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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #2-92

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 2, Number 92

                  Friday, 29 March 1996

Today's Topics:

          Where to Order L'Affaire Louis Trio CD
                    Lost XTC treaures
  The Mysterious Creaking Chair, Terry and the Colin Men
            Live B-Sides & Helium Kidz lyrics
                Sacrificial Bonfire noises
            How to contact Columbia Records ?
                    Other live b-sides
               Re: Chalkhills Digest #2-91
                     New Town Animal
                       Tribute Tape
                     Something Weird
               RS review(s) of Skylarking?
            Squeeze newsgroup (no XTC content)
                Bay Area Local Heroes....
                    Newsweek feedback
                speedy Barry and the Fish
                     xTc Season Cycle
            Colin's son/Loving/Jellyfish/Mayor
               Re: Chalkhills Digest #2-91
backround lyrics (Straight t'ya) and noises (Chair creaks)


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Someone's knocking in the Distance.


Subject: Where to Order L'Affaire Louis Trio CD
From: (Wesley H. Wilson)
Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 96 13:37:35 -0500

The new L'Affaire Louis Trio CD with Colin on it, "L'Homme Aux
Milles Vies" (and other CDs by LLT) can be ordered via Sound City
2000, Inc., in Portland, Oregon, USA. I just got my copy
today. They don't stock any CDs. The way it works is, you order the
CD and they arrange to have a copy imported for you from France.

Their phone number is (503) 652-8294.

Their address is

Sound City 2000. Inc.
P O Box 22149
Portland, OR 97269-2149

They accept VISA, MC, money orders and personal checks.

I have to tell you, it's about $30 including postage. But you
do get a confirmation in the mail about your order, and they
do send you a catalog.

*I am in no way affiliated with Sound City, 2000, Inc. Just
doing this as a service to Chalkhillians!*

The CD booklet has several photos of Colin, and includes all
lyrics. The production is quite good! I've gotta admit, I
favor the four tracks Colin appears on, and another one called
"Voulez Vous?"



Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 19:23:59 GMT
Message-Id: <>
From: (Simon Sleightholm)
Subject: Lost XTC treaures

>From: Mark Mello <>
>how about a thread about the most treasured/valuable XTC goodie lost or
>stolen by you?

Lost so far :-

1 x XTC Golf Ball (as pictured in Limelight; after I got the pictures taken
the ball fell out of my bag on the bus and got lost.

1 x XTC sew on patch. Bought in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne; lost on the bus home.

1 x Waxworks/Beeswax Cassette Inlay. Lost on the bus.


Stolen so far :-

1 x Waxworks/Beeswax Cassette Inlay to replace above.

Wasn't that gripping?


* ---------------------------------------------------
* ---------------------------------------------------
It's just a little place, but it's all XTC...


Organization: Saint Mary's University
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 14:23:29 GMT-6
Subject: The Mysterious Creaking Chair, Terry and the Colin Men
Message-ID: <>


I know what the "creaking chair" --referred to originally by Martin
Bell and more recently by others-- is. At least I think I do. Not the
crackling that others have pointed out, but the little squeak after
"bring in the new." I believe it is a finger "squeaking" a round-wound
acoustic guitar string. Give it a careful listen.

My suggestion for tribute tape..."Leisure Working Overtime."

Terry and The Lovemen: Some one suggested a few months ago what I
consider the most plausible explanation. Terry is Colin and the
Lovemen are also Colin (except for the drummer). Thus, the odd
credits in Testimonial Dinner and the uncanny (ne impossible?)
similarity between Terry's voice and Colin's. I am indebted to another
Chalky-type for this explanation, but I can't remember who.

Thanks for the conversation!



Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 15:14:40 -0600
Message-Id: <>
From: JH3 <>
Subject: Live B-Sides & Helium Kidz lyrics

Just a couple of things.
Paul Culnane writes:
>there still remain some XTC live tracks officially
>issued [that aren't available on CD]...
>I made my own compilation and... it makes for
>scintillating listening!
>This Is Pop, Are You Receiving Me?, Set Myself On Fire, Battery
>Brides, Living Through Another Cuba, Generals And Majors,
>Burning With Optimism's Flames, English Roundabout,
>Cut It Out, Respectable Street (and Traffic Light Rock)

Ah, Paul, you're not the only one who has made such a tape. I've done it
many times for myself and others. (I guess that makes me a bootlegger?)
Until recently I called it "Rag & Bone Dessert," and I even made a fairly
nice J-Card for it, but now I'm afraid I'll be accused of stealing
someone's tribute-tape name idea so I've renamed it "Live Is Good in the

This info is all buried in the Chalkhills archives, but your list is
missing "Science Friction" and "I'm Bugged" from the Hope & Anchor Live
Front Row Festival Double-LP, and the three live b-sides on the
Virgin-Canada "Love at First Sight" 45: "Beatown", "Roads Girdle the
Globe", and "This is Pop" (again). I have the former item but not the
latter; if anybody out there has this Canadian single, I and at least one
other person have lots and lots of rare dubbables to interest you,

Naoyuking Iso writes:

>I got HELIUM KIDS stuff the other day, but there was no lyrics
>sheet with it. And, to my sorrow, I'm so bad at hearing English
>that I can hardly understand the lyrics.

These tunes are VERY hard to interpret even if you have a fairly clean copy
as I do (now I'm not only a bootlegger but a braggart as well). I don't
think Steve Hutchins, the singer, actually wrote the lyrics down, at least
not by the time the demos were recorded.

Either way, figuring out these lyrics is a challenge even if you've a) been
speaking English your whole life and b) been listening to this material for
ten years (not constantly, of course!). But here's my interpretation of one
HK song, and if anybody can figure out the last line in verse two, please do:

Star Park
There are no secrets in Star Park
Rendezvous to a big god's call
I said I'd meet you after dark
At night we'll trip and then we'll fall

So bring your old umbrella
And some hair conditioner too, yeah
So bring your old umbrella
A swell time will be had by me and you
Yeah yeah yeah
In Star Park, maybe, after darkness

There are no secrets in the trees
They tear them out so constantly
I only sing and dance to please
[<<This next line is unintelligible--sounds like...>>]
Borrowed a newt from dough country... [yeah, I know]


There are no secrets in Star Park
I said I'd buy you if I might  [huh?]
So take your jet now catch a spark
We won't be left if we're on that ride


So...does anybody else want to try?

--John H. Hedges III, Inc.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 04:40:47 -0500
From: Tobin Munsat <>
Subject: Sacrificial Bonfire noises

>From: Martin Bell <Martin_Bell/New_Zealand/>
>No, I wasn't referring to the sound of a crackling bonfire after Colin
>sings the line "Burn up the old". It's AFTER he sings the line "Bring in
>the new".  It's in that half second of silence before the "Bom Bom - da da
>da da daa" starts again that I heard the chair creaking. Like I say, I

I've heard this too- you need to turn the stereo up to full blast during the
breaks.  There's also the sound of someone (one of the string players?)
clearing their throat or coughing or something, and also what sounds like
someone dropping a bow on their cello.


Message-Id: <s15ac156.020@DICTAPHONE.COM>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 16:33:38 -0500
From: Tim Kendrick <TKEN@DICTAPHONE.COM>
Subject: How to contact Columbia Records ?

   Hi !

   I've been trying to reach someone at Columbia Records who
knows anything about an offer they made to XTC, but so far I've
had no luck.  Does anyone out there know of a way we can
contact Columbia to find out whether or not the band accepted
or rejected the contract that was offered them ???

      Tim K.


Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 18:47:59 -0500
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Other live b-sides

In Chalkhills Digest #2-81 wrote:

"As many of you die-hard collectors (aka "completists") will know, there
still remains some XTC live tracks officially issued (mainly as single
b-sides) but which haven't shown up on CD as yet........Is there anything
that I have missed? (Well, I know I've missed the live version of "Traffic
Light Rock", but what else?)"

I can think of two releases that you missed. XTC had two live tracks on the
"Hope And Anchor Front Row Festival" double LP. It was issued in 1978 and had
live versions of "I'm Bugged" and "Science Friction". There is also a
Canadian 7" single of "Love At First Sight" that has three live songs on the
b-side: "Beatown", "Roads Girdle The Globe", and "This Is Pop".


Message-Id: <v01530501ad80d84277be@[]>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 16:54:54 -0800
From: (E.B.)
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #2-91

>     The Beach Boys have grown on me like a lovely, harmonious fungus.
>     Give them a chance to get into your life.  Pet Sounds didn't strike me
>     at first, but it sure has become one of my favorites.  I like them for
>     the same reason I liked XTC.  They are both very unpredictable.  I
>     hate an album that where I anticipate every chord change.  Some bands
>     put in weird chords just to be weird.  XTC and Brian Wilson both do a
>     good job of putting in chords that mesh well with each other and flow
>     very musically but do not necessarily come to mind right away.  There
>     is nothing more refreshing that hearing a brilliant chord change!  You
>     just go, "Wow!  I never would have thought to do that!"  I have spent
>     many hours hitting rewind on my CD and trying to figure out chords for
>     XTC and the Beach Boys. "Now the bass is playing G but the chord is a
>     F6th?"  Try to figure out the chords on "God Only Knows" some rainy
>     day.  That is just as tough as "Then She Appeared".
>     Dave Criddle

I also didn't like Pet Sounds at first. I bought it about 10 years ago,
PURELY because I heard that Paul McCartney listed it as a prime influence
on Sgt. Pepper. (I had always been fairly indifferent to the "Surfin'
Safari"-type songs, though I like them a little more now.) When I first
listened to the whole album, I frowned, thinking, "Gee, I kinda wish I
hadn't spent my money on this." But somehow I kept listening and listening,
and it kept getting better and better, and now it's one of my very favorite
albums out of about 2200 that I own. Then, a few years ago during the big
reissue revival, I started getting excited about all the quirky baroque
experiments on the subsequent Beach Boys discs. I know exactly what you
mean about "weird chords to be weird." You listen to Yes, and you think,
"Wow, that's a weird chord." You listen to XTC or Beach Boys (Squeeze is
another good example), and you think, "What a great, catchy melody." Then
when you try to actually PLAY the song, you realize, "Whoa, there's
something screwy going on here!" I play piano, and am quite good at
figuring out songs. I don't play with XTC an awful lot, simply because most
of their songs don't adapt very well to piano. Too many different rhythms
and parts to incorporate. But I love to fiddle with Beach Boys, because
they're THE hardest pop group to break down into chords. (Current faves:
"Let The Wind Blow," "Surf's Up" and "Caroline No.") I'll add this minor
boast: I play a great version of "God Only Knows" (my own arrangement), so
I could post the chords if anyone's that interested....



From: Benjamin Woll <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: New Town Animal
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 20:55:26 -0500 (EST)

It is either a nightmare or a dream...but I can't decide which.  The web
site Firefly ( has been getting quite a bit of press
recently, so I decided to check it out.  Now, the purpose of this wonder
is to find music and / or movies that you WILL like based on your
previously tabulated opinions on records ranging from Stone Temple Pilots
to Willie Nelson to Miles Davis.  Somehow (I am no programmer or techie)
the site forms a "map" of your preferences and than predicts how you will
rate other records you might browse for.  If the record seems like a
"buy," you can order it right through the site.

Being an internationally renowned authority on laziness, this seemed to be
a spanking idea whose time has come, so I thought, I would give it a whirl.
After giving XTC a best rating, along with the Beatles and Steely Dan, and
professing to like Robyn Hitchcock and Possum Dixon and other geniuses a
lot, the program proceeded to tell me that I would love a new age band
called Love does something down? - I forget the real name, Miles
Davis,Merrillion, Elvis Costello, and Tilt.  Uhhhhhh...OK, and this might
turn out to be pretty cool because, aside from Spike and Davis, I know
nothing about the others - new musical frontiers, right?

The problem is, I am a bit skeptical.  I asked the program what it thought
I would rate every record it recommended.  Every predicted rating was
exactly the same - from Nevermind by Nirvana to Brian Eno's Another Green
world record (I think that is its name) - a 5 on the 1-7 scale.  Even when
I asked about Skylarking (clearly a 7) it said I would give it a 5 - after
I had told it XTC (all XTC) was a 7!!!

I don't expect perfection, but this New Town Animal was wondering if anyone
else had an interesting experience with this site in their furnished cage.
Oh yeah, get the new Verve Pipe,and Jars of Clay records.  They are good
enough to make you forget the fact that we are going to have to listen to
STP 24 hours a day on the radio now that their new LP is out - They are ok,
but far from the second coming of well, anything that really means
anything.  Cheers, Ben


Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 18:58:37 -0800
Message-Id: <>
From: (huduguru)
Subject: Tribute Tape

Greetings, Chalkhillians!
I'm in a bit of a quandry here...
I just changed online services (I finally ditched AOL) but I stupidly
lost the e-mail address and name of the guy putting together the as-yet
unnamed tribute tape.  So anyway, if you're out there...could you send
me the info so I can write it down in a safe place this time?  The
address used to be  Now it's  I'm the guy who did My Love Explodes...
Now a happy story!  My wife and I finally cleaned out the "back room"
of our house, throwing away tons of stuff, and I happened across
something really cool that I had forgotten about.  It's a promo item
>from Oranges & Lemons: a fold-together cardboard cube with the album
cover, album name picture of the boys, and other stuff on the six faces
about 4 inches on each side.  It has a punch-out hole on the top to put
a string through and hang it from your record store ceiling.  Neat,
So here's the deal... I'd love to get some tapes of those legendary
bootleg demo discs, (not even the actual discs, just a decent tape or
two...) So if anybody out there would like to work out some sort of
trade, I'm sure that I could unfold this baby and get it into a big
envelope, y'know?  (It's not glued, just fold tab A into slot B...)
If anybody's interested, e-mail me at the address above address!
Burning With Optimism's Flames...


From: Aaron Pastula <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Something Weird
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 96 19:12:45 PST

While doing research for an upcoming project, I came across this in the
"Dictionary of Proper Names," right after Xmas:

	XTC - The British new wave band, formed in
	Swindon in 1977, took a name that appeared
	to suggest extasy while also hinting at the
	initials of the group's drummer, Terry
	Chambers.  The name predates that of the
	hallucinogenic drug Ecstasy, first made as
	a designer drug in the United States in 1984.

So I guess by calling the band XTC, meaning, in effect, X-TC, Andy *knew*
that Terry would soon be leaving, and therefore he thought of a name that
would already be appropriate for the new trio.

Gosh, is he brilliant, or what?  Now we can OBVIOUSLY attribute psychic
powers to his list of another book, they talk about him
walking on water, actually...



Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 20:42:33 -0800 (PST)
From: Charles <>
Subject: RS review(s) of Skylarking?
Message-Id: <>

A vague memory has been dancing on the edge of my consciousness
for some time...

I seem to recall that when Skylarking came out, Rolling Stone gave it a
tepid 3-star review (or something like that).  Now, I had been close
to cancelling my RS subscription on several previous occasions, but I
think that was the last straw.  HOWEVER, I also seem to recall that in
one of the very next issues, RS re-reviewed Skylarking in a little
"recommended listening" box in the review section.  I got the distinct
impression that perhaps the head editor did not want to override the
individual critic's tepid review of Skylarking, but at the same time
wanted to eventually make editorial ammends.  As a packrat, I have saved
all my Rolling Stone mags from that era...except apparently the one (or
two) where Skylarking is reviewed.

Is this completely a figment of my imagination, or is there any basis in
fact?  Does anyone have the means of checking relevant back issues of
RS or somehow accessing their archives?

Thanks for any help on this issue.  Feel free to respond directly to my
emailbox (




Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 14:22:58 -0700 (MST)
From: Eric Muller <EMULLER@UWYO.EDU>
Subject: Squeeze newsgroup (no XTC content)
Message-id: <01I2VIL4XA2Q004E5C@PLAINS.UWYO.EDU>

Hi all.
Just a reminder that there's a Squeeze newsgroup,, out
there for any of you Chalkhillbillies who also have a penchant for Squeeze.
See you there, I hope.



Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 00:48:31 -0800 (PST)
From: Laura Parent <>
Subject: Bay Area Local Heroes....
Message-Id: <>

> time permitting, since it's been years.  my friend, john wedemeyer, turned
> me on to this tape many years ago.  'twould be cool if it's indeed yours
> (how many kfjc's are there??).

Is this the same Wedemeyer of guitar god fame? Is he an XTC fan? I never
would have predicted it....


From: Ben Gott <>
Subject: Contest/Conversion
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 96 10:16:00 est
Message-ID: <>

Here are excerpts lyrical excerpts from five XTC songs. Beat your brains,
and your dear ol' Uncle Ben will send out a nice fresh copy of the new
demos!  Really! (Offer valid for U.S. customers only - sorry...)

1) Identify these lyrics:

"...dig down!"
"...the roofs of Swindontown"
"...emotion I'm afraid"
"...what you're used to"
"...running steady"

And two questions...

Since many people seem to pass judgement based on religious ideas, what sin
did Colin and Carol Moulding commit in the eyes of, for example, Catholicism?

Why does Dave Gregory have to take drugs on a regular basis?

I'll close the bidding a week from whenever this gets posted in the digest.
Please don't e-mail your answers to the digest; mail 'em to me instead. The
*first* person with the correct answer will win. If I don't respond to you,
you didn't win... :-)

Also - I gave my roommate a 100 minute tape of XTC tunes (starting with
"Heatwave" and ending with "Your Dictionary"), and he said the following:

"The songs are incredible! Make me another tape!"

See? All is not lost on my generation...




Date: Thu, 28 Mar 96 12:16:12 CST
From: "Bernhardt, Todd" <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Newsweek feedback

    Howdee, all:

    In the most recent issue of Newsweek magazine, there's a box on the
    "Cyberscope" page called "Feedback" that reads:

    "Are you bypassing the raucous flame wars on the Net in favor of
    mailing lists (discussion groups conducted over e-mail instead of
    bulletin boards)? Send us the names of your favorite mailing lists
    (e-mail; we'll publish the best."

    At the risk of alerting the riff-raff to our 1,100-member club, I of
    course alerted them to my favorite list, pointing them toward the Web
    page and telling them to subscribe from there. Then it occurred to me
    that it might help for them to hear from several of us.

    What do you think? Do we want the publicity? It would be a nice feather
    in the cap of our able administrator, and it would certainly help to
    spread the band's name a bit. That's all...



Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 10:34:19 -0500
From: "Brian T. Marchese" <>
Subject: speedy Barry and the Fish
Message-id: <>

A couple years ago, after reading CHALKHILLS AND CHILDREN, one day it
dawned on me as to why Terry is a fish, and Barry, a car in the "Mayor of
Simpleton" video. (Granted, this is merely hypothetical.)  Terry was the
band's most serious drinker. Therefore, he drank like a ....  As for Barry,
this is kind of a stretch, but he seems to have been the biggest drug
experimentor in the band. One story in the book mentions mushrooms, and in
the excerpt from Steve Warren's tour diary of '77 (one of the highlights of
the book, IMHO), he mentions spotting Barry backstage "sniffing some
strange substance", which I assume to have been a serious stimulant--coke
or speed being popular drugs of the punk era. What do cars do? Speed!
Therefore, Barry's other identity is well-earned.

Unrelated: Anyone ever see the film "Wicker Man"? It concerns a girl who
runs away to a neo-Pagan area in Scotland (it's been a while since I saw
it).  Anyway, when I was watching it, it struck a very XTC-ish chord. One
of the reasons I can remember is use of the phrase "Sacrificial Bonfore",
and I remember spotting at least 2 other phrases that at least turn up in
songs.  Anyone else ever see it? It came out in like 1972, and it's sort of
a British cult film, so I can see Andy and Colin watching it in their
youth, and it planting Pagan seed in their creative brains. This is quite a
weak argument, as I haven't seen it in a while, but anyone who checks it
out won't be dissapointed!

PS--I love the Travels in Nihilion video idea...

Song of the Day: New Broom


Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 10:24:20 -0600
Message-Id: <>
From: Erik Anderson <>
Subject: xTc Season Cycle

>From Tim Kendricks sig File:

                        (definitely a Spring-time song)


I, too, equate certain XTC songs with certain times of the year.  For
instance, fall wouldn't be fall without "Seagulls Screaming..," "I remember
the Sun," "Wonderland."

Winter is a good time for "Chalkhills...," "Always winter never Christmas,"
"Thanks for Christmas."

Summer wouldn't be the same without "Love on a Farmboys Wages,"
"Senses...," "It's Nearly Africa."

And Spring would not be the same without NONSUCH, especially "Humble
Daisy," which was the b-side to The Disappointed single released in the
spring of 1992!!!



Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 17:56:32 +0100 (MEZ)
From: Klaus Bergmaier <>
Subject: Colin's son/Loving/Jellyfish/Mayor
Message-Id: <>

Paul Culnane wanted to know, if it is CM's son miming to the opening lines
of Dear God on video. I never saw the video, but I read it in Mr.
Twomey's book (or someplace else?): this is definitely the son of Colin
Moulding. BTW - where did you get the "post-LOOK!LOOK!"-videos from?

Although my mother tongue is German (ie. Austrian) I always heard: 'The
loving's coming straight to you' and it seems quite logical for me.

Some of you see 'Spilt Milk' of the wonderful "Jellyfish" inspired by
Queen. This is so, but why not. Queen made loads of brilliant music. I
hope you won't do me no harm for me saying so (I even adore New Orde,
Human League and Depeche Mode... plus Ruch _AND_ Gentle Giant... and the

Let's call the tribute tape (I was not allowed to contribute anymore)
"IS THIS POP?" or "A larder full of all the good things" or "Please don't
listen to me" or "Where they burn tapes, musicians are next"

For me it was evident right from the very start that "The Mayor of
Simpleton" was kind of a remake of Sam Cooke's "Wonderful World", but -
to say it with an as yet unidentified old Manfred Mann's Earthband tune -
'Baby, that's where the fun is...'
BTW: I was a 17 yr old farmerboy from Austria's hinterland way back then.
Now I'm a 24 yr old unemployed from Austria's hinterland.

That's it from Austria
Klaus Bergmaier

XTC-song of the day: "Smartest Monkeys"
Don't forget to listen to the sounfiles of Big Apple on "Beatown"
and order the CD via my new email-adress: []


Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 09:34:05 -0800
Message-Id: <>
From: Scott Kennedy <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #2-91

For what its worth, I don't know how anyone can hear anything except the
completely meaningful lyric "The loving's coming...straight to ya". Maybe we
should put these issues to a formal vote. Also, my favorite XTC mistaken
lyric is "Here Comes President Gilligan". I can just see it... after finally
getting off the island, Gilligan is made some sort of hero and elected to
office. Stranger things have happened here in the states.  Finally, I would
definately make a video for Books are Burning... a slow pan of an enormous
roaring fire. As the camera zooms out and out, the fire grows and eventually
our whole planet is on fire. With good special effects, this would be
effective and making it less band or story oriented and more abstract, I
think you are less likely to ruin the imagery people may have developed.


Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 12:50:20 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <960329125020.20245e44@CEDAR.GOSHEN.EDU>
Subject: backround lyrics (Straight t'ya) and noises (Chair creaks)

Well I've been mildly intrigued with all the posts about back ground vocals
and noises I just had to give in and finally throw my opinions in.

The Loving...While on first relisten I also thought it sounded like
"Strange trip" but with more careful listening through the headphones I
hear it as "Straight To ya (T'ya)".

Sacrificial Bonfire... I do Hear the Chair squeak, it's very very very
quiet and if it hadn't been noted alreay I wouldn't have noticed it, but it
does have a distinctive sound different than the crackling fire.  Also, I
don't know if this was mentioned before maybe it's what started this line,
but I also noticed that in the silence after the last "Banish the Bad"
there is someone counting the beats "Three, Four" and the music starts

	Jeff "I can't hear anymore, Sacrificail Bonfire was too loud" Eby


End of Chalkhills Digest #2-92

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