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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #2-112

         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 2, Number 112

                  Wednesday, 15 May 1996

Today's Topics:

                    Sugarplastic = XTC
              Carmen Sandiego/Johnny Nexdor
                 The Cleaners from Venus
         Reviews ("tosh" is a four-letter word!)
                   Hey!  A good record!
                 New XTC comics sighting!
                    We Have a Winner!
                   Pardon Me, Parvenu!
                      XTC Unplugged
             Re: Todd Rundgren and "Supergirl
                     Change My World
              Record Collector magazine poll
                  Re: Scooby Doopergirl!
                    Dave Gregory alert
                     Change My World
                  [Fwd: Re: Todd & XTC]
              OK, who set him up to do this?


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Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 11 May 1996 17:25:41 -0700
From: "Raul Escudero Jr." <>
Subject: Sugarplastic = XTC

Hello all.

This is my first posting, and I want to say that it's great to see so
much discussion about one of my favorite bands.

Anyway, to the point of my posting. Recently I bought THE SUGARPLASTIC's
new CD BANG, THE EARTH IS ROUND and the minute the first few seconds of
the first track started playing I knew I was gonna LOVE this CD. I saw a
review of it in the CMJ magazine and they have a rating/reference system
that said that if you like XTC, they recommend this band. So just with
that information I went out and bought the SUGARPLASTIC CD. I also got
the ERIC MATTHEWS CD, since it was mentioned here a couple of times.

Well, I gotta tell you, I think The SUGARPLASTIC blows him away. Their
music has so much more energy and has that 'quirky' XTC quality that we
all love. Eric Matthews is not bad, it's just that he's a little more
mellow and serious (which can be good).

Basically what I'm saying is YOU'VE GOT TO GET THE SUGARPLASTIC CD. I
guarantee it will quickly become one CD you'll want to listen to often...
I can't get enough of it. In lieu of any new XTC music, this really hits
the spot!

Enjoy! -Raul


Date: 11 May 96 19:48:03 EDT
From: Sally Unterman <103274.3106@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Carmen Sandiego/Johnny Nexdor
Message-ID: <960511234802_103274.3106_IHH64-1@CompuServe.COM>

As a fan of both XTC and Rockapella, I'm pleased to know that "Johnny
Nexdor & His Neighbors" is actually Rockapella lead vocalist Sean Altman
and producer pal Billy Straus, co-writers of "Change My World."  Sean's
allegiance to XTC and the Partridge/Yazbek influence on his writing is well
documented.  Sean and Yazbek are high school and college bandmates; they
co-wrote most of the material on both Carmen Sandiego albums and sang
backup on "Cherry In Your Tree."  Sean sang backup on several Yazbek cuts
on "The Laughing Man" and occasionally joins Yazbek onstage for a frenzied
Polka version of the Carmen Sandiego TV theme song.  I recommend checking
out Rockapella live or on their website: & subscribe to their
E-mail list:

Fondly, Sally Unterman


Message-Id: <>
Subject: The Cleaners from Venus
Date: Sun, 12 May 1996 12:38:19 +0900
From: Naoyuki Isogai <>

Howdy, y'all?

> From: Charles <>
> I loved Martin Newell and Andy's "Greatest Living Englishman,"
> and I was wondering what might be some other Martin product that
> I might be interested in (either solo, collaboration, or with one
> of his old bands like "Cleaners of Venus").

Well, I actually have a CD entitled _BACK FROM THE CLEANERS_, which is
subtitled _BEST OF THE CLEANERS FROM VENUS VOL 2_.  I love that CD
_GREATEST LIVING ENGLISHMAN_ so much, but the CLEANERS stuff is just
so-so, I guess.  In my humble opinion, Martin is sometimes NOT SO GOOD
at singing in such song as "We'll Build a House".  It happens in MOST
songs of the CLEANERS stuff.  So, don't expect too much of the

---- NaoyuKing, the department           "Life's like a firework, you're
     of Economics in KEIO Univ.           only lit once, and you must
                                          stnad and radiate correctly..."
  E-mail :


Date: Sun, 12 May 1996 23:56:27 +0900 (JST)
Message-Id: <>
From: (Michael Wicks)
Subject: Reviews ("tosh" is a four-letter word!)

Dear Chalkhillians!

In Digest #2-111,     wrote:

>This isn't meant to sound like a flame, so sorry if it does, but... would
>you mind telling us why >you're bothering with these reviews? Surely
>everyone on this list, even if they don't have all >the albums, is enough
>of a fan to know they want all the albums... and some of your comments
>are, quite frankly, tosh.

One of the reasons for the reviews, besides giving those who are new to
Chalkhills (I'm sure there are a few out there who are new subscribers in
the past few months; and of those, many who only know XTC for either "that
song about Nigel",  "SWO", "that song about pot, er...grass", "Dear God",
"that Mayor song", "the Dukes are WHO? XTC?!", and, more recently "Peter
Pumpkinhead.../Nonsuch")  a bit of background on the recordings of the
newsgroup they're subscribing to. News flash: not everyone who subscribes
to this newsgroup has all the albums, I'm willing to bet.
 Also, the idea came to me when reading through the many, many volumes of
back issues/digests. I started noticing some people's reviews of
albums...especially Nonsuch...then, all of a sudden, they stopped.  I wish
to revive this way of discussing some of XTC's work by offering a short
synopsis (i.e. - my own bloody opinion! And yes, very subjective!) of each
of the songs.  And, if I may borrow a Colin quote from live shows past, "It
would please me to see " your  comments, too! That's what a forum is for,
to discuss, to debate, to have queries explained and answered, to express
how you feel about, in this case, Things XTC!
>Sorry. I'd rather you reviewed something new, or just asked questions.
This brings me to the third reason of doing these reviews.   We all know
that XTC is going through some transitionary times, what with the label
change, contract negotiations (those are finished,  though, right?), and
whatnot, while we desparate, drooling appreciators of those wonderfully
addictive musical sounds those three purveyors of The Good Things have
given us wait patiently for a new record to come out.  It is difficult to
review something new when there's nothing new to review.   (You wanna
review Yazbek, or Eric Matthews? Suggestion: Start your own Newsgroup/Forum
then! They don't call this Chalkhills for nothing!)
Now, if these reviews are in any way detrimental to the group, or if some
of you deem them unnecessary, then I'll discontinue them.  I do think,
though, that I'll shorten some of the comments down, since I admit they've
been a bit long. But I still kind of like the idea of going through the XTC
catalogue and taking a trip down memory lane while we do wait patiently for
"something new".  Besides, I've bought other new CD's from other
artists...but if I wanted to talk about the Posies new one, then I'd send
an e-mail over to Dear 23, not to here.
Anyways, I'm glad I'm getting responses to my musings, hope to hear from
more of ya!


Michael W.


Date: Sun, 12 May 1996 11:38:05 -0400 (EDT)
From: Natalie Jane Jacobs <>
Subject: Hey!  A good record!
Message-ID: <>

Many of you have probably already heard of Peter Blegvad, a
singer-songwriter who has occasionally collaborated with our Andy.  A
demo of one of those collaborations, "King Strut," turned up on one of my
bootleg compilations, unlisted - a delightful surprise, since it's one of
the coolest things I've ever heard - a story told in a dry Lou Reed
monotone set over one of Andy's hypnotic drum loops and a swirling
repetitive guitar lick. I was inspired to go out and find more stuff by
Blegvad to see if the rest of it was that good.  I found one record,
"Just Woke Up" - apparently his latest - and, despite getting off to a
slow start, it really is that good.  Blegvad combines a sort of
straightforward folky simplicity with a surrealisitic quality that
reminds me of Robyn Hitchcock.  Some of my favorite tracks include "Bee
Dream," about a previous lifetime as an insect, and "In Hell's Despite,"
co-written with Andy, which is truly beautiful.

In quest of more Blegvad, I bought John Zorn's Locus Solus, on which
Blegvad appears.  Zorn is an avant-garde jazz noise-monger extrordinaire
and this record is no exception.  I'm familiar with him through a more
recent project, Naked City, and his improvisatory game Cobra, which he
performed here in Ann Arbor.  Locus Solus is much less structured than
either of these - basically it's just a few guys making horrible
improvised noises while someone babbles nonsensical lyrics.  I can't
decide whether it's brilliant or just wank, but I like it anyway.  Tunes
- who needs 'em!  At any rate, getting back to Blegvad, anyone who can
collaborate with Zorn AND Andy is way cool in my book.  (I'd love to see
Andy and Zorn collaborate - they could do a hellacious saxophone duel...)

So now I must find more Blegvad.  (Say that out loud, it sounds weird.)
I'd especially like to get the album that "King Strut" appears on, which
I believe is called "King Strut and Other Stories."  If anyone can help
me out with this, or offer further suggestions on what to get, please let
me know.  Thank you ever so.

Natalie Jacobs
Reality dies at dawn!


Date: Sun, 12 May 1996 14:27:13 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Craig E. Canevit" <>
Subject: New XTC comics sighting!
Message-Id: <>

	Hey, gang!

		By now you know what fans the band is of DC Comics,
right? Well, on page ten of the first issue of what is probably DC's
event of the year, a mini-series called _Kingdom Come_, there's a
flier stuck to a utility pole advertising "XTC." *Every* such detail
in the comic is an allusion to something (usually comics related, but
one is a license plate with "28IF"). Ahh, DC Comics, The Beatles,
and XTC! This is how I would want to go! Now, the question is, was it
the artist, Alex Ross, who thought to include that little detail, or
was it the writer, Mark Waid? Enquiring minds would like to know.

		On a completely unrelated note, I was wondering
whether anyone here could id the fonts used on XTC's albums? Mostly,
I'm interested in the font used for English Settlement, but maybe
it'd be worth compiling a list of all of them?

your heart is the big box of paints,

Craig E. Canevit <a href=""></a> |   "We are all in the gutter, but some of us |   are looking at the stars."  --Oscar Wilde


Date: Sun, 12 May 1996 15:34:50 -0500
Message-Id: <>
From: JH3 <>
Subject: We Have a Winner!

Well, we finally have a hands-down winner in the "misunderstood lyrics"
contest --!

>Killjoy you'll win no bee
>male parvenu has no e
>you came to rain but lied
>humans screaming wins a copy of the ultra-rare Japanese bootleg CD, "Demos
59: The F**k You Sessions," personally autographed (in Kanji) by the
President of eXsTatiC Records himself, Akiro "The Loveman" Fujiyama. It
features hard-to-find early demos such as "You're the Bitch Whose Car I
Have," "I Caught Myself a Flying Turd," "Toads Hurdle the Grub," and
"Baking Flans With Di-Gel." All digitally remastered from the original
1,347th-generation mono cassette dub. Congratulations!


7IHd <> writes:

>This isn't meant to sound like a flame, so sorry if it does, but... would
>you ( mind telling us why you're bothering with these
>reviews?  Surely everyone on this list, even if they don't have all the
>albums, is enough of a fan to know they want all the albums... and some of
>your comments...

Personally I have to admire the guts/nerve/chutzpah required to make this
complaint, since many will consider it highly...impolite? And while 1)
nobody should be made to feel that they can't express their opinions, esp.
in a positive way, and 2) there are plenty of posts that are far less
pointed and relevant than Mr. Wicks', the plain fact is that these reviews
would be a whole lot easier to appreciate if they *didn't* contain those
cheesy A-B-C letter grades, as though XTC were in some sort of school or
something and we were rating their work on an arbitrary 4-point academic
scale. I mean, B-minus relative to what? If I were handing out the grades
using the 4-point scale, XTC would have a G.P.A. of something like
6,473,823,423.0, and that's only because I'm lousy at math and I can't
count much higher than a few billion or so.

I think we all enjoy reading people's stories and opinions about XTC songs,
good or bad (that's like the whole point, right?), but losing those letters
would go a long way in this case, I think. On the other hand, there's
always the Page Down key, and besides -- more complaints mean fewer posts,
and that means fewer digests in the "in-box," which would be
unfortunate. (That's why this post is so needlessly long, BTW.)


Finally, (Mitch Friedman) sez:

>And no one should feel guilty for owning the bootleg CD's because you did
>it to hear the music and not to sell them to someone else. All I meant was
>that we should all be a bit more sly about having them and talking about
>having them.

Of course, I don't like disagreeing with Mr. Friedman since he's clearly a
standup guy in every way -- it was nice of him, actually, to post the
statement above, along with the other Andy news, but he's being *too* nice.
Technically those of us (including myself) who have these CD's *are* guilty
of supporting the bootlegging business, which is a bad thing. And
discussing them might conceivably help, if it serves to make it clear to
everyone that these are *not* proper XTC releases, that the sound quality
of these CD's is generally terrible, and that there's nothing so special
about the packaging or whatever that makes them worth having for their own
sake. But that's just my opinion...

However, Mitch is absolutely right in that people (on and off this list)
should definitely *NOT* publicly offer to trade, or even publicly claim to
have, Andy Partridge's latest demos! The danger here is quite real, folks!
If these demos are made into a commercially available bootleg before XTC can
even record them properly, I worry that he'll simply give up and quit the
music business altogether. Heaven knows he has enough reason to as it is!

--John H.


Date: 13 MAY 96 10:12:15 EST
Subject: Pardon Me, Parvenu!
Message-ID: <>

Mr Prendiville, that paragon of perspicacity, that parvenu of profundity,
that, ummm, pathetic pink-thing who wrote to our happy, friendly Chalkhills
list with his way-outta-line insults sure got my back up too.  I refrained
from indulging this guy's chip-on-shoulder until I saw the erudite
responses in C'hills #111. contributed a very clever poem - it had me laughing like
a childish seagull!

Anyway, this Daniel individual describes himself as a parvenue (sic).  So
not for the first time I looked it up in the dictionary.  Webster's
International (we should use this dictionary 'cos we're world-wide-
websters, right?) defines parvenu (or parvenue for females) as someone who
has recently attained status beyond their calling, and lacks the social
graces to match this new status.  The Australian Concise Oxford says "a
person of obscure origin who has gained wealth or position; an
upstart"......Our Daniel has certainly fulfilled these definitions to the
letter, if his recent bitter tirade to Chalkhills is any guide.

The last time I encountered the word 'parvenu', it was used in the Rolling
Stones' song "Blinded By Love".  I found its use both gratuitous and
pretentious then, too.

Please, Eric Adcock, don't feel that you should go underground and retreat
from this list just because of a nasty and unwelcome post by one
thesaurus-wielding jerk-off!

Try this for a novel idea: If you can't say anything nice or worthwhile,
just shut the f**k up!

XTC content for this post: they're a great band, they make me happy, and
stop me having to think about mortgages.

Luv, Paul


Message-Id: <>
From: "Simon Knight" <>
Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 16:14:02 +0000
Subject: XTC Unplugged

I remember reading in REFLEX magazine sometime in 1993 that XTC were
going to record for MTV Unplugged.  Was the show ever recorded, or did
it fall through some how?  Does anyone know what happened?  Was it
due to Andy's stage fright?

This might seem like a dumb question, but MTV Unplugged is only shown
as the occassional special in Australia, and then only of high-selling
artists.   :(  I guess if it did take place Virgin probably would
have released the set as an album by now.

Then again, magazines can be pretty inaccurate.  In an interview with
SOURCE magazine in 1992 Andy talks about the upcoming release of
SOMESUCH and promises it won't be another three years till the next
XTC album!


Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 13 May 96 09:30:27 EDT
From: (Don Lindbergh)
Subject: Re: Todd Rundgren and "Supergirl

>From: Kirk Taylor Waldrop <>
>  According to him
>(he said he read it somewhere), Todd Rundgren, in an attempt to show
>everyone that he could copy anyone's style and further boost his ego,
>wrote "Supergirl" for XTC and it was so perfect an XTC copy that they
>recorded it.  Does anyone know if there is any truth to this?

Dunno about that variation of the rumor, but it's fairly well agreed
that they asked him to play keyboards on it.




Date: Mon, 13 May 96 10:03 EST
From: Jeffrey Langr <>
Subject: marry?
Message-Id: <51960513150315/0005392548ND1EM@MCIMAIL.COM>

>From: Laura Parent <>
>> I haven't been able to turn my wife onto them either,.....
>> but she prefers listening to the same five Air Supply and Carly
>> Simon albums over and over. She's comfortable with what's familiar.
>The real question is, how could you marry someone like that? (Just kidding)

My wife also came from a Hair Supply background, but even before we were
married I ensured that at least some of my musical tastes were etched into
her brain.  Otherwise I don't think I would've married her...

She got flak once for putting on the Kinks' Village Green Preservation
Society at the pool where she lifeguarded ("what's *this* crap???").
I proposed to her while the Buzzcocks were playing.  Today, she'll pick out
Ass of Bass or Hair Supply sometimes, but then again more often I catch her
putting on XTC (she really likes Rag & Bone Buffet), and things like the
Cramps, Adrian Belew, and Eno.

Jeff L.


Message-Id: <>
Date: 13 May 1996 14:48:11 U
From: "Sherwood, Harrison" <>
Subject: Change My World

>> can anyone tell me what the story is as far as "Change My World" by
>>"Johnny Nexdor and His Neighbors"? If that's not XTC, it's the damned
>> best imitation I've ever heard.

The latter. Yes, it's about the best XTC (or at least, Andy) imitation
you've ever heard. Sung by Sean Altman (am I right here?) and realized by
Sean and David Yazbek. At the time of the "Carmen Sandiego" release, a
whole lot of folks here on Chalkhills (myself included) were mighty, mighty
skeptical, convinced it was a little Andy prank, with John Linnell from
They Might Be Giants singing the bridges.

Sean (or was it David?) himself finally cleared up the mystery by posting a
"cross-my-heart-it-was-me" explanation.

(And boy oh boy wasn't it just _wunnerful_ to see Sean's name against "Ten
Feet Tall" on the Tribute Tape list.... Not the _teensiest_ bit
intimidating, heck no! Guess we'll get to hear his no doubt spot-on Colin
imitation, too...)

Harrison "Goose farts on a muggy day" Sherwood


Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 19:27:47 -0400
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Record Collector magazine poll

The May edition of the UK magazine Record Collector had their annual Top
500 Collectable Artists poll. XTC fell to 69th place after finishing 50th
the year before. Probably the long gap between albums has not helped them
at all.

For those curious, the top 10 collectable artists this year were:
1. Beatles
2. Queen
3. Oasis
4. Pink Floyd
5. Rolling Stones
6. Jethro Tull
7. Neil Young
8. Elvis Presley
9. David Bowie
10. Bob Dylan


Message-Id: <>
From: "Simon Knight" <>
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 12:22:21 +0000
Subject: Re: Scooby Doopergirl!

>About two years ago I was talking to the sound man at one of my shows in
>Atlanta and he told me a little story about Skylarking.  According to him
>(he said he read it somewhere), Todd Rundgren, in an attempt to show
>everyone that he could copy anyone's style and further boost his ego,
>wrote "Supergirl" for XTC and it was so perfect an XTC copy that they
>recorded it.  Does anyone know if there is any truth to this?

OK conspiracy fans, any theories on this?  I have one, but it takes
some explanation:

For quite a while now i've puzzled over the "passing day" theme of
"Skylarking" and wondered why certain songs are where they are.
"Summer's Cauldron" is a dawn song, certainly, but why is it followed
by "Grass"?  It feels more like a summery, midday song to me.  Why is
"Earn enough for us" on the start of side two?  The bustling, driving
feel of the song strikes me as an early morning song, with people
hurrying off to school / work.  Shouldn't it come straight after
Cauldron?  Then "The meeting place":  The character hurries off
through his familiar streets, past common landmarks, and reminices
about the past (Grass) throughout the morning.

Then "Season cycle" surely a mid-day song and comments on the passage
of life which leads to the next step of marriage.  Weddings are
normally in the early afternoon, so "Big day" fits in.

Ballet for a rainy day / 1000 umbrellas seems like late afternoon
songs:  the day turns rainy, bringing on a maudlin mood that leads to
"Umbrellas" and hinting at the darkness the night will bring.

"Dear god" is the nightly prayer from a father and child, the child
goes off to dream of when the "Mermaid smiled" while the father sits
up alone, questioning his life ("The man who sailed around his soul")
and worrying about death ("Dying").  What should follow is the stark
night quietness of "Another Sattelite" as the world sleeps, the only
light in the distance a "Sacrificial bonfire".

So, to me, the order should be:

Summer's cauldron / Earn enough for us / The meeting place
Grass / Season cycle / Big day / Ballet for a rainy day / 1000 umbrellas
Dear god / Mermaid smiled / The man who sailed around his soul
Dying / Another sattelite / Sacrificial bonfire

I'm not saying XTC's order is wrong, but i just like playing the
songs in this order occassionally, it makes you see the songs in a
different light when you don't hear the one you're expecting next.
Try it and see, and come up with your own!  This is only IMHO.  Does
anyone have a better order, and explanations?

Back to the conspiracy:  You'll notice i left off "Supergirl".  It's
because no matter how hard i try, it doesn't seem to fit anywhere.
It seems really at odds with the rest of the album, and contains the
weakest lyric of the "Skylarking" set.  (I still love it though, it
would be fine for the Dukes, and would sit nicely on "Psonic
Psunspot", providing a good counterpoint to "Braniac's Daughter").

I've read somewhere that XTC didn't really want to record "Supergirl"
and let Todd record the keyboard parts, quite sloppily, which left
Andy unimpressed.  If the band weren't that enamoured of it, why did
they then remove the superior "Mermaid smiled" to replace "Dear god"
instead of the obvious choice?

Was it because Todd refused to let them remove it, since he wrote the
song?  ;^)  Someone call Mulder, Scully and Scooby Doo, there might
be a mystery here!


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 14 May 96 08:41:00 -0500
From: dgershmn <>
Organization: AMS
Subject: Dave Gregory alert

The debut solo album from Brian
Stevens, called "Prettier Than You,"
features Dave Gregory prominently on
guitar and keyboards throughout.
(There's even a photo of him!) Brian is
>from the Boston area, formerly with the
Cavedogs (who had two excellent
nationally released CDs of their own in
the late '80s/early '90s, if you can
find them). He was in Aimee Mann's
touring band last year, along with Dave
Gregory (who was romantically linked
with Aimee for a while, by the way,
though I guess that might be common
knowledge here already), and I suppose
that's where he made the connection and
was able to get Dave to play on his
album. In any case, it's a very
enjoyable album -- Beatlesque,
XTC-esque, very pop (in the good
sense). Look for it (it's on Q Division
 I met and talked with Brian a few
years ago at a party in Brighton,
Mass., when he was still with the
Cavedogs. It turned out that he was a
very big XTC fan, which will come as no
surprise when you hear the album.
Little did he know at the time, I'm
sure, that he'd one day have one of
them playing on an album of his!


Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 10:17:26 -0500 (CDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: Scott Taylor <>
Subject: Change My World

>From: dgershmn <>
>Subject: Carmen Sandiego soundtrack

>can anyone tell me what the story is as far as "Change My World" by
>"Johnny Nexdor and His Neighbors"? If that's not XTC, it's the damned best
>imitation I've ever heard. The pseudonym would certainly be classic XTC,
>it sounds like Andy singing, and no vocalists are credited, though they
>are on other songs. Writing credits are not given to Andy Partridge, but I
>thought that maybe that was just to further obscure the truth of the
>matter.  Have you the answer? Please inform.

I posted this same suspicion a while ago and was regaled with derision from
everybody else who didn't hear the similarity.  It's good to know I'm not
alone with my bad hearing.  According to Yazbek himself, "Change My World"
is Sean Altman and NOT Andy.  I've given it a closer listen since I last
posted about it and I'll admit that the vocalist has a definite American
sound, but isn't it possible that Andy might have affected an accent to
further the ruse?  And listen to the middle section ("You suppose there's
nothing much a meager man can do...") alongside "Too Many Cooks in the
Kitchen"...  Is that not Colin's sound?

Okay, so now I'm fairly confident (95%) that it's Sean Altman, as proposed.
But it was a good trick anyway.  I'm sure it was completely intentional and
he knew somebody like me would be a little to eager to be fooled.  And, to
be frank, it's still just as much fun to listen to and pretend it's XTC
anyway.  Now I'm wondering, if Altman's that good, why didn't he contribute
something like that to the _Testimonial Dinner_ disc?  Hold on a
sec... who, exactly, did Yazbek say that Terry & The Lovemen really were?


|       Scott M. Taylor       |
|       |
| |


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 14 May 96 10:38:51 EDT
From: (Don Lindbergh)
Subject: [Fwd: Re: Todd & XTC]

I haden't seen this particular text posted here before so I thought
I'd forward it.  Not meant to open an old can of worms, just thought
it was interesting.  From the Rundgren net list 'wizard' regarding the
Skylarking production.


> Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 14:26:12 GMT
> Message-Id: <>
> To: AWIZARD@planning.Ebay.Sun.COM
> From: "D.Lawrence" <>
> Subject: Re: RE;Chalkhills and children.

Excert from Keyboard magazine, November 1987....

"Well, I don't write material for the bands. I try to pick bands that have
good material to start with. And then when it comes to production, it's a
job. The priorities from album to album vary. Somebody may just be
incompetent in the studio and need some help. In the case of XTC, they've
come to a plateau, a crux in their career, that may mean longevity or
death, and they have to take some extraordinary measures to legitimize
themselves in order to remain in the business at all.  In that sense XTC
was an extraordinary measure . The guys in the band weren't used to making
records with a real producer. They were used to having producers just be
engineers or order-takers. I've always been a fan of the band, but I also
recognize that they have this tendency to be incoherent, and to want to
tweak peoples noses in a musical sense. To be wise guys, you know? Like,
you're listening and enjoying a record and then they'll poke you in the
ear, just for the hell of it. I tried to weed all of that out of the
record. I said, "For once, why don't you seduce people, instead of trying
to make them pay attention by dropping your trousers?" The whole idea was
to eliminate all of these gratuitously jarring things and make a record
that people would, at some point, realize, "I'm really enjoying this!"
instead of thinking, "Hey, I'm really smart because I'm listening to their
record," which is the attitude that Andy Partridge has.  He wants it to be
some kind of intellectual elite thing, and I didn't see the point in that,
particularly considering that their record label was prepared to drop them
if they didn't come up with some commercial success."

thats iT!!

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Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 11:43:30 -0400
Message-Id: <>
Subject: OK, who set him up to do this?

>From Ted Mills:

> >Lucas sez:
> >
> >So here are the lyrics:
> >
> >This is the land where I was born
> >in the bosom of technology

> Irony of ironies, this is a song off the most recent David Byrne album!

All right, Tom Chao, how much did you pay Lucas to post this question?
'Fess up, boy!  I'm not buying any of this coincidence theory.

OBXTC:  Boy, could I really go for some Colin demos right about now.  Yeah,
I guess unless my favorite bassist builds a studio in the shed in his back
garden I'm outta luck, but really!  If he's depressed about the low musical
output, why doesn't yer man Partridge invite Colin over for a cuppa and
some private studio time?  I have this horrible thought of this bass guitar
underneath Colin's bed collecting dust bunnies or summat...

Speaking of horrible thoughts, I was also thinking about those 'Hillians
who responded to my poll last spring in regards to the question "When will
the next XTC album come out?" who answered "Never."  Maybe I'm just tired
of reading about the legal troubles that are still going on, but geez,
1996 is totally outta the picture, and I'm not betting any rent money on
1997, the way things are going.

>From Gene Yoon:

> And to the rest of us, I hope no one thinks twice about posting to
> Chalkhills for fear that they'll be called "childish" or "immature."  Or
> that they don't use Roget's Thesaurus every time they post.  Or that
> they're not an overeducated nerd.

Hell, no.  Having been dubbed "pigheaded" by none other than the member
above, I'd like to encourage everyone to dive right in.  Sure hasn't
stopped me. And I only use Roget's Thesaurus, oooh, every third or fourth
post.  David Byrne is a succussion!

> I think I'll grow grab that coffee now.

I thought drinking a lot of coffee stunted your growth.


P.S. Today is David Byrne's birthday.


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