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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #2-139

         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 2, Number 139

                  Tuesday, 23 July 1996

Today's Topics:

                 xtc w/ basil and garlic
                        Re: Frooom
                     Re: Sugarplastic
                     Re: Fossil Fools
          Virgin ES CD better than Geffen ES CD?
    Totally Awesome! site of the day for July 20, 1996
                  What's all this then?
              Autumn for Holland and France
                   Correcting myself...
               Off White Album; The Mirrors
                Odds, sods, and dear gods
                  Uffingham Chalk horse.
                        XTC LIVE!
                       John Leckie
                    Giles Smith's Book
                    Re: XTC-ANONYMOUS
                    Yazbek for trade!
                   Trib Tape "Response"
                      The lost songs
                       pink things
            More producer/drummer suggestions
                 Remastered O&L from MoFi
                Another controversial note


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From: myke <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: jazzzzzzz
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 20:47:47 -0500 (CDT)

> From: relph (John Relph)
> What?!  You think I listen to jazz?  Jeez.

	I'm going to take that as a joke, but just in case, maybe
	you should take a double shot of Impulse!-era Coltrane cut with
	some mid-period Mingus as an antidote for that ...


Message-ID: <v01540b01ae1624c255d7@[]>
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 00:58:55 -0500
From: (kirkwood duke)
Subject: xtc w/ basil and garlic

i don't think i've sent this announcement yet, but i honestly can't
remember, so i apologize if this is repeatitive.

please drop by the xtc-esque bands at beatown.

you will be AMAZED at the offerings of franco turra, a young italian
songwriter who truly has skylarking-ish xtc down. it is downright creepy at
times. and, to top it all off, all the lyrics are in italian.

see for yourself,

kirk, mayor of beatown


Message-Id: <v01540b04ae1625ec595a@[]>
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 23:18:19 -0700
From: (E.B.)
Subject: Re: Frooom

>From: dgershmn <>

>  In Chalkhills #137, "GB" begged:
>>And Mitchell Froom! Blecch. Let him ruin more
>>Suzanne Vega albums, but just keep him away from Andy!

>Well, I personally love Suzanne's "99.9 F" album...I think it's her best.
>And have you heard what he and Tchad Blake have done on the last couple of
>Los Lobos albums ("Kiko" and "Colossal Head")? I would tend to give Los
>Lobos a lot of the credit for the excellent songs, but both albums just
>SOUND many cool, experimental sounds. It's definite "ear
>candy," as they say (though I don't want that to make it sound like they're
>"bubblegum" music, obviously).

Well, you're entitled to your opinion of course, but it's my own LEAST
favorite Vega album. It also wasn't very well-reviewed, generally. (For
instance, SPIN gave it a "red light" rating, meaning "Stop -- don't buy
it!") I don't know any sales figures, but I also wouldn't be surprised if
it didn't sell all that well, relative to her other three discs. To me,
99.9 F is just extremely confused and ill-focused compared with her other
albums. And the production is one of the chief problems. And of course,
she'll continue to work with Froom no doubt, darn it. (In case someone
doesn't know, Froom/Vega were married a year or two ago.)

Froom has also done icky things to other groups I like, such as Richard
Thompson, American Mercury Club and.... (Shoot, who am I forgetting here?)
It all comes down to that gimmicky "cardboard box" percussion sound which
he persists in polluting nearly all his projects with. Now, it did work
well recently with the Cibo Matto debut, a record appropriately based in
rhythm and percussion, unlike Thompson, AMC, Vega, etc.

Oh, I've never warmed up to Los Lobos. Their lyrical style just doesn't
move me, and I'm admittedly not that much of a "roots" guy. I don't dispute
anyone else's admiration for them, however.



Message-Id: <v01540b02ae16237dc6e6@[]>
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 23:28:19 -0700
From: (E.B.)
Subject: Re: Sugarplastic

>From: myke <>
>> Now that I've gotten that off my chest:  I was in a record store the other
>> night trying to find the new Sugarplastic.
>	Speaking of which, has anyone heard their first album? It
>	was reviewed in the BIG TAKEOVER issue w/ Catherine Wheel
>	on the cover (recent!), but I've never seen it. Self-released?

Yeah, I own the first album. It's called Radio Jejune, and it's on a Los
Angeles-based indie, Sugar Fix Records. This is NOT the group's own label,
but Sugar Fix has very few releases, mostly singles I believe. The first
album isn't as good in my opinion, but it's worthwhile. The arrangements
and production are much more simple/low-budget, and somewhat
dated-sounding. There's seemingly much less XTC influence, and a much
HEAVIER Kinks influence (circa Village Green). So there you go.

If someone wants it and can't find it, perhaps you could e-mail Sugar Fix
Records. The label's address is Sugar Good luck.  :)



Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 11:13:44 +0000
Subject: Re: Fossil Fools

Dear Chalks,

Last Chalkhills Myke wrote :
> the best car mix-disc anyone's ever made. Every song is smashing
> good... except "Wait Til Your Boat" that is.
Do you really rate Statue Of Liberty or Science Friction higher than
the fabulous Wait Till Your Boat? I know lots of people don't really
like this song but they are wrong.
IMHO this is one of Andy's best "singalong songs".
OK, so the world at large did not agree and it sank without a trace
( pun intended ) but I just love it.



===> Mark's useless XTC quote for today <==
For a ehart without love is a song with no words


Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 03:14:47 -0800
From: "M. Travis" <>
Subject: Virgin ES CD better than Geffen ES CD?
Message-id: <>

"Mark Strijbos" <> wrote:
> I would be the happiest man on earth if Mofi would remaster ES.
> The UK CD is ok but not as clear and vivid as the vinyl version.

This has been on my wish list for a long time. My mid-80s Geffen (CD)
release is horrible. I've been curious though -- is the Virgin UK CD any
better?  (I'm sure _someone_ on this list has compared them

- m


Message-Id: <>
From: "Daniel Prendiville" <>
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 16:08:19 +0000
Subject: bludgeon?

I'd be grateful if anybody out there could spare the time to let me know
what's wrong with Mr. Dudgeon's production of NONSUCH? It seems to be
coming in for a lot of criticism of late, and having listened to it only
last night in a prone position (necessary when you're having a colonic
irrigation, BTW) , I feel that much of this criticism is undeserved.

Mr. Dudgeon has quite an auspicious production career, having been
involved with Elton John in the old days; the zenith of his career
*possibly* being his fine production job on BAGATELLE's Polydor UK debut
in 1981/82...

Any comments, please?

Daniel Prendiville

P.S. Butch Fig? Mitch Vroom?


Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 14:02:59 -0400
From: WES HANKS <>
Subject: superelasticbubbleplastic!
Message-ID: <>

Hi Chalkies,
I found a copy of the Sugarplastic cd "Radio Jejune" on Sugar Fix
Recordings, (001). I like it and its on my reccomend list. Why so hard on
these fellows? They come across as having had an enjoyable time making the
A recent post was apologetic about going to the used record store, as if
its an embarrasing skin condition, I have aquired 85% of my collection
through used record stores. I guess it has to do with that "thrill of the
hunt thing". Being the Cheapest Living Englishman, I don't feel as bad
spending money on a cd that reveals itself as a dud.
A friend gently reminded me that after I had mentioned that "Fossil Fuels"
was unnecessary; that "not everyone has every XTC cd", and that it would
serve as a nice collection for a new round of fans.


...turning Japanese, I really think so...


Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 22:03:12 -0700
Subject: Totally Awesome! site of the day for July 20, 1996
Message-ID: <>

Regarding your web page, CHALKHILLS - the XTC Home Page...

Greetings and saluations!  We here at The 80s Server would like you to know
that we've chosen your site as our Totally Awesome! site of the day.  It
will be displayed all day at

Congrats and thank you for your time!

---The 80s Gang


Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 14:13:04 -0700 (PDT)
From: Stephen Mahoney <>
Subject: What's all this then?
Message-ID: <>

	Hello fellow Chalkies,

	No producers. No drummers. No red. No monkeys. But instead, this:
Anyone willing to duplicate for me any of those demos I keep reading
and sighing about? Or, if they are still available in the first
generation, how do i obtain them? And, does anybody know about any other
live recordings of the gentlemen from Swindon besides Live at the BBC Radio
One, which is vibrant; one of the best live albums I've heard in years.

"Liiife is Goood in the Greenhouse, ha, ha,ha,ha....rather be a plant
than be your mickey mouse, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha"		Stephen(port,or.)


Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 19:34:11 -0500 (CDT)
From: "Jeffrey with 2 f's Jeffrey" <>
Subject: Autumn for Holland and France
Message-ID: <>

Someone (whose name I've forgotten) suggested Steve Albini as producer
for XTC: please god no.

I heard a track from the most recent Auteurs album, produced by Albini.
While the guitars sounded good, the bass sounded as if someone had thrown
a blanket over the amp, the kick drum as if it was that same blanket
loosely draped over clothesline then beaten with a broom, the snares as
if someone dropped a paper bag full of rice onto the floor.

Plus, Albini's well known for hating vocals - can you imagine what he'd
do to Andy & Colin's harmonies?

Sorry - about the worst suggestion for producer I've heard here.


Jeffrey J. Norman        <>   <>
Dept. of English & Comp. Lit.            University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
::the sea is the night asleep in the daytime::::::::::::::::Robert Desnos::


Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 21:21:38 -0500 (CDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: (Jim S)
Subject: Correcting myself...

>>That would be Sam Phillip's, "Martinis and Bikinis"
>Which, by the way, is an EXCELLENT album. I urge ALL Chalkhillians to
>check out Sam Phillips. She has 3 albums to her credit (with a 3rd, "Omnipop"

Oops. Obviously, I meant her 4th album. She already has 3 out.

 Jim S.     <>

"I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous."
                  - Crow T. Robot


Date: Sun, 21 Jul 1996 10:57:31 -0400
Message-Id: <>
From: Nick Mitchell <>
Subject: Off White Album; The Mirrors

Hello all Chalkhillians.  Can someone tell me if Martin's "Off White Album"
is available in the U.S. or off the net, or is it a bootleg?  I love

Also, a very XTC/Beatles influenced band from Dayton, Ohio, The Mirrors, has
just released their second album, "Record Record" (that's re'cord record,
the verb then the noun).  This CD is full of different styles ala Nonsuch,
The White Album, etc.  And, the group is on a label that is selling copies
of the CD for only $5!  It's worth it.  Check out Skeptical Cat Recordings
at or email to inquire.

I'll ask again...when the hell are the boys going to start
recording??????????????  I don't care WHO the producer is.


Date: Sun, 21 Jul 1996 17:43:44 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: Joshua Hall-Bachner <>
Subject: XTCLIA

>J. Hall volunteered to set up a lyric interpretation centre. Perhaps dear
>Mister Relph might inform him of what kind of volume he'd be in for ;-)

I'm a glutton for punishment. :)

So far, though, no thousands of e-mails pouring my way. Heck, no e-mail
pouring my way, period. What's with you people? :)
/----------------------------Joshua Hall-Bachner----------------------------\
|    |
| "Life is like a jigsaw. You get the straight bits, but there's something  |
\------missing in the middle."--XTC, "All Of A Sudden (It's Too Late)"------/


Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 01:28:05 -0700
From: David Gershman <>
Subject: Odds, sods, and dear gods

First off, in Chalkhills #138, Jim S proclaimed, about Sam Phillip's
"Martinis and Bikinis":

>[It] is an EXCELLENT album. I urge ALL Chalkhillians to
>check out Sam Phillips. She has 3 albums to her credit (with a 3rd,
>"Omnipop" due in August) and they are all three wonderful. She is one of
>the finest songwriters out there.

Absolutely! She is truly excellent, and her albums provide another
example of why her husband and producer, T-Bone Burnett, should produce
XTC's next album. She also has a handful of other albums out under the
name "Leslie Phillips," when she was a Christian singer (albeit a cool
one, I'm sure)...I've never heard them, but at least one of them is
produced by T-Bone as well.

Jim S also said:
>I don't think I could make it a week without hearing "Ladybird"...

Among the most beautiful songs in the XTC songbook, definitely. I've been
known to go more than a week between listenings, but it's always a
favorite when I hear it.

Regarding the "FF (fast forward)" thread, in which folks have been
listing the songs they skip over, I have to honestly say that I NEVER
skip over an XTC song. Once I put on the album/CD, that's it; I listen
all the way through. Sure, there are a few songs that don't give me quite
as much pleasure as others, but I prefer to give them a chance to impress
me for some reason I hadn't noticed before, rather than skip over them
and miss out on that possibility. I find that every one of their songs
ends up having something going for it.

Mark Strijbos said:
>I agree that a rerelease of Nigel or even better, Senses on
>single coninciding with the Fossil Fuel release could get our boys a
>surprise hit and some hard-earned cash. They are slowly getting more
>and more respect. And many people are surprised they still exist.
>I think the time is riper than ever for a comeback.

Well, I do hope that the time is ripe for some success, but I have
trouble believing a rerelease of either "Nigel" or "Senses" is going to
do much more on the charts these days than they did when they were
released. As great as those songs are, they sound dated enough to
probably not meet with much success. I would be somewhat more inclined to
think that "Earn Enough for Us," which I always thought should have been
a hit, could do something. But really, I'd rather have them get some play
out of some new songs, once the new album hits the racks!

Chris Coolidge stretched out this Rush thing even farther:
> I'm not particularly a Rush fan, but anyone familiar with their more
>recent material would see the connection isn't that farfetched. Both
>bands resolutely do things their own way and aren't afraid to experiment
>with their sound.

Well, one major difference is that XTC has a sense of humor. But in any
case, I'd just like to apologize to all of you for being the one to
trigger this whole Rush topic to begin with. It was I who first mentioned
them a few issues ago, in my argument against Andrew Bissaro's comparison
of the Indigo Girls to Lennon and McCartney, of all things! I didn't even
bring them up in reference to XTC, only to point out that a band can be
good musicians (hence, the reference to Rush) without necessarily being
great songwriters! So PLEASE please PLEASE, I implore you, let's not
mention them anymore. It was an accident...if I had known what I was
starting, I would've chosen some other way to make my point.

And TikiMasala killed off his monkey:
>The moral of the story:
>Don't bore us with (self) righteous indignation.  Dazzle us with wit, a
>whimper, or perhaps a little whine.

So which were you doing, Tiki? I was bored by your monkey tale, you
sounded self-righteous, and I certainly wasn't dazzled in any way. If you
think that spelling it "stoopud" and bringing up your Kiss poster is wit,
I'll show you a million monkeys with typewriters who could write a
funnier posting than that, and they could make it funny without
intentional, stupid misspellings.

Yours in XTC fandom,

Dave Gershman


From: Damian Foulger <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 10:48:38 GMT
Subject: Uffingham Chalk horse.
Message-ID: <>

I've been travelling from London to Cardiff for three years now and I
didn't notice it until last Friday.  It is easy to see the chalk
horse at Uffingham (the one on English Settlement) from the train.
For those of you who want to see it, it can be seen between Swindon
(yea!) and Reading, about twently minutes from both.  Look south at
the far hills and you will see it.  What  a sight!

Dames tWd

P.s. Nick Drake is dead but his music is the greatest.  Check out
Pink Moon or Five Leaves Left on Rykodisc.  He is loved by The Lilac
Time (in fact they were named after lyrics in on of ND's song.)  It's


Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 23:10:45 +0800 (SST)
Message-Id: <>
From: Kevin M Mathews <>
Subject: XTC LIVE!

                        Here's an amusing anecdote told to me by my bandmate
Tim Nolan from a XTC gig he witnessed in 77 or 78.
                        It seems that ' Statue of Liberty ' would usually be
a signal for the audience to point their index fingers into the sky and
shout " Woohoo!! " at the crucial juncture ( you know where ) - BUT at this
gig, some bloke got too close to Andy and poked him right in the groin !!
Which probably made his vocals a lot more flighty !! HA HA HA !! Don't you
wish you had been there !!
                        Cheers, Kevin.


Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 13:26:29 -0400
Message-ID: <>
From: (David Criddle)
Subject: John Leckie

     I might have missed this somewhere.  Did John Leckie produce Go2?  His
     name is spelled Lackie on my copy if he did indeed produce it.  Also,
     in the All Music Guide, Leckie is slated with producing White Music
     but not Go2.  What is the story here?  Is this an unfortunate
     misspelling or is there a John Lackie running around producing albums?

     Dave Criddle


Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 18:28:35 -0400
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Giles Smith's Book

The encomiums for Giles Smith's "Lost in Music" seem to be rolling in from
exclusively European addresses.  Does any Chalkhillian know if this book is
available in America?  It would seem to be an important matter, as it is said
to deal intimately with both our Heroes and Martin Newell....


Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 17:16:51 -0700
From: relph (John Relph)
Message-Id: <>

William Ham Bevan <> writes:
>Thanks to everyone who has mailed me to have their pages included in the
>XTC directory. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to maintain this page -

I have taken the liberty of moving the XTC-Anonymous directory to the
Chalkhills Site:

If you wish to have your URL added to the new Chalkhills Anonymous
page (see "What's New" or "Chalkhills Archives"), send a message to:


Many thanks due to William for all his efforts.

	-- John


Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 20:15:12 -0500
Message-Id: <>
From: Scott Anderson <>
Subject: Yazbek for trade!

Hi all!

I have an extra copy of the fine Yazbek cd that is oft talked about
on this list. If any non-US list member is having trouble finding it
and would like to work a trade for a cd that I want from your country
please drop me a line!

Thanks, Scott.


Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 18:48:45 -0700
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Trib Tape "Response"

  There have been many others who wanted on the tape but we ran out of space!

  At this point I have heard from several people to say their tapes are on
  the way and I have already received seven tapes.  SEVEN?!  Yes, seven.
  In 19 mail days I have received 7 tapes.  Should I expect more than 20 in
  the next 9 mailing days?  You'd better damn well hope so or I'll do a 30
  minute a capella 16 RPM drone interpretation of Deliver Us From The
  Elements and I'm just getting over a bacterial throat infection that
  could justify suicide and I sound like a steel dog barking bricks!

  ahem... Here is the list

  Robin Myrick
  (The Comfortable Chair)     ?
  Phillip McEachern ?
  Peter Fitzpatrick Making Plans for Nigel OR Grass OR The Disappointed
  Sean Altman       Ten Feet Tall
  Curtis Settino
  (Canoofle)        Scissor Man
  Steve Lutz        Season Cycle
  Dolph Chaney      Respectable Street
  John Hedges       Disque Bleu
  Randy C           Sacrificial Bonfire
  Ned Robie         Rocket From A Bottle OR Roads Girdle The Globe
  John Neil         I'm Bugged OR Ballet For A Rainy Day
  Gene Yoon         Everything
  Erich Walther     Travels In Nihilon
  Christopher Burgess         This World Over OR All Of A Sudden
  Christopher Coolidge        Wrapped in Gray
  Ben Gott          Battery Brides
  Chris Spillios    Dear God
  Harrison Sherwood Living In A Haunted Heart
  John Christensen  1000 Umbrellas
  Mitch Friedman    "XTSea" Medley
  Naoyuking Iso     Goosey, Goosey
  Steve Perley      My Love Explodes
  HEARD FROM (since May):
  Eric Day          It's Nearly Africa
  Tim Kendrick      ?
  Nick Mitchell
  (Mirrors) (out on tour!)    Toys OR Ladybird
  Carnine/Posynick  Day In, Day Out
  Tom Slack         Meeting Place
  Walt Michulka     Gens & Majs OR Bike Ride To... OR Gold Dress
  Paul Brantley     When We Get To England

  Ship your tape today!!

  Fedex is free, when you mail from work!



Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 19:08:18 -0700
Message-Id: <>
Subject: The lost songs

  Thanks to all who responded as to the origin of a few song titles I
  didn't recognize.  I'm sorry for my oversight on I'm Bugged and Your Gold
  Dress, I should have known better... but the others I honestly didn't
  know their source.

  Thanks again, Richard


Date: Tue, 23 Jul 1996 09:11:20 +0100
Message-Id: <v01510101ae18ff0c2568@[]>
From: (Mark Fisher)
Subject: pink things

>Re the producer thread (ho hum), it came to mind that perhaps what we
>should be discussing is the ENGINEER. Ultimately the song's will come
>through in all their brilliance but I'm more concerned about the over-all
>sound. Any ideas?

Uuuurgh! The producer thread it driving me to distraction already (did I
really read someone saying they'd just been listening to the *production*
of the Martin Newell LP? Is this really what people do?). But now

I say we should discuss the tea-boy. After all, without a fresh cuppa on
hand whenever they want it, XTC could start sending off quite the wrong
vibes. And should it be PG Tips or Co-Op's Own Variety? Brown sugar or
white? And is powdered milk an adequate substitute for the real thing?

On the subject of producers, no one ever replied to my request about
whether it was worth buying a Mission record just to hear an AP-produced
track. Does this mean that none of us has been able to fork out cash for
such a terrible band?

And while I'm rambling, how did XTC get away with such a blatant sexual
metaphor in *Cherry in Your Tree* on an album for children? And could
someone tell me what exactly Carmen Sandiego is and how it comes to have
such a groovy soundtrack?

Mark Fisher (,uk)


Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 20:40 +0930
From: "VanAbbe, Dominic" <>
Subject: More producer/drummer suggestions
Message-id: <>

Greetings Chalkhillians,

     I must say I'm new to these things, but am delighted to be able to read
all thoughts XTC-ish from fellow fans worldwide.  I've only recently
subscribed and have read the last four digests with relish.

     For a first contribution I thought I'd add my (Aussie) two cents worth
to the producer debate.  Firstly, to those who suggested Mitch Easter-
excellent idea.  He is equally adept at capturing live, crunchy sounds
(Stephen Duffy's last LP, our own now defunct Hummingbirds) as he is at
capturing more delicate sounds (early REM).  Besides I'd hate to see the
crunchier side of our boys disappear.  Also filed under this banner could be
Tony Berg.  Have a listen to the beautifully produced sounds of "Play" by
Squeeze, and then to the rougher, almost demo-ish in parts, "Free for all"
by Michael Penn and you'll realise he too runs the whole gamut in sounds.
 Bruce Lampcov, who has produced The The and Stephen Duffy elicits nice
sounds too.  Even Australian-based Nick Launay would be interesting,
although he has turned to more grungy sounds of late.   Funnily enough I
have a gut feeling, a hunch if you like, that Stephen Hague would be
interesting.  I know he's more renowned for electronic bands but his
(limited) input on Blur's "Parklife" showed me a sign....

     The question of a drummer is a tad trickier.  Tim Palmer who
contributed to 2 or 3 of The The's LPs is a big-sounding drummer, but also
capable of more delicate work, as the mellow parts of "Mind Bomb"
demonstrated.  Paul Hester, ex of Crowded House,  is an excellent feel
player and also capable of more straight-ahead stuff too. I'm not sure if
he's considered being a gun-for-hire, however.  If the pricetag ain't too
hefty what about Stewart Copeland?  After all, I believe The Police and XTC
played Madison Square Gardens around the same time, and got along quite
well.  Ego problems could get in the way p'raps?

     All this speculation is very well....let's just hope this new product
arrives... and soon.  By the way, any more news on a video accompanying
"Fossil Fuel"?

                              Ciao for now


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 1996 09:23:49 -0700
From: John M Rader <>
Subject: Remastered O&L from MoFi

For Those Of You Requiring Veracity:

The info on the release of O&L came from personnel at MoFi.

Also, although it has been mentioned before, Elvis Costello's All This
Useless Beauty is superb.  It may supplant Armed Forces as my all time

It that vein, considering how good E C's latest sounds, let's add Geoff
Emerick to the producer possibility list.



Date: Tue, 23 Jul 1996 15:03:25 -0400
Message-ID: <>
From: (Welton Barker)
Subject: Another controversial note

     Anyone ever like or hear of Spot? They sound sort of like a cross
     between Nirvana and XTC. Interesting to listen to while waiting
     (seemingly forever) for the next drop of previously-unheard XTC...



Date: Tue, 23 Jul 1996 15:49:18 -0400 (EDT)
From: Karthik  Swaminathan <kqs7816@is4.NYU.EDU>
Subject: Threadwaxing....
Message-Id: <Pine.OSF.3.93.960723153932.27869A-100000@is4.NYU.EDU>

We are all sitting in the back seat of a large Ford station wagon.
Andy Partridge is at the wheels. Colin is next to him with a triple A map.
David is repairing the speedometer.

Destination: the next XTC Album

To fend off the boredom we devise games and make inane discusions. Who
will be our next mechanic, what will be the name of our next gasstation,
How many licence plates have the word *monkey* in it.

The hours pass on to days, the days pass on to months, the months pass on
to years, the years....



End of Chalkhills Digest #2-139

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