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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #2-69

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 2, Number 69

                Tuesday, 13 February 1996

Today's Topics:

     Rush,  The Justice League,  &  Another Satillite
               Re: Chalkhills Digest #2-66
                   L'Affaire Louis Trio
      There is no such thing as an objective opinion
                        Jon Brion?
                      Options to buy
              Re: Andy & the Justice League
                Beefheart, Poms and Fields
                      This and That
          Alanis vs Joni, or something like that
                  A Most Pleasant Task!
           The Swindon Lads Oft-Neglected Gem.
                     Yacht Dance TAB
               M. Newell - his CD in France
                   Voice of the Beehive
      Aimee Mann & Andy (yes, that old story again)
               xtc heard in strange places
                     Andy and Comics
                 (un)Like Minded Releases
              What should I play on my show?


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From: "Dave White" <>
Date:          Mon, 12 Feb 1996 17:53:29 AST/ADT
Subject:       Rush,  The Justice League,  &  Another Satillite

1.  I have been a Rush fan slightly longer than an XTC fan (15 yrs vs
12 yrs).  While  there may be others who are fans of both, I must say
that the original post on this thread makes a big stretch in trying
to compare the two groups.  Any similarities are more superficial
than anything.

>Subject: The interpretation of Another Satellite
>--XTOTX wrote  some interpretational rubbish about Another Satellite,
>I won't bother to repeat any of it, but talk about seeing things
>where there is only darkness, hearing things when there is only
>silence.  I bet this person is an English Major because that sort of
>interpretation is the stuff that I was forced to do  in English
>classes.  I don't wish to be mean XTOTX but I think that you have
>gone a little far.  I think that it's about Andy and a woman trying
>to get some affection, but I do conceed that it might be about
>Even though I think that the interpretation was a crock it was quite
>interesting.  :-)

Actually, Damien, this kind of bad analysis comes from not paying
close enough attention in English class.  You see, some
interpretations that are real and fit are NOT obvious.  Some clearly
do not fit no matter how hard it is forced onto the text.  This is
what is going on here.  The defence (likely to be posted soon) is,
"Well, that's what it says to ME."  Yeah, and Manson thought the
Beatles were writing to him.  What's your point?  Interpretations of
lyrics do not gain validity by subjecetive whim.  As an English
teacher I struggle with this concept with students who sometimes seem
to think that either meanings must be on the surface and obvious or
else anything goes.  There is a middle road.  You just have to know
where to find it.

>From: (JH3)
>Subject: Andy & the Justice League
>So, does anybody know about this (for all I know this may have been
>discussed already), and if so what edition of Justice League this was in?
>Obviously it came out before 1992 and pretty certainly after 1982; probably
>some DC comics guy wanted to pay tribute to him for writing "Sgt. Rock."
>(That WAS Andy, right?)

... Or maybe this was a tribute based on the line from "Melt The
Guns" about the JLA.

David White


Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 11:12:41 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #2-66

This one's for Mark Fisher on the Q magazine article.

XTC is not mentioned at all?  That's funny, considering all the flack
they took in the States.  Perhaps it's 'cuz Q is a Brit mag?...
Anyway, check out some of the more comprehensive rock encyclopedias.
They almost always mention the fact that "Dear God" became such a hit in
the US because it was banned throughout the Bible Belt (the southern
states for all of you not initiated in American B.S.).  When "college
rock" stations picked it up as a B-side novelty and began pushing it, all
sorts of religious groups began to protest, and although I'm not sure of
this, I think they even had a torching.  Albums Are Burning....

At any rate, that's the history of "Dear God" and Skylarking according to
the U.S. press.  In fact, one of the first times (the third actually) I
even heard XTC was during an MTV top 100 videos of all time countdown and
the video for "Dear God" was somewhere in the middle of the list :)

A word to the Beefhearters:

My good friend and XTC fiend, Ian Stewart of "Obscene Collection" fame,
put together my first copy of "Rag and Bone" back when it was import
only.  On that mix he included an interview w/ Andy in his Dukes guise
(complete with insanely funny voice effects for all those debating his
love of vocal trickery) in which he mentions that Beefheart was a major
influence on "25-O'Clock" (as well as various "sweets" and pill-like
items, wide flairs, and lots of other Andy-the-campy-hippie things).

The Posies said that XTC was one of their biggest influences while
recording their album "Dear 23", and I don't think the influence ever
left them :)

Finding a way to make my own light,
Patrick Partridge

Song for the Day:  "Broomstick Rhythm"


Subject: L'Affaire Louis Trio
From: (Wesley H. Wilson)
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 96 13:39:44 -0500

I just heard the L'Affaire Louis Trio songs that Colin plays
bass on...punchy, sophisticated pop tracks (hey...who's the
French Paul McCartney?).

Colin is such an interesting bass player; knows when _not_ to
play notes, too.

What's a good English translation of the album title, and the
songs Colin plays on? "Le Homme aux Milles Vies" translates to
"The Man with a Thousand Lives" in my estimation. Another
track Colin plays on is "Ma Vie Etait Si Simple" = "My Life
Was Not Easy". (I'm just guessing at the translations here.)

Does anyone from France know how this CD is doing in sales? Is
it popular?



Date: Mon, 12 Feb 96 14:09:12 EST
From: (Patty Haley)
Subject: There is no such thing as an objective opinion

>From Ken:

> I like this list, and i like hearing people's likes and dislikes,
> whether or not they're different than mine.  Even more, i totally
> agree with patty's point that appreciating music does *not* require
> attention to technique.  However, i want to add that "musical
> appreciation" is a reflection of a personal experience, and **not**
> some kind of objective judgement about what is wrong and right in the
> music!
> Maybe this is just one perspective on it, or perhaps it's patently
> obvious, or something.  But i mention it for a reason - it bothers me
> when i see opinion, particularly negative ones, cast as objective
> judgements of the quality of the some artwork.
[stuff deleted]
> chalkhills, where people tend to avoid disdain and condemnation.  It's
> just that implications that it's "bad" is distinctly insulting *to
> me*, because it implies that *i* am wrong for liking it!  Pshaw!)

Quite honestly, my mouth literally fell open when I read the sentence above.
It means nothing of the kind.  Anything I have to say is *my* opinion, and
if you can't make the distinction between someone saying "I can't stand the
artist"and "I can't stand the artist and you're wrong for liking them." then
there's a big problem.  And what would make you think that I'm casting my
opinions as objective judgements? I think Alanis' work is immature raving
andthat she can't carry a tune in a Mack truck, but if you like her, once
again, asI said in my original post, different strokes for different folks.
*Any* opinion is subjective--there is no such thing as an objective opinion,
and I can't see how you could imagine there could be.

Now, because this is the XTC list, and because XTC is why I sub to this
list, I'm not going to reply or respond any further to messages about this.
My opinion is just that--*MINE*.  I can't remember me saying the words
"right" and "wrong" *anywhere* in my posts.  If we only had friends who
liked the *exact* same artists we did, not too many of us would have any
friends, because even those friends with whom I share most of my musical
tastes and I differ.

I believe that most of us on this list can make the distinction.  One of the
reasons I mentioned it to begin with is because I knew that Melissa has been
on this list for a long time, knows me, and wouldn't take anything as a
personal hit.  Nice to see that she was able to keep this in the perspective
in which it was meant, as were many others on the list.



Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 12:09:49 -0800
Subject: Jon Brion?

Excuse my ignorance, but who is Jon Brion?  Is he a Swindonian Pseudonym or


Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 18:31:24 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Options to buy

Many of us have been confronted with the options to buy or not to buy. Do
I risk getting this new Neil Young album when for me his albums have been
either great or just acceptable. When we make a purchase we (at least we
here at Chalkhills I would hope) are not buying a record due to an ad or
commercial we saw. People do not buy unless they really want something.
Of course you could be someone who could take music or leave music, or
you let the radio make all the decisions for you. However, I would
imagine all the people who take the time to post here at Chalkhills take
music quite seriously. I doubt that someone who posts that they enjoy a
band or musician is not serious. I have been deeply touched by music in
my life. I have opinions too. But in my maturity I have discovered that
there really is no such thing as a bad form of music, unfortunately music
can only be as good as what people do with it.
   Whenever I am confronted with someone who is violently opposed to a
band or musician I enjoy, I usually discover that the person has a
dislike for the entire genre of music. For instance, the person who
dislikes Joni Mitchell so strongly probably does not go in for much folk
or folk-rock. It is possible that they do and just do not like Joni, but
considering her giant influence over folk, and other forms, it seems
unlikely. Often people mislead themselves into thinking this sucks or
that sucks due to image or presentation. I have been often mistaken about
music in the past when I formulate opinions based on one song or without
giving a considerable amount of time to listening to a few selections. I
hated Zeppelin becuase its so overdone and not my style. But honestly
some entire albums are genius. I once hated Rush (not Limbaugh), Lenny
Kravitz and others but eventually discovered veins of their work that do
grab me. Without opening my mind to these possibilities I would never
have known some truly wonderful music. How many of you have ever taken
out a Sam Cooke record and played it from start to finish? How many have
ever drifted back into musical history to discover who Fats Waller is? Do
you dare take out dad's old Nat King Cole records? What about Hank
Williams? Is country right out of the Question?
   I hope some of you could answer yes to at least one of those questions
or are at least willing to consider what these radically different forms
of music could add to your listening palatte. I'm sure Andy would agree.
Do not convince yourself that the brightest stars only burn in your own
galaxy. Others burn just as bright elsewhere as well as deep in the past.

   By the way I happen to think Joni Mitchell is a living legend. Her
"Blue" is fantastic and even better is her more recent "Night Ride Home".
For those of you who enjoy the Xtc brand of music most, you may even find
"Night Ride Home" to be an album worth listening to.

   Also by the way, how may (formerly) Idiot's Delight fans do we have
out there in Xtc land?



From: 7IHd <>
Subject: Re: Andy & the Justice League
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 23:59:05 +0000 (GMT)

# From: (JH3)
# Subject: Andy & the Justice League
# Obviously it came out before 1992 and pretty certainly after 1982; probably
# some DC comics guy wanted to pay tribute to him for writing "Sgt. Rock."
# (That WAS Andy, right?)

I confess to knowing nothing about it but... are you sure you don't mean
'Melt The Guns'? Think about it...
 |_)|_ *|
 |  | )||


Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 18:09:54 -0600
From: (Todd Weisrock - CIS)
Subject: RUSH

Hail to all other XTC and Rush fans!

Count me amongst you.

I think it's very interesting to see the variety of people
that listen to XTC.  A lot of you talk about thousands of
bands that I've never heard of in your posts, but there are
a few I can relate to, such as Rush.

I would even venture to guess that there are a few of you,
like myself, that rank Alice in Chains as among your
favourites as well!


Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 12:38:09 +1100
From: Colin Wright <>
Subject: Beefheart, Poms and Fields

I can understand when people refer to Captain Beefheart's 'Trout Mask
Replica' as 'unlistenable' but I gotta admit, it's my favourite bee-fart
album of them all. When I listen to it I am constantly amazed at his genius
and that of the band.  This album was recorded in 1968 fer chrissakes!!
Speaking of the Magic Band - did anyone get into the two great albums by
Mallard.  Mallard were members of the Magic Band that broke away from
Beefheart to do their own thing.  I hear that the Captain was a bit of a
tyrant, so when
these guys were allowed to cut loose without him, they came up with two of
the most beautifully bent, country blues sounding albums I've ever heard.
They folded in the late 70's but the two albums that they left us were just

James (Dignan) - so I'm not the only one that is reminded of 'Trumpton'.
Wierd shit hey?  Hey James - I always thought that you were a Kiwi -
but with memories of Trumpton, you've gotta be a Pom! - (me too).

Now for the blatant and loosely XTC related plug.

I work here in Sydney as a record producer/engineer and recently had the
honour of engineering and producing an album by local band,  'Fields'
Both they and I are XTC fans, and, while there is a smattering of influence
there, they have been very favourably compared with Crowded House.

Here's the plug.  I have three copies of their CD 'Crooked Castles on
Mountains of Want' to give away.

Here's the catch.  I'm so confident about the qualities of this album and I
really want to see it succeed.  I would like the receivers of the freebie to
write a brief review of it and post it on this list.  That way, others that
may like it can see what fellow XTC fans think of it (and maybe order a copy
or two)   :)     The band is currently totally self financed and are signed
to a small indie label in Sydney. If you really like it you can email me an
extended review, which the band will use in their bio and local ads.
If you are interested, please email me privately.  The first three mailings
get the CD, no charge, no postal costs.

Plug over.  Sorry to use the list for this type of thing, but I really think
that these guys deserve a wider audience and will do anything to get them
recognised outside the (very small) Sydney/Melbourne circuit.  I have no
financial interest in them, just a genuine desire to get them happening on a
wider basis.  That's all - thanks for listening!!

* Colin Wright		*					*
* Studio Manager	*	Partner				*
* Troy Horse Studios	*	Loopy Green Digital Studio	*
* P.O.Box7, Alexandria	*	P.O.Box 561, Broadway		*
* NSW 2015 Australia	*	NSW 2007, Australia		*
*			*					*
*   Ph. 015 240 000	*   e-mail-	*
*"If all the world is but a play - be thou the joyful player"	*
*					Incredible String Band	*


Date:         Mon, 12 Feb 96 20:39:26 EST
Subject:      This and That

In 2-68, Drew points out that Dave Blood, bass player for the Dead Milkmen
(whose new LP, BTW, was a little disappointing), is wearing an XTC Drums and
Wires tee.  A couple of years ago, after the Milkmen played at Peabody's in
Cleveland, I had the chance to talk to Dave and get his autograph.  It just
now occurred to me that I should have asked why he was wearing that shirt...
ah hindsight.

Todd, the songs look good.  You don't want to stray too much from the
"popular" stuff when introducing somebody to XTC.  I made a tape for my
previous girl- friend that included "I'll Set Myself On Fire" (which may
seem a strange ditty to the uninitiated) and "My Weapon," among others.
Needless to say, I didn't hear her playing the tape very often.

In case anybody cares, I haven't seem anybody mention "Return of the
Rentals" as one of the best LP's of the year, nor the Circle Jerk's
"Oddities...," nor Stan Ridgway's "Black Diamond" (which just came out in
January - but you should have it by now!!).  - Matt

P.S. - The Alanis thing, in the name of all that is holy, let it go.


Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 16:11:54 +1200
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: Alanis vs Joni, or something like that

Melissa's right folks (there's a first time for everything! ;). Just
because we all love the music of three (or four) lads from Wiltshire, this
doesn't dictate our other listening delights. I like Joni and Suzanne, can
tolerate Alanis, like Sinead and even the Indigo Girls, and have recently
tuned into the delights of Liz Phair. I'm also a bigger fan of Robyn
Hitchcock than I am of Captain Beefheart, and dare I say it? I even like
(gasp) the Crash Test Dummies (although I think they should leave covering
XTC well alone). Some of you may find that XTC is the only band lighter
than Iron Maiden worth listening to. Others may find XTC is the one moment
of noise in a collection ranging from Harold Budd to Gavin Bryars. Some of
you will be mainly into techno, others will be fans of Bach. Let's face it,
although there's probably a "typical XTC fan" out there somewhere, XTC is
the one uniting factor in our otherwise disparate, whirling, twisting,
lives. Let's just be amazed that we can agree on one thing - that at some
point in their carrers (be it Go2 or Nonsuch, Skylarking or Black Sea), the
entity known as XTC has touched our lives in a very special way.

But I still can't believe Melissa likes Queen! ;)

as for:
>"Seagulls Screaming" is a perfect example. Man, I've been there. And
let me tell you, she wishes he'd kiss her as much as he does. Doesn't that
song just put you right there on that beach in November with no one else
around for miles?

oh God yes. Been there, done that.

>(Naturally, I haven't heard XTC's cover of "Ella Guru" :( I can't imagine
>them doing it - the work of a profoundly American eccentric being
>performed by profoundly British eccentrics just seems really strange to
>me. The results must be intriguing.)

well, neither have I, but I can imagine it working. In fact, one song I
particularly love is the work of an English eccentric being performed by
some profoundly American once-were-eccentrics (REM's cover of Richard
Thompson's "Wall of Death", from "Beat the Retreat")



Subject: A Most Pleasant Task!
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 01:20:09 -0500 (EST)

Hi y'all Chalkhillians,

This is in response to Todd Bernhardt's post about "XTC intro tapes",
those home-made concoctions by the faithful which are in fact fave
lists, with a nod towards converting the Unaffiliated.

My own choice cuts, assembled in the distant hope of "converting the
philistines", found their way on tape a while back, before the release of
"Nonsuch" in fact (yep--the tape *is* getting thin!). I guess my
selections are testimonies to my proclivity for the quirky and energetic
XTC, albeit it also represents a fair share of the singles (if I were to
redo this today, Snowman and Dying would both find their way in though).

Sorry, but I didn't abide by Todd's ground rules, the chronological order
bit at least. I'm a little dumbfounded by that one, I must admit; isn't the
liberty of getting to select your own running order part of the
private home-taping fun, especially when it comes to your numero uno band?

Anyway, here's the lowdown on my 100 minutes, "XTRA XTC 1978-1989" tape.

Side A:

Are You Receiving Me?; Radios in Motion; Outside World; Towers of London;
Big Day; Yacht Dance; Pink Thing; Shake You Donkey Up; Sgt. Rock (Is
Going to Help Me); Statue of Liberty; Ten Feet Tall; King For a Day;
Heaven Is Paved With Broken Glass [12" mix]; Wait 'Till Your Boat Goes Down

Side B:

It's Nearly Africa; When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty; Mayor of
Simpleton; Washaway; Burning With Optimism's Flames; Grass; Love On a
Farmboy's Wages; Scissor Man; I'll Set Myself on Fire; Take This Town;
Senses Working Overtime; Dear God; Jumping in Gomorrah; Don't Lose Your
Temper; Red Brick Dream

(Before signing off--any other french speaking Chalkhillians out here on
the list? Just a mite curious.)

The Scissor Man


Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 01:56:30 -0500
Subject: The Swindon Lads Oft-Neglected Gem.

Long-time (but usually quiet) Chalkhillian here for a brief mention of a song
I continue to find astonishing, but have never seen mentioned even in passing

"It's Nearly Africa".

I first heard this beauty on Peter Gabriel's W.O.M.A.D. double album back
around 1980 (I think).  The song made my jaw drop it was so innovative.  Even
today, with all the techno-gadgetry and studio trickery around, it still
blows me away.

And now for something completely different.

Does anyone know if the "Urgh:  A Music War" collection is still available on
C.D.?  There's a terrific live version of "Respectable Street" by our dynamic
trio as well as some great live tracks from other bands like Devo, The
Police, X, Gary Numan, and many others.  I stooopudly didn't buy it the one
time I did see it in a C.D. shop (USED EVEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!)  Ooh flame me,
whip me, beat me!

Another cool disc to check out is a fairly low-fi tribute album to Todd
Rundgren by a bunch of North Carolina Bands.  It's really fun stuff.  Again,
shoot me, I can't remember the name of the label or the album name.  So ask

And finally, RE:  Ben Folds Five.  If you love early Joe Jackson or early
Billy Joel you'll probably worship these guys, as I do.  I saw them, live, a
few months ago in Atlanta and have to rate the concert as my favorite of last
year.  They just have so damned much fun onstage.  Give 'em a listen.

Send questions, comments, smoke signals or diatribes to:


Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 23:05:50 -0800
From: relph (John Relph)
Subject: Yacht Dance TAB

Ian Dahlberg <> has graciously submitted guitar
tablature for that most difficult of songs "Yacht Dance".  You can
find it at the Chalkhills website (URL above).  Good luck!

	-- John


Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 12:56:27 +0100
From: (Francois DROUIN)
Subject: M. Newell - his CD in France

					the 13 th February 1996

	This is the first time I write to "Chalkhills" !!!
	I got the new CD from Martin Newell "The off white album", a
month ago. It is available, here in France on "Humburg Records". The
reference is GIANT CD 1 and is distributed by :
	Media 7 / Little Giant Records
	15 rue des Goulvents		Phone +33 1 41 20 90 50
	F - 92000 Nanterre		Fax   +33 1 47 25 00 99

	The CD appears to be a French release, and has very good
reviews in magazines about Pop/Rock music. it could become as
successful as the first album of David Yazbek.
	Some tracks are very much influenced by "The Beatles", "The
Beach Boys" and "Elvis Costello".
	The CD is produced by Louis Philip(p)e, French guy living in
England I think, and is rather enjoyable, with Dave Gregory playing
on some tracks. it should be possible for American people to get it as
an import CD, from this address.
	Last fall, I attended a concert of Louis Philippe and Martin
played as the first part.
	Anything else must have been said on "Chalkhills".

	All the best.
				Frangois Drouin, Paris


From: Adrian Dover <>
Organization: The University of Birmingham
Date: 13 Feb 96 16:51:16 GMT
Subject: Voice of the Beehive

'Sex & Misery', the new album from Voice of the Beehive has finally
been released in the UK (Monday 12 February).  I don't know what the
hold up has been since it was reviewed in the November 1995 issue of
Q Magazine!.  I hope it has previously been noted for Chalkhillians
that this album includes an Andy co-writing credit for the track "Blue
in Paradise".

After a couple of listens, I think "BinP" is the best track on the
album, but perhaps I am biased :).  S&M (!) is more weighted to the
serious than the Beehive's two earlier albums, as befits Tracey and
Melissa's life story in the four years since 'Honey lingers', and I
miss the puns and general joie de vivre of 'Let it bee' which has to
be one of my favourite 80's pop outings, after XTC of course.

"Blue in Paradise" has a very Partridgesque line in colour symbolism
and imagery and some really great harmonies and is produced with,
dare I say it, quite a Beatles feel in places, brilliant harmony
singing from the sisters and a beautiful sound like a cross between a
harmonium and a string band (there are real strings on it too).
Andy doesn't get any production or playing credits, and I find it
difficult to assess how much of his input is there, but I can
recommend that you get to hear this track, although I can't honestly
suggest you fork out for the whole album unless you like Beehive's
previous work.     Adrian.

--- Adrian Dover ---        The University of Birmingham, UK        ---  usual disclaimers apply ---


Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 12:31:15 -0500 (EST)
From: "Tom X. Chao" <>
Subject: Aimee Mann & Andy (yes, that old story again)

This month's Tower Pulse magazine (given away free at Tower Records)
features Ms. Mann on the cover and in the interview, she relates the
by-now-familiar story of her coaxing Andy on stage to sing
"Collideascope."  (p. 31)  I don't believe her anecdote contains anything
that anyone hasn't heard already.  It's not a bad interview, though.
(The photographer must have worked overtime to make her look so
incredibly bad on the cover--sheesh.)
Tom X. Chao


Date: Tue, 13 Feb 96 09:33:31 PST
Subject: xtc heard in strange places

So last night I went to see Ray Davies at the Westbeth Music Theatre
in NYC.  For those outside of New York.  Ray is playing two weeks
worth of solo shows in this theatre that holds about 300 people.  In
addition to the theatre, they set up "Ray's Pub" where they served ale
and pub fare.  There was also a piano player in the corner just
quietly playing away.  I recognized a tune -- it was Earn Enough For
Us.  Then he played a song from Nonsuch (I can't recall which one).
Very cool.  BTW -- The Ray show was amazing.  If you can, see it!




Subject: Andy and Comics
From: (Wesley H. Wilson)
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 96 13:07:12 -0500

RE: John Hedges' ( comment about Andy and the
"Justice League" comic:

I had heard that Andy was in an issue of Justice League of
America, but I never found out which issue number, and never
could try to track it down.

I have some "Wildstar" comics (published by IMAGE; limited
series of four, 1993) with a Partridge-like minor character in
them, and various references to XTC (for example, one of the
other characters is named "Greg Davory"). No mere coincidence
- - I think former DC comicsmeister Dennis O'Neil is somehow

Several childrens' alphabet blocks spell out "X T C" in
Superman #85 (1993 also, I believe). I don't have this issue.

As has been long pointed out, Andy included numerous
references to comics in his songs: "Sgt. Rock (Is Going to
Help Me)," "That's Really Super, Supergirl," "Brainiac's
Daughter," and in "Melt the Guns" I think he mentions "Justice
League of America" in the middle speaking part.

How do I know all this? I read my comics from front to back.

Now let *me* ask a question - is there a current English
psychedelic/electronic band called "Movie..." (something)?
Heard they have a #19 indie album on the charts.


P.S.Stephen Duffy fans - new CD single, "Needle Mythology" out
now! 3 bonus tracks.


Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 15:46:40 -0500 (EST)
Subject: (un)Like Minded Releases
Organization: Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Hey Folks,

	Been a while since I've posted, but as always have been
enjoying all.  I always enjoy hearing recommendations for other
bands of potential interest to XTC fans.  One thing I've noticed
of late is that most posts on this topic have been functioning
under the assumption that if it sounds similar to XTC, then XTC
fans should enjoy it.  I won't argue this logic.  But let me open
a different pathway.  It's always been my contention that XTC fans
enjoy eclectic tastes and tend to gravitate towards music that,
like XTC in spirit, tends to challenge standard preconceptions of
just what consititutes rock-n-roll.  So, let me forward the notion
that a parallel interest needn't sound anything like XTC for us all
to be willing to try it, but rather, it should share XTC's willingness
to challenge us and experiment with sound/structure/ideas etc.
	Following this logic, let me recommend three candidates
that follow this line of thought.
	First, check out Pere Ubu "Raygun Suitcase."  This band
is one of the few I know that have actually been around LONGER
than XTC (albeit with a revolving cast of characters) and
continued to push both their own and their listeners' boundaries.
	Next, and my vote for the best album released last year,
Tindersticks.  This band is sublime.  There's no other word.  I
swear, you can't listen to their latest album (titled, like their
first also highly recommended album, "Tindersticks") without
feeling like you're sitting in the back of some dark pub, lights
low, sound distorted but promising clarity if you could only
concentrate. Oblique description, I know, but I guarentee you
every time I play this disc my clothes reek of stale tobacco
smoke and I quit smoking two years ago.  Simply stunning.
	Finally, let me offer an album I picked up just this
saturday: For Squirrels, "Example."  Definitely a hard-edged
album, but containing beauty.  Actually, I went into the shop
to buy Ben Folds Five, based on recommendations here.  Don't
know where/why I changed my mind, but I don't regret it.  The lead
singer quite literally sound like a cross between Michael Stipe (R.E.M.)
and Kurt Cobain (Nirvana).  And  I refer not only to the sound he
creates but also to the passion behind it.  Tragically, two of the
band's members were killed in a September car accident, but they
left a brilliant, poignant testament to their promise in this
	As I said, none of the above would qualify as "if you love
XTC you're guarenteed to like these guys," but if you crave a
challenge or a surprise, check them out.

	- Ed Whitelock


Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 15:54:23 -0500 (EST)
Subject: What should I play on my show?

Warning: New poster!

Here's the deal, I have a small late night radio show on my college station
(WGCS, Goshen Indiana) and I'm trying in my own small way to unleash XTC on
my little campus.  And so each week, with much fanfare and forewarning to
my audience, I play one XTC song from each albulm that I own (all tens
albums, Waxsworks, R&BB, Chips... and TD) in chronilogical order.  Next
show I plan to play "Wait till your boat goes down" from Waxworks but after
that I'm not quite sure which song to play from which album.  Any

Here's what I've played so far

WA- Statue of Liberty
D&W-Making plans for Nigel
BS-Travels in Nihilon
ES- Senses working overtime.


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