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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #3-10

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 3, Number 10

                 Tuesday, 15 October 1996

Today's Topics:

                       Fossil Flop
                 The Japanese Game of GO
                   XTC/TMJ/Adrian Belew
                 Card games / board games
                   Girlfriends and XTC
                         DI5 FALD
                 Words; FF (minor) rants
                  that one word again...
     Chalkie Musicians -- Let's hear what you've got!
          Hope they never go on tour... or do I?
               Skylarking with Robyn Belew
            TMBG & XTC fans (or lack thereof)
                 Adventure Club Sessions
        Phantom Canyon Brewing - Colorado Springs
                      I still exist!
                     that one word...
                    Ramblings from Me
                 Amanda's got her answer
         chords to Everyday Story of a Smalltown
                       Odds & sods
                        XTC on CBC
                  Everclear Choose Nigel
                   blegvad's "balloon"
                    Many random things
         The flames have been doused, praise God!
         A very upsetting album review...........
                    Shirts and sleeves
            Walking Naked Down a Public Street
                   Demos & Ginger kids


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Message-Id: <v02110103ae83e42a0748@[]>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 12:56:39 +0100
From: (Stephen Varga)
Subject: Fossil Flop


I'm sorry to say that Fossil Fuel hasn't made an impact on the UK album
charts despite the short lived (and probably costly) TV advertising

I know with XTC that popularity plays second fiddle to the music, but even
looking at XTC's music objectively, I can't understand why this album
hasn't sold better.

It is an insult to their great songwriting skills when utterly worthless
albums such as 'Smurfs Go Pop' ride high in the album charts and XTC can't
even dent the top 30.

What is wrong with the record buying public? Why can't they recognise good
music when they hear it? Isn't it about time XTC had a really big hit? What
will it take?

- ------------------------------

Message-ID: <01BBB77B.7FE512C0@abb-annex3-port15.CIS.McMaster.CA>
From: Christopher Wood <>
Subject: The Japanese Game of GO
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 13:51:23 -0400

>It just made me wonder:  has anyone ever seen this fabled Japanese
>game called Go 2?

I learned to play Go in high school.  It is a fantastic game.  It is a
strategy game played on a 19x19 grid using black and white round stones.  I
personally find it much more challenging and interesting than chess, and
always fun.  The game has only a few simple rules, yet takes a lifetime to
master.  I play on the Internet.  Check out the webpage at for info on the game.

When I heard that Go 2 might be a name borrowed from the game, I found that
an exciting Coincidence that my favorite band might be linked to my
favorite boardgame.  Also interesting; if you read on the front of mummer,
the newspaper has some text that I think talks about a Go club, but it is
difficult to read, take a look.

Christopher Wood

- ------------------------------

Date: Fri, 11 Oct 96 10:57:35 CDT
From: Paul Gelpi <PGELPI3@UA1VM.UA.EDU>
Organization: The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
Subject: XTC/TMJ/Adrian Belew
Message-Id: <>

Greetings all,

Yes, a few comments in the last digest have prompted me to de-lurk as it
were...and wouldn't you know it only one is even remotely connected to any
comments on *that* word.

First off, I'm delighted to see that there are some Too Much Joy fans on
this list. I've always thought that in some ways there music has much the
same appeal that XTC's does. One correction to the TMJ thread, though, _Son
of Sam I Am_ is their second album. _Green Eggs and Crack_ (I think that's
the correct title...have to check that t-shirt when I get home:-)) is their
first. I saw them on the Cereal Killers tour...what a show...and at some
point I seem to remember the singer saying something about XTC. It might
have been after the show when I was talking with him though.

Secondly, to say I'm delighted that someone else plugged Adrian Belew's _Op
Zop Too Wah_ is definitely an understatement. AB is a great musician and
artist IMHO and OZTW is his best outing in years. IMO there's a good bit on
the album that would appeal to many on this list. If you're interested in
finding out more about AB visit Rob Murphree's Adrian Belew homepage
< /~rhino>...sorry for the shameless plug :-)

Now on to my comment that is vaquely connected to the typing of *that*
word.  While Chalkhills is a mailing list and therefore a semi-private or
public forum, it is possible for a non-member to access and therefore read
the digest.  On the Chalkhills home page it is possible to view/read the
latest issue...its what I did before I subscribed. As a consequence this
mailing list is a tad bit more public than some others.

Finally, on to some substantive XTC content... :-) A while back Dave
Gersham asked about the number of _Skylarking_s pressed without *Dear God*
or with *Mermaid Smiled* (yes this is the post of choices). Well, I've not
got the numerical answer but two observations. First, I seem to remember
the figure being mentioned in Twomey's book (its not handy at
present). Second, almost every (lets say 8 out of 10) used vinyl copy I've
come across of _S_ has *Mermaid* on it. Also, I remember that when the
album came out in the states that it was a good month or two after I'd
first heard *Dear God* on the radio before I could find a copy of _S_ with
it instead of *Mermaid*.

And in conclusion _Fossil Fuel_ (please forgive I needed a tie-in here).
IMHO this is not the first time nor the last Virgin has tried to cash-in on
an artist/group that has left the label. Anyone remember the Bob Mould
Anthology _Poison Years_ which was done without his consent and dreamed up
evidently only after Sugar's _Copper Blue_ was garnering critical raves.

Happy listening,


PS-(for J. Relph) Pardon the reference to the off-topic thread.

- ------------------------------

Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 11:35:27 -0400
From: Tobin Munsat <>
Subject: Card games / board games

>"Simon Knight" <> wrote:
>I pulled them out:  Snap, Uno, The Dukes of Hazard Official Card Game
>(seriously), Donkey, Old Maid and....HAPPY FAMILIES!!!
How cool!  I never knew this was an actual card game with characters like
Mrs Bun, Master Law, Miss Fortune and Miss Carriage.  Now it all makes sense...

>It just made me wonder:  has anyone ever seen this fabelled Japanese
>game called Go 2?
You're probably thinking of the classic game "go" or "go moku".
Unfortunately I don't know what the Japanese word for 2 is.  The American
version is Othello.  You should be able to find numerous shareware versions
for the computer in one of the public software archives (i.e.  I've got it on my machine-- I think
it's a great fucking game.  -Tobin

- ------------------------------

Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 12:45:49 -0400
From: Peter Dresslar <>
Subject: Girlfriends and XTC

> From:
> 3. My girlfriend just said she'd dump me for Andy.

I would be thrilled to just *date* a woman who doesn't *detest* XTC.
Everyone I date, I try to ease them into a little Oranges & Lemons,
maybe some Skylarking, and then I get major resistance. Okay, clearly
I'm seeing the wrong kind of woman, granted. If I ever meet a female who
is at all interested in the Lads, I'll try to hold on to her. If you're
in my car, it's an XTC album playing. Makes trips tough! I've considered
opening a West Michigan XTC fan club, just to meet women who'll work

"Some people are dyin' for the right to say..."
- -Peter Dresslar
Holland MI USA

- ------------------------------

Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 12:59:28 -0500 (CDT)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: DI5 FALD

Howdy Chalkhills,

DI5 thanks to Dave for going through the trouble.  Of the five I sent him, I
think I would still include at least four of them.

The Bootleg Album.  I hope our boys decide to go with it.  Not only would it
mean new XTC quicker.  It should help our boys stock with prospective Labels
and maybe put a cash in their pockets. I'll buy at least two.

Thanks to Martin of fame about his
posting about the upcoming (Oct. 12) "Definitely Not The Opera" from the CBC:

>*One of England's most influential pop groups is the quirky XTC.  A
>new collection of singles has just been released; Ross Porter gives
>it the retrofile treatment.

Any of us with RealAudio can catch this at


Please hit the page down if four letter words don't interest you.

Jes had me going about appropriate speech in appropriate places, until it
came to me that I spent a lot of 1980-81 walking around with a "Fuck art,
lets dance" Madness T-shirt on.  Only one person ever complained and it was
only slightly harsher than what Amanda got.

PS I wore the FALD tee to a party for my sister.  My dad thought it was
great.  His name is Art.

Jeff Smith | '71 HD Sprint 350SX, Temp '77 GS 400 X | Barnes, WI

- ------------------------------

Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark G. Cuevas" <>
Subject: Words; FF (minor) rants
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 16:22:41 -0700

Dearest Chalkonauts:

I really didn't want to get into this at all.  In fact, I privately
encouraged others not to.  But (since they did anyway), I thought maybe I
could quickly get my point across in a humorous way.

All of the following characters are responding to the seemingly endless
debate about which words to use and not to use in a mailing list.  All are
doing so in their own styles.

[Jeeves:]  Perhaps, sir, it would not be unwise to defer unexpurgated
comment upon the issue.

[Begbie:]  Shut yar bleedin' hole ya c**t.

[Texan:]  Well shit, howdy!  I ain't never heard no one talk s'dang much
'bout nothin'.

[So. Calif:]  Dudes.  Don't get your panties in a wad.  Chill.

[No. Calif:]  Please try to reconcile your thoughts, you're disturbing the

[Gandhi:]  {Silence}

[NY:]  Shut the f*ck up.

[Colin:]  I won't rock the boat . . . 'cause I'm one in a million.

[Andy:]  I believe the printed word should be forgiven.  No matter what it

[Gregsy:]  See Gandhi, above.

[Brain:]  This wretched insolence is unnerving.

[Pinky:]  Narf.

[Alan Greenspan:]  While bearing in mind the possible consequences of
continuing on the present course, we should nonetheless be cognizant of the
contingency inherent in positions not foreign to those through which we
have previously proceeded.

[Beavis & Butthead:]  Heh, heh . . . farts . . . heh, heh

My point, for those who might still be mystified, is that different people
express themselves differently.  It's a good thing.  And even if it
weren't, no amount of effort will change that fact.  Depending on your
perspective, some expressions are tactful, some vulgar, and some miss the
point entirely.  Moreover, attempts to please everyone will always fail.

Don't censor yourself.  Write what you want to write in the way you want to
write it.

Now, about XTC:

I realize FF is a compilation of singles but IMO the single version of "Ten
Feet Tall" is infinitely inferior to the D&W version.  It's too fast, the
beauty of the rhythm is lost in the added vocal line and the mix is all
wrong.  Does anyone out there *prefer* this version?

Did anyone else notice that the crash cymbal on the FF version of "Mayor of
Simpleton" seems to be drastically muted?  On the orginal O&L, it's
beautifully crisp.  What a disappointment.  Is that what the single version
was like?

Will you tell them about that far off and mythical land . . .

- ------------------------------

Message-Id: <v01540b01ae846d23ebe0@[]>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 15:37:08 -0600
From: (Elisabeth Norton)
Subject: that one word again...

Speaking (or not) of the now-so-popular f-word, am I the only one who hears
it in Great Fire?

I've been in love before
But it's never been as hot as this... fuck

It's pretty subtle, but even on my crappy speakers I can hear it when the
volume is up high.  I searched about and I can't find anyone mentioning
this before.

Happy listening...

EliSabeth Norton                       po box 307 Columbia MO 65205 USA

persistance: to go on resolutely in spite of difficulties

- ------------------------------

Message-Id: <>
From: Fritz Stolzenbach/HNS <>
Date: 11 Oct 96 15:58:23 EDT
Subject: Chalkie Musicians -- Let's hear what you've got!


I have an idea which I'd like to share with you.

It occurs to me that many many many many of you out there are musicians
with your own bands, songs, sounds, etc.  Speaking for myself, I would be
very curious to hear what the musos on the list have to offer in terms of
their own musical vision, as opposed to the XTC covers which seem to be
gathered into collections every couple of months.

Now don't get me wrong -- this is an XTC mailing list, and Lord knows we
love the Fab Three and their creations, but I'd like to learn a bit more
about what my friends on this list are thinking and creating, too.

So here is what I propose:

1.  If you have music of any shape or sound you've created and would like
to contribute to a Chalkies-only compilation, mail me anything you like,
either on CD or cassette (no DATs, please).  If you want your source
material returned, please include a SASE.

2.  Send also a blank 90-minute cassette and a SASE (about a dollar in
stamps, last time I checked) if you want to receive your own copy of the
compilation, whether or not you make your own contribution (one per
customer, please).

3.  Every artist gets one song on the compilation, so let me know which you
want to share, if you're sending me an entire album or something.

4.  Nobody is spending any money on these tapes, and they are being
"distributed" largely among contributors, so don't expect me to sign any
legal documentation to duplicate your work.  If you feel paranoid about
sharing your tunes like this -- well, as Mr. Dole puts it, "just don't do
it."  (And you should have all your work copyrighted anyway.)

5.  Let's see if we can turn this around quickly -- anybody who wants to
appear on the collection needs to send me their wares by Nov. 25, so I can
get 'em out by Christmas.

6.  Try to send original compositions, if possible -- though I guess this
isn't a requirement.

7.  Be forewarned -- I'm going to make this easy on myself by doing this on
a pretty low-tech basis.  No re-mastering, EQ fiddling or other such
nonsense will be attempted.  I'm going to behave as though I was making a
tape on my home stereo for my friends; as good as I can get it using my CD
player and tape-to-tape machine.  Don't expect a sonic masterpiece!

8.  If I get more than 90 minutes worth of stuff, I'll put the collection
together on a first-come, first-included basis, then e-mail the latecomers
about what to do next.  (Also, in consideration for the folks who want
space for their pieces, try to avoid sending 20-minute orgasmic fusion
freak-outs.  Don't we mostly like 3-minute pop songs anyway?)

9.  Any ideas for a title for this masterpiece?

10.  You might want to e-mail me privately to give me a heads-up that your
stuff is on the way -- or publicly, if you think this is a dumb-a** idea
altogether.  (I hope you think this is a good idea, though.  I do!)

Oh, hey -- I guess I should include my address!  Let me give you my work
address, since bulky packages have a hard time fitting in my urban home

Fritz Stolzenbach -- LFF 630
Hughes Network Systems
100 Lake Forest Blvd.
Gaithersburg, MD  20877


- -- FS

- ------------------------------

Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 13:05:00 -0400
From: Peter Dresslar <>
Subject: Hope they never go on tour... or do I?

Sorry to post again, but I just remembered wanting to respond to the
non-swearing-related topic of XTC touring.

I really hope they (They) never do tour, because then I'd have to quit
my job and sleep in a van a lot. Plus I'd have to buy the van. It'd be a
financial disaster for me.

More seriously, I don't know what it would be like to see XTC play. I
wonder if it would burst this weird bubble of admiration for the music I
have. Maybe it would never be the same. Maybe.

On the other hand, I would LOVE to meet some of you, as I assume would
happen on a tour. It strikes me that I would really like to be
surrounded by hundreds (well, at least dozens, or perhaps thousands?) of
XTC fans. I've never followed the Dead before, but I'll bet that's what
Deadheads get out of it: community.

In fact, forget the tour idea, why don't we just all have a bash at
somebody's house? We'll invite the band. They can bring instruments, if
they want. It'll be like on MTV... :-)

'Course, we've got community here. It's just virtual. Whee.

- -Peter Dresslar
Holland, blah blah blah

- ------------------------------

From: myke <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Skylarking with Robyn Belew
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 17:30:22 -0500 (CDT)

Subject: Skylarking on transparent vinyl

Same thing happened to the Beatles IMHO.  That Let It Be thing on
the roof was a complete botch.  If it was just any other band
people would have worn earplugs.

	Well, according to popular legend, the Beatles were an
	awful live band ANYWAY, but you couldn't tell for all the

You mean TMBG have written a song that *means* something?!  :)

	Gee, I thought they stopped writing those in 1988.

especially the more jazzy compositions.  Mitchell Froom would be an
excellent producer for XTC's new project, even though he's way too

	This saddens me somewhat. I was going to attempt to hire
	Mitchell for a project-- but does anyone know exactly HOW
	many millions of dollars I'd need first? My impression was
	that, since he produced the minimally-selling Ron Sexsmith
	album and was hired for the second one as well, that he
	was willing to take on smaller projects.  If not, then Ron
	is on shakier ground than I previously suspected...

From: James Isaacs <>
Subject: Robyn Hitchcock, who has not much to do with XTC

Someone asked last issue if the new Robyn Hitchcock album, Moss Elixir,

	Speaking of which, has anyone heard Mossy Liquor, its alternate-
	versions vinyl companion?

Subject: random thoughts in rapid succession

Helloo, Chalkhilltoppers-

1. In Meccanic Dancing, are we dancing to a disco "trot" (as the archives
suggest) or a disco "track" from Germany?

	Trot always seemed to work for me.

5. No one has mentioned the "hidden" bonus track (of sorts) at the beginning
of the new TMBG album.  Check it out!

	"Token Back To Brooklyn," a re-recording of an old Dial-A-Song
	classic. Search backwards starting at Track One approximately
	1:09 and you will hear it.

6. The new Adrian Belew album (Op Zop Too Wah) is out, and I'd recommend it
to any fan.  It lies somewhere between the Beatlesque pop of his last two
albums and the art-rock of the last King Crimson offering.

	His contribution to the Nilsson tribute album is also very
	good-- "Me And My Arrow".

	--Myke, who's listening to a heavenly bootleg tape of a Magnetic
	Fields performance

- ------------------------------

Message-Id: <v01540b03ae84b6084f7a@[]>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 20:57:22 -0600
From: (cotterpin)
Subject: TMBG & XTC fans (or lack thereof)

 Hi everybody!

I'm de-lurking to add a bit of hopefully interesting info and an
observation.  Nice to meet you, glad to be of service.  First the info:

> wrote:

>You mean TMBG have written a song that *means* something?!  :)
>I heard an interview they did with radio 3RRR here during their
>Flood tour.  Both Johns said their songs didn't mean a thing,
>despite the numerous callers insisting they explain the

I'm probably breaking some sort of copyright law or something, but I don't
think the Giants will mind.  Anyway, this comes off the official TMBG page
( and is their explanation of the song.

"8. XTC Vs. Adam Ant
This song is about an imaginary rivalry between these two seminal but
totally distinct early `80s rock icons. It is also definitive proof TMBG is
still hopelessly trapped in a world of pop culture references. We recorded
a song for the XTC tribute record last year, and while we were tracking it
we had to record some backwards vocalfor a psychedelic section. Since it
didn't really matter what we said we recited a bunch of bands contemporary
with the lads from Swindon, including Adam Ant. The contrast between the
two seemed striking and while doing a bit of press to promote that tribute
album, we cooked up this song."

I'm looking forward to the album, I have to wait cause I'm supposed to get
it for my birthday (next week). It's hard, but I'm trying...

Now the observation:

>Beth Wojiski <> wrote:

>Are we, as XTC fans,  really that rare?   Most people I talk to on
>an everyday basis have never  heard of them, but record store
>employees usually have half a clue.   I guess, to put a positive
>spin on it, we can consider ourselves the "priveleged few"......

Ahh Beth, until I went on-line, I knew 2, count 'em, two XTC fans, both of
whom I did not meet until college.  And I only knew a few more people who
had ever heard of them.  These people generally did *not* work at record
stores.  As it is, I just moved to the middle of nowhere, so if there are
any XTC fans reading this in West Texas -- who are you???  I'm drowning in
a sea of country music...

We must just be more enlightened than most!
- -Kris

"a politician is an arse upon
which everyone has sat except a man"-- e.e. cummings
"It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine..."--REM

- ------------------------------

From: Dave Franson <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Adventure Club Sessions
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 11:18:21 -0500 (CDT)

Hey, folks...

Please humor a post from a longtime reader and mostly lurker.  I
can't believe how ugly the tone has been in the past couple
digests.  The language debate is a healthy one, but it doesn't
belong here.

I'm writing to mention a lovely CD I've been listening to
constantly for several days now.  It is THE ADVENTURE CLUB
SESSIONS from Reel George Productions.  Many of you know that the
boys are on this CD, performing a live acoustic version of "Blue
Beret." BUT WAIT!  THERE'S MORE!  ALL the cuts on the CD are live
acoustic.  I can't claim to be familiar with all the bands and
songs, but here are some I can vouch for: You get a couple
excellent Frank Black tunes, Jellyfish doing "The King is Half
Undressed," Catherine Wheel doing an excellent turn on Sugar's
"Don't Want To Know... ," and Blur unexpectedly shining on "Miss

AND IF YOU ACT NOW you can also hear The Lilac Time's "Too Sooner
Late Than Better" from their first album, plus a fun medley of
"Rasberry Beret/Kiss Me."  Finally, most suprisingly to me, the
Cranberries prove that they once wrote real songs with a heartfelt
rendition of "Linger."

How do you get get a hold of this wonder?  You can e-mail Reel
George Productions at  Or visit the Chalkhills
site for links to RGP's own web page, which contains the necessary
ordering info.  The CD is a limited edition, and only available
because a couple additional boxes were discovered in a
distributor's warehouse.

If you were thinking of getting this CD but reluctant because it only
contained a single XTC cut, I strongly encourage you to go for it.  You
may disover many other delights, as I did.



XTC Nonsuch Colouring Book:

- ------------------------------

Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 12:45:03 -0700
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Phantom Canyon Brewing - Colorado Springs

  Recently visited the Phantom Canyon Brewing Company brewpub in Colorado
  Springs.  The have Drums And Wires on their jukebox.

  Oh yeah... excellent beer and food, too.

  Cheers, Richard

- ------------------------------

Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 12:44:32 -0700
Message-Id: <>
Subject: I still exist!

  No, I didn't take everyone's tapes and run off to Brazil to produce
  bootleg recordings...

  I have been swamped.  I also spent a few days in a mild panic when I
  couldn't find one of the tapes submitted for Chalkhills' Children.  I
  remembered hearing it but couldn't find it.  I later remembered that they
  collaborated with another Chalkie and found the song on the B side of the
  collaborator's submission.

  Additionally, one of my DAT machines coughed up parts and had to be

  To top it off, no reference tone on most of the tapes has slowed me down.
   I had this grand vision of everyone sending me a calibration tone and
  would compile the tape in 3 hours.  I jacked around too long with one
  particular song because it has some obvious recording distortion
  throughout and I emailed the contributor who replied, "That's how it's
  supposed to be."

  I'll have the master tape complete this weekend and start shopping for
  dubbing deals.

  Sorry for dragging this out.
  Be patient.
  You're gonna love it and hate it.
  A complete range of sonic quality, musicianship, effort and attitude.
  More inspired than Testimonial Dinner.
  I want to do this again.

  Stay tuned.


- ------------------------------

Message-Id: <v01540b00ae845e857ca6@[]>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 14:52:29 -0600
From: (Elisabeth Norton)
Subject: that one word...

jes sez:
> the decision to be black, or disabled, or homosexual, is not the
>same as the decision to say the f-word in public.

Since when is being black a decision?  Gee, I think I'll be black today, or
maybe disabled, hum, decisions decisions....

Say it or not... if you don't want to, don't, if you don't like it hit that
scroll bar, freedom of speech is still freedom of speech--regardless how
foul some might find what others may say...might as well start arguing
about Dear God again (PLEEEEESE don't!)

this here site:
music news of the world

has several varying references to XTC in their back issues and has a x-ref
system that looks up all references to _members_ of a band when searching--
they had a decent birthday ref to Andy last year...


EliSabeth Norton                       po box 307 Columbia MO 65205 USA

persistance: to go on resolutely in spite of difficulties

- ------------------------------

Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 11:51:50 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: Steven Reule <>
Subject: Foosilized

No, no, no, I'm not writing to talk about censorship, Dear God, Ruben
Blades,  Todd, demos, XTC soundalikes, or any of that.  Not that I don't
have opinions...

But anyway, I'm just letting fellow fans know that we have a few copies of
the limited edition Fossil Fuel CD left in the store at a reasonable price.
Anyone interested please e-mail.  Thanks.

Steven Reule
Obsessed With Music

"I would have made this instrumental but the words got in the way"

- ------------------------------

Message-Id: <>
Subject: Apology
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 12:53:24 -0500 (CDT)
From: "Stuart McDow" <>

Dear Chalkhills subscribers,

I have been pointedly made aware that some people think my recent
posting to Chalkhills may have not been appropriate for the mailing
list. I will not argue that particular point, but I would like to
apologize to the list for violating my own golden rule for mailing
lists and newsgroups: "Never post when angry." And also for getting
sucked into an off-topic discussion in the first place. Chalkhills is
not the place to discuss 1st amendment issues, nor is it the place to
discuss social mores (IMO). We all have different sets of values, and
we all live by different social conventions. I think that this is a
good thing, and we should leave it at that.

Upon re-reading my post, I realize that it looks a lot like a personal
attack on Jes. There's nothing I can do at this point to take back my
post, but I personally apologize to Jes for my stridency and for the
attack that I didn't mean to make. I mean no harm to Jes, and I do
value his opinions (as I do everyone's).

I vow never to make another posting to Chalkhills while pissed off
about something. Nor while I'm in "biker mode".

- -----
Stuart McDow
Austin, Texas

- ------------------------------

Date: Sat, 12 Oct 1996 00:52:55 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: Joshua Hall-Bachner <>
Subject: Ramblings from Me

>You mean TMBG have written a song that *means* something?!  :)

Ha ha. Thy heathens who think all of TMBG sounds like 'Particle Man', thou
art forgiven. That's probably the song they were talking about,'s
the most open to interpretation and the one that actually means the least.

>Not to start a vicious rumour, but I think our Mr. John Relph (relph) is
>making it pretty clear about his recently revised status.  Many, many
>hearty congratulations.

Not to mention in 3-9: "Kid, stay and snip your cord off." I second that;
Mr. Relph, congratulations and good luck.

>Okay, I WILL NOW RESOLVE TO TONE DOWN MY LANGUAGE, which in and of itself
>is stupid because I've only used the word once I do believe. In order to
>not further offend anyone, I, Amanda Owens, being of sound mind and body,
>do hereby intend to no longer use any more colourful metaphors in my
>writings, therefore eliminating a need for wasting space and time with
>flames and people jumping to my defence.

So jes got to you. I say, don't censor yourself for anyone, especially
someone like jes who can't even back up their arguments with evidence and
logic. This is what she (and those like her) are trying to get you to do:
censor yourself because you're afraid of what'll happen if you don't. And
this is the very *last* thing I will say about this on the list, so jes, if
you have a problem with this description e-mail me and I'll try not to use
the f-word *too* much.

>2. What are these alleged "Drunken Jam Sessions" and "Live from Andy's Shed"

The Drunken Jam Sessions are a 45 minute series of blues/Hendrix/Zeppelin
covers, many with brand new lyrics from Andy. Far from being a spontaneous
thing, though, at least some of the covers (like "Pupil Hayes") were
obviously carefully written beforehand. Others (like "Shaving Brush Boogie")
are much more free-form. A *lot* of fun. One two-song medley suggests that
old people should kill themselves and make space for the younger
people...hmmm. The Shed Session is just the lads playing a pretty awful live
concert of five songs written for Nonsvch (two of which didn't make it) with
acoustic instruments in Andy's Shed. For the serious collector only.

>5. No one has mentioned the "hidden" bonus track (of sorts) at the beginning
>of the new TMBG album.  Check it out!

I pride myself on being the first person to know about this, as the producer
of the album told me about it. :) Everybody, go buy the new TMBG, it rocks!

Josh, we'll look up together

/---------------------------Joshua Hall-Bachner---------------------------\
|   |
| "The few surviving samurai survey the battlefield. They count the arms, |
\--the legs, the heads, and then divide by five." - They Might Be Giants--/

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From: (Wallace John)
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Organization: CMP Publications, Inc.
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 13:46:53 -0400
Subject: Amanda's got her answer

'how many people can you mind-f*** at once?'  - THE SAGA CONTINUES

We've missed the bigger picture here in the banter regarding Amanda's
quoting of Andy.  Without even realizing it, we've all conspired to
answer this question rather decisively.  As evident from the swarm of
responses to the seemingly innocuos quotation, we've proven that you CAN
mind-f*** a whole LOT of people.

The whole experience prompts me to try out my own question on the subject..

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could f*** minds?

Hey, all of the sudden, I've realized that this is my first post here.
I'm all happy.

"Catwoman, you give me strange stirrings in my utility belt" - Batman


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Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 1996 14:55:21 +0100
From: Tim Harris <>
Subject: chords to Everyday Story of a Smalltown

Everyday Story Of A Smalltown

(I think there's more to the: A   G+9   D    C
sequences - and various other chords - than I can work out?
and G+9 is what I called GABD on the keyboard -
educated musicians may disagree?
Anyway, it's in the same key as my CD):

A      G+9     D      C

G          C                                   C/B
Small town snoring under blankets woken by the clank its just the
A        D
milkmans dawn round
G          C                                       C/B           A
Small town hiding under covers the lodgers and the lovers are asleep
       D         Dmaj7  D
round small town
E                 G+9/A    E          A     Amaj7/G# E              G+9/A
Shiney grey black snake of bikes he slithers         bearing up the men
             A    Amaj7/G#
and boys to work
F#m               G+9             F#m                         G
Were standing in poplar lines    making alarm clocks thatll wake our

wives up
F#m              G+9                      F#m                       G+9
Dont ask us we havent the time    were racing the hooter thatll signal
       F#m  Dm
lifes up

G etc
Small town crouching in the valley woken by the Sally Army Sunday march


Small town coughing in the toilet now who on earth would spoil it

would they pull down small town?

If its all the same to you Mrs Progress think Ill drink my Oxo up and get


Its not that youre repulsive to see in your brand new catalogue nylon


Youre too fast for little old me    next youll be telling me its 1990

G                                               D
I have lived here for a thousand years or maybe more
G                                                       D
and Ive sheltered all the children who have fought the wars
       C                 Em
and as payment they make love in me
   F                     G                  A
in squeaky old beds,  in bicycle sheds,  inside of their heads
   B(?min)                C
as singles and weds,   as tories and reds,
     D                         E                   A  G+9  D   C   D   E
and thats how Im fed     and thats how Im fed

A          D                                            D/Db      B
Small town snoring under blankets woken by the clank its just the milkmans
dawn round
A          D                                       D/Db          D
Small town hiding under covers the lodgers and the lovers are asleep round
small town
E etc
Small town crouching in the valley woken by the Sally Army Sunday march


Small town coughing in the toilet now who on earth would spoil it

would they pull down small town?

A..(+9) G+9           D..(+9)  E..(+9)
Small   to....wn      small   to.....wn

- --
Tim Harris

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Date: Sun, 13 Oct 1996 19:11:32 -0500
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Odds & sods

The amazingly cool, hip and groovy Amanda Owens said:

 #> if it need be I just won't post
 #> here anymore, because from now on it's obvious whatever I say
 #> will be under watch ful eyes.

For every one person who complains about what you say there are at
least thirty who *care* about what you have to say.  Please please
please don't leave the list because of one negative criticism.
You weren't persecuted, just heckled.  :)

John Yuelkenbeck said:

 #> However, while surfing one day

Oh get real, that's worse than saying 'the F word'.  If Andy called
it 'surfing' I'd burn my whole collection.

 #> I thought I would search for my last name (seeing as it is
 #> very uncommon) and find out what came up. To my surprise, the
 #> search engine listed me several times, and when I chose the
 #> selections, it took me to my first XTC post.

Did it take you back to a Chalkhills Digest?  Because all the back
issues are accessible from the Chalkhills web page.

 #> how about somebody defining the terms "newsgroup" and "mailing
 #> list" for me.

You have to go to a newsgroup.  A mailing list comes to you.

ObXTC:  Every person I've *ever* lent an XTC album to has fallen
for them in a huge way.  However, for the first time ever, I found
someone who doesn't like them after I lent him _Black Sea_ for two
months.  He just gave it back saying it wasn't any good.  But this
is a person who thinks AC/DC is music, so he doesn't count.  :)


On the music box:  King Crimson, _THRaKaTTaK_

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Date: Sun, 13 Oct 1996 16:40:49 +0100
From: (Erich W.)
Subject: XTC on CBC

I was driving through the beauty of a Canadian fall yesterday, between
nowhere and home, listening to the CBC (Canada's BBC, or PBR to you Yanks)
when, across the airways, the announcer says "Coming up next on the
Retro-File, a new retroscpective of that quirky band, XTC"!! National radio
gave a fifteen minute review of the boys for all hipsters to experience
(like they don't already know)...

Anyway, the reviewer gave a history of the band (he thought the early stuff
was sloppy and no one really knew how to play properly like, all other 70's
bands - DUH??) and that they evolved into an 'integral band, one of the
major song writing influences of the 1980's'. He mentioned the contract
screw-ups, the stage-fright lack of touring, and the new search for a label
(even mentioning 28 demos ready for the studio!). The hostess of the
program said she thought the packaging was cool "Black, and textured, like
their music" or something like that.

For music examples, they played 'Peter Pumpkinhead' (obvious CTD Candian
choice), and 'Mayor of Simpleton' (but talked over the out!!). The reviewer
ruminated "Is this the only XTC you ever need to fill your collection?
Well, yes, though you'd be missing such great tunes as 'All You Pretty
Girls, or Funk Pop and (sic) Roll."

Our toes were happy for an hour, driving through the fall! Now, if only I
had my T-shirt!!

Enrico, in a radio-friendly world.

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Date: 14 OCT 96 09:23:13 AST
Subject: Everclear Choose Nigel
Message-ID: <>

Yet again, guest programmers of ABC-TV's "Rage" program have chosen an XtC
song.  This time the band Everclear included, among a fine collection of
their favourite videos, the clip for Making Plans For Nigel.  It's always
nice to see diverse artists citing our guys as favourites.
P@ul of Oz

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Date: Sun, 13 Oct 1996 20:29:22 -0700
From: becki digregorio <>
Subject: blegvad's "balloon"
Message-ID: <>

greetings chalkhillites,

apologies if this has already been mentioned or alluded to, but tonite while
i was listening to the partridge/blegvad tunes, one seemed somewhat
"familiar."  has anyone else noticed that in the song "balloon," there is
this distant keyboard line in the background that sounds an awful lot like
the melody in "omnibus"???  or is it just me??  (this is always likely).

and thanks again to phil for the chalkhills t-shirt.  i've worn it with
pride, tho am somewhat miffed that no one on the street has stopped me yet
and asked me about it...

peace to all,


"if you can't change your mind, are you sure you still have one??"

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Message-Id: <s2621b37.031@DICTAPHONE.COM>
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 1996 10:37:08 -0400
From: Tim Kendrick <TKEN@DICTAPHONE.COM>
Subject: Many random things

 Many random things:

 1.  I heard "Papersnow" from the new HEADS album
      over the weekend - it's weird !  Other than Andy's distinct
      voice it sounds nothing like anything he or XTC have
      done before.  I like it, but it's very different.

 2.  I also heard THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS "XTC vs. Adam Ant".
      It's okay, nothing great, the lyrics are the best part.

 3.  Everyone out there has been posting about the "Limited
      Edition" of FF.  IS there actually a NON-limited edition out ?
      How many copies does a "limited edition" make?

 4.  I am VERY excited about a possible "official" bootleg CD.
      If Mitch knows what we as fans can do to talk Colin
      into doing this, please let us know (I know we have
      Andy friends and Dave friends on this list, but are there
      any of Colin's personal friends among us ???)

  5.  The "Live in Andy's Shed" video is (IMHO) fantastic !
        Yes, there are some songs out of tune, and some
        that are only half-done, but overall it is wonderful !
        I first saw it at the XTC convention in Princeton back
        a few years ago and loved it immediately.  They do
        "Where Did the Ordinary People Go" twice, and it
        literally sent chills down my spine.  After seeing it,
        it became my favorite Colin demo of all time.

  6.  I've come to realize that just because someone is
       a big XTC fan does not necessarily mean that they are
       "liberal".  Even though the band members themselves
       are all very liberal and open-minded, and even though many
       of their songs contain liberal viewpoints, some fans are
       actually very conservative in their views.
       When I was doing the demographic survey for this list,
       one person responding equated my asking about
       sexual orientation to asking about whether or not
       someone performs human sacrifices.  (I'm still laughing
       about that !)  XTC has a wide following and we should not
       all assume that everyone will agree with Andy and Colin's
       viewpoint on everything.

       That's enough for now.

                   Tim K.

     "Joke them if they can't take a fuck."

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Date: Mon, 14 Oct 1996 09:36:25 -0600 (CST)
Subject: The flames have been doused, praise God!
Message-id: <>

One quick comment to whoever said they were a little offended about my Clinton
post, sorry you feel that way, but I just don't like the guy, and by golly gosh
I'm gonna say it!

Anyways, to finally lay to rest the whole thing, here is the actual quote that
the Andy bit was taken from........

 from Rollin Stone magazine, April 20, 1989


"With records like Drums and Wires (the first to feature Dave Gregory in
place of Andrews), Black Sea, and the two-record English Settlement, XTC
scored sporadic minor hits even as the English press pushed the band into
what Moulding says was the "file under quirky" pigeonhole. The group
established a solid reputation in the United States with club tours and a
stint opening for the Police, but in Los Angeles in 1982, the discomfort
Partridge had always felt turned into unconquerable panic.
    "I guess it finally came down to the question, 'How many people can you
mindf*** at one time?" he says. "I wasn't capable of very many. And that
night in L.A., I literally could not get out of bed. I was in my room in my
hotel and I could not move."

And there you have it.

Peace, and to Jes.....I actually feel a little for you having everyone jump
down your throat. Hang in there.


"I don't think any time in history is better than another"-Andy Partridge

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Date: Mon, 14 Oct 1996 12:56:56 -0600 (CST)
Subject: A very upsetting album review...........
Message-id: <>

Alright, this has marginal XTC reference, but here goes.......
In the latest Entertainment Weekly, the dimwit who scathingly reviewed the
latest Crash Test Dummies masterpiece called it "3rd rate XTC". Having read
about 5 revies on the record, this one was the only one that was negative so
far. I have to ask the same question again........why do people seem to
absolutely abhor the fact that Brad Roberts is a fan of Andy Partridge?

"I'm out of here, I'm leaving, I'm actually going. Goodbye earthlings, you
won't hear of me again!"-Andy Partridge, LA radio interview.

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Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 1996 17:28:35 -0700
From: Bob Estus <>
Subject: Shirts and sleeves

Hello all,

   I, as I'm sure many of you that ordered, have received my official
Chalkhills shirt and it's very cool (thanks Phil!). I'll wear it out with
pride! I do solemnly swear that while wearing the sacred Chalkhill vestment
to conduct myself in a manner that would reflect well on this respectable
digest: stand up straighter, walk young women across the street, et all.
To the rescue of humanity!

   I also received my copy of limited ed. FF in the mail same day! (thanks But while grooving to a previously unheard
version of This Is Pop? I let the hinged inside of the case swing out under
it's own weight and *snap* one of the posts that anchor it broke. Just a
word of caution to handle with care. Just like the fossils you dig, the
unbroken ones will be more valued.

   Oh... I may not have been paying attention, but did anybody mention why
Parthenon Huxley was thanked on the O&L sleeve?

up and away,
- -Bob

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Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 07:39:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Walking Naked Down a Public Street
Message-ID: <>

  Regarding swearing on the mailing list, I can't help pointing out that
though the mailing list is a private forum, the internet itself is as
public as anything gets. Swearing on the internet is legally like walking
naked down a public street. I don't care if anyone does it myself, but I
don't get surprised if someone complains or gets offended. Since the
internet uses phone lines and is open to EVERYBODY, it's subject to the
same laws as other forms of public broadcasting(radio, TV, etc.). Because
it's growing so fast, the internet's in kind of a grey area legally where
a lot of people using it don't realise that the seven words you can't say
on the radio you technically can't say on the internet. You COULD  get
arrested for typing the f-word, but to my knowledge it hasn't happened
yet.(Yes, Virginia, the f-word is one of the seven words. Consult an old
George Carlin album for further enlightenment)
  That said, I'm a libertarian at heart; enforcing the FCC laws and
regulations on the internet has proved to be difficult at best so far.
We're winning!

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Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 15:39:02 +0100
Message-Id: <>
From: (Keith Beck)
Subject: Demos & Ginger kids

>As far as demos go, it may suprise some to hear that I sort
>of wish I never got them, since they are too familiar, and
>that could spoil a new album.

I agree entirly with this, I aquired a copy of the Non such
demos on tape at the 1991 Manchester convention, This meant
 that I was listening to these demos for about seven months
before the release of Non such,
so I was very familiar with the songs.

At first I didn`t like the album very much at all, It was
 only after several months after that I thought one day, Wait a
minute this album is bloody great.

In efect the demos had taken that sertain element of unfamiliar
suprise away, It had taken the edge of it,
so I for one, won`t be after this batch of demos
until after the release of the next installment from the fab 3.

>Growing up in Swindon, there were lots of "Ginger kids" of
>unknown origin in the neighbourhood. i ask those who understand
>Bittishisms, what the hell was he talking about?

I think I now this one, Ginger kids are ginger haired kids or red heads
etc, I`m a couple of years younger than Andy, but I can remember
when I was at school ginger haired kids would get picked on by the bully
boys of the school, as for the of unknown origin, I think that they could
have been Romany`s, Travelers or Gypo`s as they are widely knicknamed in the

Fly on the wall
He`s seeing it all.

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