs, so I gotta know, what
are you comparing the MoFi CDs to? The US-issue CDs or the same vinyl?

If I knew then what I know now dept: While doing some unpacking in
the cellar, I found wrapped around a glass a scrap of a Village Voice
from 10/15/1980. Staring at me was an ad for the Ritz on 11th St,
showing XTC and Skafish in a double bill. To think what a show I may
have missed, as a strange h.s. senior who listened to jazz and musical
theater. Why doesn't virtual reality do anything useful yet? Perhaps a
Chalkie may have seen this show.

Finally picked up Rag & Bone Buffet. Once I around the eclectic sound
mix, all I noticed was that I couldn't dislodge "Mermaid Smiled" and
"Punch and Judy" from the brain. But I recoil at Andy criticising his
neighbor for "stretching" in "Respectable Street".

>[Ralph DeMarco] I don't know, however, what your definition of good
>"hard-hitting" political journalism is. Mine would be, say,
>"The Nation" or "Extra!"...not "Time" or "Newsweek".

Hey, another "Extra!" reader! Bravo! Mainstream journalism is a com-
petition in which the winner is the first lemming over the cliff. With
the proliferation of technology, resources, and vehicles to the public,
why is so much "news" so similar? Could it be because a shrinking
number of forces control a growing % of news sources? (Mini-rant
from hack college newshound over. Thanx for listening or ignoring.)

The magazines stil have to sell us 12 master geniuses a year*,

(*"The Prize", Semisonic)


Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 13:38:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: Dave Seaman <SEAMAN@A1.ISD.UPMC.EDU>
Subject: demo demerrier
Message-id: <C243ZWUYJVT80*/R=EDISON/R=A1/U=SEAMAN/@MHS>

i'm relatively new to the site and i keep reading about xtc demos... i'd
LOVE to get my mitts on these things, especially the demos for the upcoming
(?) xtc album, and the nonsuch demos (but i'll take o+l/other demos if they
exist)!!  does anyone out there have any of these demos for sale or trade?
please get in touch if so!

and while i'm writing, i'll add my xtc album ranking to the hill, for what
it is (or isn't) worth.  (BTW, i've been a BIG fan since 1980 or 81, when i
got a copy of drums and wires, and it has been a thrill to watch them
progress through the years)

1	skylarking   followed closely by...
2	nonsuch   (wrapped in grey is a masterpiece)
3	oranges and lemons

then a 3-way tie between...
4	black sea
4	english settlement  (senses leaves me senseless, it's so great)
4 	mummer  (i'm on the pro-mummer side - i remember thinking it was
magical when i heard it for the first several times - check out the double
upward modulation coming into the final chorus of Great fire... whew! chill

7	drums and wires
8	psonic psunspot
9	big express (i'm sorry, but i can't understand what brings so many of
you to rank this one so highly)
10	rag and bone buffet

the rest, i don't have, but judging from what i've heard from these earlier
albums on my R+B buffet and beeswax collections, it seems to pale in
comparison to what comes after... of course, it's only my opinion, lump it
or leave it!


Message-ID: <>
From: "Miller, Ed" <>
Subject: Let's form our own label!
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 13:54:29 -0500

Gathering from recent postings, the record deal on the Sandanista label
fell through... shucks. However, I got this great idea.  First, we form
a corporation... let's call it Chalkhills or something catchy like that.
 Then, we get a guy from Amway to set up a multi-level marketing thing.
Each of us is automatically a vice-president.  Then, we each get 5 of
our friends to kick in 10, 20 or maybe 50 bucks.  Then, they get 5 of
their friends.... and, you know the routine.

I figure within just a few iterations, we could throw together $50,000
bucks or so and that might be enough seed money to get the next album
project going.  After that, the REAL money starts flowing!!!!  All told,
each of us could pocket, say 20 grand apiece, and that's after we pay
the boys a nice share for their efforts.

I don't even think we'd need to sell any CD's.

Isn't Multi-level marketing wonderful?



Date: Tue, 29 Apr 97 15:48:46 CST
Message-Id: <>
Subject: ***SPOILER WARNING*** New Demos

     Dearest Chalkherders, ( Shepherding new fans to the fold, though NOT
     the Ben Folds as it seems )

     I would like to preface this review with the blanket statement that if
     you don't want to know about the new demos of Andy's, Quilt reading
     now. ( Get it, Blanket statement...Quilt....uh, neverm..)

     These come from a BRAND NEW DEMO TAPE sent by Andy with a few Colin
     songs included...

     1. " What's New, Summershine" - A very Tom Jones-esque Andy asks the
          eternal question, whilst a lounge band sound straight from the
          Holiday Inn, Yorkshire, keeps a Rat-Pack-a-tat beat behind him.

     2. " How did we get so Old" - This is a Colin number, and the
          interesting thing about this song is that there is no musical
          instruments, per se, just one acoustic bass, a bunch of
          chains rattling and a rhythm track made entirely from the sound
          of walkers being rolled down the hall.

     3. " Pencil Sharpener" - A R-Andy Partridge double-entendre song. I
          didn't care for this one, it sounded like a Barry Andrews reject.

     4. " Stirring the Porridge" - Another Andy song. Call me naive but I
          don't think it's intended to be a double entendre.
                           "I'm stirring the Porridge
                                since you're no longer here...
                            I'm peeling the carrot
                                 And wiping up tears..."

     5. " E-Bow, the letter" - Andy's cover of his Favorite R.E.M. song

     6. " But My Monkey can sing " - A Colin tune, slightly beatlesque.
                            " You got your diamonds and things,
                                But MY monkey can sing
                               You Better give it a rest
                                'Cause my monkey is best"
          It's a rocker, I can tell you.

     7. " Sweeping out the Shed" - Instrumental with some really nice and
          descriptive Lyrics.

     Well I 'll be happy to make copies for anyone who wants them. And don't
     forget about the bridge I have for sale.



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