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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #2-153

         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 2, Number 153

                 Friday, 6 September 1996

Today's Topics:

                   Parts' walk-on parts
                  Chalkhills and Fossils
         Eastern Europe has no room for our lads
                      Analyzing XTC
                    Two Kinds of Songs
                   Epona necklace etc.
                         Re: Beck
              The circle is getting smaller.
                     Mr. Ditko, Mr. A
             Various matters and anti-matters
                   demos + other stuff
                Thought + Question + Reply
                   Sam Phillips/Omnipop
                 Re: Song Interpretations
                      No more Dukes
                Loud Family / XTC Manager
                Get Taken to the Cleaners
You And The Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful song lyrics corrections
               Re: Chalkhills Digest #2-149
                       cloud lyrics
           I'm The Man Who Murdered Love lyrics
                         Wake up
         Fossil Fuel Vinyl and Limited Edition CD
               Promo version of Skylarking
                  Admission; Fossil Fuel
              Fossil Fuel - release delayed!


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Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 09:06:59 +0100
Message-Id: <v01510100ae5052043ff4@DialupEudora>
From: (Mark Fisher)
Subject: Parts' walk-on parts

According to the last issue of Q, Peter Blegvad's Just Woke Up LP (RER PB2)
is now (or about to be) available in the UK (it got a four-star review).

According to the new issue of Q, Cathy Dennis's Am I the Kind of Girl LP
(Polydor 5331512) is about to be released (it gets a three-star review and
a name-cheack for Andy Partridge for co-writing one of the songs).

Mark Fisher (,uk)


Message-Id: <v02110112ae505195bbb7@[]>
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 12:03:12 +0100
From: (Stephen Varga)
Subject: Chalkhills and Fossils


Whilst on a day trip to Kingston-Upon-Thames, I popped into the Virgin
Megastore to enquire about the release of Fossil Fuel.

The info came up on the computer with the release date of 16th September -
a further week's delay!

"Do you have a price for the limited edition CD?" I asked.
"19 pounds and 99 pence (30 dollars!)" they replied

OK I know this is a limited edition and I didn't ask for the price for the
regular edition, but I assume the price will be the same. However,
considering that this is a compilation of previously released tracks,
Virgin EMI could have priced this CD a little more keenly. Had this been
released on Columbia (one of the labels keen to sign up XTC) this singles
collection would have cost aound 15 or 16 pounds as demonstrated by Neil
Diamond's (I don't own this, my wife does, honest!) recently released
ultimate collection.

My advice is shop around now. All the chains and many of the independents
should have the Fossil info on their systems by now so why not find out the
price? It would be a nice idea to pool our resources for everyone's benefit
to find the lowest prices in each other's countries.

For the UK Chalkies for example, if you live near a Music and Video Club
store and you're not already a member, join up now. It was free to join
when I became a member and still might be so now. Even if it isn't, it
shouldn't cost you more than a deep sea diver (fiver) which would pay for
itself after two or three purchases. CDs and Videos always arrive on the
release date and anything not in stock can be ordered and you will still
get the club member's price. In the case of Fossil Fuel, expect to pay
around 17 pounds (26 dollars). This is of course, subject to confirmation.

Makro is another alternative for discounted CDs although they can be slow
on the new releases and may not stock Fossil Fuel at all if it fails to
make an impact in the UK album charts.


Chris Twomey, are you out there? 10 out of 10 for your well written
biography on XTC which I hope gave you the financial rewards you truly
deserved! Would you like some more? Good!

Next year it will be five years since the Chalkhills and Children Biography
was published. Any chance of a revised edition or a second biography?

Not only could we get the info on the last five years, but also the story
behind  the Nonsuch saga which appeared to be summarised in the original
book. A good point to end the story is XTC finding a new label and the
release of the new album (due in early 97 according to Q)

And what about Ian Reid? Are any more details allowed to be revealed? Sorry
Chris, I'm only giving suggestions, not telling you what to do. I hope you
don't think I'm not being too cheeky. What to other Chalkies think?


The other day I listened to all the Fossil Fuel tracks using my existing
CD's in the correct running order. (What I sad person I am!)

During those two and a half hours, it really made me aware of the
progression of the band over the 15 year period. Listening to Science
Friction and then Wrapped in Grey, you could hardly believe that this is
the same band! These are my observations of Fossil Fuel:

THE BARRY ANDREWS PHASE Simple but fun 3 minute pop songs with pretty
meaningless lyrics and all pretty similar in style characterised by Barry's
organ sound. Listening to these tracks, I got the impression of a band that
wouldn't last 5 minutes, let alone 20 years.

THE STEVE LILLYWHITE PHASE Heavy drums and more creative compositions took
XTC up to the next level. Vocal style is still Zany but the musical styles
are light years ahead of the first two albums.

ENGLISH SETTLEMENT By 1982,the XTC sound had really matured both musically
and vocally. The zany vocals have been replaced by a much more serious
style. Higher fidelity sound than anything previously with rich complex
compositions and, for the first time, the extensive use of synthesizers.

MUMMER A temporary loss of the big drum sound. Rural and rustic music but
experimenting with new styles

BIG EXPRESS A return of the big drum sound with some top heavy over production.

SKYLARKING Grass - sounds more like the Worzels than XTC with Colin's vocal
style and the Meeting Place reminds me of Camberwick Green! Todd's
production added a new musical direction to the XTC sound. Soft sounding
but bright with a far more eighties feel than the previous two albums.

ORANGES AND LEMONS XTC reach new heights of complexity and sophistication.
The big drum sound is back again too. The first fully digital album and
therefore new heights of fidelity. A really chromy album. Well constructed,
down to earth lyrics with bright, accessible sounds.

NONSUCH The use of orchestral arrangements put XTC on an even higher level
above that of all it's contemporaries. This is not just music but pure art!
Can XTC go any higher? Well I'd never have known The Good Things was
produced in a cheap studio but I thought the production was still amazing!

When you lend out your copy of Fossil Fuel to your friends, these are some
of the observations they should notice as they drown themselves in
soundgasm. There aren't many bands that keep getting better and better.
Look at the Rolling Stones, for example. In my opinion, they haven't
produced a classic record since 1971!


From: "James Isaacs" <>
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 21:22:41 CET-1CST
Subject: Eastern Europe has no room for our lads
Message-ID: <>

I must again join the fray and be heard.
I have just returned from a weeklong tour of Prague and Budapest, two
emerging metropolises (?) in east/central Europe.  I have to say that
Prague is emerging much more nicely.  Anyone want a cheap vacation?
Go to Prague, it doesn't disappoint.  Unless, you are looking to
increase your XTC collection.  While I went to several fine record
stores (One had the entire Beefheart library), I could not amnage to
find even a single XTC disc.  This was disheartening, to say the
least, because Prague is an XTC kind of town, IMHO.  I mean, come on,
Frank Zappa is a national hero there.
Budapest smelled a bit, because of all the Polski Fiats and
Wartburgs.  It is more of a Leonard Cohen type of town.
Misheard lyric of the month: "I felt just like a potato...", from No
Language in Our Lungs.


Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 16:34:25 -0400
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Analyzing XTC

I wonder why people haven't been sending in interpretations of XTC songs, as
Joshua Hall-Bacher reported in Chalkhills #151.  Is it because we prefer the
latest band news to "ancient history"?  Is it because we mistrust textual
analysis?  Or is it because we feel XTC songs don't need to be interpreted?

To answer this last question, I reviewed Nonsuch to determine which songs
there are the most likely candidates for "interpretation".  I separated them
into three categories according to whether their "subject" was Clear, In
Doubt, or Obscure.  Here goes....

Clear:  Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead, My Bird Performs, Dear Madam Barnum, The
Smartest Monkeys, Crocodile, The Disappointed, Omnibus, Then She Appeared,
War Dance, Wrapped In Grey, Books Are Burning

In Doubt:    Holly Up on Poppy, That Wave, The Ugly Underneath, Bungalow

Obscure:  Humble Daisy, Rook

Comment #1:  This does not necessarily mean that most XTC songs are
self-evident.  Even if the subject of a song is clear, that doesn't mean it
lacks images or metaphors which may be puzzling in their own right.  For
example (allow me to change albums), I would say that "Season Cycle" is
fairly certainly about THE CONTINUITY OF LIFE (major theme, hence all caps)
though I was always intrigued by the line about winter being closed down to
repaint summer.

This line seems to refer to the song's secondary theme, which is capitalism's
treatment of the environment -- witness the line about the building up of the
yonder hills, and the question about who's pedaling the cycle (evidently not
a supreme deity, according to the lyrics in the bridge).  The reason winter's
being closed down is that it's not a tourist attraction, and thus big
business is intent upon varnishing it with gaudy colors.  The subsidiary
cycle in the song, the economic cycle of capitalism, is in fact the motive
force driving the world today.  Unlike the season cycle, it is not likely to
be subjugated, though businessmen will always be looking for ways to promote
eternal expansion; i.e., summer.

Comment #2:  The transparency of a song's lyrics depends, of course, on the
listener's experience - it is this medium through which all music passes,
after all.  If I hadn't read somewhere that "Holly Up on Poppy" was
specifically about Andy's daughter, I know I would find it much more

Comment #3:  Andy is much more prone to open-ended lyrics than Colin.  This
trend apparently spans XTC's entire career.

Comment #4:  From what I've heard about the new XTC songs (and I haven't
heard the demos) it seems that Andy is writing increasingly imagistic lyrics,
which should give us a whole bunch of new songs to analyze when they arrive!


Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 17:50:34 -0900 (PDT)
From: Chris Coolidge <>
Subject: Two Kinds of Songs
Message-ID: <Pine.PCW.3.91.960902173824.7671C-100000@[]>

  For me, there's only two kinds of XTC songs: varying degrees of good to
sublime depending on my mood, and those I don't understand yet.(the one
exception to this is the cover of "All Along The Watchtower" which to my
ears is one of the worst Dylan covers I've ever heard.)Most of the songs
I don't understand yet are from B-sides, 12 inches, EP's and demos, so
that could be because I haven't yet dug through the chaff to find the
wheat. Of their album material, their only album I've refused to get is
White Music. I borrowed it from a friend in college, listened to it
twice, and the only songs that stood out for me were "This Is Pop" and
"Statue Of Liberty." The rest just didn't quite jell somehow. Go2, on the
other hand, stuck to me more; it starts off a lot stronger("Meccanik
Dancing" was the first XTC song I ever heard; it was in early '79, and I
rushed out to try to find the Joe Jackson album I was sure it was on.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find any song called "Can't Wait Until The
Weekend Comes."), and while it's mostly as jarring and jumpy in places as
I found White Music, it sustained my interest a lot more.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 02 Sep 96 21:00:25 EDT
From: Melissa Reaves <MREAVES@KENTVM.KENT.EDU>
Subject: Epona necklace etc.

Hi all!  Hope everyone's had a lovely summer.  I know I have.

I found something at a Renaissance Fayre (which uses the term very loosely)
that I think will be of interest to some of you out there.  It is a metal
(silvertone as they say in the Avon catalogs) pendant of the Uffington
Chalk Horse on a cheap metal chain.  I plan to string mine onto a more
fashionable leather thong.  It's about 2 inches (or 5 cm if you like) long
and quite nice.  I paid US$15.00 for it, which may have been too much but
my delight in finding it was too obvious for me to haggle convincingly with
the shopkeeper.  She didn't have any more but could get some, so I got
her card.  If any of you are interested in such a thing (could be
sufficiently unisex if transferred to above-mentioned leather thong--
but must be a thin one) email me directly at
I will wait seven days after publication of this digest.  If one or two
of you are interested, I'll put you in touch with the person I bought
it from.  If I am deluged with responses, I will see if I can get
them cheaper by consolidating.  Serious inquiries only, please.

The Epona of my subject line is apparently the name of the Celtic
horse goddess or some such.  Looking for another chain I showed it
to another vendor and he exclaimed, "Ah, the Epona."  I had to do
some digging to find out what he was talking about.

Now for the etc.

I feel bad for our Joshua Hall-Bachner not receiving any song inter-
pretations, but to my mind, XTC songs are simply too straghtforward
to need any interpretation.  A while back, we were treated to some
divergent interpretations of "Dear Madam Barnum" among others as I
recall, but I thought they were complete balderdash (not to reopen
a dead horse).  While there are many references in XTC songs that may
need explicating, (and this applies to Colin as much as to Andy),
there is generally a right answer.  (What is a tea cozy?  A knitted
hat to keep the teapot warm.)

I know there are many out there who will disagree, but then why haven't
you sent in your interpretations to this poor fellow?  The songs may
have different associations and meanings _to us_, but I think it's
usually pretty clear what Andy and Colin are referring to.
There's nothing wrong with letting our imaginations run wild and
making up wild allegories from the songs, but...I just don't think
they hold up when the "real" answers are so obvious.  They don't
tend to write straight off the top of their heads with opaque, im-
penetrable stuff like, as I've mentioned before, I find Neil Finn and
our Dave Yazbek to write (and even there it's possible that liner
explanations exist and I just haven't looked hard enough).

The main exeception is a couple of the New Demos, but only because I
can't understand the lyrics or in the case of Prince of Orange, simply
haven't figured out yet what he's talking about.  But I expect a simple
answer should exist.

But enough of all that.  Dead horse.

Something I've been turning over in my head lately is the idea of a
Chalkhills Yearbook.  You know, like your high school yearbook?
What started it all was, indirectly, the demographic survey.  It got
me thinking about all you out there as individuals and wondering what
you're like.  What do you all look like?  Who are you?  Wouldn't it
be fun to put together a special book with all our pictures and a little
bit about us?  And then to take it further and have things like the
Year in Review -- all the major threads, the little flame-wars and
spats, important events in the XTC world etc.  And even those stupid
Most Likely To... elections.

At first I was thinking in terms of a paper publication, but that seemed
stupid and outdated.  This should be an electronic thang, posted to
the website.  Is there any interest out there in working on such a
thing?  I could do a lot of the writing, but I couldn't do any graphic
work or web-type work.  It would require lots of audience participation
and someone(s) to coordinate layout and other stuff.  I can't even

I could actually do a paper version and would enjoy it, but that
seems so hopelessly old-fashioned. We're a virtual group, we should
put together virtual publications.

What do the rest of you think?  Could we get enough of us to even send in
a current photo and brief bio to make it worthwhile?  Do we have people
who want to work on it?  I'd like to see some discussion here.

One last thing.  What do you lucky possessors of the New Demos think
that Easter Parade (as it reads on my copy)
aka Easter Theatre is about?  I can't shake the impression
it's a paean to puberty.  Tell me if I'm mishearing the line "hairs will
kick and leap".  Hares possibly?  But then how do you explain "like the
ground your breasts swell"???  What an icky song!! Why does everyone like
it so much???  I admit I can't understand past the first verse.  Could
someone (Joshua?) post their hearing of the lyrics?

Yours in XTC,


*** Semper Ubi Sub Ubi ***


Message-Id: <v01540b04ae518fb3a22e@[]>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 00:50:59 -0700
From: (E.B.)
Subject: Re: Beck

>From: Michael Faulkner <>
>>Suggestions - who would be your favourite producer for the band?
>Might I suggest Beck!  I'm not referring to Jeff...

Beck's not really a producer, silly. Maybe you mean the Butcher Brothers,
who are responsible for the sound of Beck's excellent new album Odelay? (In
fact, it's my favorite record of 1996 so far....)



From: "James Isaacs" <>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 11:52:27 CET-1CST
Subject: The circle is getting smaller.
Message-ID: <>

Anyway, so last week I was in Prague.  I was in a dance place called
the Bunker, which is a converted old bomb shelter.  Played really
good music, plus some I would not have expected to hear in a club
(Mew Model Army, Bob Mould).  So later in the evening, I hear a song
that was almost an exact cover of "Crowded Room", from "Go 2", a
superior album to "White Music".  Is this a cover that anyone has
ever heard?  The group sounded Scottish.
And also, the last issue's inclusion of "The Rotary" once again
prompts me to mention that everybody should go out and buy "Trout
Mask Replica" by Captain Beefheart and the Magic band, so they can
hear "The Blimp"- and "Ella Guru", which would be on my XTC desert
island tape.
James der-soon to be-Deutscher


Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 11:12:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Craig E. Canevit" <>
Subject: Mr. Ditko, Mr. A
Message-Id: <Pine.SOL.3.94.960903104401.14976B-100000@UTKUX1.UTK.EDU>

Hey, gang!
	In the last Chalkhills, Erich Sellheim posted lyrics
to some Explode Together songs, which I admit I know next to
nothing about. But I did catch the following snippet from
the song "New Broom":

Mr Ditko was right
Mr A so near

Well, for those of you who aren't comics fans, this might be
sort of cryptic. Mr. Ditko is Steve Ditko, a comic book
writer-artist probably best known for his art on the early
issues of Spider-Man. He's worked for Marvel Comics (doing
mostly horror and Spidey), for DC (where he created a bunch
of characters like the Creeper and Hawk and Dove), and for
Charlton Comics (where he did Captain Atom, Blue Beetle,
and the Question). I'm not sure what company--Charlton or
some smaller independent--he was working for in the mid-to-late
1960s when he created Mr. A, a trenchcoat-wearing, objectivism-
spouting hero. I can't say I've read or even seen any Mr. A
appearances, but the character is currently best known in the
comics world for being (amalgamated with the Question) the
source for Rorshach, from _The Watchmen_, which is perhaps the
single most respected comics story.

	Anyway, Mr. A was known for being the very over-the-
top mouthpiece for Ditko's beliefs in objectivism, and this
has me wondering if Andy Partridge has elsewhere made
references to Ayn Rand? I can't say that I know enough about
either Rand or objectivism to see overt or oblique references
in Andy's lyrics. Would someone care to elaborate?

	Finally, the lyric is also peculiar in that it's the
only comics allusion (that I know of) in their corpus that is
*not* referring to a DC comic. How well-distributed were non-DC/
Marvel comics in 1960s England, anyway?

worrying about the potential for a great floating objectivism
flame war (a la the philosophy newsgroups),


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 96 11:43:00 -0500
From: dgershmn <>
Organization: AMS
Subject: Various matters and anti-matters

Hi Chalkhillbillies all,

A few items...

myke <> proclaimed:
>John Coltrane and Charlie Mingus are the only jazz that matters.

Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" is one of the greatest albums of all time.
Period. You should all own a copy. And buy one for someone else.

And Paul Gelpi said:
>My first exposure to XTC was in late 1982 or early 1983 through a sunday
>night show on WBCN in Boston (by 1985 the show was called Oedipus'
>Nocturnal Emissions but I cannot recall its name in 1982/83) which was
>generally an AOR station playing the hard rock hits of the day except for
>this show.

Just a small correction: Back in the early '80s, WBCN was NOT the hard-rock
haven you actually was the only commercial station really playing
"new wave"/punk music in the Boston area at the time. It filled the niche
that WFNX does now, but without the complete overkill that characterizes
that station. It wasn't until the mid to late '80s that the station reverted
to playing the hair bands (Ratt, anyone?) and other such crap. Of course now
that alternative is what sells, they've switched back.

And from the omnipresent Joshua Hall-Bachner:

>>In Joshua-hills, oops, I mean Chalkhills #150 (but didn't it seem like every
>>post in that last one was from Mr. Hall-Bachner?)
>That isn't a flame, is it? Sorry, when I get a notion I dash off a note. Can
>you blame me? :)

Not at all...merely an observation, not a judgment. Keep 'em coming!

>...the last two weeks have been quite big days to me.  This is
>because I traveled in the U.S. and had a really enjoyable time with
>a few American Chalkies there.  I had a nice conversation with D.G.
>by phone in Boston (not Dave Gregory, of course)...

Nope, not Dave Gregory, but me, rather. It was a very pleasant surprise to
get a call from Naoyuki...wish I could have met him in person and showed him
around Boston a bit, but any personal contact with a Chalkhillian is pretty
cool! On that note, I recently met Andrew Bissaro after a gig by his band,
ian faith (all lowercase is how they spell it...).

;) And if it isn't our friend, Joshua Hall-Bachner, once again, wondering:
>Anybody out there notice the odd way that demo outtakes (like Down A Peg)
>sound less "demo-ish" than the demos of released songs? Is there any
>particular reason for this, is it just my mind reacting strangely?

Well, I can't speak for how your mind is reacting, but I do believe the
reason for this is that with demos of unreleased songs, you have nothing
that you're used to hearing to compare them to. They sound as fully produced
as you've ever heard them and hence just sound like overly dubbed versions
of a finished studio recording. The other demos sound more "demo-ish"
because you have a clean, fully produced studio version already in mind, and
it can only sound rough in comparison.

And finally, things are going along smoothly with the Desert Island XTC
Survey, but there's still a bit of ground to cover before reaching the
desired minimum of 100 responses. If I said that certain songs are receiving
surprisingly few votes (it's true...I kid you not), and maybe your favorite
song is among them, would that get those of you who haven't responded yet to
respond any sooner? No, I can't say which songs I have in mind, as that
might swing the responses in a certain direction, but I can safely say that
YOU should respond ASAP (to me at "") with your personal
list of the Top 5 XTC songs you'd want to have with you on a desert island.
The deadline remains at Sept. 20 . . . offer your opinions now and let your
voice be heard!

Rock the XTC Vote!

Dave Gershman

P.S. I'm still not convinced that this "Paul Bailey" character is for
real...I'd be happy to know that he was, though. Can anyone report on the
veracity of his claim that he is "management" for XTC?


Date: Tue, 03 Sep 1996 12:13:00 -0500 (UTC -05:00)
Subject: demos + other stuff
Message-id: <01I91IF6DWO290KHM4@KUHUB.CC.UKANS.EDU>

Joshua Hall-Bachner <> ponders:

>Anybody out there notice the odd way that demo outtakes (like Down A Peg)
>sound less "demo-ish" than the demos of released songs?
>the Nonsvch and post-Nonsvch demos are all good enough quality (not sound
>quality, I mean the quality of the actual performance and arrangement) that
>they could concievably be merely remastered and released

I have definitely noticed this.  Even the Nonsvch demos (like Books are
Burning, Wrapped in Grey, etc.) sound like demos compared to the album
versions, whereas Goodbye Humanosaurus, Man who Murdered Love, etc. don't.
And the new demos sound like they could be improved only in sound quality
and released just as they are.  Incidentally, it was the demo version of
Books are Burning that really turned me onto that song.  I didn't
appreciate what a great song it is before hearing the demo version.

And thanks to this list, I now really like ES.  It didn't appeal to me, but
after seeing what seemed like everyone plugging the album, I decided to
give it another listen.  I agree that starting w/ Senses and up to AOAS is

Also, at the end of last semester, someone approached me on campus
(University of Kansas) and asked about my Chalkhills T-shirt, being an XTC
fan.  I referred him to the Chalkhills website and this mailing list.  Are
you out there lurking??  Just curious.


P.S.  Is Dave Gershman (Maker of "English Settle-Mints" that leave your
senses working overtime - HaHaHa, very funny!) the only other Chalkie who
doubts the validity of the post in #151 from XTC's manager?  I'm not saying
I don't believe it, just that I have my doubts.  Most of the insight he has
could have come from being on this mailing list.  And it seems to good to
be true...Hmm?


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 12:44:42 -0700
From: (Ian Dahlberg)
Subject: Thought + Question + Reply


        Is it just me or does anyone else recognize the Smurf's song that
Andy partially quotes in "Wonder Annual"?  If not, I'm jealous!  <Sigh> Oh,
it's not that bad.

        What is that "This Is Not The New Album" picture in the archives
all about?  Just curious.

LaShawn M. Taylor quoted & wrote:

>: An internet conference will be set up very soon so that you will all be
>: able to speak to Andy directly.

>Wait a minute. Andy? Our Andy? Our
>I-won't-go-near-a-computer-except-for-music Andy?  This I simply have to

        I believe what usually happens at these type of things is that the
artist will sit near the computer answering questions while a fast typist
dictates.  I've seen it done with Steely Dan and others.



Message-Id: <v01510101ae527f94ffc1@[]>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 20:58:41 -0400
From: (Matt Naranjo)
Subject: Sam Phillips/Omnipop

Greetings, Chalkophiles,

With all the buzz about the nearly upcoming Fossil Fuel release, I have
nothing to offer except some unrelated words about another interest to some
of us: Sam Phillips.  Postings from about a month ago told us about the now
alive,and breathing new release "Omnipop".  I'm curious about what anyone
thinks about this record.  While it has some great moments that work as a
natural succession to "M's & B's", some of the tracks seem pretty wacko!
The album's subtitle, "It's only a fleshwound, lambchop" will certainly
provide a huge chuckle for anyone who knows the movie reference it came

..."Love's not a product you can hoard, or pack a suitcase with"...

Matt Naranjo


Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 23:01:24 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: Joshua Hall-Bachner <>
Subject: Re: Song Interpretations

>Re. Joshua "Mr. Prolific" Hall-Bachner's call for song interpretations, I
>thought of taking you up on that but I had no idea what you meant by
>"interpretations."  Analysis of the lyrics?  Personal significance?
>Reviews?  Please explain further.  Thanks.

Any of the above. Plus any little tidbits of information that may be of use
in understanding the song. Basically, anything you can write that has to do
with the meaning of the song is fair game.

/---------------------------Joshua Hall-Bachner---------------------------\
|   |
| "Life is like a jigsaw. You get the straight bits, but there's something|
\-----missing in the middle."--XTC, "All Of A Sudden (It's Too Late)"-----/


Date: Tue, 03 Sep 1996 14:23:17 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: No more Dukes
Message-id: <9608038418.AA841807659@FINSMTP1.FIN.GOV.BC.CA>

  Pete Philips asks:

>Will there ever be another Dukes album?

  Andy says the Dukes died in a horrible kitchen accident.

>Which XTC album is most similar in style to the Dukes material?


  Oh, you asked which <I>XTC album</I>.  Well that's different, isn't
  it?  The answere:  there isn't one.  The Dukes are a unique,
  free-standing entity that sounds more like The Beatles (or The
  Hollies or The Beach Boys or Pink Floyd or The Move or The Byrds or
  Paul McCartney) than anything XTC ever recorded.

  Oh alright, I'll give you the answer (but with plenty of hedging):
  The XTC album with the greatest quantity of psychedelic influence
  (and even that's remote and only heard in passing) is Oranges and

  I hope this doesn't sound too flippant.



Message-Id: <>
Subject: Loud Family / XTC Manager
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 96 00:40:42 -0500
From: Della & Steve Schiavo <>

>I second the idea of Game Theory/Loud Family as something like an American
>XTC...Scott Miller is a brilliant and very inventive songwriter, though
>possibly a little less consistent than Andy. I suspect a lot of you would
>like them a lot, if you haven't already discovered them (pick up "The Big
>Shot Chronicles" for a taste of Game Theory at their best).

It might be easier to find the new Loud Family album "Interbabe Concern."
It may well be the best album of the year.  After a few listens you will
find that it burns in quite nicely.  "Plants and Birds and Rocks and
Things" and "The Tape of Only Linda" are also highly worthwhile.

>YEAH, RIGHT!! After all we've been through "choosing" producers!?? They're
>taking suggestions? Ha! Nice try! Like we're going to believe that you
>didn't know about that whole thread all along and aren't just trying to play
>some sort of horrible practical joke on us?! What do you take us for,

So let's everybody email him with our choice.  I've already done so and
I'm sure they will take *my* advice.

- Steve


Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996 11:04:19 -0500 (CDT)
From: Mike Chytracek <>
Subject: bootlegs/Rarities
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9609041015.A18105-0100000@cyclone>

Greets to all Chalkies!

I've been lurking around this list for about two years now but this is
onlly the second time I've ever posted.

I have just about everything that has been 'released' from XtC.
There probably hasn't been a day in at least a year that I haven't
listened to something from the group.  And lately, I've gotten a bit bored,

I need some un-released material!  Does anyone have anything they would
be willing to dupe for me!?  I'd send the tape and a few bucks to cover
the trouble of course!

Any and all High-Gen stuff wanted!

The quality is important since most of it will most likely be transfered
to CD so I could listen in my car.


Mike Chytracek


Subject: Get Taken to the Cleaners
From: (Wesley H. Wilson)
Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 96 13:27:13 -0400

Newbury Comics (at least the one in Burlington, MA) is now carrying "Golden
Cleaners" by The Cleaners from Venus, featuring Martin Newell. The price is
$17.99 (UK import), but the store is having a $3 off sale, so you can get it
for a more reasonable price.

Is Golden Cleaners available on vinyl?

So, does anyone want my like-new CD of "Bang, the Earth Is Round" by The

Wes (


Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996 23:33:32 -0400
Message-ID: <>
Subject: You And The Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful song lyrics corrections

Hi! My modem's been down for a week and in the meantime Joshua Hall-Bachner
beat me to the punch with his transcription of the lyrics for You And The
Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful (which I had transcribed the week before).
Curse you, Josh!! Anyway, here's my stab at some of the lyrics Josh was
unsure about:

line 3:  "For I see people who will scratch and spit and kick and fight"
line 5:  "And I don't scrounge inside your head, could amplify the blight"
line 8:  "And every Troy with wooden horse I take to peaceful waters but
can't make 'em drown"
line 9:  "And every Bastille that gets stormtroopered, hail to the chief
comes raining raining raining down"

Line 10 is the trickiest line in the song. I'm fairly confident the above
lyrics are right, however, this one I had a lot of trouble with. After about
a dozen listens I came up with:  "I see people gummed up like they melt to a
summer day".

Line 12: "And I don't rain inside your head, could seriously put a stop to

Actually, I had to listen to these lyrics about a dozen times to come up with
coherent guesses for the words to this song. I've also had a hell of a time
trying to figure out three or four key lines in Colin's "Where Did The
Ordinary People Go?" (which is why I haven't sent it in yet). I'll put the
lyrics up to that song in my next post, complete with absurd guesses at
seemingly incoherent lines and let Natalie Jacobs correct me on those. She'll
get a kick out of the multiple theories I have about the exact wording of the
last line in verse two.

I do have one correction to make on my transcription of "It Didn't Hurt A
Bit". After the lines "It's my word against hers/ Who are you going to
believe?", Colin starts repeating the lines he's sung earlier. It's the
second stanza after this transition that I messed up. I transposed the third
and fourth lines in that stanza (one of the transposed lines is "that's an
end to it"). It's a minor detail, but I figure I ought to correct it since
I'm correcting other's people lyrics as well.

Dave O'Connell
York PA


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 1996 15:09:04 -0700
From: Paul Haines <>
Organization: PST Software
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #2-149

Looking at some older Chalkhills (now that I'm on a new mail server I can
actually see them all) I saw the following from

> Now, if I may... I am *dying* to find CD single versions of Mayor of
> Simpleton (with the songs Living In A Haunted Heart and The Good Things)
> and King For A Day (with My Paint Heros and Skeletons).  Yeah, I know,
> these are probably awefully rare, but... Any one for a trade...or willing
> to sell..??

> Mike  (

It may annoy Mike to know that I found the King For A Day cdep in a sale
bin for $10 in Wellington NZ when I was living there a couple of years
back. It's a nice little cardboard cut out in the shape of a crown. My
heart froze, my palms began to sweat and it now mine. Unfortunately, I'm
also a big collector of XTC stuff and I could never part with this


Date: Thu, 5 Sep 1996 11:01:36 -0400
Message-ID: <>
Subject: cloud lyrics

I'm back in a posting mode on the chalkboard.   Thanks Joshua H-B for taking
a shot on the "clouds " lyrics... it's quite a job,isn't it...?   I think I
can smooth out a few rough spots---   And every morning , people ,  I'm awake
                try---  And every morning BEFORE I'm awake

          For I see people who will scratch and still and kick and FIGHT

         and all these stones inside your head can ever(? the ?)
    And I know storms inside your head can amplify the plight

  and every (toy with ) wooden horse like take to people will just but can't
make 'em drown

and every (chore ?) with wooden horse I take to peaceful waters but can't
make 'em drown

        And every BASTILLE that gets stormtroopered...

    I see people conduct lightning down to a summers day

 and I know thunder in your head ...    there , maybe that makes a bit more
sense , now reinsert these phrases into the other lurics and we are much
closer, though still not quite there ...

    About the fossil fuels hoax??? in issue 151   (I call it a hoax - for
these reasons)

   1)  Entitled Fossil Fuels- the STC singles 1977-1992----   STC?  stc?
 estacy? If "management" can't get it right , what hope is there for us?

   2)  "contains  remixed versions... digitally remastered"...  (couple
paragraphs later) "as originally released" .  Can something be remixed and
remastered as originally released?  How?

     And in one of my first postings ever , I mentioned an article ( Cover
Story) in Diabetes Forecast magazine on Dave Gregory - about being in a Band
while being a diabetic... A nice article ,as well as a nice cover photo of

    I have tracked it down, if anyone is interested :

                            Diabetes Forecast
                             1660 Duke St
                             Alexandria VA  22314

 December 1994 issue $4 plus $ 1.50 postage & Handling check or money order
add $3.50 if outside US , Canada , Mexico This is a public service affiliation with said organisation.

so much for now , sorry if its too long 



Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1996 02:38:35 -0400
Message-ID: <>
Subject: I'm The Man Who Murdered Love lyrics

Hi! This isn't Joshua Hall-Bachner posting. Yet this is a transcription of
one of the unreleased XTC demos (and it's a gem), namely...

I'm The Man Who Murdered Love

(written by Andy Partridge)
[transcribed by Dave O'Connell <>]

I'm the man who murdered love
Yeah! What do you think to that?
I'm the man who murdered love
Yeah! What do you think to that?

He was begging on his bended knee
For me to put him from his misery
He hadn't worked at all this century
Said 'I do a service for humanity'

(repeat chorus)

Put a bullet in his sugar head
He thanked me kindly, then he lay down dead
Thorny roses blossomed where he bled
And all the cheering angels shook my hand and said...

(repeat chorus)

Oh! Yeah!
Oh! Yeah!
Oh! Yeah!
Oh! Yeah!
What do you think?

There'll be no more painful broken hearts
No more lovers to be torn apart
So don't throw me in your dungeon dark
You're unappealing, putting statues up in every park

(repeat chorus)

So dear public, I'm here to confess
I'm the one who freed us from this mess
Love won't be calling at your address
But what you've never had you'll never miss, I guess

(repeat chorus)

What do you think to that? Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
What do you think to that? Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
What do you think to that? Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
[song begins to fade out at this point, however, an undeterred Andy continues
to yell on...]
What do you think to that? Yeah! Yeah!
What do you think to that? Yeah! Yeah!
What do you think to that? Yeah, I'm the man...

{The End}

What do you think, fellow Chalkhillians, of this lyric? I, for one, think
it's a great song.

Dave O'Connell
York PA


Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1996 09:04:04 +0100
Message-Id: <v01510100ae55996f4767@[]>
From: (Mark Fisher)
Subject: Wake up

Just in case no one's mantioned this before, there's a track on Peter
Blegvad's Just Woke Up CD (which I bought yesterday in Glasgow) which has a
track co-written with Andy Partridge called Hell's Despite.

Mark Fisher (,uk)


Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1996 05:58:13 -0400
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Fossil Fuel Vinyl and Limited Edition CD

Dear All

I am sad to report that rumours concerning a very limited vinyl release
of Fossil Fuel seem to be untrue.

I spoke to buyers at both HMV and Tower in London, who were
alleged to have snaffled all 500 available copies, and they both told me
Fossil Fuel will definitely NOT be released on vinyl format.

This was confirmed by Virgin themselves who say they are not
manufacturing any vinyl versions.  Shame.

By the way, the limited edition CD of Fossil Fuel does not appear to be all
that limited.  My local, usually XTC hostile, record store is getting a
zillion copies in.  Please feel free to send me a private e-mail if you
have trouble reserving your copy, I should be able to help.

Gary Minns
<> or <>


From: (Jon Eva)
Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1996 14:53:45 +0000
Subject: Promo version of Skylarking

Dear All,

I've just received some cds I ordered from a British mail order company called
Esprite (their web page is
if you want to check it out, they delivered most of my order in two days flat,
and the imported stuff a week later).

They enclosed a list of all the XTC vinyl and cds they had in stock, and
there was one item which I've never heard of, and which I couldn't find in
the discography, namely a promo LP containing "Songs from Skylarking and an
interview with Andy Partridge".

Has anyone got a copy of this, and if so is it worth shelling out 35 pounds
for? I'd definitely get it if the songs are new versions rather than just
lifted from the 'normal' album.

Please email me privately if you can help,


Jon Eva


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark G. Cuevas" <>
Subject: Admission; Fossil Fuel
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1996 12:22:48 -0700

Hello Chalkies.  My name is Mark and I'm an XTC-aholic. This is my first

	<"Hello Mark">

It seems I've come to the right place.

	<Silent nods>

It all started with Nigel in or about 1979.  I was just a wee lad of 17,
but I knew music. As soon as I heard D&W, I knew that I had heard the
future of Pop (or as we called it at the time, "quasi-phase techno-pop").
It was an exciting time to be in L.A.  The Whisky and Roxy were rockin' and
the Starwood was in its pre-drug infested infancy.  I recall desperately
wanting to see the "1st Urgh - A Music War" at the Santa Monica Civic, but
(at the time) I was intimidated by the mob scenes.  I also knew that the
Santa Monica Civic had "live walls" and cement floors (i.e., lousy
acoustics and hard landings from pit activity).  In retrospect, I regret
that decision not to attend. Now I may never be able to see "the boys."

I could have been there.

I should have been there.

I could have seen them. They were right there.  Right there.  Right there . . .

	<Oh, he's got it bad>

I'm O.K.  Just give me a second.

I'm better now.  Let me just say however that I'm practically wetting
myself after hearing from Mr. Bailey [Chalkhills Digest #2-151 - "GOOD NEWS
FOR ALL. HOORAH!].  New material from the boys of Swindon in '97?  A
possible double-CD!?  I feel woozy.  May I sit down?

	<Silent nods>

As long suffering followers of XTC, surely you can empathize with my
withdrawals. Years of neglect. Hopes dashed.  Surely you have experienced
the taunting from the unenlightened masses reciting "XTC? Oh, are they a

Fools.  Imbeciles!  All of them.  A band is to XTC as a bucket of water is
to the Atlantic.

I need more material.  Please.  You don't understand.  "Fossil Fuel" on
import only?  O.K.  I'll pay it.  Anything.  I'll pay it.  I'll pay it.


	<"Mark. Thank you ever so much for sharing. Why don't we adjourn for



From: Darren A Peace <>
Subject: Fossil Fuel - release delayed!
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 1996 17:51:10 GMT
Organization: Grey Velvet Consulting
Message-ID: <>

Argh!  I was in the Cheltenham Badlands shop this afternoon, awaiting
delivery of the stocks of the "Fossil Fuel" limited editions (although
they can't be sold until Monday, I wanted to see the packaging!).

At five o'clock, the consignment still hadn't been received - when we
rang EMI, they said that delay had been postponed for a week!

This means that the set won't be available for sale until Monday 16th

Just thought you all might like to know.




End of Chalkhills Digest #2-153

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