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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #2-16

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 2, Number 16

                 Friday, 27 October 1995

Today's Topics:

                   Re: Where is he now?
                      Prefab Sprout
               Re: Chalkhills Digest #2-15
               Multi-headed hydra o' topics
                        Hello all!
                  number one, the larch
                    testimonial dinner
                      Happy with TD!
                TD II - Electric Boogaloo
                     Ripped Van Ruben
                       The plaques
                   testimonial aardvark
         ...nothing to fear.  He had his beer...
                  TD to the colonies...
                    video tree update


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Date: b[:m 20 Oct 95 17:21:36 PST
From: "MARK HEGGEN" <>

Dear Chalkhillians--
Did anyone out there besides me notice the repeated, if uncredited,
appearance of "Frost Circus" in the PBS American Experience special "Coney
Island"?  Beautiful, spooky juxtaposition against Luna Park and the famed
Wonderwheel-- the latter with spoken quotes from Henry Miller over.

The show is a fabulous one, by the way, and worth watching for more than
just the XTC connection.  -Mark


Date: Mon, 23 Oct 1995 14:34:48 -0500 (CDT)
From: (Kim E. Williams)
Subject: Re: Where is he now?

 relph (John Relph) writes:

>David Yazbek had
>worked with Andy Partridge in the past; they had written some songs
>together and Andy had produced a couple of tracks for a never-released
>album.  So David asked XTC to contribute something.  They said yes,
>went to New York, recorded it, and there ya go!  (Actually, Andy may
>have been living in NYC during that time.)

John L.:

>Does he still live in New York?  Did he return to England?  Why did he move
>to NYC in the first place (Divorce, etc.)?

 From what I understand, NYC is where Andy's friend Erica Wexler lives.  He
seems to split his time between NY and England.  Some of it probably has to
do with the divorce, the kids and the Virgin/EMI contract.

 - Stick a fork in me - I'm done. (Voodoo Mark Band -Fighting)


From: Dennis P Hilgenberg <>
Subject: Prefab Sprout
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 95 15:22:28 EST

> Finally, to Nick Brown---I think that Prefab Sprout is a fabulous band with
> Jordan: The Comeback being one of the very great albums made (and which was
> produced by Thomas Dolby, by the way).  Alas, since that album, I've only
> seen a compilation CD and wonder if they've disbanded. Even if they have,
> what has become of their leader, singer and songwriter Paddy McAloon?

I swear I'd heard something about Paddy doing a solo album in the near
future.  Am I crazy?


From: 7IHd <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #2-15
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 1995 20:52:28 +0000 (GMT)

# From: (Giancarlo Cairella)
# Subject: Extatic Demos / Alibi Records

<snip snip>

I don't suppose anyone knows a UK contact for getting hold of these, do

# From: relph (John Relph)
# Subject: Divers

<snip snip>

John, is this an evil attempt to confuse everyone the way you did me the
other day, or something? :-)

Apologies for lack of interesting contact in this message, I was just
having withdrawal symptoms from posting to the list, sorry.

Oh yeah, one thing, on 'Drums & Wireless', whatever I may have said about
it in the past (and mostly I stand by it, i.e. could do better), that is
a _brilliant_ rendition of Ten Feet Tall.

Glad I got that off my chest.
 |_)|_ *|
 |  | )||


Date: Mon, 23 Oct 95 17:45:47 EDT
From: (Joe Lamy)
Subject: Multi-headed hydra o' topics

Greetings, Chalklates!

Figgered I'd de-lurk long enough to chime in my pointy-headed opinion
on some stuff, and to insert a Shameless Plug (TM) for my band...

Someone asked a while ago what covers we would play of XTC's if we could.
Well, my band Ghostbeat can and does (although we're mostly original).

  We've been playing lately:
    Mayor of Simpleton
    Ugly Underneath
    Senses Working Overtime
    Burning with Optimism's Flames
  Before that:
    Vanishing Girl
    Another Satellite
    Big Day
  We've probably forgotten:
    Making Plans for Nigel
    Funk Pop a Roll
    Beating of Hearts
    It's Nearly Africa
  Myself on the piano (not for public consumption):
    Chalkhills and Children
    Wrapped in Grey
    Ballet for a Rainy Day
    Miniature Sun

So if you need a live XTC fix, just hop in the closest plane/train/
auto/pogo-stick and make yer way down to Central Florida, where you can
revel in the dulcet tones of XTC between drive-by shootings.

Testimonial Dinner: Like it.  Ruben Blades got me hoppin' - in fact, his
version is so different (down to straightening out the 7/8 time to salsify
it) that it's like having two great songs instead of one (because I still
love the original)!

Terry et al: look, stop picking on them just because they have no life
beyond their sycophantic efforts to sound, act, and dress like XTC, or
because they smell bad (according to Mr. Yazbek).  I loved "The Good
Things" from the time it was a humble little b-side.  In fact, it might
have been nice had it made Oranges and Lemons, since its optimism would
have balanced out Colin's other "downer" songs.

Recommendations: This is one of my favorite things about this list, so I'll

  Ben Folds Five - trio from Chapel Hill, N.C.  Just piano, bass and drums,
                   but the bass is fuzzed up, so it sorta functions like a
                   rhythm guitar.  These guys are great, with poppy,
                   catchy, energetic songs, and impeccable singing.  Dive

  Adrian Belew, _Here_ - I mentioned this earlier on the list, but it
                         deserves mentioning again.  His best songwriting
                         and producing effort in some time.

  And of course, Jellyfish, the Grays, Blur, Todd Rundgren, Robyn
  Hitchcock, Martin Newell, 10cc and _Pet_Sounds_-era Brian Wilson, for the



Date: Mon, 23 Oct 1995 18:13:33 -0500
From: (Arthur James Virgin)
Subject: Hello all!

        Hello!  As a new member, its great to be among you!  I am a student
of Full Sail Centre for the Recording Arts getting my audio engineering
degree.  Another great day last week when one of my prof's told me he
worked with Ed Thacker (Oranges and Lemons) on numerous occasions in
Toronto..Thus has arranged for me to talk to him about being an intern for
the man who is responsible for me catching this dreaded Engineer/Producer
bug!  Once again, its great to be here!


"How can I be pleased when I'm handed the keys
  to a town they call Misery" - Andy Partridge

Visit my Quality Music Page!


Date: Mon, 23 Oct 1995 23:14:32 -0400
Subject: number one, the larch

Just in case I missed anyone, or my mailing service has been attacked by
huge dogs, if there is anyone on my leaf list who did not get anything from
me yet, let me know.
Still looking for Testimonial Dinner in Kentucky.


From: (The Lord)
Subject: testimonial dinner
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 09:06:52 -0400 (EDT)

i dig it.

HOWEVER,  i thought that The Rembrandts sounded rather ACHINGLY American.

"... Nigellll"


much pleased am i.


From: Ben Gott <>
Subject: Happy with TD!
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 95 09:54:00 EDT

Although I had to cut math class to hear TD, I'm convinced it's the best
thing I've heard in a long time. At this moment, I especially like Sarah
McLachlan's "Dear God", and Crash Test Dummies' "All You Pretty Girls."
Someone has already said this, but I just want to reiterate: thank you, Mr.

Ben Gott
The Hotchkiss School

"The XTC oeuvre is a catalogue of genius..."
                            -David Yasbek, on the TD


Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 10:41:04 -0400
From: (David Criddle)
Subject: TD II - Electric Boogaloo

     We were listening to A Testimonial Dinner the other day and we came up
     with a list of artists and suggested covers for ATD II:

        Blur - Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me)
        Frank Black/Pixies - This Is Pop?
        Sugar - Respectable Street
        Gipsy Kings - Yacht Dance
        Tom Waits - Ladybird
        Jellyfish - You're the Wish You Are I Had/ Bike Ride to the Moon
        Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians - My Love Explodes
        Paul McCartney - In Loving Memory of a Name
        Todd Rundgren - That's Really Super, Supergirl
                (Whoops! Already on "Skylarking"!)
        Weezer - Burning w/ Optimism's Flames
        Terry and the Lovemen - Blue Beret
        Shonen Knife - Love at First Sight
        Prince - Pink Thing
        Adrian Belew - Crocodile
        Green Day - Outside World
        Madness (Reunion Recording) - When Your Near Me I Have Difficulty
        Squeeze - Merely a Man
        and Finally....
        Bono & the Three Tenors - Thanks for Christmas
                (He's on every other compilation! :<  )

     ...Just in case Mr. Yazbek gets inspired for a sequel!!!

     -Jude and Dave

     P.S.  Last weekend we went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - plenty
     of peers were covered, but XTC's only discernible representation was a
     brief flash of the Oranges & Lemons album art on a video monitor.
     'Course, they aren't eligible for induction until (roughly) 2002.
     (-What's with these homeys dissin' my band?)

     P.P.S. Did anyone else notice that it sounds like Ruben Blades says "I
     hate that XTC" in the last 10 seconds of his song?  WEIRD!


Date: Tue, 24 Oct 95 19:34:00 UTC 0000
Subject: Ripped Van Ruben

In Chalkhills 15 Gustave disagrees with my assessment of the Ruben Blades
cover as the weakest track on the CD.  He's entitled to his opinion, as I
am to mine, no problem there.  I'm not "going against what I don't know",
I'm simply expressing an opinion.  Dean Zemel disagreed with it in the same
issue but in a far less hostile and more mature fashion.

I do choose the Rembarandts over Blades based on those two tracks. Neither
one comes close to the genius of XTC but who does?

As for Blades being "one of the most intelligent singers/songwriters in the
world", we're talking about a song he DIDN'T write, remember!  As a singer
he's adequate I guess.  I asked a friend who loves him and has a bunch of
his CDs and he agreed that he's not that exceptional of a singer.  He likes
the overall sound and feel, which is fine for him.

I think the "most intelligent singer/songwriter" list would have different
people in it, along the lines of Costello, Neil Young, Kate Bush, Danny
Elfman, Tom Waits, John Wesley Harding, Prince, John Lennon, and of course
Andy and Colin.  If Ruben has written material to match these people then I
commend him.

Enough about this, let's hear some other opinions on the Sarah Mclaughlin
track.  My wife says it's better than XTC's version!  I wouldn't go that
far but I think it's the best thing she's done as far as the intensity of
the vocal.  Anyone else think so?



Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 18:02:00 -0400
Subject: The plaques

>>So what are those plaques Andy, Colin and Dave are holding up in the
picture on the album liner?

>Could those be the Casby Awards?

The plaques pictured in Testimonial Dinner were created by the organizers
of the 1993 XTC Music & Friends Convention in Princeton, Illinois. The
convention was held on May 30, 1993. They were made to thank the band for
all the great music they have given us. XTC was, of course, not present at
the convention so they had to be mailed to the band. I believe plaques were
also given to Pete and June Dix who run the Little Express, and to a fan
from England who has been to all 4 XTC conventions (2 in England, 1 in
Canada, plus this one). The photo is credited to Pete and June (erroneously
named Amy in the booklet).


Date: Wed, 25 Oct 1995 00:50:22 -0400
Subject: testimonial aardvark

Today I found a copy of "A Testimonial Dinner", and I quickly devoured,
perhaps to quickly, as I now feel a bit logy.
IMHO, the best 2 songs are Ruben Blades' and Terry's.  It is good to hear
that song in its polished form.  As someone else said, it is too bad that
Living in a Haunted Heart did not get the same treatment, especially with
Halloween coming and all.
I know what the placques are.  The lads were recipients of the second
annual C. Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field
of Excellence.
Has anyone heard the rumor that perhaps Andy was producing the next effort
from Robyn Hitchcock.  In the Kershaw Sessions, a Robyn import, there is
mention that the two met and Andy offered to produce the next album.  It
would be a very interesting pairing.


Date: Wed, 25 Oct 1995 15:08:43 +0000 (GMT)
From: M Wilson <>
Subject: ...nothing to fear.  He had his beer...

> From:
> Subject: TVP's Blue Beret
> Just sitting here enjoying a Watneys (Curse You Red Barrel!!)... hmm... I
> wonder if that might be Andy's favorite beer... anyone know?

I wouldn't have thought so.  Watney's Red Barrel is no longer available
in the UK because it's so vile no one would drink it.  It would appear
that they've continued to offload it to other countries where the people
don't know any better.  Being a Wiltshire man I expect Andy would
appreciate a pint of Eldridge Pope's 'Hardy Country' or the odd bottle of
'Thomas Hardy Ale' Britain's strongest beer.


Date: Thu, 26 Oct 1995 19:14:42 -0400
Subject: Mummer

Ya ever get an urge to listen to a CD you have put at the bottom of your
organizer, destined to live out its existence as more of a prop than an
active part of your musical library?
Well yesterday I decided, "Hey. I should listen to Mummer." Since then,
I've been playing "Great Fire" on average of three times an hour. I'm
almost addicted to it now. I never realized how cool that disc was until I
listened to it in its entirety...I guess I wasn't paying too much attention
to it when I first got it.

Just thought I'd get that off my chest.

   ^  ^ ^^ ^ ^    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    ^  ^ ^^ ^
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  !           !/      


Date: Fri, 27 Oct 1995 17:12:39 +1200
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: TD to the colonies...

Vzzzbx enquired:
>All this talk about Testimonial Dinner has me jealous.

>Does anyone know when it'll be released in Australia?

Australia shmaustralia... there are other places in the same general
vicinity that are also longing to hear Joe Jackson sing Statue of Liberty.
Any info???


James Dignan, Department of Psychology, University of Otago.

Ya zhivu v' 50 Norfolk St., St. Clair, Dunedin, New Zealand
pixelphone / steam megaphone NZ 03-455-7807

   * You talk to me as if from a distance
   * and I reply with impressions chosen from another time, time, time,
   * from another time                     (Brian Eno)


Date: Fri, 27 Oct 1995 11:42:25 -0600 (CST)
From: Erik Anderson <>
Subject: video tree update

I've run a check on how the leaf dubs (4th gen) will turn out and I'm not
impressed with the sound or video quality.  Thus, I've had to do some
rethinking with regards to distribution.

Each Branch will receive a second generation dub and each leaf will
receive a third generation dub, which is still fine for sound and video
quality.  The generations break down as such:

1st gen -- footage taped from tv
2nd gen -- a master (branch) copy is made
3rd gen -- another dub (leaf) is made.

I initially thought about making ONE master tape, which I could dub and
distribute to the branches.  But if it was dubbed again and sent to the
leaves the quality would really suffer.  Alas, I'm going to have to make
a master copy (2nd gen) for each branch.  The problem: it takes me close
to nine hours to produce a master!  Accordingly, branch tape distribution
will be slowed up a bit (I can probably do one a week).

I hope everyone can wait just a little longer to get their tape.

Erik Anderson

Ps. I'm having a PAL conversion done in Canada and will distribute it to
the PAL branch afterwards.  This might not take as long as expected.


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