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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #3-100

         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 3, Number 100

                 Thursday, 17 April 1997

Today's Topics:

                     JES goes on tour
                     Rants & Raves 2
                       Andy Quotes
                     Roaches on Video
                   Wow, what response!
              No more tape requests please!
                    XTC live shows ???
             All the world is football shaped
                       Re: Swindon
         Ben Folds Five at Irving Plaza NYC 4/28
                  Several Sacred Objects
                     Oranges and Ages
            We are Shaggy and Hairy and Fuzzy
          Heathen speaks to kill his own boredoM
                     All of a Sudden
                  The dubbed experiments
            Re: XTC Discussion at BFF concert
                   ok, i'm an idiot...
               More Rifff/Andy Information
                     STOP THE MADNESS
          Too many cooks spoil the kitchen.....


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Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 13:35:35 -0400
From: JES <>
Subject: JES goes on tour

Well, its been a long, long time since I posted something to this group,
but there have been a great number of changes in this world over, and its
time to de-lurk and let the folks know that Ive managed to survive the
changes with a minimum of scarring.  Not without the occasional run-on
sentence, but you get the drift.

Warning, this post has less than 30% XTC content.  But its less filling,
tastes great.

Let me start by saying that my Top Ten Lists will resume soon.  My last one
(The Ten Albums That Would Drive My Ex-Wife Crazy) went over like a lead
brick, so Im taking suggestions from people who like my writing as to what
topics I should cover in future Top Ten Lists.  If you are unfamiliar with
my web page, just have a peek at it and let me know what could be done to
fix it up.

Second, I have made the difficult decision to pull up stakes and move to
Charlotte (a wonderful little city on the southern edge of Upper Carolina)
to work for a rather large and excellent architectural firm known as Little
& Associates, Architects.  I will miss Atlanta because Im completely
familiar with it.  I have lived here, off and on, for the past 22 years.
But I will NOT miss the traffic (so congested that an accident on the
downtown connector can be felt in Chattanooga).  My new apartment will be a
mere 10 minutes from my office, which is actually within biking distance.

Therefore, if any of you wonderful Chalkies are within the sound of my voice
in Charlotte, NC, then give me a holler as I will be more than happy to
correspond with you about the various good and bad points of living in the
land of Helms and NASCAR.  (There, I bet you never thought you would
actually see the word NASCAR used twice in a Chalkhills post!)  I will be
interested in playing in some bands, drinking some home-brew, running some
marathons, and riding my bike through the mountains of NC.

Now, for some XTC related text.  I was amused to read that someone actually
attempted to relate the Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead to the Pope who died in
1978.  I find it amusing in the same way that I found it amusing that 39
people decided to off themselves to join the large object following Chris
Farley.... Uh, I mean Hale-Bopp.  In other words, there seems to be no end
to those who would preach conspiracy and then attempt to convert totally
unrelated coincidences to their obsession.  Dont get me wrong.... I do not
doubt that the story about the Popes mysterious death COULD be true.  And,
since Im neither Catholic nor am I motivated to suggest that the Catholic
church is corrupt and avaricious, I have no point to make with regard to the
story.  I dont care, personally.  But, I do care that someone has taken the
time and effort to attempt to correlate the story with Andys rather benign
and generic song.  I can blow the theory out of the water simply by
suggesting that Peter Pumpkinhead was "nailed to a chunk of wood" while Pope
John Paul I died in his sleep.  The truth is that there are too many people
out there who find their little obsessions about certain things and then try
to introduce "conspiracy" theories in places where they dont belong.  I
used to work FOR (not WITH, big difference at raise time) a man who was
quite hung up on the idea that the Catholic Church is the Whore Of The
Revelation (its a book in the Bible, look it up) and found my disinterest
and disbelief in his fanatical obsession to be problematic.  He was a
nutball and was CONSTANTLY trying to find ways to "prove" to me that the
Catholics (along with Jews, blacks, Masons, The Coca-Cola Company, and
anyone who eats pork) were agents of Satan.  And the fact that I didnt
agree with him meant that I, too, was an agent of Satan.  (The problem with
this guy was simple: he was a nut, but he was a talented engineer too.  You
hire people to do a job, and they perform admirably, so you cant get rid of
them for being a nut.  He never went postal, ysee, so he was harmless.
Except to me, when my annual review came out and he constantly gave me
evaluations that I considered to be less than accurate.  Guess why I dont
work there anymore?)  Anyway, I hope I made my point.  I hope I HAD a
point.... other than the one on the top of my head.

Someone had the balls to ask about the Roches.  Wow.  Ive been in love with
any or all three of these incredibly beautiful, talented, demented, twisted,
happy, and angelic Goddesses since I first heard them in a bar in Atlanta
Georgia in 1978.  I tried to attend every concert that I could, although I
missed a few when I was living in Hell, uh... I mean Columbus Georgia.  I
can see how Chalkies could dig them too, so allow me to suggest the
following three albums. "The Roches" is the Robert Fripp produced debut of
the trio (Maggie and Terre recorded an album with Paul Simon producing prior
to that), and features some of my very favorite Roche songs:  "Quitting
Time," "The Train," "We," and "Hammond Song" are all concert staples.  Their
third album, "Keep On Doin" was also produced by Fripp (their second album
"Nurds" was produced by Paul Simon collaborator Roy Halee and is an inferior
effort), and features their perennial encore performance of the Hallelujah
Chorus.  If you have never heard three voices pull this off, you havent
heard nuthin yet.  Once they were booted from Warner Brothers, they landed
at MCA and began producing themselves.  The MCA albums are not up to the
Fripp standards, and are only for those who are converts.  Finally, Ryko
snagged them and a couple of years ago they recorded the Perfect Christmas
Album, called "We Three Kings."  Miss this one at your peril.  Finally, for
those of you who cant get enough of these ladies (I still want to meet
them), check out the following: Terre contributes voice to two songs on
Robert Fripps first solo album "Exposure," "Mary" and the title track.
Suzzy (I think) contributes two of the best moments of Fripps "League Of
Gentlemen" album (there are your degrees of separation.... Roche... Fripp...
Andrews.... Partridge) when she says, in the opening moments, "Rock and roll
is about FUCKING," and then later on proceeds to fake an orgasm.  OR is it a
fake?  Hmmmm.  Anyway, Im sorry to hear that they have taken a sabbatical,
but I am sure that they will be back with a fervor.  I love those women.

Finally, to whomever wrote that XTC should have recorded the first Soft
Machine album, I applaud you for being on top of things in a manner that I
only thought was possible by ME, but you MUST be joking. Soft Machine was
primarily a keyboard/jazz band.  XTC might admire such nonsuch, but. I fail
to see what you meant.  Besides, if you think about it, dont you think that
Andy covering "Moon In June" from the Third album is MUCH more realistic?
jes can be found at....


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 14:13:44 -0400
From: Ralph DeMarco <>
Subject: Rants & Raves 2

Dear One Armed Bandits and Affilated Members:

Regarding: DaveKGold - Top 5 Albums Survey!!!!

>But in any event, here's the results of the survey of the Top 5 Artists in
>Your Collection (i.e., who's albums do you have the most of....).

>1.  XTC, 2.  Beatles, 3.  Elvis Costello, 4.  REM, 5.  King Crimson

>Honorable mention goes to (in no particular order): Kinks, U2, Peter
>Gabriel, Genesis, Kate Bush, Jethro Tull, The Replacements,
>Theloneous Monk.

I was not aware of Chalkhills when this survey was conducted but I had
to put my two-cents worth in.  I was shocked not seeing The Talking
Heads.  I think that they were one of the most original and innovative
bands of the last twenty years.  (Much like XTC) One could say that
Brian Eno was a fifth member for a while - he turned thier sound into Art.

Also, people dig some Richard Thompson when you get a chance.  And
what about The Rolling Stones? I like the rest of the list though ('cept
maybe U2).

Also:  I desperatley need some XTC videos.  Are they available? Can
someone get me a dupe?



Message-Id: <>
From: "Ben Gott" <>
Subject: Andy Quotes
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 15:01:39 PDT


I need your help in finding a quote from the world's most unquotable man -
the great Mr. Andy Partridge. I'm graduating from high school this June, and
I'd like to put an Andy quote on my senior page...But I don't know which of
his many sayings I should choose! If anyone could e-mail their favourite
(and appropriate, please, although the inappropriate ones would be nice to
have) Andy quote to me at <>, I would appreciate it. And,
who knows? I might just compile 'em on my page!

Oh, my head is spinning like the world.

* -----------------------------------------------------------
Ben Gott
"We're pointing our wheels to tomorrow..."


Message-Id: <>
From: "J. D. SMX" <>
Organization: Access Tucson
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 16:36:11 -0700
Subject: Roaches on Video

Greetings Chalkhillrophites:

I have the Roaches doing the Hallelueh (sp) Chorus, A Capella from
their old appearance on SNL in case anyone's interested.  I watch it
very infrequently as I'm reduced to tears everytime I watch it
because it's so beautifully done.(Same w/PSmith and her Gloria)
Never bought their albums though.   In exelsis dio, errybuddy.

Video Engineer
Access Tucson


Message-Id: <v03020701af79d70af321@[]>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 21:14:54 -0400
From: "Ira B. Lieman" <>
Subject: Wow, what response!

Heh...I've received to this point *34* responses to my, isn't
that just great? I'm not done tabulating my results, but the unofficial
winner of the quickest response was Dave Franson -- the digest came out at
what I believe was 9:48 EDT and Dave's response was at 11:14 (with Tim
Kendrick not too far behind at 11:19)

So far, the PC-heads outnumber the Mac-heads, but Macs comprise MUCH MORE
than the anticipated 10% share of market. But I'd hope that I get some more
responses, especially from you busy college (and high school) students that
want to waste time in between studying for exams...

obXTC content: I'm a Mummer fan too. Favorite song? Probably "In Loving
Memory Of A Name," possibly the most upbeat song about death and history I
have ever heard. I have been playing English Settlement at work recently,
though -- people are quite interested.

Anyone else going to the Ben Folds Five concert in New York on 4/28? E-mail
me privately.


Ira Lieman - -
"Awaken you dreamers, asleep at your desks!" - A. Partridge


Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 19:29:58 +0200 (METDST)
From: James Isaacs <>
Subject: Blur
Message-Id: <>

Maybe I am going over the edge here, but I think Blur's new album is the
best thing I've heard come down the pike in quite a while.  It is not as
XTC-ish or Kinks-ish as previous efforts, but it is good and original,
and they seem to be quite an articulate group of lads.  I cannot say the
same of Oasis, who seem to be the most boorish group of cokeheads since
whenever, and they sound nothing like XTC, how dare they.  So, a little bit
of a tangent there.  Let's have a war! (Lee Ving-anyone remember?)
Which album do I have to defend next?  First, the Go 2 society, which has
membership greater than many island nations, now Mummer?  Someone slag
off on Rag and Bone Buffet, I dare you...
Gosh, I am in a rather fiesty mood today, but I am staring #28 in the
face next week.  Anyone else born on the 17th?


Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 09:05:37 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: No more tape requests please!
Message-id: <>

At the order of mein fuhrer (my father), I cannot receive any more requests
for the stuff I have up for trade in the classifieds section. My lovely
parental units are both very pissed that I posted my list of items without
asking first, due to money concerns (although I fail to see what the big
deal is seeing as that everyone is sending me either tapes or postage money
anyways.) Everyone who has sent a request, including my two most recent ones,
will be taken care of, I promise.

One more something wrong with the page? I tried to access it five
times on Wednesday morning and kept getting back this message ALERT! FAILURE

Hasta manana mi amigos,
Je me souviens du soleil
"Have you ever met someone that you WOULD touch with a ten foot pole?"


Message-Id: <v03007800af7b13f83912@[]>
Subject: XTC live shows ???
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 23:40:28 +0800


Just spoke to my Japanese teacher who is fast becoming the biggest XTC fan
I know - not that I know too many.

She picked up a Japanese magazine here this week called "Dig", which has a
large article on XTC.  It gives a history of all their albums, with a guide
to what they're about, it talks about their current status (30 demos and no
recording contract - nothing new there) and has an interview with Andy.

My teacher was telling me about the article, so this is not a direct quote.

Apparently they asked Andy about touring, and Andy said that although he
doesn't like tours, he sometimes gets the urge to perform live in front of
people, so something may happen this year.  She also mentioned something
about the possibility of them coming to Japan.

Unfortunately, this is not a translation, but how it was briefly explained
to me.  The article has some beasutiful photos with it.

Perhaps one of our Japanese lurkers (and now I KNOW you are out there -
I'll see you all this Saturday!!) could get a translation for us.

BTW, the Japanese edition of Nonsuch also had a form to fill in and send to
Virgin (like a petition) in order to get XTC to play live again!

Hoping that this is the year,

Regards from Tokyo,

Steve (MGV)

P.S. - anyone looking for any of the Demos CDS?  I have some for trade
only.  Let me know if you need any of them, and trade offers.

               Don't ask me how I feel - I might really tell you.
                             (Terry Scott Taylor)


From: Cheryl <>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 16:26:05 GMT
Subject: All the world is football shaped
Message-ID: <>

Hiya chalkies!

I was listening to the radio the other day ( No!  I didn't hear XTC
but..) and the station had a contest where people
would call in their ideas for a soundtrack to the movie "Fever
Pitch".  I think I got that right this time.  Has something to do
with Football/soccer.   Anyway, one guy called in and had a
soundtrack of all XTC songs twisted to fit the purpose.
Unfortunately, I came in half way through his list  and didn't have
the number of the station to get a transcript.

Well I mentioned it to this nice chalkie, David Fatscher, and he sent
back a list of what he thought would work as a soundtrack using our
favourite band. And it goes like this:

Grass (obviously);
Defences Working Overtime;
Life Begins At the Kop (name of 'home crowd' at Liverpool;
Love On Alan Shearer's Wages ( the Michael Jordan of soccer) or Love
On A Bootboy Wages (they have to clean the player's boots);
No Thugs In Our Crowd;
The Disappointed ('I think he'll be disappointed missing that,
Complicated Game;
When Vinnie Jones Is Near Me ( I Have Difficulty...Concentrating);
Living Through Another England/ Germany Semi-Final Penalty Shoot-Out;
Beating Of Hearts ( for Hibs fans);
Shake You Donkey Up ( for  Tony Adams);
Seagulls Screaming ( for Brighton fans)

The stuff in brackets were added in for clueless me.  I don't know if
many of the American chalkies would get this, but I thought perhaps
the Brits on the list would get a kick out of it.  Perhaps some of
the other international chalkies might get it too.

>From Todd:
>What HAVE you two been doing? And why is money being exchanged for
Ooooooh! The tangled web we weave!  Its all top secret and hush hush.
Wink, Wink... know what I mean?

Thus ends another bewildering post from yours truly,

Thanks to David for being gracious enough to let me send it into
chalkhills.  : )


Date: Wed, 16 Apr 97 15:41:44 EDT
From: (Joe Hartley)
Message-Id: <9704161941.AA16046@metheny>
Subject: Re: Swindon

Ian Stewart wrote:

> Don't go to Swindon for the scenery, go to hear
> that Wacky Accent spoken by children; go to see the Queen's Tap right across
> from the train station; find Ermine Street on a map.  Send your two XTC fan
> friends postcards of the Uffington Chalk Horse from Swindon so it gets a
> Swindon postmark.

When I was in England a few years back on business (during which I had
no control over my schedule), I ended up in Swindon for dinner, and went
to a pretty good Chinese restaurant (the duck was superb).  I'd blathered
on a few times to anyone who'd listend about how "my favorite band is from
here," but no one cared to go in search of various places of hallucination,
villany, retribution or self-abuse.

I also ended up in Uffington, having a late lunch at the lovely old pub
directly across from the Chalk Horse.  I'd happen to have had a view
through the window from my seat, so that every time I looked up, I'd see
the horse and smile.

In my opinion, skip Swindon and go to Uffington again, and have a few
pints in the pub for me!

        Joe Hartley - - brainiac services, inc
 PO Box 5069 : Greene, RI : 02827 - vox 401.539.9050 : fax 401.539.2070
  Without deviation from the norm, "progress" is not possible. - FZappa


Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 15:49:05 -0400
Message-Id: <v01510100af7aa478a1c0@[]>
From: (Chris Van Valen)
Subject: Ben Folds Five at Irving Plaza NYC 4/28

Hi all

If anybody is going to the BFF show on 4/28, look for two very old (39 and
five sixths) people in Sir Philip of Boise's Chalkhills t-shirts. Will also
be at the same location on 5/8 for the Verve Pipe show.


If you have an unpleasant nature and dislike people
this is no obstacle to work.
                                --J.G. Bennett

Catch "Forever Knight" on the Sci-Fi Channel every Monday-Thursday at 9PM
and 1AM, EST.
                                --Lucien LaCroix


Subject: Several Sacred Objects
From: (Wesley H. Wilson)
Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 97 15:57:09 -0400

Chalkhills #3-99 included a bit about Andy producing the new (Stephen) Duffy
album. I guess Stephen WOULD be due for a new release, since "Duffy" came
out in 1995 and Stephen does a record every two years or so. I had no idea
Andy was producing.

This is great news, although I have to wonder when the Swindon lads are
going to record their next...? If ever! Doesn't sound like we'll be getting
it this year. :-(

Anyway, I've ordered Blegvad's "Just Woke Up" from my local record shoppe;
hope it's good! I read an internet review and it sure sounds like an
interesting album. By the way, is all of that "numinous objects" stuff
serious? Interesting reading.

Speaking of interesting, The Lilys are due to release a new album this
month, and Nick Heyward's new single on the Creation label is due out in
May. So, good material awaits! In the meantime my speakers have been
sounding out "Odelay" by Beck (WHY do I like this guy's stuff? It flies in
the face of all my pop sensibilities, but the guy is so eclectic) and
"Retreat from the Sun" by That Dog. (Check out for a little
more info. about these releases, and the hypnotic album photo of the new
"That Dog" album.)

By the way, I turn 39 in August and feel more knowledgable, more hip, and
more open about music than ever. I even like big parts of "Diary of a Mod
Housewife" by Ann Rigby!


Message-Id: <>
From: "Ben Gott" <>
Subject: Oranges and Ages
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 16:26:18 PDT

Now for a quick post:

>And, for Chrissakes, STOP THE AMANDA-BASHING!!  You'd think there
>were a bunch of 10-year olds on this list.

Ha ha! Amanda, Josh, Mark (e-mail me, CTD fan!) and I are all closer to ten
than the rest of you...(And I don't turn 18 until July 20, dammit!)

AMANDA - Colin is saying "stand clear!" at the end of "The Loving." Or maybe
it's "spill beer," or "Andy is a deer." I'm not sure.

Ian - your post about your visit to Swindon and the possibility that you
videotaped the wrong train was hysterical. I guess I'm just in that kind of

Today, while teaching third grade (even though I am 17 - chew on that, old
geezers!), a girl came up to me with a drawing of a space alien (similar to
the ones we all thought were behind Hale-bop.) It had a pumpkin head! I
laughed, but she didn't understand.

There is nothing better than a cup of coffee and "English Settlement" on a
bus at 6:30 in the morning. That there's field trip music!

-Ben (Life is easy when you're being kept afloat...)
* -----------------------------------------------------------
Ben Gott
"We're pointing our wheels to tomorrow..."


Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 20:31:38 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: We are Shaggy and Hairy and Fuzzy

My dog and my 2 cats, known collectively as The Moochers.  Hee.

I don't have anything by the Roches except their Christmas album, which I
think is my all-time top favorite Christmas album.  And this from someone
who buys several every year.

Anyway,  just a coupla quickies.  Actually they tie in together rather

I'm glad someone brought up my old favorite radio station WOXY Oxford.  I
asked here a couple years ago whether it was still around and still cool,
but never heard.  I grew up in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati, where I
could only get 97X on my clock radio in my bedroom.  Some of my friends
thought I made it up.  It was truly a refreshing oasis during the glory days
of Bob Seeger and (later) Bon Jovi.  I only wish I could subscribe to it
here on cable radio or somesuch.  (But Akron does have the next best thing,
i.e. WAPS -- try it as you drive through.  It's great.)

And it was there on 97X that I first fell in love with XTC.  Senses and
Farmboy were the songs that did it for me (I had actually heard Generals and
Majors on a rock station, but while I liked it enough to put it on my
tape-from-the-radio [see several issues back] it wasn't "the clincher") and
Mummer was the first cassette of theirs that I bought.  So it holds that
special place in my heart.

Which ties in to that thread rather neatly.  Yes, I too stand up in favor of
Mummer.  It's maybe second to O&L as my fave, mainly on the strength of
Farmboy alone.  With O&L being the exception, I'm basically a
"middle-period" gal, my core faves being from ES through Skylarking.

Who am I kidding?  Every time I try to say what I like best about the band,
I find that it leaves out something essential to the XTC X-perience, like
When You're Near Me or Wrapped in Grey or Ten-a-Feet Tall.

So I'm babbling.  But what better to babble about?

Jim Smart, I loved the story of your Odyssey through XTC-land.  If you
follow the B-52's all the way back, you get Rock Lobster.

So keep the faith everyone.  Thanks for being there.  And quit the fucking

Melissa Reaves (aka Da Melsta)


Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 18:12:12 -0700
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Chalkhillers/Penn/XTC/EC

Heya folx -

Good luck, Becki DiGregorio, with your CD!  Thanks for all the ordering
info., but I was wondering what label it's on and if it's available in
stores as well.

James McGowan: Now what's this crap about Geritol (I'm 39 also)... :^)

Amanda, thanks for the little welcome back.  I see it's AMANDA CARYL now...
Beth Wojiski, appreciate the comments, and Jason, AWRIGHT, I'm gonna check
out Paul's new one on the 28th, bud.

**Does anyone know whatever happened to the new Michael Penn CD???  It was
supposed to come out a month or two ago, right?  After spending all the time
moving, packing/unpacking, etc. I lost track of the whole deal, but all I
know is, it isn't in stores anywhere.

Also, since I've never caught up on about a dozen Chalkhills, is there any
news at all on our boys signing with a new label, the release date of the
new mega-double-70+-minutes-per-CD set (OK, wishful thinking...), etc.?
(Todd, I know you told me there wasn't any news on this, but I'm scraping,

One more thing: I'm sure the Costello & Nieve set has long since vanished
from the shelves in most cities (only 30,000 sets were made), and I got my
copy, but I MAY be able to get another set or two if anyone's interested.
The cost would be only about $30 INCLUDING tax, shipping & handling, if I
can still find a set or two (to those in the USA, that is).  Those of you
elsewhere, I'm sure we could work something out.  BTW, how many copies were
made in Britain, and/or is this an American release only?  Or was the 30,000
the whole enchilada?

I guess I'm "Living in Another CuuuuuBAAAAAAAAA" since moving...


Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 21:06:46 -0500 (CDT)
From: The Gottschalks <>
Subject: Heathen speaks to kill his own boredoM
Message-ID: <>

Children of Chalkhills:
Leave it to me to ignore all the little discussions of XTC-realted music
and album impressions to just ramble for my own benefit. I'm glad my
brother is finally convinced that BF5 are worth seeing, so we're going to
their concert tomorrow (Quite exciting for me. I haven't even heard
them!) Oh the agony of being backwards. I still need to obtain most of
XTC's albums, which are extremely hard for me to find (though I did get
O&L and Rag And Bone Buffet for really cheap because the world as a whole
is ignorant of the magic of XTC).
God of Chalkhills? I'll take it! The second part of my last name isn't
exactly pronounced "chalk," but I'll change it for that marvelous title.
One album I really want, besides English Settlement, is Mummer. There is
SO much discussion over this one that I feel like I have to get just to
be part of the team (continuing the Seinfeld expressions).
Yeah, I'm sure lots of you saw the Great Ones when I was a mere infant,
sperm, or nonexistant. But think of this. When many of you are old,
senile, and totally out of it in terms of music, I'll be keeping up with
all the good bands. I'll laugh at you!
I think I'd better go, now that I've gone on far too long vocalizing my

Peace to ye' all,
Mark the Dummyhead, God of Chalkhills


Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 23:15:27 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: All of a Sudden

What can I say?
Why do we attack each other with no compunction?
 From day to day
It seems that this list has lost some of its function.

The net's like a glass house
You don't throw stones 'less
You don't mind having stones thrown right back at you.

All of a sudden we find that teeth are bared
All of a sudden we find that no one cares
All of a sudden we feel feel a bit too bold
All of a sudden we're left out in the cold
All of a sudden we've taken off the gloves--
We all just push and shove.  I hope

It's not too late.

What can we do?
Trying to stop the flow of insults feels useless.
It's up to you.
Start being nice or watch the list grow senseless.

The net's like a mirror
You get back from it
No better than your own sad contributions.


Chalk's not a product you can own
or censor just for you.
It's more a pie -- we have to share it.   [note:  Chalk pie!  Yumm!]


PS I'm not taking sides here -- I think both sides are full of shit.


Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 20:35:34 -0700
Subject: The dubbed experiments
Message-ID: <>
From: (Gerardo Tellez)

I have been a subscriber for chalkhills for awhile, and i've noticed that
no one has mentioned The Dubbed Experiments. Doesn't anyone here have
that CD? I bet someone does. Do you guys not like it for some reason? I
think it's a pretty good (but weird) CD.


From: James Robert Campbell <>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 22:26:07 -0600 (MDT)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Re: XTC Discussion at BFF concert

Miles Coleman said....

> Thanks to all for the recommendations that come up.  Ben Folds Five came to
> Salt Lake City, Utah last and we caught the show......
> In fact I was stopped and complimented by two others about the tee shirt and
> ended up defending the boys when one of them declared that there would never
> be another album.  Can you believe the audacity?

(sensing I'm being drawn out of the woodworks as I mentioned that I was on
the list...)

Yep, and I'll even say it again.  I'll believe it when I see it.

I've been an XTC fan (avid I might add) since O&L came out (chalkhillian for
over 4 years), and have had the pleasure of *one* album coming out in that
time span.

Now while I've been able to become quite familiar witht he rest of the
catalogue, this is simply ridiculous.  Strike or no strike if they wanted to
put out music they would.  I'm even starting to see my tastes move away
from XTC (and I consider them to be strongly as such), and I really don't
like it.  But, hey, bands like Ben Folds Five (for example) are putting
out material, and all I can do is keep listening...

I would be first in line to get a new album, but I don't care how many
demos float around, I'm not getting my hopes up that we'll ever see
another one.

Hope I'm wrong,


* --------------------------------------------------------------------
James R. Campbell
Department Of Meteorology
University of Utah

"Her mix-tape's a masterpiece."


Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 22:29:15 -0700
From: becki digregorio <>
Subject: ok, i'm an idiot...
Message-ID: <>

sorry, gang...

i've had numerous xtc fans write to me saying that i neglected to put my
address in my last missive, as to where to send the check for the cd.

perhaps it was the wine...

here goes:

becki digregorio
p.o. box 1035
soquel, ca  95073

shaking my head in disgust,



Message-ID: <31510B652669CF11BA1D00805F38219E020A2AF4@DUB-04-MSG>
From: Peter Fitzpatrick <>
Subject: More Rifff/Andy Information
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 02:59:55 -0700

Hi All,
First : many thanks to everyone who "jumped to my defence" during the
recent, predictable, Microsoft vs. The World discussion. [one person
(who shall remain nameless !) pointed out that he doesn't write nasty
letters to a cable channel because they're showing a concert by his
favourite artist but he doesn't have cable.....interesting analogy]. But
seriously : the usual mature, considered & civilised tone was adopted by
all. Thanks.

So : some news ! ! !
Firstly : the Rifff show has been completed.
I expect to get a sneak preview in a few days. By all accounts it's
great and Andy really likes it.

Secondly : I'm going to book my flight to the UK Convention today and
will do everything I possibly can to preview the Rifff show to everyone
there. It's 99% likely that this will happen. I'll also bring the photos
I took on the day as well as the video I shot in "the shed". If anyone
really cares to see them I'll bring the autographed CD sleeves too.

Thirdly : the show will start on MSN June 6th.

Fourth :There will be an on-line chat with Andy on June 12th.
Yes - you read correctly. Andy will be sat in front of a PC and will be
chatting with MSN members on June 12th. You'll have to check in with MSN
in order to find out the time. It'll probably not suit every time zone
but I'm sure that the folks at MSN will try to find a good time.

Now, some of you mailed me regarding the "first free month" offer on
MSN. As far as I know this applies worldwide. There should be local
phone (voice) numbers that you can call in order to get more details.
Also , many regions have their "own" MSN (for example : there is an MSN
customised for France, Germany, Ireland, UK, Australia, Japan etc etc
*** If I'm wrong about any of this info. please don't shoot me.....I'm
only the piano player***
A good place to start is
If you want to check out the whole MSN thing I strongly suggest that you
get started now. They (MSN) send you a (free) CD so that you can install
the necessary software. In other words don't try to do all of this the
day before the chat on June 12th !
No, MSN doesn't work on the Mac, Unix, BBC Micro, Acorn, Sinclair ZX80
or Tandy TRS-80.
I wish it would be so much easier. But it doesn't and
there's nothing I can do about it.

Cheers everyone (looking forward to the Convention !)


Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 09:01:24 EDT
From: "Todd Bernhardt" <>

Can We Chalk?

James  <> said:
 >  I remember being maligned by some of my friends when I was 19 for
listening to Black Sea when the others were listening to REO Speedwagon (and
look which band is still around today!).<

The really frightening thing is, James, REO Speedwagon *is* still around
today. I think they're doing washed-up-'70s/80s-bands revival shows along
with (shudder) Styx and other such wankers.  As Count Floyd would say,
"Ooooh, kids! Scary!"

From: Beth Wojiski <>:
> if anyone has
ever ridden in a "roundabout", you'd be thankful they have such a widely
developed public transportation system in Great Britain.  (As an American
who lived in Birmingham, England, I could sympathize *completely* with XTC
in "English Roundabout".  Truly terrifying bits of road!  Thank goodness we
don't have that many here in D.C./Virginia!)<

That's funny -- the reason I was able to navigate in roundabouts -- even the
dreaded 5-in-1 Swindon roundabout -- when I was over there was because of
all the practice I got driving in DeeCee's traffic circles. Northern
Virginia, on the other hand, is another story -- no roundabouts, but lots of
"terrifying bits of road!"  :^)

James "from another time" Dignan correctly pointed out the links between KC,
Roches and XTC (and Fripp's great leads on the albums he produced) -- to
make things even more annoyingly explicit, I'll add that Tony Levin and Bill
Bruford have both played on Roches albums as well. And Gene, check out the
web site I recommended for info on Roches on video. There's not much, but
there's some.

From: "McDonald, Rojer" <>:
>you could take your friend's
advice and use the page down button. He should probably take that advice
too. I was quite amused by that statement about using the page down
button - I mean it's tantamount to standing in Trafalgar Square wearing
a top hat and announcing that all wearers of hats are queer - not that
there's anything wrong with that! <

So you guys get Seinfeld down there as well, eh?  Actually, Rojer, I don't
quite get the analogy there ... all I was saying was, if Amanda's posts get
someone's panties in a bunch, then they should just skip them rather than
reading, responding and perpetuating whatever thread is being spun. Just
STOP THE MADNESS, mate!  :^)

> A less civilised person would probably tell you to stick
the page down button in your bottom but I'm not going to say that. Stick
your page down bottom in your button!! Quick, page down, page down!<

Actually, I've tried it both ways, and I've found it works best if I leave
it on the keyboard. Not that I didn't have fun trying, though.

Okay, now hit page up and read this all over again!  :^)



Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 09:40:39 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Too many cooks spoil the kitchen.....
Message-id: <>

(Sorry, couldnt think of a wittier entre' into my usual ramblings.)

And now, responses.......

>From Ben Gott,
>I still am most impressed with "Deliver Us From the Elements"
I think that's Colin's best song on the album, personally.

>From Martin Monkman,
>But crappy production hasn't diminished my ardour for Mummer
Same with me and The Big Express, which, even though I feel is incredibly
overproduced and overladen with effects, is still my favorite XTC album on
the strength of its lyrics and subject material.

>From Gene Yoon,
>How about soc.we're-only-encouraging-her.

>From Jeffrey Langr,
>Andy Partridge I am sure would be proud
Well, things appear to be cooling down, so I'm sure Sir Partridge would give
us credit for trying.....

For all this talk of Pat Mastelotto...wasn't he Mr. Mister's drummer?

>From Jason Garcia,
>And, for Chrissakes, STOP ALL THE AMANDA-BASHING!
Aww, I'm used to it by now. When you've been ostracized all your life for one
reason or another, you become armoured. It's just that when you're in a forum
when you finally feel you can belong, and you become ostracized again, it
wears away at you.

>From ROJER!
>Chalkhills is not the place to carry on this sort of vendetta and it won't
happen again.
Bless you, my child ;)

>-I don't recall ever calling you, and "American bitch,"
Oh contraire, you did. Remember back when I stated my views on vegetarianism
and caused a nice big stink, well you wrote and called me and American bitch,
and went off on me about a coupla other things, then I wrote back and said
"I think I love you" and you got a kick out of it......

>I'm sorry if I upset you-I enjoy the frequency of your submissions and your
>witty rejoinders ;)
Then why jump on the bandwagon of people who just love to get a rise out of

>P.S. Amanda, how did you know that Stephanie was a cheerleader and that I
>represent the lollie-pop guild??? Silly girl!
Oh I could tell, you're over there wearing your cute little plaid outfit
carrying a nice big lollipop (my b-friend's nickname for me, btw. Nauseating,
huh?) And Stephanie, Stephanie, where has she gone to?????

BTW-I'm not Canadian like David Bowie! I'm American like Neil Young!

>From James Isaacs,
>In our recent discussions over Mummer, no one has mentioned the video for
>Human Alchemy, which (imho) is their best video.
I have to disagree here. Number one WHERE IS DAVE? (That's always what I look
for much Dave is in the video.) And while the concept is very
original, the darkness of the whole thing depresses me.

>From Chris Clee,
>try english settlement side 2 track one followed by side 1 track 2, and side
>2 track 2
You'll have to help me out here, I only have the cd....that's Ball and Chain
and what else?

>you really ought to spend some time doing college work too you know
That's what I do from 8-11 every steenking day.

Ciao for now,
XTC song of the day-River of Orchids
non-XTC song of the day-The Battle Of Who Could Care Less-Ben Folds Five
Je me souviens du soleil


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