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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 2, Number 132

                  Thursday, 4 July 1996

Today's Topics:

                     Re: Monkey Music
                        Re: Chills
                Oh no, not Eno (and more!)
                     Rob W./problems
                    Re: animal noises
                    Re: MN The Great!
                     RE: monkey toonz
                 Too much monkey business
               NEW BEST OF ALBUM DETAILS!!
                     hidden messages
                     Greenhouse Rush
             Trib Tape Duplicator and Artist
                     Monkey business
                      Demo Producer
                        XTC demos
                  Beatles, XTC & Monkeys
                       beatle girls
                     Random Thoughts
                  Re: Demos Olde and New
                        Red songs
                    ...monkey note/Go2
                    Grassy knoll edge?
                       Odds n' Sods
                   The perfect trapper


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Message-Id: <v01530508adffc21d0502@[]>
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 17:28:36 +1100
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: Re: Monkey Music

>Monkey music
>  Ape Man-Kinks
>  Gorilla-James Taylor

etc etc etc.

Monkey Man - the Specials
King Kong Song - Abba (yes, Abba!)

oh, and King Crimson's song Neurotica compares humans to a whole host of
animals: eg, about two punks - "just look at that hammerhead hand in hand
with the mandrill!"



Message-Id: <v0153050badffc43181e7@[]>
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 17:33:55 +1100
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: Re: Chills

>I've just found out that Kiwi band Martyn Phillips and the Chills (as they
>are now known) have released a new single called "Come Home" (NZ FLying Nun
>label), which includes "a couple of members of XTC in the backing lineup"
>(it says here).
>Of course, I've just placed an order, but can anybody enlighten us as to
>which members of XTC participate, and what their roles are?

Daves Gregory and Mattacks play on the Sunburst album, and on this
single from it. Seems that the Chills flew to England to record, but
there were problems with customs clearance (Martin was the only one
who'd remembered he needed a visa!), so half the band ended up going
home. It's not bad - not the best that Martin's come up with, but not
bad either - and a welcome return to music for him after a couple of
years off.



Date: Tue, 2 Jul 1996 22:57:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Charles <>
Subject: Oh no, not Eno (and more!)
Message-Id: <>

Hello Chalkhillians,

I tend to avoid offering opinions on controversial matters which are likely
to elicit flames, but I think I must humbly make an exception to that
policy at this point:

Dear God, please do not let Eno produce XTC.  Eno destroyed my interest
in U2, and I feel confident that he could similarly work his ambient
magic with XTC.  I would rather my Dad produce XTC's next album, though
frankly, I don't think my Dad would do a particularly good job, either.
Anybody hear that Eno/Bono/Pavarotti collaboration?

Not keen on Rick Rubin as an XTC producer either.  Maybe its just me, but
the last thing I want in an XTC producer is someone who is gonna push the
band in some new direction, like "ambient" or "urban."  I rather like
XTC's direction as it is; they tend to evolve naturally according to
whatever mystical internal mechanisms drive them.  However, I may well be
in the minority here -- I think a lot of people prefer a producer who is
gonna "challenge" XTC in some if writing brilliant, tuneful,
intelligent, charming pop isn't challenging enough.

Offhand, my producer choice might be John Leckie -- luv Psonic Psunspot.

And while I am expressing humble opinions:

I am lukewarm towards "Smartest Monkeys" but I do not dislike it; I do
prefer "Bungalow," though.  I was bummed to see that people have mentioned
most of the "people/monkey" songs that I was gonna contribute, but how
about this one:  "You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)" by that fondly
remembered Los Angeles band The Dickies.

XTC song I don't like?  Well, "Travels in Nihilon" comes to mind.

XTC drummer?  I am glad someone mentioned Pete Thomas (drummer for Elvis
Costello, at least one Squeeze album, two of John Wesley Harding's
albums).  He or Dave Mattacks would be my choices.

And on the topic of bassists...I agree that Andy Metcalf is indeed one
groovy dude.  Plus he is a decent producer (I THINK he produced Squeeze's
"Babylon and On," and some songs by the Reivers -- I could be wrong about
the Squeeze production...I know he played on that album though).

Some random thoughts:

I have heard people complain about some sloppy Rundgren keyboards on
Skylarking, but I have never really heard them.  Is there some part on
some certain songs I should be directing my attention to??

Nice work on the composer survey!  My wife is a pretty big XTC fan
(actually more of a Dukes of Stratosphear fan) and she was gonna send in
her top ten composer list, but then she decided not to for two reasons:
(1) She is not an official subscribing Chalkhillian (though she reads the
missives over my shoulder); and...
(2) She would have been the only person NOT to have included Andy in her
top ten composers list!  What gall!  Ray Davies, Lennon/McCartney, and
Brian Wilson (she loves Brian's "Pale and Precious" :-) ) were the only
rock-era composers in her top ten.  Gilbert and Sullivan were on her list
though, which I thought was a decent choice...British, intelligent lyrics.

And finally: I brew my own beer, and occaisionally name my batches after
Kinks songs (like "Village Green Preservation Ale"); I would like to do
the same with XTC songs/lyrics (like "Precious and Pale Ale," etc.)  Any
diabolically clever or at least amusing suggestions?

Thanks for listening!




Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 1996 10:57:57 -0500
From: johanb <>
Subject: Rob W./problems

Paul C. wrote:

>Hey Rob Warmowski,
>You're entitled to your opinions.  But from your post in Chalkhills #130, it
>puzzles me as to why you're on this list. It sounds to me as if you've
>developed a real chip on your shoulder about a number of things, XTC included.

I agree. My posting yesterday should have contained some responses to
Warmokowski's posting, but it seems that this part of my message
disappeared. I had some serious problems with my e-mail program (?)
when I was writing that-I saved the message and when I opened it again
all the text from Warmokowski's message and my response to it had
disappeared. I thought I had solved the problem and I sent my posting
but this obviously didn't work.  Is there any computer experts out
there who can explain to me why this happened? Is it my mail program,
my own incompetence, or what?

/JOHAN "The mad swede" Bengtsson.

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-the unofficial SPIRIT homepage"               -Randy California.
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Message-Id: <v0153050cadff7ed2e81c@[]>
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 03:00:01 +0100
From: (John Wedemeyer)
Subject: Re: animal noises

     Bob Estus asked about any animal noises, real or inferred in the XTC
catalogue.(Sorry....I have yet to figure out how to do that cool thing with
the arrows and the quotes that you all are so adept at)! Anyway, my fave
has to be the bullfrog (courtesy of AP) on "Knuckle Down". Check it out,
     Also, on a non-XTC note, in response to Keith Hanlon's assertion that
Kenny G "has no talent" I am certainly not going to defend the
crap that he is putting out these days, but I would reccomend that Keith
check out Kenny's playing on the early Jeff Lorber Fusion
albums.("Watersign" comes to mind). Kenny Gorlick (his real name) can play
some sax when he chooses to, and those albums are the proof....
              Best Wishes To You All,
                    John W.(
Song Of The Day; "Let's Make A Den"


Message-Id: <v02110112adfff5e0c696@[]>
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 11:31:31 +0100
From: (Stephen Varga)
Subject: Re: MN The Great!

In Chalkhills #130 Naouyki Isogai wrote:

I'd like to ask a few things of someone who has an English copy of the CD
of the Off White Album.

I have a few things to ask too. Like I didn't know the damn thing had been
released! The last thing I heard was in the Little Express when Humbug
Records (or was it its distributor?) had gone into receivership and
therefore there was no hope of a release until a new distributor had been

I heard nothing more after that until I read Naouki's posting. Did news of
the Off White Album's release get mentioned in an earlier edition of
Chalkhills which I missed?

I then got some further shocks. Having rushed down to my local Music &
Video Club store, I was told the CD had been released back in April! 3
months of depravation!

Even worse was the price. I was lucky to get it discounted at #12.49
because the normal retail price stands at a whopping #14.99 - (that's
23 dollars to our American friends) for only 43 minutes worth of music!

Nevertheless the music is very good. Excellent lyrics, sixtyish music and
some great guitar sounds from our own Dave Gregory. If you liked the
Greatest Living Englishman, you'll love this cos the styles are very
similar - even without AP's production.

By the way Naoyuki, although I have an English copy, the CD itself is
manufactured in Tokyo.

What do others think of this album?

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Message-ID: <>
From: "Burgess, Christopher (MSX)" <>
Subject: RE: monkey toonz
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 08:05:34 -0400

>Blue Monkey --Thelonius Monkey
>Schock the Monkey -Peter Gabriel
>Monkey on my Back - blues standard
>We are the Chimpanzees --the Chimpanzees(japanese Monkey band)
>Monkeyberry Moon Delight --Paul McCartney (a reoccuring XTC item)
>Velvet Underground & Nico --(sly monkey-in-you marketing ploy cover)

>...any more monkey referrences smart guy?....

What about . .

You Drive Me Bananas You Big Ape - The Dickies
King Kong - The Dickies
Apes of Things - The Yardbirds
Gorilla My Dreams - Bram Tchaikovsky
Monkey Lust - Leo Kotke
Simian You and a Dog Named Boo - Lobo (not Los)
Chimp-chimereee - Dick Van Dyke (nee Mary Poppins)
anything by Cheetah Chrome

That is all . . over and out.

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Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 96 09:17:00 -0500
From: dgershmn <>
Organization: AMS
Subject: Too much monkey business

Well, I had been hoping not to have to
contribute to this somewhat tenuous
monkey song thread, but I've been
pulled in. Aside from the song
mentioned in this here message's
subject line (as sung by Chuck Berry),
you're missing one other monkey song
directly connected to XTC: "Weird
Monkeys" by Peter Blegvad, from his
"Naked Shakespeare" album produced by
Andy Partridge. Excellent song, and if
I'm not mistaken, Andy plays on it
(though I don't have my copy of the
album handy at the moment to confirm

Dave Gershman


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 1996 14:57:52 -0700
From: "" <>

 From : Lee Beddow, Stafford, England
I took the liberty of ringing up Virgin Records press office today to try
and find out any details of this new Best Of album from the boys and I
was told the following.
1. It's called "Fossil Fuels - XTC Singles from 1977 to 199 something"
(their words - obviously Virgin have forgotten how long its been since
we've last heard anything and are probably embaressed!)
2. It is released on the 27th August
3. It is a double album and.....
4. It has the full blessing of Andy Partridge!!
I did ask about the state of the band and the label but the press officer
got a bit defensive and told me he had another call. Oh well, I least I
got some useful information out of them.
Roll on the 27th..............................
p.s. The satalite channel VH-1 showed Mayor Of Simpleton the other night
and "....Nigel" last week. Is this the start of the great public XTC
Lee B.


Message-Id: <v02130596ae00322bf789@[]>
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 10:29:45 -0500
From: (Andrew Bissaro)
Subject: derivatives...

hi, all.

In Chalkhills 131 David Gershman doubted my exaltation of the Indigo Girls:

>--So were the Captain and Tenille (sic). Your point?

That they're a duo of songwriters, as are John and Paul.  You were
expecting the Rosetta Stone?

>>* One (E. Saliers) has a high, sweet voice, and writes songs with charming
>>melodies and uplifting lyrics.  The other (A. Ray) is more intense, has a
>>deeper, grittier voice, and writes songs that are darker, more mysterious.
>>They temper each others' songs in exactly the same way John and Paul did.
>--"Exactly the same way"? I think not. The sunny/mysterious dichotomy does
>not an equivalent make. If Judy Collins and Stevie Nicks joined forces,
>would you automatically say we had another Lennon and McCartney on our

Your analogy falls short: if....if... If..., not to mention that neither
ladies you mentioned have the lyrical reach and melodic creativity of IG.
(I usually don't "automatically" say anything.)

>>* Their harmonies are just as irresistable and inventive; the arrangements
>>on their latest album are as lush and adventurous as anything the beatles
>>or xTc have done.
>--Oh, now I get're just kidding, right? If I'm not mistaken,
>irresistable/inventive harmonies are also the trademark of the Manhatten (sic)
>Transfer, aren't they?...

No, I'm not kidding.  Again, your analogy falls short: Manhattan Transfer's
harmonic style is in a totally different realm from the Lennon/Macca
tradition.  That's akin to saying that Jaco can be compared to McCartney
because they're both good bassists.  IG's style is in the arena of the
Beatles: soaring, transcendent harmonies, rich with counterpoint that often
enhances the lyrics.  They may hue closer to the folk tradition, but the
muscle behind their performances puts the pop in.

Have you listened to IG lately?  Go borrow "Swamp Ophelia" from the library
and listen to "Touch Me Fall."  You'll hear a 6 minute pop song with rich
strings, tight drums, melodic, Moulding-esque bass, stirring, oblique,
imagistic lyrics.  Suddenly, this gives way to a string quartet a la "1,000
umbrellas" which then evolves to a huge balls-out climax that is totally
different from what preceded it, yet doesn't at all sound out of place.
Adventurous, exotic music such as this is one of the few things that makes
me proud to be an American (but that's another discussion...).

As for Joni Mitchell, she says that when she hears the current crop of
imitators, they sound more like IG than her...  You're right in saying that
they're derivative of Joni (Emily's favorite songwriter), but Andy is just
as derivative of Ray Davies, or McCartney.  Your point?

This leads me to raise the issue that XTC shouldn't be seen as these
innovative blockbusters who are mastering uncharted territory with each new
release.  They are so derivative of 60s pop, it verges on ridiculous:
friends have cited that reason to me as why they don't like xTc.  Let's not
kid ourselves: xTc are incredible songsmiths and arrangers, but they're
not, NOT redefining pop music, like say, Talking Heads; they haven't sent
the music world spinning off, like Nirvana, for example.

>--Okay, are we comparing songwriting teams, or entire groups here? Both
>musicians you mention ARE excellent, and they may be the best rhythm section
>"IYHO," but the guys in Rush are great musicians too...

Good point: I was vague.  What I omitted in the heat of passion was that
the rhythm section often gives a beatlesque drive to their more rockin'

>--I'm pretty sure Whitney Houston brings tears to some people's eyes too.

True, but not to mine.  The only other act that hits me as deeply as they
do is the Beatles (and a few Andy tunes).   You may disagree, but from my
subjective porthole, this is significant.   Trust me--I don't become a
fanatical follower of a band very often.  Once I saw that IG is now a Band,
I took a second look, and got hooked...



Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 16:32:57 +0200
Message-Id: <>
From: Stefano De Astis <>
Subject: hidden messages

Did anyone notice a few words engraved on the vinyl (near the label) of the
Dukes' records? I found this:

25 o'clock
side 2: I can see four moles...
side 1: to be taken twice dali

psonic psunspot
in side:  loosely from the stiff beach
out side: with pink warmth


Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 09:55:27 -0500 (CDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: (Jeff Smith)
Subject: Greenhouse Rush

Notice First post follows: (Simon Sleightholm) Posted:
>although parts of "Life Is Good In The Greenhouse" are SO silly

In a short defense of Greenhouse I read a interview/blurb with Boy George
back in '83 or '84 in which he stated that Greenhouse was his favorite
"summer song".

dgershmn <> Posted:

> but the guys in Rush are great musicians too.

My bother would be SO happy to here this.  Any seconds for Neil Pert for
dummer and Geddy Lee for producer?

Wait didn't Amie Mann sing with Rush and Boy George listens to XTC.  Links
and more links.

Jeff Smith | '71 HD Sprint 350SX, Temp '77 GS 400 X | Barnes, WI


Date: Wed, 3 Jul 96 09:30 EST
From: Jeffrey Langr <>
Subject: monkeys
Message-Id: <64960703143046/0005392548ND3EM@MCIMAIL.COM>

One more monkey tune:

"King Kong" - Kinks

Jeff L.


Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 10:56:54 -0700
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Trib Tape Duplicator and Artist

  Since the "upgrade" of my PC, I have lost the emails from two people both
  of which I now seek.

  The first owns a recording studio (in Ohio?) and had offered to do the
  tape duplication at cost.  I need to discuss cost and turn-around time.

  The second had offered to provide the artwork for the cover of the tape.
  (I had thought about making a pseudo-contest out of this but decided that
  since there would be only one piece of cover art, that I would have to
  turn down too many people.)  This particular person wrote me the day that
  I posted the original information in Chalkhills and offered their
  services explaining that even though they wouldn't be contributing to the
  music, they would like to be involved.  I had already had an idea for a
  cover but I granted them the right to provide the cover art and haven't
  heard another word.  (They had shared some of their ideas with me and I
  will require that they reiterate them, so... any fakers can save their

  Please respond to me directly and SOON!  I want to keep this project on

  Cheers, Richard


Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 20:18:13 +0100
Message-Id: <v01510103ae003dc588bb@[]>
From: (Mark Fisher)
Subject: Monkey business

Has everyone forgotten *Monkeys in Human Skin Suits*? That was the song
that came to mind when I first heard *Smartest Monkeys* - I know it was
only on a demo compilation, but it did feel like Andy had already been

Simon Sleightholm's comments on the awkward lyrics in *Smartest Monkeys*
are spot on. Colin is always best at his most abstract. He can be
beautifully economical in his writing, giving just enough to send your
imagination racing, but no more. *Nigel* and *Bungalow* are good examples
of this. I always think he is weaker when he gets explicit and spells
everything out.

Mark Fisher (,uk)


Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 18:34:33 -0400 (EDT)
From: Karthik  Swaminathan <kqs7816@is4.NYU.EDU>
Subject: Demo Producer
Message-Id: <Pine.OSF.3.93.960703181830.21675B-100000@is4.NYU.EDU>

Sorry I cant' post quotes from the newsletter, there is a thunderstorm
here in NYC and my modem quit and deleted the chalkhills newsletter I'm
trying to reply to.

To the person who didn't find the demos up to par:

Demos are made for two reasons:

1. to give to some club-booker or A&R person to further ones music career.

2. to put down some rough ideas for further development.

I am sure the Demos were made for the later reasons and were probably not
meant for public consumption anyway. I'ts like getting a pencil sketching
of the Last Supper and wondering where the color is...

To the people who have faith in xTc self-producing:

The two records that they are credited for co-producing are The Big
Express and Oranges and Lemons. Parts of the Big Express are amazing,
creates quite an atmosphere (though This World Over overly commercial 80's
sound always makes me cringe). Oranges and Lemons is just too slick for my
taste. I've read also that Colin and David  are not usually happy with
Andys production heaviness in the Chalkhills book. Maybe it would work if
they were all three equally participating in the production.

And to the College Professor who cant stand the misuse of the word

How do you know that your not missing the *irony*?



Message-Id: <v01540b01ae006a064fac@[]>
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 19:34:21 +0100
From: (Peter McCulloch)
Subject: XTC demos

David wrote in the last chalkhills:

< Is it just me, or does something magical happen to these demo's before
     they become album cuts? Some of their demo's are very good, but not
     near the songwriting quality that appears on the albums.

One of the reasons I'm fanatic about finding XTC's demos is because I'm
consistently amazed by the quality of the "lost" songs that never came to
fruition. You may not have the best demos, Dave (though i don't have
Verne/Bulls), but I have most of them, and there are plenty of hidden gems.
My personal favorites are "Rocket", "Find the Fox", "It's Snowing Angels",
and "Bags of Fun with Buster". True, many songs materialize into better
ones, like Goodbye Humanasaurus/Then She Appeared or Blue Beret/That Wave,
but it's fascinating to hear how certain songs transcended into others.

By the way, if anyone's interested in doing demo trades, let me know. As I
said, I've got most of them, but I'm particularly interested in finding
Jules Verne, Bull, Giant Peach, and Andy's 5 song home demos.


Date: Wed, 03 Jul 1996 19:25 -0600 (MDT)
From: Miles or Gigi Coleman <>
Subject: Beatles, XTC & Monkeys
Message-id: <0DTZVZ134002UK@ACS2.BYU.EDU>

My fellow Chalkhillians,

><<BTW, when I listened to Anthology 2 (especially Taxman - "if you
>     drive a car..."), I realized, how truly great he is.>>
>     Ummm..... I think that was John, unfortunately.  Paul played the
>     screamin' lead solo.  As far as I always heard, they decided to switch
>     instruments for that song.  It is some great playing, however. :)

Speaking of _Revolver_, from which Taxman & Eleanor Rigby & Yellow Sub come,
has anyone compared I'm Only Dreaming with Duke's Shiny Cage?  Holy Hannah!
Sounds like Colin recognized the good and gave it his own twist.  From the
guitar strums at the beginning of the verses to the solo bass licks at the
end of each verse to the (I don't know the technical term) guitar bits that
sound like they've been played backwards at the end.  Don't think anyone
would disagree...?  (Well, actually, I'm sure someone might.)

Those who may not of heard all of _Revolver_ check it out and hear an album
that has got to be one that has to have primarily influenced the Swindonian
swingers.  BTW, my Beatle fanatic buddy told me that one of the Wilson
brothers (Beach Boys) said that _Revolver_ influenced them to write _Pet
Sounds_ which then influenced the Fab 4 to come up with _Sgt. Peppers_.  Any
concurring responses?  He also supposedly said that when the BB heard _Sgt
Peppers_ they knew it was all over.

Monkey memo--

The King Kong Song -- ABBA
Miles and Gigi Coleman		Provo, Utah	Family Home Page		Index for Alumni of LDS Missions


Date: 03 Jul 96 21:32:32 EDT
From: studio 17 productions <104151.1063@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: beatle girls
Message-ID: <960704013231_104151.1063_IHO59-1@CompuServe.COM>

God bless Dave Gershman for his fine comments about the impossibility of
the Indigo Girls being as talented as Lennon-McCartney.  There will NEVER
be another Lennon-McCartney now that John is gone.  Nothing comes close.
That's why all these other groups are HERE now.

Yes, Partridge/Moulding are close/growing the same way the Beatles did when
they left the road.  There are a lot of parallels there...

Also: Elvis Costello, sometimes.  and even Neil Finn.  and countless others
who sometimes, for a brief shining moment, capture that quality we call

And I too, have RESPECT for the Indgio Girls...but not as much for the

thanks Dave!  my sentiments EXACTLY.


"it's in the order of the hedgerows..."


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 1996 18:08:05 -0400
From: jes <>
Subject: Random Thoughts

Re:  Sara Lee seems to have asked:

"Is this the same Sara Lee that used to play bass in Gang Of Four, replacing
Dave Allen who went off to form Shriekback with Barry Andrews?"

I don't know how many Sara Lee's there are out there, but this is probably
the same one who played with Robert Fripp in the League Of Gentlemen (which
also featured Barry Andrews) and was responsible for the bass parts on the
B-52's major comeback album.

Re:  GO2

I think that this is a most maligned and misunderstood album.  Second albums
usually are.  The seeming lack of a single (note that the non-LP "Are You
Receiving Me" was the only single release from that period), and the anger
of Andrew's compositions probably cause most fans to place this one near the
bottom of the fave list.  I have a soft spot in my heart for it, and
probably rank it as my third or fourth fave.  (behind Drums, Skylarking, and
possibly Black Sea).  Four of my favorite XTC tracks are on there
("Beattown," "Meccanic Dancing," "Battery Brides," and "Jumping In
Gomorrah") and I think the cover is a SCREAM.

RE:  Random comments

I'm curious if there are any other people out there who are, like me, in
their late 30's, find XTC to be the greatest thing ever created on God's
Great Earth, but who also have a great affection for The Grateful Dead.

Also, are there any readers of this newslist out there living in Atlanta GA
who might want to get together for a listening party?  I had a rather
interesting experience not too long ago where a friend pieced together a
Grateful Dead listening party, where he streamed together a collection of
bootlegs and videos of the Dead, and played it as though it were a concert.
I would be willing to supply the songs and the Ambience, if there is
interest.  Please e-mail me.


Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 14:48:05 +0900 (JST)
Message-Id: <>
From: (Michael Wicks)
Subject: Re: Demos Olde and New

Hello All!

A quick reply to  Mr. David.Criddle who wrote:

> I was having a discussion with a fellow chalkhillian, and we were
>     thinking that Andy must write a bunch of songs, pick the best ones, go
>     out and read some fine literature for inspiration, then rewrite the
>     whole darn thing.  The lyric content of the album material just seems
>     to be much deeper, more clever, more sophisticated.

Indeed! It's weird, because some demos sound so good, you wonder why they
were even left off the album (Motorcycle Landscape, Spare a Penny, Gangway
Electric Guitar Is Coming Through, Blue Beret, Everything, This Is The End,
and a host of others!)  Who's decision was it as far as selecting the final
cuts to the albums?  In the end, was it (as in the case of Skylarking) the
producers, (as in the case of Mummer) the record companies, or did Andy and
the rest of the band have the final word?

It is great to have the opportunity to hear the original songs (like
penciled sketches) as they were first recorded, and then put on the
finished version (in all its kaleidiscopic hues) and just sit back and go,
woah, that's really outstanding! (for lack of better words, sorry!)

Here's hoping that the new batch of demos are sprinkled with the same magic
that have blessed previous xtc songs...but, I wonder, as do all of us
Chalkhillians, which songs will actually make the final cut? Any ideas,
based on the known demos so far?  Here's a brief list of some of the songs
that I think might just be on (but then again, what do I know? I thought
Yazbek spelled Pinocchio right! : - ) BTW, these are in no particular
order, about as random as it comes, since I like ALL of the new demos! But,
what about Colins? Haven't heard any of his, how bout any of you out there?

Wonder Annual                                   Prince of Orange
River of Orchids                                  Knights in Shining Karma
Church of Women                               (Some Lovely) My Brown Guitar
Your Dictionary                                    The Last Balloon
It's Snowing Angels

and....oh, yes, my favourite song of Andy's new ones so far: Easter

More demo talk - Jules Verne/Mummer Demos - next time!

Michael (watching the Wimbledon QuarterFinals at 12:43AM in Japan) Wicks


Message-Id: <>
From: "Simon Knight" <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 15:51:38 +0000
Subject: Red songs

Just a tidbit:

Does anyone else notice the slight similarity between Split Enz's "I
see red" to XTC's "Red"?  Right down to the hiccup/shattered vocal

Does anyone know which one came first?  I'm curious.


Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 05:54:12 -0700
Message-Id: <>
Subject: ...monkey note/Go2

On monkey songs, someone mentioned

>  I Want To Be Like You-from Jungle Book [occasionally covered by Phish]
>       ("I'm the king of the monkeys, I'm the jungle VIP")

Personally I recommend Los Lobos version of this song.  (Available on
Another Band from East LA, Los Lobos collection, as well as Stay Awake, a
compilation of Disney tunes by cool artists.  Worth it for the Replacements
"Cruella de Ville" and Tom Waits "Heigh Ho (The Dwarfs Marching Song)"

XTC content: On the subject of Go2, its always been "that other XTC album"
that never really drew me in.  I think Whitemusic is far the better early
XTC album.  Go2 always seemed much more quirky, less consistant.  However,
given what everyone has said lately, I vow to take it to work today and
listen to it again while reflecting upon all that has been said here
lately.  I'll let you know what I think.  (I just know you all REALLY give
a damn what I think. ;))

Until then,

Joe "What's so funny about peace, love and understanding" Snipp


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From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 15:50:43 +0000
Subject: Grassy knoll edge?

Dear Chalks,

I have just acquired the Radios In Motion sampler CD  (thanks,Annie!)
and as I was listening to Grass I was wondering if anybody knows if
all/some of the older tracks on this sampler have been
remastered/mixed for this occasion?

I'm not quite sure, but especially Grass seems to sound
much clearer and cleaner than on my Skylarking CD.
Any info would be much appreciated...

Re my earlier MiniDisc posting:
John from Boulder,Colorado (keone) - your message did reach me but I
can't send any email to you - all my mail is bounced...



===> Mark's useless XTC quote for today <==
I would have liked to have made this instrumental
but the words got in the way


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Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 15:51:23 +0100
From: (Stephen Varga)
Subject: Odds n' Sods

To add to the monkey references, I haven't seen any songs listed by the
Blow Monkeys. Don't ask me for any song titles. I don't have any interest
in that band!

As for linkinking XTC with Rod, Jane and Freddy, here's one. If someone can
better it, feel free.

1. Rod, Jane and Freddy were regulars on Rainbow.
2. Rainbow was a Thames Television production.
3. Thames Television's logo features some of the Towers of London
4. Towers of London is a song by XTC

Does XTC have any relevance against the highly successful chart topping
Indie bands of today such as Blur, Oasis, Supergrass, Lightning Seeds, etc.

I think it does. For example, Boys will Boys (I hope that's the right song
title!) by Blur reminds me of XTC in the Barry Andrews era, and some of the
music from these bands have a sixties psychedelic sound, which of course is
a regular XTC feature.

If these Indie bands can make it big, why can't XTC? Some of the tracks by
Oasis sound less commercial than many XTC songs. Noel and Damon can't sing
for toffees either. What's the problem then?

Is it lack of a trendy image? Band members too old? Lyrics too clever? Lack
of promotion by their former record company? With a new label is there any

XTC felt out of place with a lot of 80's bands, but I do not feel that's
the case today. In the 70's, XTC's association with the Punk Movement
helped to accelerate a record deal. Perhaps in the 90's an association with
the Indie bands might bring them some real success? (Doesn't mean they have
to become one though, just like XTC were never a punk band!)

This is Pop!


Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 08:33:43 -0700
Message-Id: <>
Subject: The perfect trapper

Any Pixies fans in the crowd?  David Lovering, I think, would make an
excellent drummer for XTC.  Take a listen to the Pixies 'Surfer Rosa' and
'Doolittle' CDs.  I think you'll all agree.  If not you'll have at least
listen to two really enjoyable albums.



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