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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 2, Number 70

               Wednesday, 14 February 1996

Today's Topics:

            Re: What should I play on my show
                      Re: Jon Brion
            Is Chalkhills Ready For A Debate?
    Producer?? They don't need no stinkin' producer!!
                    Dear Madam Barnum
               Can't We All Just Get Along?
           Hurray to Ian for "Yacht Dance" TAB!
       Stuff and nonsense (negligible XTC content)
                         XTC Book
                     Andy and Comics
                     My love Explodes
                    Opinions Unlimited
               Separated at birth. Gonads.
         Alanis vs. Joni (or something like that)
     Original Skylarking and Harold Budd Compilation
                   Song poll -- Results
                        Jon Brion
                      WildStar Andy
                 New Member + 2 Questions
                XTC in comics (Tank Girl)


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Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 19:41:54 +1005
From: (Computer Center Lab)
Subject: Re: What should I play on my show

I think almost everyone will agree:

(not the individual song)



Date: 13 Feb 96 18:53:00 EST
From: "will heyniger" <>
Subject: Re: Jon Brion

for the person who was curious earlier, I don't know much about
Jon Brion, but I know he produced Aimee Mann's "I'm With Stupid"
and co-wrote some of the songs... he's been working with her
for a while now. --Will

p.s. anybody want to enlighten me a bit about what happened with
Steve Nye on "Mummer"? I know they didn't get on well with him
and Nye was dumped midstream for another producer. what was the


From: Benjamin Woll <>
Subject: Is Chalkhills Ready For A Debate?
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 19:42:55 -0500 (EST)

As a new subscriber to Chalkhills, I have been more than thrilled to
discover that there are others who are as devoted as I am to their trippy,
rich pop.  I have noticed, however, through reading back issues of
Chalkhills at the website that there are few sustained discussions about
some of their most sublime moments and some of the songs which have left
us, well disappointed.  So, in the spirit of furthering interesting talks,
I propose the following topics...

1.  XTC is a great band because they refuse to write the same darn song
with the same darn chords over and over again.

2.  5 best songs (in no particular order)  Runaways, Yacht Dance, Seagulls
Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her, The World Is Full Of Angry Young Men, Across
This Antheap.

3.  5 songs which...uhhh...lack that XTC sparkle:  Deliver Us From The
Elements, Human Alchemy, Peter Pumpkinhead, Heatwave, Little Lighthouse

Jeez, I had a hard time thinking of the five I love the most.  What about
Complicated Game?  Rook?  English Roundabout?  Wake Up?  Don't Lose Your
Temper?  Burning With Optimism's Flames?

I realize that I might seem like a boring ass moderator, but hey, give the
new blood a chance - I first got hooked on Mayor of Simpleton.  Cheers, Ben


Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 21:19:10 -0500
Subject: Producer?? They don't need no stinkin' producer!!

     I have been listening to a few of the XTC Demo CD's (Oranges & Lemons,
Nonsuch, Jules Verne and Helium Kids---these are the ones I found)  and I was
thinking about the former thread where Chalkhillians were proposing different
producers for the boyz, and I have come to the conclusion (if indeed these
demo CD's were done sans producer) that a producer on an XTC album is about
as necessary as braille at a drive-up ATM.  I mean, these songs is fleshed
out b4 they even get to the studio....there is not a whole lotta difference
between the "President Kill" (to name but one) Demo and the final version,
right down to the identical brass parts.  I haven't found the Skylarking demo
CD, so I am very interested to see what those are like, given the Todd R.
horror stories...
So thats all I have to say about that, except that I would love to trade dubs
of the above for dubs of those I don't have, or for any XTC related rarities!
 I would also be happy to trade actual copies of the below:

Dukes of Stratosphear:    25 O'Clock UK LP
Earn Enough For Us/ Grass/ Dear God/ Extrovert US 12" EP
Peter Pumkinhead UK CD single
Difappointed UK CD single

Thanks, and BTW a close friend of mine is both an XTC and Rush fan....I
however cannot take too much of them


Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 12:51:24 +1005
From: (Computer Center Lab)
Subject: Dear Madam Barnum

Hello again.
A few days ago, someone posted a message about XTOTX's interpretation of
Another Satellite.  I cannot remember who mentioned that "this person must
be an English major..." but I must say that I thought that it was a valid
argument; some agreed, others did not.  As a high school literature
teacher, I deal with interpretations and the extraction of underlying
themes all the time.
Well, the interpretation of Another Satellite as a work discussing religion
is as valid as being a work about another love or lover.  Can this apply to
other songs, such as "Dear Madam Barnum"?  Sure, the first thing that one
thinks of after hearing the song is an adulterous affair against the
speaker.  Here is another option- defiance against organized religion.
Some of Andy's songs, and Colin's for that matter, delve into this theme,
so why not Dear Madam Barnum?  Let us look at the song lyrics themselves.

"I put on a fake smile
And start the evening show"
Let's assume that the Madam, often a title used in place of surnames, such
as Madam Chairman or Madam President, is a pastor, priest, etc.  Well then,
the speaker is one who "fakes" their own belief in a service or faith as a
whole, "the evening show"
"The public is laughing,
I guess by now they know"
Sure, the public is laughing at the narrator.  Why would someone who has
previously denounced organized religion attend and participate in a service
or worship?  An inadequate effort to conform that is obviously a facade.
"So climb from your high horse
And pull this freak show down"
Gods appear as animals in many sources:  doves, swans, lions, dragons, even
turtles, are horses exceptions?  Could it be that the narrator is telling
the priest(ess) to separate themselves from their god and show us the
"Dear Madam Barnum
I resign as clown"
'Forget it,' the speaker says, 'I will not take part in the circus of
religion. Can't you see that my heart's here upon my sleeve?'
"You said I was the master of all I surveyed
But now I'm sweeping up
The last in line in your circus parade"
'Master of all': Glorified afterlife or a god within and without?  You
decide.  'I'm sweeping' refers to cleaning and cleanliness, can it be that
the speaker tries to straighten the mess humanity has made by subscribing
to organized religion or perhaps purifying  his individual soul?
"Children are clapping
As I fall to the floor"
Children are innocent and often pure, of course they would applaud when one
goes against basic confirmations of society; they are not taught to do
"My heart torn and broken
And they just scream for more"
Back again to the children, who applaud and laugh at those who make
mistakes and go against society.  The speaker is disappointed at the
society and culture and cannot decide what to believe; he is of course,
jaded and cynical at humanity's belief.
"If I'm not the sole fool
Who pulls his trousers down"
'If I'm not the only one who bares my soul to public view,' the narrator
continues, 'well, then "Dear Madam Barnum, I resign as clown".'
"You tread the high wire
Between truth and lies"
'You put faith, not fact,' the speaker continues, 'in God but cannot prove,
nor disprove, any existence of this entity.'
"Your safety net just walked out
Much to your surprise"
'I am showing what your faith really is,' he continues, 'and I surprise you
with this non-conformity.'  Obviously the safety net is a metaphor for
protection and security; often one reason humanity has placed faith in gods
of any type.
"Strike up the band love
And let the show begin"
'You preach to the masses right and wrong and the word of God, I'll stick
to my beliefs; do not worry about what I think because':
"This is the last time
I'm painting on a grin"
And so on.

Well, there you go.  As I said,  to a first time listener the outer meaning
is one who has been cuckolded; for us educated XTC LVR's, we know that it
is that and possibly, (at the time of Nonsuch's release), Andy's
resignation from the music industry; but for those who wish for something
more, here is something that has not been looked at yet.  Think about this
and I look forward to any disagreements and/or different opinions in the
coming issues.  Since school break is coming up, I'm going away next week
so get your shots in before Friday otherwise I will not read them until
Sunday the 25th.

Take care,


Date:         Tue, 13 Feb 96 21:48:02 EST
Subject:      Can't We All Just Get Along?

Little did I know when I posted my top picks of 95 what I was starting!
But despite the .net's reputation as being female-unfriendly, wouldn't
you know it would be a fellow woman (is that an oxymoron?) who would
call me on what I said and make me _think_ about it.  (How dare you make
me think, Patty!)

Anyway, it's been fun.  I'm glad some of you have finally come out of the
woodwork is support of Alanis.  I was beginning to think I'd be outcast
forever!  But that'll be for the Queen comments.  (not to worry, my mail's
been running 14 - 5 in favor.  Thanks to all who've responded.  You Queen-
haters, don't worry, I've developed quite a thick skin.  Let me have it!)

Patty, re your semester project, I remember reading your results as posted
here and wondering where you'd hidden yourself (see-see-see-seein' it all)
when I was arguing with my husband over this kinda stuff. Glad I'm not a
"goner".I still call myself non-musical, but I respond to music like

I think this list has the most consistently intelligent members of any I
read.  I remember when I first got my computer I immediately went to the
Twin Peaks Usenet group.  When I got my first Chalkhills I was convinced
the postings were edited for spelling and grammar.  Finally someone
misspelled something, or I'd still be giving Our Leader far more credit
than he deserves.

What I'm trying to say is, "I love you (all) man!"

Judging from the response to "Seagulls," that beach was a lot more crowded
than any of us thought!  I didn't see any of you out there! (And I certainly
didn't see a pink coat!)

More ramblings:

Count me among the Rush fans.  They have some of the most intelligent lyrics
out there next to XTC themselves.  "Free Will" is a great companion piece
to "Dear God".

To the Chapel Hill BFF fan:  Do you know my cousin Shannon?  I know, it's
a big campus, but she gets the credit/blame for introducing me to them.
At Thanksgiving, she was playing a compilation tape she'd made of general
stuff, and every time I asked her "who's that" the answer was BFF.  I bet
they're a fun live show.

What's this about an X-Mas card from Andy?  Don't toy with us.  We're so
hungry for new material we're ready to be taken in by shady characters.
God, let it be truuuuuuuue!

End ramblings.

Some of your friends think it's really unsound that you're even seen
talking to me.



Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 22:31:22 -0500
Subject: Beefheart

I know this is not a Beefheart mailing this, but...

To me, Beefheart's "Trout Mask Replica" is not only listenable - it is
positively healing.  Once when I was bedridden with the flu, I put it on and
it seeped into my neurons and dendrites and made me whole again.  "There's
old grey with a dove-winged hat, there's old green with a sewing machine,
where's the bobbin at?  He's totin' old grain in a printed sack..."

Rememberances of Guitar Player magazine... 1) in an interview one of the Red
Hot Chili Peppers stated that playing Trout Mask in the morning assures him
unbridled creativity for the rest of the day.  2) Zappa alumnus Mike Keneally
transcribed bits of Beefheart (from "Shiny Beast...") and XTC ("Millions")
for a segment on great licks of the 70's.  Keneally has also stated in a
column that the XTC influence 'reigned supreme' for him at one time.  3)
Before I ever knowingly heard XTC, I read an intriguing article about them in
a GP issue a few years ago - "I should check these dudes out".  I still refer
to that article from time to time.  I love his descriptions of Peter
Pumpkinhead, and the mundane life of rock 'stardom'.  4) a recent King
Crimson article told of Pat Mastellato leading Adrian Belew and Trey Gunn to
Andy Partridge for a jam session (unrecorded).

As a new fan, I am delighted that I have XTC's rendition of Beefheart's 'Ella
Guru' to look forward to.

BTW - I saw David Byrne's UH-OH tour at Nautica in Cleveland and he opened
with a 'Trout Mask' tune (the one that goes... "well well").

"Also a tin teardrop"


Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 22:37:04 -0500 (EST)
From: James Poulakos <>
Subject: Hurray to Ian for "Yacht Dance" TAB!

Thanks so much! I can't wait to see it!

     Dass etwas schiefgegangen ist weiss man immer nur dann,
   wenn man gerade eine ungerade Anzahl von Fehlern gemacht hat.
    My home page is now at
                       James Poulakos


From: Stewart Evans <>
Subject: Stuff and nonsense (negligible XTC content)
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 21:33:08 -0700 (MST)

Hey, lay off Alanis!  Okay, she's no XTC, but she really stood out as
a highlight on the 'alternative' rock radio that I've been listening
to much too much of recently.  Doncha think her vocal contortions are
a bit reminiscent of some of Andy's old punk yodellin?

Yes, I thought 'Rundgren' too when I heard Ben Folds Five on the
radio.  I still haven't decided whether to actually spring for the
disc, though.

About Captain Beefheart...yeah, Trout Mask Replica may take some
getting used to, but it's worth it.  In my opinion, one of the
greatest rock albums of all time (I've put it in several 'top 20'
lists I've compiled -- though I can never decide between Black Sea and
English Settlement for those lists (token XTC content).

Oh, more token XTC content: I managed to find a used copy of TD, and I
must say that I find it a very mixed bag.  Ruben Blades and Sarah
McLachlan are great, but most of it I find eminently forgettable.  Oh

-- Stewart


Date: 14 Feb 96 01:00:25 EST
From: Dave K Gold <>
Subject: XTC Book

I'm still seeking to obtain a copy of XTC: Chalkihills and Children.  Does
anyone have a copy they can loan or sell to me, and/or know where to get it?

That last bit I posted about XTC breaking up.  Typo RE: Breaking my heart 2X,
courtesy of the Department of Redundancy Department.

Dave K Gold  70673,


Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 01:18:29 -0500
Subject: Andy and Comics

RE: Wes Wilson's ( comments about John Hedges'
( comment about Andy and the "Justice League" comic:

<<I had heard that Andy was in an issue of Justice League of
<<America, but I never found out which issue number, and never
<<could try to track it down.

Doesn't sound familiar to me.  Anyone have any other clues?

<<I have some "Wildstar" comics (published by IMAGE; limited
<<series of four, 1993) with a Partridge-like minor character in
<<them, and various references to XTC (for example, one of the
<<other characters is named "Greg Davory"). No mere coincidence
<<- - I think former DC comicsmeister Dennis O'Neil is somehow

Denny O'Neil was definitely not involved with Wildstar.  Denny's currently a
Group Editor at DC Comics, working primarily on Batman-related titles.

Wildstar is the creation of Al Gordon and Jerry Ordway.  Al is a big XTC fan.

I'm not sure if he's lurking here, but I know he reads The Little Express.
(I think they ran some info from Al on Wildstar.  And I think Al put
Andy and/or XTC into a few DC books he did pre-Wildstar.)

<<Several childrens' alphabet blocks spell out "X T C" in
<<Superman #85 (1993 also, I believe). I don't have this issue.

I think I posted on this a year or so back.  Mike Carlin, who was the
Group Editor at DC in charge of Superman titles when that was published,
swears that it wasn't intended as an XTC tribute.  (Mike is now the
Executive Editor for all the DC super-hero comics.  He's also a big XTC fan.)

<<As has been long pointed out, Andy included numerous
<<references to comics in his songs: "Sgt. Rock (Is Going to
<<Help Me)," "That's Really Super, Supergirl," "Brainiac's
<<Daughter," and in "Melt the Guns" I think he mentions "Justice
<<League of America" in the middle speaking part.

<<How do I know all this? I read my comics from front to back.

Wes, everyone at DC Comics thanks you!  Keep reading those comics from front
to back. :)

Bob Wayne
Director - Direct Market Sales
DC Comics


Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 22:21:38 -0800
Subject: My love Explodes

>From Rush, to Alanis, to Beefheart , Belew
Is there nothing an XTC  lover won't do
To acommodate sound, in our heads we must hear
Any musical nuance - we all hold them dear
As we argue the merits of ES to some other
Band we agree that there's really no other!!

There's debate about lyrical meaning and much
Consternation 'tween 'jangle', the beauty of 'Nonsvch'
Yet when it's played loud we all know it's the best
Eccentric, no, but it's  off of our chest
And on Valentines Day  - hoping  Swindon sings to you-o
A.P , C.M, D.G.;  Back in the studio!!

<This must be make believe, who do we know...>


Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 02:20:35 -0500
Subject: Opinions Unlimited

Patty <> said in response to Ken <klm@CNRI.Reston.VA.US>:

>> it bothers me
>> when i see opinion, particularly negative ones, cast as objective
>> judgements of the quality of the some artwork.
>> chalkhills, where people tend to avoid disdain and condemnation.  It's
>> just that implications that it's "bad" is distinctly insulting *to
>> me*, because it implies that *i* am wrong for liking it!  Pshaw!)
>Quite honestly, my mouth literally fell open when I read the sentence above.
>It means nothing of the kind.
>And what would make you think that I'm casting my
>opinions as objective judgements?
>asI said in my original post, different strokes for different folks.
>*Any* opinion is subjective--there is no such thing as an objective opinion,
>and I can't see how you could imagine there could be.

I think what we're talking about here is the way we communicate.  You may
think it petty, Patty, but how we phrase things *does* matter, especially
in a forum like this where everything is just words.  And in Chalkhills,
where I *know* we're better communicators than the rest of this
god-forsaken world, I think Ken is right to expect more than just simple,
flat put-downs of an artist, or a particular kind of music, or whatever,
for the reasons that he cited.

Honestly, I wasn't particularly bothered by the tone of "It's a *sad* day
when I see Alanis Morrisette praised by an XTC fan" or "The woman couldn't
sing in tune if you held a gun to her head, and it's a downright shame to
see that she inhabits the same planet as Joni" (I don't especially like
Alanis myself).  I'm not denying that they're your opinions (who else's
could they be?), but that you sure push a lot of authority, and more than a
little disdain, behind these words without much discussion.  It wasn't
suprising that someone would comment on it.

I'm not proposing we all coat our words in syrup and use politically
acceptable terminology.  But there a tons of ways to express criticism and
personal views without sounding pig-headed about it.  And I think we do
that quite well here, and I have high regard for my fellow XTC fans to
expect it.

And now hopefully that self-righteous gnome in me will recede back into my



Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 11:51:31 +0000
From: (Jon Eva)
Subject: Separated at birth. Gonads.

Dear All,

> Uh, does anyone else think that the guy on the black grape cover looks
> like Andy P. with a dye job? I did a triple take when I first saw the CD,
> I thought Andy had come out with a solo album that I didn't know about.

I'm quite fond of these "Separated At Birth" observations, but I don't think
Andy would take kindly to being compared with Carlos the Jackal!

However, I was reading the latest copy of "Viz" the other day, and was
suddenly struck at how similar Mr. Partridge is to "Spoilt Bastard", both
in looks and (allegedly) personality.

Years and years ago Viz released a record by "Johnny Japes & His Jesticles",
who were actually XTC in disguise (well ok, 2/3 of XTC with John Otway), so
it's not completely inconceivable that Spoilt Brat was based on some artist's
or editor's bad experiences of dealing with Andy. By the way, has anyone ever
heard this record, and if so is it worth tracking down? (I once saw it valued
at fifty dollars - the lyrics would have to be bloody funny to justify that

I suppose I'm a bit late for the misheard lyrics thread, but I was listening
to Sgt. Rock yesterday and I remembered that until I discovered John Relph's
wonderful XTC web page and had the lyrics to all the songs explained to me,
I thought the first few lines went:

   I'm enlisting, overseas aid
   need assisting, help to get laid

I honestly think that this was the song went originally, and that it had to
be "cleaned up" for radio play, like Respectable Street was.


Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 23:44:13 +0900 (JST)
From: (Michael Wicks)
Subject: Alanis vs. Joni (or something like that)

Hello there, Fellow Chalkhillians!

    This being my first post to this all-too-brilliant forum, please excuse
the length of the following musings!  Having been a fan of the group for
some 7 years, it has been a delight to follow the growth of this Digest.
And to think,  I first got hooked on XTC when I saw their 'Mayor of
Simpleton' video in '89 (the video was cute, funny, and wonderfully
engaging, but the music! Wow, I'm still blown away by it, as well as all
the other albums they've released.
    In reference to Melissa's  and James Dignan's comments on liking other
bands as well as Swindon's Fab Three, I must agree fully.   My musical
tastes range from the New York/City themes of Lou Reed, the studio
craftiness and polish of Steely Dan and TOTO, the soothing, sun soaked
sounds of Sade, the Funk/Jazz/Synth creations of Level 42, the pub/club pop
diversity of Elvis Costello, the country/pop/guitar/incomprehensible
lyrical moods of REM, the eartherealness of the Cocteau Twins, the
psychedelic menagerie of Jellyfish,  the LA Jazz/Japanese-American sounds
of Hiroshima, the folk/rock sounds of Jethro Tull, and the all-around
greatness of Chicago (pre-'78), the Who, Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones
(pre-'82), and, needless to say , the Beatles.      Heck, I'm a fond fan of
Jazz (which makes Colin's  "I Remember the Sun", "...Angry Young Men", and
"Blame the Weather" among some of my favourite). And, suffice to say, XTC's
musical offerings have moved me more so than any of the above bands.  IMHO,
they have continuously made, by far, the freshest, most compelling pieces
of music than any other pop band.  But this doesn't mean I'm gonna limit
myself to "XTC-sounding" bands. Of course, this doesn't mean I'm rushing
out to buy the next  record from that "Achy-Breaky Heart" guy, either!
(BTW, if there IS someone out there who likes Billy Ray Cyrus, well, that's
ok too...). Point is, listen to whatever you like, as long as it's MUSIC.
     Finally, in total fear of starting a "thread",  I would like to get
some feedback/feelings on the music of XTC by starting an 'Album of the
Month' feature, with a couple of questions about a song from the album.
This months' feature, of course, is  WHITE MUSIC.  #1)   when thinking of
this first full-length effort by the Lads,  what song do you find yourself
going back to, humming and singing in the shower, that you just can't get
out of your mind? (For me, "New Town Animal In a Furnished Cage" is an
absolute masterpiece!) Secondly, #2)   concerning NTAIAFC, what, exactly,
IS a NTAIAFC?  I have my own theories, but will reveal my opinion at the
end of the month. Until then , this is

 Michael in Osaka, Japan, wishing everyone  an Ecstatically Big Day!

Song of the Day:  Red Brick Dream


Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 09:45:59 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Original Skylarking and Harold Budd Compilation

Greetings XTC fans,

 I have a few XTC cassettes in very good condition that I would like to trade
for XTC concerts or demo tapes. Do you have any first generation concerts or
demo tapes that you can copy on to High grade Maxwell tapes and score a couple
original XTC cassettes? If so heres what i have to offer...

First off i have the original release of Skylarking (the one without Dear God
which is replaced by Mermaid Smiles), secondly I have The Harold Budd/ Andy
Partridge Compilation: Though the Hill.

Both are in very good condition and the covers are in tact. Email me at with your list and we can trade. Thank-you for your time.


Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 14:51:22 -0500
Subject: Song poll -- Results

After receiving around 25 votes and tallying the results, here they

As you may know, I asked people to send me their top favourite XTC
songs.  I gave each song a score in the final tally, representative
of its position in each person's top ten [so number 1 received 10
points, number 2 received 9 points, and number 10 received 1
point].  This seemed to be the best way to do it...

SONG                                          VOTES   SCORE

Mayor Of Simpleton                              10      75
Respectable Street                              8       54
Another Satellite                               6       44
Dear God                                        5       37
Yacht Dance                                     6       36
This World Over                                 5       33
Wrapped In Grey                                 4       33
Jason And The Argonauts                         5       31
Snowman                                         5       30
All Of A Sudden [It's Too Late]                 4       30

Unfortunately I couldn't include's top ten in
the survey, because the songs were ranked 'in no particular order',
and for that I apologise.  However, your mail _was_ very much
appreciated.  :)

I've also compiled the results according to how many votes each
song got.  This top ten isn't very much different to the one above.

SONG                                          VOTES   SCORE

Mayor Of Simpleton                              10      75
Respectable Street                              8       54
Another Satellite                               6       44
Yacht Dance                                     6       36
Ten Feet Tall                                   6       29
Senses Working Overtime                         6       28
Then She Appeared                               6       25
Dear God                                        5       37
This World Over                                 5       33
Jason And The Argonauts                         5       31

So, I think it's pretty safe to assume that Mayor Of Simpleton is
currently the most popular song on Chalkhills!  Many thanks to all
those who sent me their votes.

If anyone would like to see the complete list of scores [and there
are 105 songs in the list], email me and I'll bung 'em in the tube.



Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 13:04:40 -0500
From: (Arthur James Virgin)
Subject: Jon Brion

 >Excuse my ignorance, but who is Jon Brion?  Is he a Swindonian Pseudonym or

Jon Brion is a guitarist/producer/vocalist/bassist/whatever else he wants.
He was a member of The Grays (RIP), he also produced Aimee Mann albums
"Whatever" and "I'm With Stupid", both of which are VERY good, among a few
He also contributed a track (Sorry Suzanne) to the Hollie's tribute album
entitled "Sing Hollies in Reverse", in which he sings, plays all
instruments and produces....(A great version of the song if you ask me!)


The Quality Music Page --->
(ultra-enhanced...Netscape 2.0 or later ONLY)

"Skylarking is like a summer's day
  baked into one cake" - Andy Partridge


Date: Wed, 14 Feb 96 12:49:53 EST
From: "John Christensen" <>
Subject: WildStar Andy

>ANDY: "I was in a Justice Society -- was it Justice Society or Justice
>League? -- I'm actually in I can't remember which one. Somebody sent it to
>me. I'm actually in a comic, which was like one of my life's ambitions, to
>be in a DC comic. I'm part of a crew of a spaceship. I even have 'Partridge'
>on my nametag."

>So, does anybody know about this . . .
I believe he is referring to "WildStar", by Image Comics.  Issue #1 is dated
March 1993.  The person responsible for Andy's cartoon cameo is Al Gordon, co-
creator, writer and inker of "WildStar" -- and apparently a huge XTC fan.

The Little Express mentioned this comic book series a few years back -- and
if I remember correctly -- included some preview artwork and an interview
with Mr.  Gordon.  My wife (a comic collector and XTC fan) was excited by
my "virgin" comic book curiosity and bought the first four "WildStar"
issues for me.  I think she hoped I would get hooked.  I didn't.  (Of
course, when she reads this, she will deny it.)

Andy's character is named "Andy Peartree" (but his friends call him "Hot
Wire") and makes his first appearance on Page 6 of issue #1 . . . in case
anyone is interested. For those of you who are more than just interested,
bordering on obsessive, "Hot Wire" first reveals his true name while
speaking to "Greg Daveory" on page 13 of issue #3 (Sept 93)! And then
there's some really smashing acting by Andy in issue #4; especially on page
23 where "Hot Wire" is being manhandled by a female character and blurts
out: "Hey, cut it out, Jump-Start, I bruise easily".  And if the XTC nod
weren't obvious enough already, "Hot Wire" reports "mission accomplished"
to a character named "Skylark".

Anyway, I hope this is interesting to someone -- it's not quite as exciting
as watching Blur mudwrestle Oasis -- but at least it's topical.  And no one
got mud in their eye. If you are interested in buying one of these issues
for the novelty of having it, I suggest issue #4.  But since I didn't buy
any issues after #4, you're on your own.

"And then you fill me up, with XTC and pain"
Joe Jackson ("When You're Not Alone"; Laughter and Lust)
            . . .  ok, so he probably sang "ecstacy" not "XTC")


Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 13:08:58 -0500 (EST)
From: Brian Whitman <bwhitman@WPI.EDU>
Subject: New Member + 2 Questions

Hello everyone, I subscribed to Chalkhills about a couple of weeks ago
and am enjoying the discussion. Allow me to introduce myself: I am Brian
Whitman, a computer science / english major at Worcester Polytechnic
Institute in Worcester, MA, USA. On the internet I run the discussion
group and web site for the groove-based jazz trio Medeski Martin & Wood
(the web url is on my .sig - check it out if interested!) I also like
Phish, Mr. Bungle, Widespread Panic, Bela Fleck, Tragically Hip, Toad The
Wet Sprocket, The Grays, Jellyfish, Bill Laswell, John Zorn... I was
introduced to XTC by another one of my favorite performers, Mike Keneally
(ex-zappa guitarist, now incredible solo artist). Mike, who quotes 'Mayor
Of Simpleton' on one of his solo records, told me to get Oranges And
Lemons, which I did, and now am hooked. I only have Nonsuch, O & L, and
Skylarking, but love every single song on all of them so far. I hope I
can learn a lot here... I already have!

Anyway, I have two questions: (1) This may be a stupid question, but I
couldn't find it on the web or in the FAQ. I noticed that in Skylarking,
it says "Continuity Concept by Todd Rundgren". Now, does this make
Skylarking a 'concept album' per se? I've heard that it was, and I'm
having trouble piecing together all the songs. All of them seem to
revolve around a man and a woman, but I can't figure out the 'story', if
there is one.

(2) I was in a record store here in Worcester and saw a British import cd
entitled 'Drums and Wireless - the BBC sessions'. I was almost going to
buy it, but it was 25 dollars for one CD. Has anyone seen this in the US
for cheaper? I really want to hear "Scarecrow People", my current
favorite XTC song, live.

Well, that's all from me. Thanks for listening... have fun!

   - Brian Whitman - - -
       Medeski Martin & Wood Homepage:


Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 13:16:50 -0500 (EST)
Subject: XTC in comics (Tank Girl)

Since we're on the subject of XTC in comics I thought I'd bring up the
occurance in TANK GIRL: APOCALYPSE in which Booga is wearing an XTC golf
shirt throughout the comic.  Of course knowing the characters appeal for
drugs may explain this, but possibly, just possibly, Andy Pritchet (The
penciller) is a fan.


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