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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #2-68

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 2, Number 68

                 Monday, 12 February 1996

Today's Topics:

                      Myriad Things
                    Clean and Sober...
         XTC & Rush - you forgot the missing link
Another Satellite, another Saturday night, another theory
          Re: Another Satellite Revealed at Last
                   XTC/Rush connection
                    Alannis Morrisette
                Andy & the Justice League
                         Joe Meek
     Andy's X-Mas card, Re: Satellite Revealed, Idea
                   Meeting place lyrics
                 Beatles' Opinions of XTC
                   bits n' pieces (fwd)
         The interpretation of Another Satellite
                     Lure of Salvage.
                Another Satellite Revealed
                       Little Quiz
              Top Three D.I.D.s - an update
                     A Daunting Task
                     Prince of Orange
                      Beatnik Beach
                    Re: Barfi Mitchell


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Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 18:54:24 -0500 (EST)
From: Drew! <apn@UDel.Edu>
Subject: Myriad Things

First post in a while, will keep it short, since I tend to skip over the
long dissertations myself.

* The XTC paper I wrote about a year ago is now on the web.  The paper
deals mainly with the interpretation of lyrics, and any background info
on the band is probably nothing new to anyone here.  It's at  (there's gotta be some bored xtc
fans out there)  I welcome any comments!

* Has anyone noticed that in the liner to the Dead Milkmen's _Soul
Rotation_, one of the band members is wearing a Drums & Wires shirt?

* I think a while back someone from Long Island posted a question about
there being anywhere on the Island XTC items could be purchased.  A while
back there were some XTC stickers in the bargain bin at Utopia in
Huntington, Long Island.  (don't ask me how XTC paraphernalia worked its
way into a Grateful Dead store)


Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 23:09:32 -0500 (EST)
From: Matt Mondlock <>
Subject: Clean and Sober...

Some people get violent when they get drunk; apparently I write email
messages.  I guess I get to take a shot for starting a thread. (btw: i'm
not drunk right now).

Anyway, I still stand by my opinions of the groups I mentioned but it was
really kind of useless to spout off like that.  Obviously, we all have
our opinions but blazing them off in an offensive manner isn't going to
change anyone's mind.  My apologies...but that's not the main reason I'm
posting here.  I post because of my good fortune today.

I guess college towns do have good cd's (despite the glut of Blues
Traveler I can't get away from).  There are about 5 new and used cd
stores in a one block area, all of which I stopped by today.  And
wouldn't you know it, I ran across more XTC than I've ever seen.  I found
a brand new cd of "White Music", but I didn't buy it yet.  I also saw a
single for the Disappointed, and new copies of Drums and Wires.  I didn't
buy any of those because I was on a relatively tight budget.  But, I did
buy "Chips from the Chocolate Fireball" (the double Dukes album), English
Settlement, and a live bbc show from 1980, mostly with Black Sea
content.  All of these were purchased brand new and each cost $9.99.  Big
score for me!

Take care all,



Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 22:08:39 -0700 (MST)
From: Rushton <>
Subject: XTC & Rush - you forgot the missing link

>This will probably offend many of the readers of this newsletter but, being
>a fan of both XTC and Rush, I have noted a few similarities between these

You forgot the missing link:  Dave Gregory played with Aimee Mann
(musically, I mean - and otherwise) - and didn't Aimee Mann do that "Time
Stand Still" song with Rush back in the 80's?  Well there ya go!  The
missing link is solved!

Mark Rushton,
author of the: Bill Nelson WWW site:


Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 12:07:50 +0000
From: (Mark Fisher)
Subject: Another Satellite, another Saturday night, another theory

Another Satellite was written about a woman who had the hots for Andy while
he was still married - Andy was tempted but decided he didn't need another
satellite. When his marriage broke up, some time after the song was
written, it was that same satellite he took up with (sorry, I've forgotten
her name, but she's his New York connection).

Sorry to spoil your religious theory, XTOTX, but even when Andy's being
clever he's rarely that eliptical.

Mark Fisher (,uk)


Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 13:20:06 GMT
From: (Philippe Fabry)
Subject: Re: Another Satellite Revealed at Last

>Wait a, wait a, wait a minute.  I've got to propose something here: Why isn't
>"Another Satellite" about religion?

What is the difference between love and religion? And I mean religion not
what mankind has done to/with it.

Alle=EF, salut mainant. Schutz.


From: Chris Spillios <>
Subject: XTC/Rush connection
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 13:00:26 -0500 (EST)

Hey folks,

Albeit an extremely distant connection, Aimee Mann sang on a
Rush song called "Time Stands Still" from _Hold Your Fire_.

Why do I often get the feeling I don't fit in with the
typical XTC crowd?  Oh, well ...

Chris Spillios


Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 13:16:39 -0800 (PST)
From: Anthony Ciarochi <>
Subject: Alannis Morrisette


>Last but not least:  It's a *sad* day when I see Alanis Morrisette praised
>by an XTC fan.  The woman couldn't sing in tune if you held a gun to her
>head, and it's a downright shame to see that she inhabits the same planet
>as Joni Mitchell.  I like singing, not screeching.  And that all-important
>songwriting factor is there!  Melissa, my good woman, hast thou partaken of
>some Joni?  Add her to your listening diet asap.  You'll hear *worlds* of
>insight about life in her lyrics that go beyond having a temper tantrum.

I didn't catch the original posting of this comment, and don't know who
generated it, but man, are you missing the point in a big, big way.

This is rock and roll, not opera! (you sound like my mother)!  If you have
something to sing about, put it in their face, and who cares if you miss a
note or your voice cracks -- If you're really connected to your message,
you won't be able to prevent that anyway.  To paraphrase David Byrne,
the better you sing, the harder it is to believe anything you sing
about.  If you would like to hear some allegedly great voices (according
to the award shows) totally butchering a song, go back to listening to
Maria Carie or (shudder) Boys 2 Men.

And, since I know you'll ask, I am a major fan of Joni Mitchell (who is
off-key in a very big way on 'People's Parties') and XTC
(own every one of their LPs sans Oranges and Lemons, which I can't find
anymore), and I think Alannis Morrisette is by far the best thing I've
heard in -- well, since I bought my last XTC recording :-)

I also agree that most XTC fans will dig Icicle Works, although I thought
they were extinct.


Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 17:38:27 -0600
From: (JH3)
Subject: Andy & the Justice League

I was just re-reading the two-part interview with Andy Partridge from 1992
that was published in the BIG TAKEOVER, Issues 32 & 33 (still available --
details below). In it he mentions that his name and likeness were used in a
Justice League comic book, published by DC comics. Here's the quote, in fact:

ANDY: "I was in a Justice Society -- was it Justice Society or Justice
League? -- I'm actually in I can't remember which one. Somebody sent it to
me. I'm actually in a comic, which was like one of my life's ambitions, to
be in a DC comic. I'm part of a crew of a spaceship. I even have 'Partridge'
on my nametag."

So, does anybody know about this (for all I know this may have been
discussed already), and if so what edition of Justice League this was in?
Obviously it came out before 1992 and pretty certainly after 1982; probably
some DC comics guy wanted to pay tribute to him for writing "Sgt. Rock."
(That WAS Andy, right?)

As for the BIG TAKEOVER, this interview with Andy is the best one I've ever
read (and I've read lots of 'em), because it's (a) totally unabridged, (b)
extremely exhaustive and lengthy, and (c) conducted by actual FANS of the
band instead of a bunch of music-industry wanna-be rock-journalist flacks.
There are still copies of these two issues available from the publisher,
Jack Rabid, for $4.50 each postpaid in the US (i.e. $9 for both if you're
lousy at math). The address is 249 Eldridge St. #14, New York, NY 10002. You
can also e-mail him at Sorry, is this starting to sound like
an advertisement? I don't care. By the way, this interview also contains
everything you'd want to know about Andy's torrid relationship with a
certain rubber shark.

Kudos to Annie Satler for posting the Black Sea Tour program!

--John "JH3" Hedges


Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 17:07:34 -0800
From: relph (John Relph)
Subject: Joe Meek

I was browsing thru the racks at Tower this morning (after buying tix
for the Aimee Mann show at Slim's), and I found this CD by Joe Meeks.
Joe Meeks? you say.  Yeah, so did I.  But the sticker on the front
cover of _It's Hard to Believe It: The Amazing World of Joe Meek_ said

   "Meek spoke to the dead and heard music from other planets,
    making #1 hit records in his kitchen."  Andy Partridge, XTC

I didn't buy it.

But I did buy the self-titled CD by The Mistakes.  The Mistakes are
Henry Kaiser, Mike Keneally, Prairie Prince & Andy West.  Mr Prince
was the timebomb (drummer) on _Skylarking_.  Inside the CD was an
insert advertising other CDs on the Immune Records label.  Read this:

   "[Lyle Workman's] _Purple Passages_ is an astounding showcase
    of exemplary guitar graft."  Dave Gregory, XTC

   "[Mike Keneally's] so go he makes you want to spit."
    Andy Partridge, XTC

I hope Andy and Dave are getting paid for this.  Perhaps an alternate
career awaits in music criticism.

	-- John

Subvert the dominant paradigm.


Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 12:23:22 +1005
From: (Computer Center Lab)
Subject: Andy's X-Mas card, Re: Satellite Revealed, Idea

Hello.  This is my first post.  Oh, I am so proud!
Anyway, I recently received a Christmas card from AP(either he's late or it got
lost) and I just thought I would quote for you all.
"1.  Leaving EMI/Virgin has been a 3 year nightmare.  Imat the end of my
tether.  The contracts are totally in their favour, and we are being robbed
blind.  We're doing all we can to get out.
 2. Many other labels have shown interest, ie: Epic, Columbia, Ryko,
Phonogram, Creation, etc.
 3. The rumour of a double CD _I Hope_ will come true, as we've amassed a
lot of material, and I think some of our best
                Andy Partridge"
Anyway, I know most of this is new to all of you but I just thought I'd
bring it up again.

I also want to thank JakeKristy for the insight into Another Satellite.  I
went back and listened again and it seemed to make sense.  I had never
thought of it that way (religion) and will never hear the song the same

Question for you all: Has anyone ever made their own XTC home videos?  is
their a fan project similar to Skylacking but with videos?

That's all.  Thanks.

Chuck. (New Chalkhills Member)
My XTC Song of the Day:  I'd Like That.


Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 17:20:33 +1200
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: Meeting place lyrics

To whoever was talking about the grimy skies of the Meeting Place, yes of
course he sings chimley. In the same way that someone imitating a New
Yorker might say aks instead of ask, someone imitating someone from a
parochial small town in England might say chimley. And the accent *is*
being deliberately exaggerated in this song - listen: "soomwun might hear",
and "oonder groimy skies", for instance. Colin maybe a Wiltshire yokel, but
his accent's not normally *that* strong! A chimley is one of those tall
things that smoke comes out of, which spadgers and other small birds sit on
the top of.

BTW - to all those of you who grew up with British children's TV programmes
back in the late 60s and early 70s, do the industrial machinery noises in
this song sound like the ones used in...erm...Trumpton, I think it was...


James Dignan, Department of Psychology, University of Otago.

Ya zhivu v' 50 Norfolk St., St. Clair, Dunedin, New Zealand
pixelphone / steam megaphone NZ 03-455-7807

   * You talk to me as if from a distance
   * and I reply with impressions chosen from another time, time, time,
   * from another time                     (Brian Eno)


Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 21:44:12 -0800 (PST)
From: Steve Johnson <>
Subject: Beatles' Opinions of XTC

Someone asked if any of the members of The Beatles has said anything
regarding XTC.  I seem to remember hearing a few years ago that Paul
McCartney once mentioned XTC and/or Andy Partridge in an interview
or somesuch, but I don't recall what was supposedly said other than
that it was in a positive light.


Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 01:39:23 -0500 (EST)
From: "k.a. hehir" <>
Subject: bits n' pieces (fwd)

hello all,

it's been a while but i've got a mid-term tomorrow(ball,rimbaud,lautreamont
yikes!) so i've got some time to kill.

nice to see some talk of 'another satellite' it really is a beautiful song.
i rediscovered it when i picked up Rag and Bone Buffet this summer. it leads
off my annual christmas tape of recent acquisitions that i give to mates as
my frugal gift.
query- where was that album released? i had never seen it before(i'm
tidbit- to the fellow from columbus OH, i picked it up at sleeping dog
records on north street- to all there is a shop called magnolia
       thunderpussy records- oy vey

this ben fold thing has got me curious(sorry patty) do any of my countyfolk
know of a canadian release?

this may interest canadians only but ...

Adam West, a very xtc influenced powerpop band from london, ont.have had a
video made about them by a local community t.v. station win an award from
Vision TV(don't worry they're not religious) check them out. and tell me
what you think. this is a boon for the boys as they get a royalty cheque
every time it's played, and their second album(produced by ex-rheostatic
dave clark) is done but they can't afford to mix and press it. viva la
indie!! sabretoque records.

hey any of you chalkies ever heard of the rheostatics? i am always willing
to exchange tapes of canadian music.

speaking of capt. beefhead, i'm wondering about the rarity of a virgin
sampler put out circa 79, called cash cows?  it features martha and the
muffins,xtc,capt.b-movie,nash the /,magazine, human league and others that
escape me now. i haven't seen it mentioned here so i thought i'd throw it
out for your perusal.

 finally(and there was much rejoicing)

over french fries the other night i was telling a buddy about the exciting
new chapter that our lads are beginning since the label stuff is resolved.
she-knowing full well my fanatical devotion-comes out with "so you figure
they'll be playing lolapalooza next summer?" well i get ballistic and in the
true tradition of Doug Pirana say "yeah hopefully"    now people, if there
is to be a new album just what kind of success do we want? we are an elite
group.  we peddle the band to our friends in hopes that popularity will grow
but i know (and i fell i'm not alone here) that i  relish the fact that i'm
into a cool band that has a bicycle for a bandwagon.  will we have to invent
a secret handshake? will the chalkhills t-shirt that phil made( that we all
are kicking ourselves for not getting off our backsides and buying)  become a
badge of "i was there first"?

whaddaya think, gotta go,dada calls,


"My song-ship packed
 With poet's art:
 Its word-keel cracked
 Your frozen heart"
                  Egil Skalagrimson


Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 10:18:20 GMT
Subject: The interpretation of Another Satellite

--XTOTX wrote  some interpretational rubbish about Another Satellite,
I won't bother to repeat any of it, but talk about seeing things
where there is only darkness, hearing things when there is only
silence.  I bet this person is an English Major because that sort of
interpretation is the stuff that I was forced to do  in English
classes.  I don't wish to be mean XTOTX but I think that you have
gone a little far.  I think that it's about Andy and a woman trying
to get some affection, but I do conceed that it might be about

Even though I think that the interpretation was a crock it was quite
interesting.  :-)

Dames TWD


Date:          Mon, 12 Feb 1996 10:25:36 GMT
Subject:       Lure of Salvage.

I just saw this in someone's post:

>  LP XTC Mr. Partridge "take Away" V2145, $20;

I have a copy and if anyone wants to swap it for (almost) anything
please email me privately.

Dames TWD.


Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 08:55:07 -0500 (EST)
From: James Poulakos <>
Subject: Another Satellite Revealed

Can't say your interpretation of these lyrics ever occurred to me, but I
find it interesting and plausible. I still favor the idea that it's about
an would-be lover, but your arguments seem plausible. I certainly love to
take apart verse and song lyrics like this and feel that I have found
something meaningful -- one of the main reasons I have been a Partridge
fan -- it's much more satisfying to me than songs/poems where the story,
scene, or message-to-be-conveyed is straightforward and artlessly retold.

     Dass etwas schiefgegangen ist weiss man immer nur dann,
   wenn man gerade eine ungerade Anzahl von Fehlern gemacht hat.
    My home page is now at
                       James Poulakos


Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 17:02:35 +0100 (MET)
From: Zastai - Observer of Mankind <>
Subject: Little Quiz

The following is a little quiz for all you fanatics out there. The
answers are from an old (1992 I think) interview with Andy Partridge,
which I will post next Monday, along with the winner.
Please send solutions directly to me, not to the list.

Who is the greatest XTC fanatic?  --  FINAL EXAM

1. Give at least two of the working titles of
    a) The Big Express [* first two answers: 1 pt, each additional: 2 pts *]
    b) Nonsuch         [* first two answers: 1 pt, each additional: 2 pts *]
	(NOTE: Only titles found in the interview are accepted.)

2. In what liquid does Colin Moulding like to bathe (except water of course)?
    [* 2 pts *]

3. What did Virgin's A&R guy do to the single-version of 'Life Begins at the
    Hop'? [* 2 pts *]

4. How many songs were written for 'Nonsuch'? [* 1 pt *]

5. What do these words mean? [* 1 pt each *]
    a) Nonsuch
    b) Morgasm

6. XTC had some trouble with a manager who ran off with 10 million of
    royalties. What was the name of the guy who managed them for a while
    after that, but dropped them for a shot at becoming a film producer?
    [* 2 pts *]

Good luck!

 ________________________________ __________________________________________
/ Tim Van Holder                 |---------THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE---------- \
(  also unknown as Zastai        | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (
)   | In a hart full of Dust, lives a creature )
< University of Antwerp, Belgium |  called Lust --  Bjork Gudmundsdottir    >
) ========================================================================= (
(   " Luck's my middle name. Mind you, my first name is Bad..."             )
\         - Rincewind the Wizzard in Terry Pratchett's 'Interesting Times' /


Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 11:11:39 -0500
From: (Chris Van Valen)
Subject: Top Three D.I.D.s - an update

Hi all

I've been compiling a "Top Three DID" poll that I had hoped to post on
March 1, but the response hasn't been overwhelming--only 15 responses so
far. This is hardly enough to make a representative cross section. So if
you are going to submit a list of three DIDs, please e-mail me. If not,
I'll let the ball go.


If you have an unpleasant nature and dislike people
this is no obstacle to work.
                                --J.G. Bennett
Help us save "Forever Knight"!


Date: Mon, 12 Feb 96 11:00:22 CST
From: "Bernhardt, Todd" <>
Subject: A Daunting Task

    'allo, 'allo:

    Not too long ago, I queried subscribers of Elephant Talk, the King
    Crimson newsletter, about whether anyone had any decent live recordings
    of drummer/deity Bill Bruford with Yes (prior to his departure in '72,
    of course) or with Genesis (in 1975, when they were still good). One
    fellow was kind enuf to send along a tape of BB w/Genesis and, after I
    told him what I had to trade, asked for an XTC sampler, since he was
    unfamiliar with the band.

    Holy sh*t! I thought. A chance for a convert! Naturally, I said sure,
    and this past weekend I took up the task of filling a 110-minute tape
    with "An Intro to XTC: This is Pop!"

    Well. It was a bit more difficult than I imagined. My first list of
    songs -- which I thought was quite draconian -- ran 152 minutes, which
    obviously violated the laws of physics, so I had to do even more
    cutting. Now, submitted for your approval, is the final list and
    running order (excuse me if I don't get the titles exactly right):

    Side A:
    Radios in Motion; This is Pop; Statue of Liberty; Are You Receiving
    Me?; Making Plans for Nigel; Ten Feet Tall; Real by Reel; Respectable
    Street; Generals and Majors; Living Thru Another Cuba; No Language in
    our Lungs; Senses Working Overtime; No Thugs in Our House; In Loving
    Memory of a Name; Funk Pop a Roll (the Mummer songs were taken out of
    order to accomodate tape length).

    Side B:
    Love on a Farmboy's Wages; Great Fire; Wake Up; Seagulls Screaming Kiss
    Her; The Everyday Story of Smalltown; You're the Wish You Are I Had;
    The Meeting Place; Extrovert; Mayor of Simpleton; Merely a Man;
    Pink Thing; Peter Pumpkinhead; Dear Madam Barnum; Omnibus; Rook (I
    switched the last two because I wanted the tape to end with Rook).

    I got to add Omnibus at the last minute because each tape side was
    actually a little more than 56 minutes and I had built in some padding
    to account for segues (and I knew I had an extra 3.30 left because I'm
    lucky enuf to have a deck with a real-time counter).

    Here are the songs that I initially included but that didn't make the
    cut: She's so Square; Jumping in Gomorrah; Complicated Game; Don't Lose
    Your Temper; Burning With Optimism's Flame and English Roundabout/Cut
    It Out (live B side of Love on a Farmboy's Wages EP; Cut It Out is a
    jam on the Scissor Man progression); Wonderland; Another Satellite;
    Chalkhills and Children.  Some of these were easier to cut than others,
    some I really agonized over.

    Now, before you flame me, keep in mind that this was a tape for an XTC
    virgin (can I put those two words next to each other? :^) and, while
    many of these songs are favorites of mine, I also considered what would
    be most accessible, interesting or fun to the initiate and make him
    want to go out and buy more.

    But I'm interested in your opinions, so I thought I'd toss this
    gauntlet out -- what songs would YOUR 110-minute tape contain? The
    basic groundrules would be the ones I followed: at least one song from
    every album (B-sides count), with the albums in chronological order
    (you can switch songs from original order on the album to accomodate
    tape length or for aesthetic reasons, as I did).

    One of the interesting things about this exercise was that it made me
    revisit some albums I hadn't listened to for a while, and made me
    re-evaluate which ones were/are my favorites.  For instance, though I
    had responded to the Desert-Island Discs post with English Settlement
    as my XTC choice, I think I'd have to switch that to Mummer, followed
    closely by Black Sea or Big Express (Nonsuch is still too recent to
    qualify, though I love it -- give me a couple of years).

    Anyway, whaddya think? Make a tape for that friend who's never heard of
    XTC but who you know has the good taste to appreciate them, if they
    were only given the chance!



Date: Mon, 12 Feb 96 12:17:52 -0500
From: "Kendrick, Tim" <>
Organization: Dictaphone Corporation
Subject: Prince of Orange

 Hi !

  Just yesterday I got a tape of Andy's "HELLO CD"
   songs.  They're great !!!   I've been listening
   to them almost non-stop for the past 24 hours.
   (Thanks again Dave !)

   I especially love PRINCE OF ORANGE.
   But here's my question - what the hell is it about ???
   I read the lyrics off the web site, but I still can't figure
   out the meaning of this one.
   But I love it anyway !!!!!

   Also, is there any deadline to summit a song
   for the SkyLacking tribute tape ?  Another Chalkhillian
   and myself are starting work on a couple of songs,
   but due to our limited free time, it may take us several
   more weeks to come up with a finished product.
   How much time do we have before it's too late ???

   "Look at these hands ....."


From: Ricky Kreitman <>
Subject: Beatnik Beach
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 96 09:48:00 PST

Does anyone know how to get a hold of the Beatnik Beach album (Jellyfish
before they were Jellyfish)?

If anyone has a copy, maybe I can trade them for something (Beatle boots...).


Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 13:06:28 -0500
From: Ken Manheimer <klm@CNRI.Reston.VA.US>
Subject: Re: Barfi Mitchell
Organization: Corporation for National Research Initiatives

Opinions - big fun!

> From: (Patty Haley)
> Subject: Re: Barfi Mitchell (fwd)
> > What do the rest of you think?  I know we're all in favor of diversity,
> > but about why we like stuff.  Am I the only non-musical type?
> How can you be non-musical when you've spent this whole post talking
> about music?  Jes' because, to quote a band we all know, I find whenever

I like this list, and i like hearing people's likes and dislikes,
whether or not they're different than mine.  Even more, i totally
agree with patty's point that appreciating music does *not* require
attention to technique.  However, i want to add that "musical
appreciation" is a reflection of a personal experience, and **not**
some kind of objective judgement about what is wrong and right in the

Maybe this is just one perspective on it, or perhaps it's patently
obvious, or something.  But i mention it for a reason - it bothers me
when i see opinion, particularly negative ones, cast as objective
judgements of the quality of the some artwork.

> prefer a bit of Kirsty MacColl, meself.  I can't see immature raving
> as style.  Ms. MacColl shows the XTC ability to write a song, and even

"Sounds like" immature raving to *you* - sounds like fierce, genuine,
and crafty expression to me.  Who's right?  DON'T ASK.

Tell me what threw you off, convinced you it's not genuine, i'll be
interested.  That's input, perspective.  But don't try to convince me
that you're right and i'm wrong!

(It's handy that you would use immature as a perjorative, though.
I've certainly had some amazing, touching experiences with naieve and
primitive art - if you've ever gotten even a hint of the potential
joy, or gut wrenching terror, or whatever, that can be conveyed in
uncontrived stuff, you might see what i'm talking about.  Or how about
just the coarse - the compelling emotional impact of some of bob
dylans stuff (listened to _Blood on the Tracks_ last night - egads,
yay!), and the frenetic thrill of lots of stuff off Go2.

Or how about this - have you *ever* been surprised, even once, by
seeing beauty in something you would have expected to find ugly?  Then
you may see that that there are *no* simple formulas when it comes to
judging art.)  If you don't like alanis morisette, and it affects you
like fingernails on the chalkboard, let us know that it's upsetting,
but realize that some people *like* fingernails on the chalkboard!

(I happen to like alanis a whole lot, but i totally understand how her
stuff could strike people as affected, or whatever.  I am quite
interested to compare notes, find out how other people respond -
that's one of the joys of these kinds of lists, particularly
chalkhills, where people tend to avoid disdain and condemnation.  It's
just that implications that it's "bad" is distinctly insulting *to
me*, because it implies that *i* am wrong for liking it!  Pshaw!)

Please pardon my harangue.  It's not that i took any great offense,
though i was a bit disturbed.  It's more that this kind of thing - how
we can share our involvement with art/beauty/ugliness/etc - is near
and dear to my heart.


|/en /V\anheimer


End of Chalkhills Digest #2-68

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