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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #2-146

         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 2, Number 146

                  Monday, 12 August 1996

Today's Topics:

                       Frost Circus
                      Skipping songs
                    Decorating Tip #23
                  Hi, It's Alan Burston
                      Punch And Judy
                 Go Easy on Homo Safari!
            on typos, christians and longboxes
                Living in a Haunted Heart
                   Sam, Terry and more
                 Fossil Fuel release date
                      All That Nazz
                    Desert island XTC
                       Camera Club?
                     Trib Tape Status
                     Wrapped In Grey
Whoa, Hey!  Wait just a minute here! (yes, this is about the trib. tape)
                   strange phenomena...
A slight XTC bootleg dub change of plans /  Bells, bells, lot of bells.
                       Re: Germany
             Fossil Fuel - The Press Release!
               XTC Lauded in record review
                      This dub over
                     Wanted: XTC CDs
                       XTC ja ja ja
  Videos/Producers/Conspiracy Theories/Pseudonyms/Quotes


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Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1996 19:48:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: alizarine <>
Subject: Frost Circus
Message-ID: <>

Hey, I *like* "Frost Circus"... =)

-alizarine (jazzed about new her $6 CD of "Black Sea" with the B-sides in
the middle)


Message-Id: <>
From: "Simon Knight" <>
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 1996 12:59:50 +0000
Subject: Skipping songs

Re: all this recent talk of skipping bad tracks

Believe me, XTC songs are not like most artists.  Their songs can be
a little more difficult to get into than most.  But don't skip over
songs you don't like!  Just let the albums play through and one day
you might be surprised at how much your opinions change.  Something
might suddenly catch your ear and you'll think "Why haven't i noticed
how interesting that is before?"

I personally have always found English Settlement very difficult to
get into.  Other than Colin's songs, the singles, and (you guessed
it), the brilliant "All of a sudden", it leaves me cold.  I'm not
worried though because i know one day i'll put it on and discover how
great it is.  I thought "Go 2" was appalling until a few months ago,
now it's one of my favourites.

One thing i loved about working my way through their back catalogue
was no matter how smug i was, thinking there was nothing left they do
to shock me, there would always be at least one song on each CD that
would give me pause.  You know what i mean, you're playing the CD and
enjoying it, and then suddenly WHAM! you're thinking "What the hell
is this???"  How many artists can you say that about?

There are no bad XTC songs.  Some are just more difficult than
others.  Invest some patience and time and you will be rewarded.

Five XTC songs i hated and now love:

Blue overall
Human alchemy
Wait till your boat goes down
Reign of blows
Here comes president kill again

(I can't believe i once thought that WTYBGD had a bizarre melody -
it sounds perfectly natural to me now.  And it is "Very
singalongable", as Andy says).

Anyone else out there have the same experiences of discovery?  Any
particular songs you especially hated and now love?  I'd like to hear
about it.  Maybe someone can point me to their own personal
highlights of ES.

(And to the ChalkNazis out there, ever ready to flame and shower us
with criticism, and who are quick to tell us to stop talking about
things they don't find interesting whilst offering no topics in
return:  i direct you to the alt.bitch newsgroup.  Failing that, go
try out for Melrose Place.

Bitch to the trees!  Bitch to the sky!  Tell it to someone who gives
a shit!  Just stop bitching here!).


Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1996 23:39:22 -0400
From: WES HANKS <>
Subject: Decorating Tip #23
Message-ID: <>

Hi Chalkhilians,
Try this one...several images from the Chalkhills archive make attractive
wallpaper. "Wait till Your Boat Goes Down" works nicely for the pc at work,
"25 O'Clock" and the Uffington horse photo are most attractive in the home.

Simon Sleighton mentioned "jokingly" about the "themes" of XTC albums as
they relate to the cover art. He then wondered what the next album's
"theme" could be.  I was thinking...every new hotel that has sprung up the
last five years here in Las Vegas (home) has had its own "theme",
e.g. pirates, pyramids, castles, etc...

For XTC's next albums theme, I vote for "All you can eat!"



Message-Id: <v01540b02ae303bbde560@[]>
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 1996 02:24:32 +0100
From: (Peter McCulloch)
Subject: Hi, It's Alan Burston

I don't wish to alienate any fellow chalkhillians who don't happen to own
some of the home demos and such that are circulating throughout the list,
but I have a few questions regarding some of the demos/side projects
material I've obtained. Indeed, I didn't own too many of them a couple of
months ago, but I've found there to be many cool people on this list who
are eager to trade and share the material they have (myself included). Any
way, here are my questions:

1. Who's Alan Burston? Why did Andy record a couple of short demos in his

2. What female-fronted band recorded a version of, "Roads Girdle the Globe?"

3. For techies only: What's Andy's home studio setup, equipment-wise (i.e.
keyboards, drums, etc.) The string and orchestra samples are mint! I must
have them!

4. Anyone familiar with Andy's work with Terry Hall? Is it any good? Terry
Hall's post-Specials stuff is not widely available here in the states, and
quite frankly, after the Fun Boy Three dissolved I stopped paying attention
to his career. But the Specials are one of my all-time favorite bands and
I'm always intrigued by him. The latest incarnation of the Specials,
sans-Terry however, seems to have gone the commercial reggae, "Wailing
Souls" route. (You'd think that with bands like Rancid and Goldfinger
blatantly ripping them off, that they'd be better off riding the wave of
Ska resurgence).

5. Who has copies of the James and Giant Peach songs and is willing to
trade for other demos? Seems everyone I've communicated with who has the
Giant Peach stuff  also happens to have every demo ever made as well. I've
got about 99.9% of the demos (or at least all those known demos that are
listed in the Chalkhills discography), and I'm always into trading.

6. Does anyone actually listen to their copy of, "Through the Hill" with
any degree of regularity?




Date: Fri, 9 Aug 1996 09:56:42 +0100
Message-Id: <>
From: (Simon Sleightholm)
Subject: Punch And Judy

From: (Matt Naranjo)

>To inform Simon Sleightholm of the status of the American CD
>"Longbox"--It's pushing up the daisies!

Thanks for the info, I hoped it had gone the journey.

From: (Mark Fisher)

> set of Go2, Drums and Wires and Black Sea with the added
>novelty of the CDs being picture discs (basically copies of the album
>covers, except the D&W colours are way off).

Thanks Mark. I wish I'd got it now.

From: John M Rader <>

>the producer thread has relevance only
>because it defines the readers of this list.  If you don't care what
>people want for XTC sound and production, don't read it.  The validity is
>to see how diverse elements in the fan base for the band still enjoy the

Nicely put, John. I lost interest in the producer thread after a couple of
lists, but that was the best validation for it I've read.

From: "Daniel Prendiville" <>

>I'll continue to submit my postings, and I'll try not to disagree with you
>in future. It would help if I knew what we could *agree* on...

Why bother? As soon as we agree on something, you seem to change sides.

To be honest I'm fed up with this. When you first mailed me we agreed that
there were certain threads we found dull, and that we'd try and think of
some new threads to introduce. I should have realised - after your next
post, the really really angry one, that you we're best left alone. Sure,
it's quite nice to see the back of the producer list and even - guilty as
charged - the six degrees of seperation one, but I didn't think then that
the thread you would choose to take was one turning your blanket
condemnation of the Chalkhills crowd solely towards me.

I admit that for a few weeks I was pretty bored by the list, when there
seemed to be little or no interesting content - that is, interesting for me
- but it was obviously interesting for others. At no time did I consider
unsubcribing though. You don't need to threaten me with extracts from my
mail, I'd post it in here myself if I thought anyone was interested - "let's
light a fire under the bastards" was, I think, one of the quotes, and there
were others equally "inflamatory", I'm not ashamed to say I was sick of the
list for a couple of weeks. I'm sure many others get that way too. But it's
free, it's fun and it's well worth sticking with.

So you sent me a big list of moans about the list, some not very rational -
I assumed these were tongue-in-cheek but now I'm not so sure. You have
turned this particular thread into the very thing you always railed against
- a waste of time with little or no XTC content, and something I'm sure
many, many Chalkies are skipping through.

So to wrap up, you asked me what I though were "interesting, important or
vital" topics. Well, all I can say for sure is that for me, and many others,
this particular topic is none of those.

I think the other Chalkies will have had enough of this for now, if you want
to continue this then let's do it privately, otherwise let's follow the wise
words of Ron Nasty and "Let It Rot".

I'll see you outside,

* ---------------------------------------------------
* ---------------------------------------------------
No Thugs In Our House, only XTC.


Date: Fri, 9 Aug 1996 08:00:47 -0400
Message-ID: <>
From: (Welton Barker)
Subject: Go Easy on Homo Safari!

I've noticed quite a few disparaging references of late to Frost Circus.
Everyone, of course, is entitled to an opinion (and even if they weren't,
who could stop them?), so I thought I would add mine (for which everyone is
breathlessly waiting).

Frost Circus is a really interesting little piece. It is certainly not what
you would choose to play for an all night bachelor party (except at the end
of the night, perhaps), but I think it works very well on its own
terms. The Homo Safari series in general is probably best listened to as
potential film or theme music. As a matter of fact, I had a brief sojourn
on a local college station several years ago, and named my spot "Frost
Circus", using the eponymous tune as the theme music (of course, there are
those who would blame this choice for the brief lifetime of the show!).

I hope this won't be regarded as a flame--just my humble opinion.

On an unrelated note, what is the cutoff for cover tunes for that
compilation?  And what is the email address? Please forgive my call for
repetitious info, but I don't always have a chance to read the entire

Thanks in advance!



Date: Fri, 9 Aug 1996 05:31:26 -0700
Message-Id: <>
Subject: on typos, christians and longboxes

A couple of thoughts....

>From the Fossil Fuels press release:
>  The Mayor Of Simpleton (sic)
I am sorry but I don't see the misspelling.

A few people have echoed the following sentiment:
>  Sam(nee Leslie) Phillips is married to T-Bone Burnett, and they are both
>  professed and practicing Christians.  However, this doesn't stop them from
>  creating some of the more interesting music you'll ever hear.
I don't want to make a huge deal about this, but there are A LOT of religious
artists who write "interesting music," Peter Case, Peter Murphy, Peter Garrett
and the Call come immediately to mind.  Please don't succumb to stereotyping.

Finally a word on longboxes:
While, for environmental reasons, I don't long for the longbox return, they
were at least something for those of us who mourn the death of big format
album art.  Many were boring (cd-sized album cover on field of black), but
some used the space effectively, blowing up parts of album covers or even
using different art and layouts.  I even clipped and saved my faves,
including Oranges and Lemons (top half of album cover blown-up and
sideways) and Nonesuch (pretty much the album cover on field of red,
*yawn*).  These could be some of the more obscure and useless XTC
memorabilia out there.  Anyone with something more obscure and USELESS?

The loving's coming!

Joe Snipp

PS  I for one, Peter Dresslar, know Holland is a city in Michigan.  We stopped
there one family vacation when I was seven.  I still have my wooden shoes.
(Talk about obscure and useless.)


Date: Fri, 9 Aug 1996 13:03:16 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: Joshua Hall-Bachner <>
Subject: Longboxes

>At the same time, retailers wised
>up and noticed that by converting shelving for cd's, they could stock many
>times more product in plain view to buyers. So... the longbox has not been
>seen in the US for over 2 years.

And then came another flash of "Genius": the "artificial longbox". Many CD
stores now use these plastic things which fit around the CD and extend it's
length to 12 inches, replacing the wasteful (but recyclable) longbox with a
wasteful and non-recyclable ugly plastic thing. Isn't progress wonderful?

Another Chalkline on the Pavement read:

>Just wanted to say that I now enjoy listening to The Big Express. I've
>owned the CD for 4 years, and really disliked it until last week.

Good. :) It's a great album, although defintely underrated. I mean, it has
"wake up" and "Smalltown" and "Soul Coal" on it.

>Perhaps I'll warm to Go2 in 2001.

While it's hardly my favorite album, it's got some great tracks on it;
Meccanik Dancing, Battery Brides, The Rhythm, Are You Recieving Me?, Red, My
Weapon (don't laugh! I like this song!), and I Am The Audience.
/---------------------------Joshua Hall-Bachner---------------------------\
|   |
| "Life is like a jigsaw. You get the straight bits, but there's something|
\-----missing in the middle."--XTC, "All Of A Sudden (It's Too Late)"-----/


Date: Fri, 9 Aug 1996 11:52:38 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <v01510101ae30d58d7010@[]>
From: (Glenn Siegel- The Wine Spectrum, Inc.)
Subject: Living in a Haunted Heart

Living in a Haunted Heart

Ab            Eb    Ab                          Cm     G
I stumbled in and I fell straight asleep in the chair  Swear I did
Ab                 Eb   Ab                         Cm   G
Woke with a start and I thought I saw you floating by    Swear I did
Ab   Bb          Eb              Bb
The fixtures and furniture's the same
       Eb         Eb (Dbass)      Cm
As the second you walked out the door
Ab    Bb       Eb             Ab
But here in my head you put a ghost train
        Eb      Eb (Dbass)  Cm
And I can't go 'round any    more

       C7                 F
And I hear the passengers scream
    Dm              G      C Bb
I'm living in a haunted heart
      Ab               C           F
And I tell myself it's all a bad dream
       Dm           G      C Bb
I'm living in a haunted heart

Too proud to beg you to come back
One more drink, the fairground fades to black
           Ab    Eb   Ab   Eb   Eb/ Bdim/ Ab/ Abdim
Every night

Ab            Eb             Ab           Eb
Days last for years 'til the dark, like a bear,
         Cm         G
Puts his claws around my brain
Ab             Eb              Ab              Eb
Smack! Bang on time, with your laugh, you walk in
            Cm        G
Through the walls around my brain
Ab     Bb        Eb              Bb
The curtains and carpets are the same
       Eb        Eb (Dbass)      Cm
As the day you dissolved in thin air
Ab     Bb             Eb
Now here I go queueing for the horror ride
Eb        Eb (Dbass)       Cm
Knowing I don't have the fare

C7                         F
And I hear the passengers scream
        Dm          G      C Bb
I'm living in a haunted heart
      Ab               C           F
And I tell myself it's all a bad dream
       Dm           G   C Bb
I'm living in a haunted heart
Too proud to beg you to come back
As the ghost train rattles 'round its track,
       Ab      Eb      Ab  Eb
Every night

B                                        C#
I can't exorcise you or cause you to reappear
But if you want to know what nothing looks like
            C#                             Eb     Bdim Ab Abdim
Well just peel back my chest and take a look inside here
Ab Eb Ab Eb Cm G Ab Eb Ab Eb Cm G
Ab   Bb          Eb              Bb
The fixtures and furniture's the same
            Eb    Eb (dbass)       Cm
As the second you walked out the door
Ab   Bb        Eb              Bb
But here in my head you put a ghost train
        Eb      Eb (dbass) Cm
And I can't go 'round any more

      C7                   F
And I hear the passengers scream
       Dm           G    C Bb
I'm living in a haunted heart
           Ab          C           F
And you're shaking me apart at the seams
       Dm           G   C Bb
I'm living in a haunted heart
       Ab     C              F
My reality is pushed past extremes
       Dm           G  C Bb
I'm living in a haunted heart
          Ab           C           F
And I tell myself it's just a bad dream
       Dm           G   C Bb
I'm living in a haunted heart

Too proud to beg you to come back
One more drink, the fairground fades to black.

Glenn Siegel
Sonoma County, California


Date: Fri, 9 Aug 1996 15:22:30 -0400
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Sam, Terry and more

Speaking of XTC album cover art, has anyone noticed the clever way in which
"XTC" is spelled on the cover of Black Sea? Look just above the heads of the
members of the band and you'll see a flying bird (left) whose body is
contorted in a position that resembles the letter X; the mast of the ship
(center) sticking up to resemble the letter T; and a quarter moon (right)
which resembles the letter C.

I'm surprised at the pleasure so many on this list received from hearing the
"suck more piss" story about Terry Chambers. Come on, folks, is it really
that funny that a drunkin sod spewed forth a few juvenile words that he
probably never remembered he ever said? Terry was a great drummer, but it
sounds like he was equally great at being a self-indulgent whino.

>>I was moved by the person who (rather flippantly) said that Sam Phillips
was now "Godless".  No criticism meant to you, but it is not known by ME that
Sam's belief in God has lessened any or at all.  What is known is that the
"Christian Music Industry" applied it's standard set of "rules" to Leslie
Phillips and she could not accept that (apparently).<<

While it's true that Sam's departure from the Christian music industry has
nothing to do with whether she is a Christian or not, it is also true that
the absence of even one direct mention of faith in Christ over the course of
her last three albums certainly casts doubt about the strength of her claims.
What does and does not come out of one's mouth speaks volumes about what
makes that person tick.

>>Sam's born-again husband, T Bone, once said-something to the effect that he
would rather sing about the things Jesus said and did, rather than singing
ABOUT Jesus.<<

What!? That sounds like premeditated doubletalk to me. Besides, neither of
them sing about things Jesus did anyway.

"Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." -- Jesus Christ.



Date: Fri, 9 Aug 1996 16:06:20 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ted Harms <>
Subject: Fossil Fuel release date
Message-ID: <>

Does anybody know if FF be released to N. American markets or will it
only be available as an import?  What about a price?  I'm not that
interested in paying wads of cash just for a fancy picture of ammonite

As well, would Sept 9th be the UK release date or is that the N. American
date as well?

Ted Harms                    Library, Univ. of Waterloo         519.888.4567 x3761
"I got it all when I gave it back."   N. Young


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 96 16:39:00 -0500
From: dgershmn <>
Organization: AMS
Subject: All That Nazz

DeWitt Henderson said:
>Anyway, it was a great treat at the time, and I was just wondering if any
others >heard our faves on this "tour". I don't know how many cities they

Yep, I heard about their radio tour fortunately early enough to be ready to
tape their local appearance here in Boston on WFNX (couldn't be around for
the one on WBCN later that day, though) was actually the very first
stop (at least in America) on the radio tour, so I guess I heard live their
very first performance here since they stopped touring (along with quite a
few others of you out there, I'd imagine). And fortunately I have NOT taped
over it since then...I was already an XTC fanatic at the time, so I
immediately broke off the tabs so that no accidental taping could take

And Christopher Coolidge queried:
>Speaking of Todd, anyone else think The Nazz's "Open My Eyes" is one of the
>greatest rock and roll songs ever recorded? That intro puts me into rock
>and roll heaven every time.

Yes, amazing feat of pop songwriting, especially considering
Todd was merely a teen when he wrote that. A pop prodigy he's always been.
His "Couldn't I Just Tell You" is another all-time favorite of mine...a
truly great song (as is the entire *Something/Anything* album, for that

As for a new label, I vote strongly for Rykodisc also, as I've stated once
before...they truly seem to care about their artists and usually do a very
nice packaging job for their releases.

Merely a man in a shaking skin house,

Dave Gershman


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 96 16:39:00 -0500
From: dgershmn <>
Organization: AMS
Subject: Desert island XTC

Okay, Chalkhillbillies,

 I know a survey is currently in progress about "who we are," but if you
have the capacity for it, I'm going to start another one:

 Maybe this has been done at some point in the past before I joined the
list, but I'd like to do a poll of your "desert island" XTC songs. Sure,
include "Desert Island" if you'd like, but what I'd like you all to e-mail
directly to me is your list of the
TOP 5 XTC songs you would absolutely have to have with you if stranded on
that proverbial desert island. I will collect all of your answers and report
back with a countdown of your picks (limiting it to the Top 20-40, depending
on the variety of answers). Just consider me the Casey Kasem of the
Chalkhills list! I'll tally any responses that I get by Sept. 6,
approximately one full month. Please do not vote more than once, by the way.
 I'm looking forward to those answers! E-mail me at:

Dave Gershman

P.S. Just to make it even a little more interesting, if anyone's personal
Top 5 turns out to be the same as the overall final Top 5, I'll make them a
compilation tape of the Top XX songs off the list (XX = however many I can
fit on one tape). Sure, that person might likely have all those songs
already, but it might still be a great compilation to pop in the tape deck
or pass off as a "conversion" tape to someone else. In the event of more
than one person "qualifying" for the tape, I'll make a random drawing to
decide who gets it.


Date: Fri, 9 Aug 1996 21:57:20 +0100
Message-Id: <>
From: Simon Sleightholm <>
Subject: Camera Club?

Picked up while trawling the net:-

"it seems that Video Killed the Radio Star was first released by "Bruce
Wooley and the Camera Club", a band that featured Wooley, Downes and Horn,
and a then unknown keyboard player by the name of Thomas Dolby."
"Camera Club was primarily Bruce Wooley's group...Thomas Dolby did some
synth work for them...and i read somewhere that vocalist/ guitarist Andy
Partridge of XTC was somehow involved."

Anybody know anything about this?

* ---------------------------------------------------
* ---------------------------------------------------
No Thugs In Our House, only XTC.


Date: Fri, 9 Aug 1996 15:28:01 -0700
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Trib Tape Status

  I currently have eleven tapes.  ELEVEN out of 34 (original count).  I am
  expecting six or seven more which will make this tape an agreeable length
  (70+ minutes).

  I have omitted the list of people who bagged out.  If you want to send them
  an ecurse, call up the old list and do the subtraction.  Some of those jam
  tarts had very good reasons.


  For those listed below who have promised and not yet delivered... we're
  counting on you!  If you choose to fall down before the finish line, I will
  personally slaughter your cattle and burn your crops.

  If you need more incentive, The Swindon Trio WILL receive a copy of this
  tape.  Well... that may be a deterent for some.  Aw hell, use a psuedonym!
  Just send your recording.   (And please do not back-mask any stalker-style
  love messages, okay?)

  Here is the list as of 09aug96.

  Phillip McEachern ?
  Curtis Settino    Scissor Man
  Steve Lutz        Season Cycle
  Dolph Chaney      Respectable Street
  Gene Yoon         Everything
  Erich Walther     Travels In Nihilon
  Christopher Coolidge        Wrapped in Gray
  Robin Myrick      Kaleidoscope
  John Hedges       Disque Bleu
  Randy Christopher Sacrificial Bonfire
  Ned Robie         Rocket From A Bottle
  John Neil         I'm Bugged OR Ballet For A Rainy Day
  Christopher Burgess         This World Over OR All Of A Sudden
  Ben Gott          Battery Brides
  Chris Spillios    Dear God
  Harrison Sherwood Living In A Haunted Heart
  John Christensen  1000 Umbrellas
  Mitch Friedman    "XTSea" Medley
  Naoyuki Iso       Goosey, Goosey
  Steve Perley      My Love Explodes
  Peter Fitzpatrick Making Plans For Nigel
  Eric Day          It's Nearly Africa
  Tim Kendrick      Chalkhills & Children
  Tom Slack         Meeting Place

  Ship your tape today!!

  Fedex is free, when you mail from work!



Date: Fri, 9 Aug 1996 19:20:16 -0400
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Wrapped In Grey

Darren A Peace <> wrote:

>Incidentally, does anyone know if "Wrapped In Grey" got a proper
>release anywhere?  I know some UK CD singles were pressed up (because
>I've got a couple - I think there were 100 made, but most of them got
>destroyed when the release was cancelled in the UK), but I don't
>think they ever made it to the shops.

The UK was the only country that I know of to release "Wrapped In Grey". And
I believe that the UK copies that did get out were mostly for promotional
purposes. While my copy of the CD single does not have promo written anywhere
on the disc, it did come with a seperate sheet of paper that has a brief
promotional announcement by Virgin. It reads:


"XTC have a new single, 'Wrapped In Grey' (VS1426) released on September 7th
from their top thirty album 'Nonsuch'. It is their third single from the LP,
and follows on from 'The Disappointed' and 'The Ballad Of Peter Pumkinhead'
(a number one Alternative Radio hit in the States)."

"'Wrapped In Grey', an Andy Partridge composition, is available on 7" backed
with the album track 'Bungalow'. There will also be a CD single (VSCDT1426)
which features two rarities - the original demo version of 'Bugalow' and the
previously unreleased demo of 'Rip Van Reuben'."


Date: Sat, 10 Aug 1996 11:15:24 +1000
Message-ID: <>
From: Colin Wright <>
Subject: Bootlegs

DeWitt Henderson's last posting reminds me that I have a very cool
Australian made bootleg CD of the boys' radio tour called "K-Rocking in

It's recordings of a series of broadcasts of xTc in a couple of radio
stations in the US.  Very unplugged and the chat is very funny.

I could be talked into doing taped copies if anyone's interested.

Also -

Australia has been notorious for producing 'tribute' bands over recent
years, notably, 'The Beatnix' - 'Bjorn Again' - 'the Australian Doors Show'
- 'Sunday, Bloody Sunday' etc. etc. - most of which I wouldn't go near with
a 30 foot sticky barge pole!! However, I recently read in the local gig
guide an ad for 'Nigel - and xTc tribute band'.  My curiosity is up and I'll
let you know what they were like if they play again and I get to see 'em.
Scary though eh?

Going off to suck more piss and then go off.

Keep chalkin' up a storm


*   Colin Wright          *                                     *
*   Studio Manager        *     Partner                         *
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Message-Id: <>
From: "Steve Perley" <>
Subject: Whoa, Hey!  Wait just a minute here! (yes, this is about the trib. tape)
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 1996 23:58:00 -0400

Hi, everybody!

I posted a message a couple of issues back trying to encourage the
stragglers to send in their contributions to the Chalkhills' Children tape,
but some folks got the mistaken impression that I'm the guy who's putting
it all together.  This includes Colin from Australia who offered the
services of a recording studio free of charge!  I guess this IS the
friendliest place in...well, you know, that overused word.  Anyway, here's
the address of the proper person to contact about the tape:

I thought that I wrote that I don't represent him in any way, but I may
have been enjoying a cool, refreshing cocktail at the time, and I have
erased my outbox since The Incident.  Sorry for any confusion that this may
have caused!


By the way, here's a plug for Colin Wright since he seems like a nice


Message-Id: <>
From: "Daniel Prendiville" <>
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 1996 12:53:25 +0000
Subject: strange phenomena...

On the same day that I accessed #2-145, in which DeWitt Henderson signed
of his posting with a quote from RESPECTABLE STREET, the Avon Lady called
around to my house. Weird, huh?

Burning With Optimism's Female, indeed

Daniel Prendiville


Date: Sat, 10 Aug 1996 17:31:38 -0400
Message-ID: <>
Subject: A slight XTC bootleg dub change of plans /  Bells, bells, lot of bells.

Hi! Regardless of what I had told you before, I would like you to postmark
your tapes no later than August 19th. That way, I can get everyone's tapes
done by the end of August. I mean it! Don't make me have to use excessive
force on your tapes! Seriously, obey me. I am your master.

Another thing: In a recent Chalkhills post, someone bashed Todd Rundgren
for the predictable flourish of bells that follow Colin's lyric about bells
in "Big Day".  My question is this: how do you know that Todd Rundgren was
responsible for the addition of bells to that particular song? Do you have
an interview in which Rundgren talks about the touches he added to that
particular song? Were you there at the Skylarking sessions when they
recorded that section of the album?  Or do you just plain not like Todd and
just use any old excuse to bash him?  It could have just as easily been
Colin's idea.

Dave (who thinks Todd is a musical genius),
York PA

XTC song quote of the day:


From: (Joel Flaxman)
Message-Id: <>
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 1996 21:27:41 -0500
Subject: Re: Germany

James Isaacs Wrote about Germany:
> Not only is the keyboard harder to use here, but I have yet to find a
>  record store here in Heidelberg (Ah, Heidelberg) nor Mannheim (Uh,
> Mannheim) that have anything by the last sons of Swindon.  While this
> does not bother me at the moment, as I have everything but "The
> Kitchen Sink", I can forsee problems down the road, such as future
> releases and converting the pagans.  Are there any German folks out
> there?  Am I the lone voice n the wilderness?  Any clues of good
> shops in the area I have overlooked?

	I went to Germany for three weeks earlier this summer and stayed in
Heilbronn (close to Heidelberg).  At a second-hand record store in downtown
Heilbronn (Above a bookstore and hard to find)  I picked up the bootleg Making
Plans For Andy for 25 DM (approximately $16.66).  They also had Explode
Together and I think (not sure) Rag and Bone.  I don't recommend making the
trip just for that (you probably won't find the store).
	About music in Germany, when I was there I watched a lot of VIVA
(German music station) and got very sick of the popular music (Does it say
something about the U.S. that the Backstreet Boys -- who I heard are from
Florida -- aren't popular? No, it doesn't Green Day was popular hear).  At a
party some German's I met assured me that they didn't all listen to this junky
stuff and that the German charts were determined by 10 year old girls.  Then
they asked about slang from 2Pac songs.


"Success is being a quote." - Andy Partridge


From: Darren A Peace <>
Subject: Fossil Fuel - The Press Release!
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 1996 17:32:57 GMT
Organization: Grey Velvet Consulting
Message-ID: <>

Further to my recent message regarding the "Fossil Fuel" press
release, I've now scanned it, and it can be found at:

There's also a scan of the "Wrapped In Grey" CD single cover, for
those who are convinced this item does not exist!  I'm afraid that I
don't want to sell my second copy, as I try and keep one copy of my
XTC stuff mint.

Details of how to contact the "Badlands" record shop (by telephone or
e-mail), who will send copies of the compilation throughout the known
universe, etc., are also on the page.



Date: 12 AUG 96 13:29:14 EST
Subject: XTC Lauded in record review
Message-ID: <>

Today (12 August), my local paper, The Canberra Times, carried a review of
The Sugarplastic's "Bang, The Earth Is Round".  Here's some of what the
reviewer had to say:

"One of the more memorable bands of the 1980s was XTC, who managed to
successfully fuse a myriad of styles that culminated in diverse,
interesting and devastatingly catchy songs.  Wjile Californian three-piece
The Sugarplastic are not near claiming the "XTC of the 90s" mantle, it has
managed to record an impressive collection of three-minute songs that
demonstrates the trio knows its influences well."

Then, blah blah blah, then, "...familiar (sounding) vocals of Ben Eshbach
who is somewhere between vocalists of Talking Heads and XTC..."  Blah blah
blah blah, then, "...the first single, Polly Brown, is another stunning
track which manages to create a perfect synthesis of The Kinks and (yes)

The guy rates the album pretty highly.  But hadn't our boys better do
something soon, to avoid forever being known as "one of the more memorable
bands of the 1980s"????

I also saw Andy Partridge as a clue in a recent Mojo magazine crossword.
Do you think I should get out more?



Date: Mon, 12 Aug 1996 01:12:38 -0400
Message-ID: <>
Subject: This dub over

The dub offer has ended (if you're reading this after 12:00 AM EST Tuesday).
If you try and e-mail me after that time, your message will be bounced
back to you because I'm switching online services. I'll post my new
address later this week in case anyone has any questions. I sent the
first tapes out Monday morning, by the way. Reminder: postmark your
tapes by August 19th! That is the deadline...

York PA

P.S. Someone named Edgrrrrr e-mailed me about the dub offer but there was
no return address included with his e-mail. E-mail me when I post my new
address, whoever you are. By the way, I think Edgrrrrr is trying to scare
me with his e-mail name, you know, adding all those r's at the end to make
himself sound big and scary, like a lion. But I'm not scared at all. I'm
only scared of real lions.


Date: Mon, 12 Aug 1996 10:39:38 -0400
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Wanted: XTC CDs

I will be eternally grateful to anyone who can help me find
the following CDs on the Extatic label:
     XTC Demos 6
     XTC Demos 7

I have already looked in Goldmine magazine, lots of local (Northern
Virginia) independent stores, local record conventions, and a
sampling of stores on the WWW.

Ira Rosenblatt


Date: Mon, 12 Aug 1996 16:54:06 +0200 (MESZ)
From: Thomas Wuerger <>
Subject: XTC ja ja ja
Message-ID: <>

Re to #2-145. Are there German pagans out there?
A call out of the wilderness of Heidelberg by our hon. James Issacs.

Hallo dear Chalkies, hello James Issacs,

yes, there is - at least - one German out there. Me. ... Hicks :)
Everyday - through the mist of a serious German beer intoxication I'm
staggering through the University Library of Freiburg (down in South
Germany - near Switzerland and France) to my American Computer, waiting
for news out of the Chalkhooligan (oops sorry) Chalkholian universe. :)
Great job Mr. Relphs.
Many interesting news, but the Rockpalast Concert announcement came a
little late. I missed the concert too. (No trace in my German TV-guide)
But I get a poor copy (longplay mode, PAL) by a good friend of mine,
taping the whole night. He's a POLICE fan (Are all Germans police-fans? :)
Sorry, I meant POLICE fans) taping XTC only by chance.
So, not a video-tape in good condition for making copies, sorry. But ...
perhaps I mail to German WDR Fernsehen, if there will be another chance
for me (us) ....
I'm a fan of XTC since their first LP:
"The pagan converted long ago" -->
that could be our new producer. Oh. Sorry ... aehm no. Joke I meant our
new drummer. :) Oh no. The title of the new virgin-free album of XTC.
That's it.
To the situation of records-stores in Heidelberg and elsewhere in Germany.
Perhaps James will get all XTC album in Karlsruhe or Stuttgart. Here in
Freiburg there's no problem to get every album you want. (But horrible
prices! you lucky gyus in America.)
If you're looking for German, French or Swiss release mail and perhaps
I'll find it.

I love you folks out there and sorry about my stuttering
Thomas <ze Germ-man>

"Es ist eine fremde und seltsame Welt" der PLAN

Thomas "Crocodile" Wuerger
Freiburg, Germany

--------------o----\        _____
//////////          --------     -------------
\\\\\\\\\                                      \----------_____________


Date: Mon, 12 Aug 1996 11:26:06 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Videos/Producers/Conspiracy Theories/Pseudonyms/Quotes

In response to various postings from CH 2/143 through CH 2/145...


UK fans may well recall a Channel 4 TV series entitled Play at Home.  One
prog featured XTC who, amongst other things, did three very low budget
alternative vids for Farmboy's, Loving Memory and Train Running Low.  The
latter was a superb acoustic version of a song I had previously never
heard, it being prior to the release of Big Express.

I guess these don't really count as pucker vids to add to the ever growing
videography but, more importantly, has anyone got a UK format video copy of
the programme I could trade?


Let's be daring and throw another log on the, already roaring, producer
debate fire.

Am I too laid back or am I the only one who doesn't really give a stuff who
produces the next album?

Pondering such a topic is a bit like worrying what tomorrow's weather is
going to be like: you can chat about it as much as you like but it ain't
gonna make one jot of difference as to whether the sun shines or the rain

Personally, I'm with John M Rader (aside: not being rude but could someone
explain why Americans always use their middle initials?) and cast my
ultimately pointless vote for John Leckie.  The Dukes is proof enough for
me that old Leckers is still top notch.

Mind you, Terrible Todd did do one thing in my book.  I remember a quote
from Andy a few years back that basically said the only way XTC would make
an impact in the US was by accident.  I believe that the accident happened
with Rundgren and Dear God.

Conspiracy Theories...

The conspiracy theorists amongst you may like to recall that as well as Van
Halen doing a track called Jump in 1983 there was, at about the same time,
a Scottish band called Big Country having a UK hit with a song called
Wonderland.  Spooky!


In response to communications on how we XTC fans refer to ourselves, many
moons past, whenever I penned something concerning XTC, I used to sign off
as the Statuette of Liberty.  Seemed a good idea at the time!


Let's open a new thread.

Has anybody got any good quotes that seem to apply to XTC?  My personal
current favourite is:

Condemn me, it does not matter.  History will absolve me.

By none other than Fidel Castro.

Gary Minns


Date: Mon, 12 Aug 1996 17:46:21 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: Joshua Hall-Bachner <>
Subject: Chips...


        I finally found a copy of Chips From The Chocolate Fireball a few
days ago ($8.95 US at Circuit City!) I really, really like it. The pastiche
is done really, really well, and many of the songs are good all by
themselves. And of course, there's all the funny little interludes and
stuff. I notice that Andy couldn't resist some social skewery anyway. (The
chorus of Albert Brown, for example.) Like I said, I really like it. I'm
glad that it actually has fairly good liner notes (w/lyrics), unlike so many
of the other CD reissues. IMHO, it is *far* better than O&L.

PS: I just added 8 megs and a 28.8 modem to my computer. Netscape would take
approx. 5 min to load and completely read an average sized HTML file from
the hard drive before; now it only takes 22 seconds!
/---------------------------Joshua Hall-Bachner---------------------------\
|   |
| "Life is like a jigsaw. You get the straight bits, but there's something|
\-----missing in the middle."--XTC, "All Of A Sudden (It's Too Late)"-----/


End of Chalkhills Digest #2-146

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