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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 2, Number 26

                Thursday, 9 November 1995

Today's Topics:

              I figured I'd go to the source
                 XTC as background music
                    I'm Already There
                     big anniversary
                RE: quasi-religious thread
             Andy, Colin and Dave Paint....?
                harold budd + andy meeting
                      Re: God flames
                    Re: Nagged by God
Comparisons & another useless piece of English information...
                Re: Chalkhills & Children
                       Officer Blue


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I'm all religious figures rolled into one.


Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 15:07:36 -0600
From: (Todd Weisrock - CIS)
Subject: Huh?

>>The Fall                This Is Pop
>>Deacon Blue             Towers Of London
>>The The                 I Am The Audience
>>Kirsty MacColl          Scarecrow People
>>Grant McLennan          One Of The Millions
>>The Wonderstuff         Have You Seen Jackie?
>>This Picture            Extrovert
>>James                   No Thugs In Our House
>>Steve Wynn              Here Comes President Kill Again
>>The Magnetic Fields     I'm Bugged/Beatown (medly)
>>Nick Heyward            The World Is Full Of Angry Young Men
>>The Pogues              You're A Good Man Albert Brown
>>Lloyd Cole              You're The Wish You Are I Had
>>Steve Kilbey            What In The World?
>>Marty Willson-Piper     Respectable Street
>>American Music Club             Cynical Days
>>The Church                      Travels In Nihilon
>>Sisters Of Mercy                Rook
>>Lycia                           No Language In Our Lungs
>>M1 Alternative                  Mole From The Ministry
>>Red House Painters              Runaways
>>This Mortal Coil                I Remember The Sun
>>The Mission                     Great Fire
>>The Cult                        Complicated Game
>>Eden                            Human Alchemy
>>The Moon Seven Times            Chalkhills & Children
>>Dead Can Dance                  In Loving Memory Of A Name
>>Black Tape For A Blue Girl      Ballet For A Rainy Day

Boy, I always thought of myself as a music fan!!
Am I the only one who has only heard of one or two
of these bands??

Jim (Kee)


Subject: T-Shirts
Date: Wed, 08 Nov 95 14:43:59 +28616
From: Gregory Silvus <>

I'm still trying to catch up on my Chalkhills reading, but I need
to add a buck fifty to the t-shirt discussion. Great idea. I like
the chalkhorse idea, too, and putting it on an olive-colored shirt
would look way cool. Matter of fact, scrap the quote. Just the horse
on the back of an olive shirt would make everyone ask questions.


Date: Wed, 8 Nov 95 13:57:08 EST
From: (Patty Haley)
Subject: I figured I'd go to the source

I decided I had to find out what caused the Andy/Thomas Dolby
connection, so I figured I'd go to Thomas Dolby himself on this one.
I emailed him and told him of the story I'd heard from a Chalkhills
member who wrote to me and told me he heard it was from Thomas' days
singing in the Paris Metro.

So, here's the word from the man himself.

Read and enjoy.


----- Begin Included Message -----

  Date: 07 Nov 95 17:40:31 EST
  From: Thomas Dolby <>
  To: Patty Haley <>
  Subject: Re: Your affiliation with Andy Partridge


  Please copy the following reply to the XTC mailing list, complete with my
  email address (this is not my personal one, it's for fanmail!)

  Although I did in fact start out my professional musical career singing
  for change in the Paris Metro, that is not where I first met Andy
  Partridge.  It's a long story but here goes!  I was an ardent XTC fan
  from before they got a recording deal.  I used to follow them around
  Southern England when they played pubs and clubs, and I was always in the
  front row.  I would either watch Andy in total awe of his guitar playing,
  singing, compositions and stage presence (for those of you who never saw
  them live, Andy had a MONSTER stage presence) or else I would stand in
  front of Barry Andrews, trying to cause an aneurism in his cranium.
  (Sorry about this, I was young and foolish.) As I rocked out to old faves
  like 'Radios in Motion' and 'Atom Age' I wanted more than anything else
  on the planet to become XTC's keyboard player.  Years later Andy told me
  that would have been too much ego in one band!  Anyway, as history would
  have it Dave Gregory got the gig and Andy started doodling on synth on
  their records.  I was mortified of course, but resolved to go off and
  make records of my own instead.  I did do a short spell as a keyboardist
  in a band called Bruce Wooley and the Camera Club, and to my delight we
  landed the support slot on an XTX tour of Britain.  It was right about
  the time they had just written 'Making Plans for Nigel', and hearing that
  guitar riff in a soundcheck, I knew deep down I was about to have to
  share them with the rest of the world!  And as it turned out I was right
  because that was the song that broke them worldwide.

  I exchanged phone numbers with Andy at the end of the tour, and I sent
  him some demos I'd done.  He was very encouraging about them and, to my
  amazement, offered to help me record them.  So I booked two days in a
  little 8-track studio and made a single which Andy played on,
  co-produced, and refused to get paid for.  The single was 'highly
  acclaimed' (a common euphemism for 'it didn't sell diddly') but it got me
  an album deal with EMI.  Andy also played harmonica on 'Europa' off my
  'Golden age of Wireless' LP.  After I finally extracted myself from EMI
  Records in the early 90's (what a nightmare) we were briefly labelmates
  at Virgin.  Then EMI bought Virgin and I was back where I started.

  Andy came to see my Virtual Reality installation 'The Virtual String
  Quartet' at the Guggenheim Museum in New York in 1992.  I'm not sure he
  got it.  But to my surprise he did have in tow an ex-girlfriend of mine,
  with whom he has since become a big item.  The last time I saw him he
  came to London to play some blinding guitar on an ill-fated single of
  mine entitled 'Your Karma Hit My Dogma.'

  I hope this clears up the mystery.  If any XTC fans would like to find
  out more about what's going on on my side of the fence, feel free to
  visit my new Web site the Flat Earth Society

  All the best,

  Thomas Dolby.

----- End Included Message -----


Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995 13:50:28 -0600 (CST)
From: (Kim E. Williams)
Subject: XTC as background music

XTC songs pop up in the least expected places: last Friday I went to GNN's
"Best of the Net" Awards ceremony in San Francisco. Among the music used as
background before the opening of the event, they played "Procession towards
learning land" (one of the "Homo Safari" instrumentals).


I can top this about an instrumental version of Thanks For
Christmas over the speaker system at Houston Intercontinental Airport last
Christmas.  I found myself humming along before I realized what it was.  My
brother was leaving to go back home and when I told him what it was, he
didn't belive me, but he listened and realized that really was what they
were playing.

 - Stick a fork in me - I'm done. (Voodoo Mark Band -Fighting)


Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995 11:56:18 -0800
From: relph (John Relph)
Subject: I'm Already There

7IHd <> writes:
Vzzzbx <> writes:
>Okay, now to the Drums And Wires bit... my copy [which I ordered from the
> UK and received a few weeks ago] is different to all those listed in the
> Discography.  The closest one to it is:
>        + CD, Virgin UK, CDV 2129, 1990?.  front cover has
>          ``Compact Price'' stripe and white border, back cover yellow,
>          correct track listing. reissue.
> ...but my copy doesn't have the 'Compact Price' stripe, or the white
> border, and the back cover is the same as the front with different colours
> [I assume this is in the style of the original D&W release on vinyl].

Then the one you probably have is:

       Making Plans for Nigel; Helicopter; Day In Day Out; When You're
       Near Me I Have Difficulty; Ten Feet Tall; Roads Girdle the
       Globe; Life Begins at the Hop; Chain of Command; Limelight;
       Real by Reel; Millions; That is the Way; Outside World; Scissor
       Man; Complicated Game.
       + CD, Virgin UK (Holland), CDV 2129, 1994?. regular cover, no
         stripes or borders. reissue.

As regards covers (A Testimonial Dessert), remember that the first
requirement was that the bands/artists involved had to love XTC in the
first place.  Now, with that in mind, who would we pick?  (I wonder if
the Galactic Cowboys like XTC...)

With that in mind, I can only think of a few people who I would choose
to be on _A Testimonial Dessert_:

	Suzanne Vega (covering something from _Oranges & Lemons_)
	Mike Kennealy (anything, possibly from _Drums & Wires_)
	Prairie Prince (the Time Bomb) and friends (not from _Skylarking_)

Dear God?  Theological theory bores me.

>From: (Giancarlo Cairella)
>By the way, does anyone own the "Dear God" CD-Single (the one with the
>complete "Homo Safari" series tracks) and would like to sell it?

The _Dear God_ CD single seems to be fairly easy to find (at least in
the U.S. of A.).

7IHd <> writes:
># From:
># "We're all Jesus, Buddha and the Wizard of Oz." -- Merely a Man.
>You missed the "I'm all religious figures rolled into one" in the next
>verse, which explains better what he's saying here. But even so this is
>out of context. Read the rest of the song, (I think) he's saying 'look,
>I might appear to be something completely out of your league[*], but at
>the end of the day I'm just like anyone else'. I don't think this is
>intended as a comment about any of the people listed in the song.

I thought this could be taken two ways.  The first as you say above,
that no matter what our appearence or accomplishments, we're all
basically the same.  The second is that God is not something outside
of us, not a higher powerful entity, but that God is within us, indeed
within everything.  So in truth we are all Jesus, Buddha and the
Wizard of Oz.  Heaven isn't a place we're all headed to (or away from)
after death; heaven is here on Earth if we are godly, that is to say
"good", people.  We make our own Hell or Heaven.  Andy says:

    Everybody says join our religion get to Heaven
    I say no thanks why bless my soul
    I'm already there!

	-- John

Truth, justice, and the American way are mutually exclusive.


Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995 16:48:18 -0500
From: Ted Harms <>
Subject: big anniversary

It seems Chalkhills #500 is coming up. (I just received #2-25 and the new
method of cataloging changed after issue #462.)

Any special plans?  A 'Best-Of' issue?  How about Top 500 favourite lists
(favourite xTc songs or reasons why they should tour)?  How about some cake?

Ted Harms                         Library, Univ. of Waterloo              519.888.4567 x3761
"Quis costodiet ipsos constodes?" - Juvenal, Satires, VI, 347


Date: 8 Nov 1995 17:01:36 -0500
From: "Ken Salaets" <>
Subject: RE: quasi-religious thread

Someone once sang: "Go ahead and kill your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a
friend.  Do it in the name of heaven, you can justify it in the end..."  I
think the song was called "One Tin Soldier" or something like that.  Pretty
fair observation, in my view.

As for me, my faith and belief in God is firm and not based on any man or
woman's opinions.  Hence, it is not harmed by contrary expressions, nor for
that matter, by those who may agree with me!  I am comfortable in my beliefs,
and not afraid nor put off by those who may disagree.  It's a mighty big
world we got going here, and it seems to me there's room enough for all of
our ideas.

Besides, Andy has a knack for merging his opinions with melody and rhythm,
and I, for one, find them both amusing and entertaining.  Does that mean I
have to agree?  Hell no!  But that also doesn't mean that I don't...   ;>


Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995 16:06:39 -0600
From: (Chris Van Valen)
Subject: Andy, Colin and Dave Paint....?

Here's a variarion on the "TD is Great vs. Sucks" debate and the ongoing
theological salvos.

Who should XTC cover???

The rules are as follows:

1) No Brian Wilson songs. (Too obvious)
2) No B*****s. (ditto)
3) No drum solos.
4) No crybabies.
5) So far they've covered only Beefheart("Ella Guru") and Dylan
("Watchtower"), so the field's wide open.

Go to it!



in a milkbar and feeling lost


From: "Smith, Daniel R." <DRS@DC4.HHLAW.COM>
Subject: harold budd + andy meeting
Date: Wed, 08 Nov 95 16:08:00 PST

>From Laura Parent <>:
> Does anyone else out there really like the Budd-Partridge disc "Through
> the Hill"? I swear it is the best sleeping music ever.
> Does anyone know the history of their collaboration?

I think they met when, in a bar late one night, Harold was getting mouthy at
the pool-table (too much ale, i reckon), and Andy swatted his butt with one
of the band's wonky keyboard tunes from Go2, left over from the last tour,
that they didn't use.

Harold then got supremely pissed off and popped Andy over the head with his
guitar strings.  Naturally, a brawl ensued.  After 20 minutes of duking it
out, they found themselves completely exhausted, laying in each others arms
under the pool table, like worn out boxers in a ring of death and carnage.
Out of breath, no less.  They realized: mortal enemies do not lie under the
pool tables during a fight.  They kill each other.  We have nonsuch energy
left to do that.  So they simultaneously asked each other "Are you a

I mean, they asked:   "Are you a musician?"

They discussed the endless possibilities available to them over a bag of
rusty M&Ms until daylight.  This was a long time ago.  I guess they kept in
contact over the years by a satellite dish hooked up by a fork and knife.
They finally got the project done, recently.  You can hear strange
likenesses to bar fights in the "Island of Western Apples" (? I think that
is the name?), if you listen carefully.  Mike Oldfield was there as well,
but when he saw the fight, he ran like hell.  Even though he ran into a
wall, he didn't have to fight at least.

If you don't believe me, go ask Andy yourself.  His glasses are still a
little crooked when he smiles.  But I should know; I was there.


Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995 18:49:23 -0500
Subject: Re: God flames
From: "David G. Shaw" <>

I've been reading this list for two months, and have only posted here
once before. I am very close to abandoning this whole mess -- I wanted to
read about a band, not the list members' religious beliefs.

Give it a rest already.


From: M Wilson <>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995 17:40:08 +0000
Subject: Re: Nagged by God

> From:
>"Dear God" is not Andy's first attack
> on Christianity/God; in fact, he has taken several swipes at the religion
> throughout his career. Here are some examples:
> "We've seen no Jesus come and gone." -- Travels in Nihilon.
> "The lamb is brought to the ground under the weight of the crown, a crown
> of thorns and dark deeds, the swastika and the hammer and symbol are
> sickles that reap only weeds." -- Reign of Blows.
> "We're all Jesus, Buddha and the Wizard of Oz." -- Merely a Man.
> "Is there a God in heaven? Everybody says join our religion, get to
> heaven. I say no thanks, why bless my soul I'm already there." -- Season
> Cycle.
> "All of a sudden we find heaven's not there." -- All of a Sudden.
> " . . . a child to the virgin came; will you tell them that the reason why
> we murdered everything upon the surface of the world is so we can stand
> right up and say we did it in his name?" -- This World Over.
> "Jumping in Gomorrah I'm religion free." -- Jumping in Gomorrah.

None of the above seem like a general attack on religion to me.  They seem to
indicate that Andy hasn't much time for organized religion - the kind that
preaches love and always finds an excuse not to practice it.  Many of XTCs
songs sound very 'pagan' to me though I'm fairly certain that Andy isn't a
pagan either.	eg:-

	Summer's Cauldron
	Season Cycle
	Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
	Sacrificial Bonfire
	Garden of Earthly Delights
	Chalkhills and Children
	Peter Pumpkinhead
	Humble Daisy
	That Wave
	World Wrapped in Grey
And most of all - Rook

Then again I could just be reading into them what I want - like everyone else?

		Martin Wilson, University of York, UK
		          All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals
			An it harm none, do what you will


Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 16:11:31 +1300
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: Comparisons & another useless piece of English information...

From: Vzzzbx <>
>This might be a topic that's been covered millions of times here already,
>but does anyone have any XTC songs that could have been inspired by other

(part 2!) Next time I'll leave replying till I've done some more
thinking.... There was an old song by someone like Al Green (I've looked it
up, it was Johnny Nash...) called "(what a) Wonderful World" which had
lyrics like: "Don't know much about geography/never read too much of
history...." and generally heads off sounding like the singer was a former
mayor of Simpleton...

Maybe, just maybe, there was a bit of self-inspiration with the bass
line from one XTC song (One of the millions) inspired by a vocal line
in another one (All you pretty girls)...


Another piece of Anglicism that people may not be aware of (talk about the
Uffington Horse reminded me to look it up): Ermine Street (as mentioned in
Chalkhills and Children) is one of Britain's traditional "Royal Roads"
dating from Roman times and probably earlier. The best known one is Watling
Street, which runs from  London (and is now the A5) to Shrewsbury. The
others are Icknield Street and the Fosse Way. Ermine Street runs north from
London towards Lincoln, and was a major Roman road. The most obvious
straight stretch is now used by the A10 and A14, between Cheshunt (London)
and Huntingdon.

BTW, if I wanted a lot of the recent messages, I would have subscribed to
"Phenomenology'r'us", not "Chalkhills". Andy's atheism (or not), OK.
Whether God exists? Come on... people have been arguing that for millenia -
we're not going to settle it here.


James Dignan, Department of Psychology, University of Otago.

Ya zhivu v' 50 Norfolk St., St. Clair, Dunedin, New Zealand
pixelphone / steam megaphone NZ 03-455-7807

   * You talk to me as if from a distance
   * and I reply with impressions chosen from another time, time, time,
   * from another time                     (Brian Eno)


Date: Wed, 08 Nov 95 15:43:34 EST
From: ldsteve@MIT.EDU (Stephen Gilligan)
Subject: Re: Chalkhills & Children

TO Ben Gott:

I found the Chalkhills & Children book over the summer at Tower Records
in Burlington , MA.  I'm sure they've still got it.  I found it most
entertaining.  I'd heard/read about some of the stuff before 'cause,
well, when you follow a band you just do.  Right?  It's heavy on the
earlier years probably because they were the most active.  There's no
musically technical stuff (like "I started playing this song in E but
moved it to G 'cause I sang it better there, etc.). I don't know about
you folks but I find that kind of thing interesting. Email me if you'd
like me to look for it next time I'm out there (Christmas shopping

  Oohh, "It's Nearly Africa" just came on my disc player.  Shake your
bag of bones.. Oh, hey, I have an extra "All you Pretty Girls" 12" if
anyone wants it.  I'll trade for any XTC type thing (demo copies or
such).  I can seem to pass those kind of things by if I see 'em in a
store.  Even if I already have it, I just love those picture singles and
I'm sure someone out there will want it.  IMHO, No Thugs from the Drums
& Wireless disc is simply one of the greatest versions of anything,
anywhere, ever!!!  So much energy!!

Back to work  - One of the millions


Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995 19:34:58 -0800
From: David Mintz <>
Subject: Officer Blue

>Re: Elizabeth Noseworthy <>
>#> Who is it that says 'Is this the right
>#> tempo we're at at the moment?' at the start of 'Officer Blue'?
>I wish I knew, it's the same voice that says 'Ladies and gentlemen,
>presenting for the very last time' in Dear Madam Barnum.  I always thought
>it was Andy, but I've never heard him speak normally.  :)

I recall reading somewhere that it was Terry Chambers that spoke those words
at the start of 'Officer Blue'.

David Mintz

(An avid XTC fan for over 14 years now!)


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