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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #2-105

         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 2, Number 105

                  Tuesday, 23 April 1996

Today's Topics:

                       Doug Powell
                   oTHeR sNacKabLes...
                 Peach: A Modest Proposal
                     A Quick Note....
            Godley/Creme in Respectable Street
                     Demos 8 (again)
                   collection diversity
                Disparate, says Alizarine?
                      Pierce Turner
               Skylarking with Tank Treads
                       O&L indexing
                      Imperial Drag
            Meetings, glasses, diversity envy
             Sloppy Cueing and Eric Matthews
                  Trading Tapes Anyone ?
                     XTC Video tape /
            You're The Chords You Are I Tabbed
                     Video Tree, IRC
          Japanese drums and wires CD LinerNotes
                       Black music


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Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 07:58:52 EDT
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Doug Powell

XTC gets a promo sticker blurb on the new Doug Powell Ballad Of The
Tin Man CD. Reads something like for those of you who enjoy pop music
with intelligent lyrics like XTC, Todd Rundgren, and the Gin Blossoms.
.. Doug sounds alot more like a Jules Shear or the Rubinoos (or, for
the few of you who have heard of him, a fellow named Richard X.

Toby at Silver Moon


Message-Id: <>
From: JoE Silva <>
Subject: oTHeR sNacKabLes...
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 96 09:02:43 EDT

glancaster said:

>I guess we're all so starving for new XTC material that we've
>been searching for other bands to snack on

Just saw Ben Folds 5 over the weekend and can't imagine
that the hardcore XTC fanatic wouldn't find them pretty
damn enchanting. On Caroline Records (US). Have a listen....



Date: Mon, 22 Apr 96 11:05:43 CDT
From: "Bernhardt, Todd" <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Peach: A Modest Proposal


     Another Chalkholio was kind enuf to share Andy's "James and the Giant
     Peach" demos with me, and I am overwhelmed by their brilliance. Not
     only was I immediately taken with them, but they've stuck with me
     (often XTC takes a little time to get into), and my newborn son loves
     them! Like the Warner Bros. cartoons of the '40s and '50s, the songs
     appeal to all ages, since they're written on a variety of levels.

     It seems a shame that these songs never make it on an album, so here's
     my question (and modest proposal, with apologies to J. Swift): Is
     there anything stopping Andy from completing an album about the story
     and releasing it on its own? It could be marketed as a children's
     album (and would possibly benefit from any momentum created by the
     Disney movie -- perhaps the album's release could be timed to coincide
     with the release of the Disney video), and I don't think he'd be
     required to pay royalties to anyone but perhaps Roald Dahl (sp?) --
     certainly NOT M. Eisner and crew.

     This wouldn't be unprecedented. The Roches recently released an album
     -- on a label different than their usual one -- called "Will You Be My
     Friend" that is geared toward children. After all, Boomers are having
     their own kids (including yours truly) and they're looking for
     alternatives to Raffi and um, choke ... you know, the "B" word.

     Perhaps someone with a connection to someone in the band could mention
     this. After all, they had unexpected success with the Dukes project,
     and maybe a children's album would scare Virgin enuf to finally force
     them to let the band go!  :^)

     Oh, and about the Verve Pipe review posed by Miles Coleman: I have to
     admit, I thought "Pearl Jam" when I heard the album, but I wouldn't
     call it "Pearl Jam Lite." And what's wrong with trying to "bridge the
     inde-alt/classic rock divide"? It sound to me like our bitchy little
     critic was late for a deadline and only had time to listen to the
     record once. I'd give "Villians" a B+/A- and suggest other Chalkholios
     give it a listen. (After all, this *is* the band that did the only
     strikingly original cover on "Testimonial Dinner"...)



Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 13:50:32 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: (Cory Smith)
Subject: A Quick Note....

I thought that this may be of interest to some people... If you feel that
it is worthy to pass on, please do!

You can now find the ever elusive "Smokey Treat Records" web site attached
to my home page at:

They have some really interesting pop artists on their roster including:
More, Warren Hicks, the Browbeats, Anti-M, Fluffy Gun and Bughead. Most all
of the roster is heavily influenced by XTC, Costello, Tommy Keane, Adam
Schmidt, etc.  AND they have downloadable "Real Audio" sound clips (of the
whole songs), and I understand that they will be putting up WAV and Mac
Audio versions of all the tunes soon!   Check it out!  It is definately
worth the trip.... and I highly reccomend it!


Cory Smith
Senior Graphic Artist / Designer
Icanect - Design Department
Making Dollars and Sense on the Internet
305-621-9200   Ext.# 222
World Wide Web:


Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 20:25:04 +0200 (MES)
From: Klaus Bergmaier <>
Subject: Godley/Creme in Respectable Street
Message-Id: <>

Hi from Austria, my first posting in quite a while. I recently watched
LOOK LOOK and a question I always wanted to asked ocurred to me again,
concerning the video of Respectable Street. After the line 'and which sex
position pleases best her old man' the backing vocals go 'oo-oo-oo-oo' in
very high pitch and you can see two people in a close-up behind a window.
Are these CM and DG with his beard or are they Godley and Creme, who
maybe directed this video? BTW who directed the XTC videos?
That's it for today. Bye


Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 14:24:27 -0500
Message-Id: <>
From: JH3 <>
Subject: Demos 8 (again)

Could I just amend my last posting about "Demos 8" to say that the
"relatively humorous, though non-essential, 'found' spoken bits by Andy at
the beginning and end" are actually studio tapes of the entire band horsing
around and making rude noises during a recording session, and are mostly
untranscribable? Andy is merely the loudest of the group.

Also, interestingly enough, the back of the jewel box insert, right under
the CD tray where you can't see it without removing the tray, has an old fan
questionnaire of some sort that Andy apparently filled out sometime in the
mid-80's. Here's what it says:

Name: Andrew John Partridge
Height: 6 ft. 00 ins
Weight: OVER
Sign: Scorpio
Birth Date: 11-11-53
Birthplace: Miarfa, Malta. (actually that part is kinda hard to read)
Ambition: To be just rich (fame is dull).
Turn-ons: White socks; Anyone who looks like Hayley Mills; B. Bop; girls in
fog; Being in strange houses.
Turn-offs: White bread, cigarettes, loud people, telephones, violence, rock
'n' roll lifestyles.
Favourite food: Vegetarian.
Preferred performers: Performances can be too false. I prefer looking at life.
All Time Fave Song: No one favourite, lots of them.
Favourite pastime: Anything to do with toy soldiers.
Best films: I like TV documentaries.
Favourite reading matter: Encyclopaedias of history.
Favorite outfit: Anything loose or faded - must be dark.
Perfect evening: Sex in a closed department store - followed by bottle of
cheap bubbly.
Desert Island Companion: My wife as a child.
Your Best and Worst Characteristics: Best: I can be wonderful; Worst: I can
be awful.
Who Would You Like to be Reincarnated As? My son if I had one.
Secret: Princess Di's baby is really mine. Other than that, none really.

Sorry, I have no idea as to the exact date this stuff was written...

-John H.


Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 02:12:54 GMT
Message-Id: <>
Subject: collection diversity
From: (Chris Mezzolesta)

>Re: Who has the most diversity in their CD collection?
><I betcha I'm the only one on the Chalkhills list that owns recordings by
><both Miles Davis and Ministry. Anyone care to top that?

Hrm, well I have CD's by XTC *and* the Dukes of Stratosphear! Does that
count??? :-}

The poles of my collection (CD only) could be represented by the likes of
the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Primus, The Simpsons (or Animaniacs, take
yer pick),  and Vince Guaraldi...If there was any Harry Partch on CD I'd
snag that too!!!

"Don't fence me in..."
Aah, rock on, ANYBODY! - Ringo
Chris Mezzolesta/Member, American Federation of Television and Radio


Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 20:20:13 -0700 (PDT)
From: alizarine <>
Subject: Disparate, says Alizarine?
Message-ID: <>

>If you want disparate, ask me to make you a mix tape.  Public Enemy edits
>to bluegrass to Rolling Stones to Japanese Pop to tape loops.

Darling.  Been there.

Oh as for the Robert Johnson CDs, I mistyped -- Volume 2.
As a member of the so-called black race, I must say I enjoy THE MUSIC I
GREW UP WITH -- namely, disco, early funk, Barry White, Richard Pryor
comedy albums, etc., as well as Steely Dan, Beatles, and Spike Jones.  I
am not a very big fan of so-called "black music" as defined by whomever,
with the exception of the hardest gangsta nonsense (at least as silly as
goth, which I also love), hip-hop samplemeisters, and Prince.Ther are
whole genres of music made by black people which escape the notice of the
black populace in general -- trip-hop, new jazz, new funk, ska, Bad
Brains, etc.  My operative term here is "Populace In General".  The P.I.G.
likes music that is accessible, easy to swallow, and readily available --
whether it be R. Kelly, Garth Brooks, or Marky Mark.  I do not.  I like
working for my music  -- I like having to run all over town and pore
through record bins, and I like to have to sit there and listen, and work
out what I'm hearing.
We as chalkhillians can probably all attest to that pleasure, yes?  Would
you really enjoy XTC if you didn't have to look for it, to defend it, to
find it in the unloved sections of Musicland?
OK, enough of this debate already, we all know what music we like.  We're
intelligent folks, I'd like to think.

Here's a mix tape for you -- Olivia Newton-John, gamelan, Sun Ra, Eno's
"Shutov Assembly", Hafler Trio, Tibetan monks...?

	Alizarine, Anointed Sister of the Unchristian Order of
	St. Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno
Oblique Strategy of the day:


Message-Id: <v01530501ada1c2dac687@[]>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 00:22:48 +0100
Subject: Pierce Turner

Hello All,

This is a reply to (Phil Corless) who asked about Pierce
Turner and for anyone who may be interested.

Pierce plays the NYC area quite frequently, usually as a solo act with his
acoustic guitar and programmed drums and strings.  He's a very emotional
performer and has quite a cult following.  At one time, he had a member of
Black 47 accompanying him on brass (I think it was trombone), but I don't
know if they still play together.  I've seen his video(s).  One was for Sky
and the Ground.

I have a friend who's a Pierce fan.  If you have any questions, send 'em to
me and I'll pass them along.



Message-ID: <>
From: Robert Triptow <>
Subject: Skylarking with Tank Treads
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 22:53:01 -0700

Hey, everyone--

I posted last time about meeting Brian Wilson and getting Andy Partridge to
"finish" the Skylarking cover for me. I offered to scan the art and put it
on my web page if there were any demand. Well--

I'm already hearing "Yes! Yes!" so I'll post a notice as soon as I get the
scan done, but it'll be at least a week. As some have suggested, I'll send
a copy to the archives. Jeez, I didn't realize it was such a treasure!

Also--I'm Robert Triptow, Not William Blakely, who
was ID'd on that last post. Passwords and all that.

P.S. One last detail about Brian Wilson: His autograph was jagged and
shaky, just like my 82-year-old landlady's. Or Ronald Reagan's!


From: 7IHd <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: O&L indexing
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 10:50:52 +0100 (BST)

# From: Scott Taylor <>
# Subject: Geffen Goldline Reissues, etc...
# The indexing of the tracks is no different than before, either.  By this,
# I'm referring to the sloppy cueing that makes the last 10 milliseconds of
# "Poor Skeleton Steps Out" play when I try to cue to the beginning of "Merely
# a Man" (and other places, as well, such as "Hold Me My Daddy/Pink Thing").
# I had hoped this, at least, would be improved, but it still sounds the same
# on this new pressing....
# Of course, this miscuing could be the fault of all of my CD players as well,
# but I'll bet it sounds the same on everyone else's equipment.  Hmmm?

I've noticed it too - I don't think it's just your CD player. All of my
other XTC albums (all UK pressings except that one) are fine. Does anyone
know what the UK version of O&L is like in this respect? I might just have
to upgrade...

Still not as bad as the indexing on Thomas Dolby's "Gothic" though. :-)

 |_)|_ *|
 |  | )||


From: michael wilson <>
Subject: Imperial Drag
Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 96 07:39:21 -0500


Anyone interested in Jellyfish might want to look out for a release by a
band Imperial Drag.  The band is Roger Manning and Eric's new creation.  To
be honest I haven't even heard them yet, but I just thought I'd pass the
word along.

*                                                *
*     I'm a pilot fish on the shark of life      *
*                        -M.F. Wilson II         *
*                                                *


Date: Tue, 23 Apr 96 11:09:28 CDT
From: "Bernhardt, Todd" <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Meetings, glasses, diversity envy


From: William Blakely <>:
>[Brian Wilson] seemed like a lost
>child; a "handler" was hovering nearby at all times. He was exceedingly
>wrinkled, had a full head of hair, wore makeup, and seemed childish. It was
>just like meeting Ronald Reagan.

HAHAHAHA!! Cut it out, yer killin me!!

>I joined the line and
>observed that almost all the other XTC heads all wore round, wire-rimmed
>glasses (me, too). I guessed that they all would have said that John Lennon
>had been their favorite Beatle.

Uh oh. Guilty on both counts (when I'm not wearing contacts), though my
glasses aren't quite as small and oval as AP's and JL's.

>I laughed, and he laughed, and I
>decided it was time to be on my way. I'd always hated seeing those fans who
>just want to hang around their idol's neck and suck out all his personality
>like blood.

Good for you. I can't tell you how many times I've been embarrassed
watching Bill Bruford put up with fans' inane questions about his work with
Yes 25 years ago (or even worse -- praising him about his "work" with them
during their "Union" phase, which even Bruford concedes was done only to
get the $$ to support his jazz band Earthworks) when he's done such
stunning work recently.  Part of being a good conversationalist is knowing
when to end a conversation.

>If any of you XTC lovers would really like to see the drawing Andy did on
>my "Skylarking" cover, let me know, and I'll try to put it on my web page.

Yes, please.

From: (E.B.):
>PS  There's nothing more tedious or pointless than people bragging about
>how varied their musical tastes are. However diverse you think you are (I
>have Richard Harris filed next to Half Japanese...shrug), there's ALWAYS
>someone else who can make you seem like a narrow-minded twit. So let's drop
>the oneupping, OK?

I couldn't agree more. Next thing you know, we'll be comparing the size and
efficacy of our pink things.



Message-Id: <v02130500ada1de47834e@[]>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 11:15:24 -0500
Subject: Sloppy Cueing and Eric Matthews

>(OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER -- For those of you who don't get it, I'M KIDDING!!!!)

Thanks for looking out for us literalists.

>I'm referring to the sloppy cueing that makes the last 10 milliseconds of
>"Poor Skeleton Steps Out" play when I try to cue to the beginning of "Merely
>a Man" (and other places, as well, such as "Hold Me My Daddy/Pink Thing").

Unless you're kidding here too, I think the overlap is intentional, as it
is with No Thugs in our House into Yacht Dance, Runaways into Ball and
Chain, Towers of London into Paper and Iron, countless others etc etc etc.
XTC has always liked running one song into another, and Skylarking is a
step beyond that in concept.

Does anyone tune in to the nationally syndicated radio program called "The
Edge"? I was listening last night and they had this dude named Eric
Matthews (sp?).  His music would seem to appeal to someone with XTC
sensibilities.  I really liked it, anyway.  His music "sounds like it could
have been recorded any time between 1972 and 1996" in the words of the
host.  Anyone know more about him?



Message-ID: <>
From: Peter Fitzpatrick <>
Subject: Trading Tapes Anyone ?
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 16:44:15 -0700

Aren't I the lucky one ?
After many years (since school - when it was decidedly cool to like XTC
here in Dublin) of liking them from afar I have just become hooked on the
fab threesome.

Anyways : I've been a Beatles fan for many years and have amassed a nice
collection of outtakes/live shows/demos etc.

So : are there any people out there who would like to trade XTC bootlegs on
tape (cassette or , preferably, DAT) for Beatles bootlegs ? I've been
reading about these demos and such on this list for a few months now and
I'm realllly curious to hear them, nay, collect them.

Any takers ???

Peter Fitzpatrick
...all the way from Dublin, Ireland.


Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 09:20:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: Thomas Long <>
Subject: shtuff
Message-ID: <>

... thanks for sticking up for Mr. Newman, Troy... this guy has taken a
beating in recent posts... I really wish Andy had taken the Disney job,
though... even if it meant a poor financial return... it would have
given him a chance to shine before a much wider audience, and no doubt
increased xTc's bargaining power... course the guy's been dicked around
for so long is it any wonder he took his songs and ran...
... I'd like to have a crack at starting a new thread (and if no one
picks it up I'll be very sad and quite possibly cry): why is xTc as
neglected as they are? We all know that a lot of very well respected
musicians admire their work, but what about the great unwashed?? Is it
just a matter of marketing... I suppose if you throw enough money around
you can expect some kind of return... and obviously they don't support
their own albums very well do they... if you don't tour, there's a price
to be paid... but what about the songs themselves... is there something
about the material that puts people off... at this point, the common
rebuttal is that the band is just too damn intelligent for it's own
good... but the public (whoever they are), has shown itself capable of
embracing intelligence before [insert your own example here]... what I'm
getting at is that maybe xTc's cleverness - presumably what most of us
enjoy about the band - irritates a lot of people... I've often felt that
within every song Andy has written there were actually about 5 songs
fighting to get out... that what he needs (and let's face it, Andy's
material pretty much defines the band), is an editor to say "enough"...
that his cleverness can get in the way of what he's trying to communicate
and alienate listeners... what do ya think??  thomas


Message-ID: <>
Organization: 24th Street Exchange
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 96 13:06:50 -0800
Subject: XTC Video tape /

Recently a couple people wrote asking why they hadn't received the video
compilation from Erik Anderson.  Well, I don't know why they didn't but I
wanted them to know that I received mine a couple months back so I think
he's on the level and not ripping people off.

If I only had dubbing capabilities!


XTC song of the day: No Thugs In Our House


Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 18:43:44 -0500
Message-Id: <>
From: JH3 <>
Subject: You're The Chords You Are I Tabbed

michael wilson <> writes:

>Does anyone have a clue as to how to play Youre the wish... on the guitar?

I do, sort of. Some might call it more of a piano number (and everybody feel
free to get on my case if and these chords are wrong), but how about this:

Andy Partridge

Bb7sus2:    6865XX  (?)
Bb:         68876X
Bb(add Gb): 68877X

What was I supposed to do?

                                                  Bb - Bb(add Gb)
I turned around with the world and she simply was there

My blood ran like ice right through

She had your face and your lips and your eyes and your hair


D#                  Bb    Fm    Bb
You're the wish you are I had

D#                  Bb    Fm    Bb
You're the wish you are I had

D#                   Bb
You're the wish that I had

  Fm                              Gm
I wonder if she knows that when I made her up

  A                           Bb                      B
I made her eat an apple and I made her drink a cup or two

               (Bass starts playing F# here)          F#    B
Wish wish wish wish wish wish wish wish wish wish for you

Who'd believe me if I said

                                            Bb - Bb(add Gb)
I brought an angel to earth by the power of mind

Think I'm going off my head

She caught the same bus as me and she sat down behind


A                         C#
...Well if wishing is bad bad bad

Em                             E
...Then send me to hell, hell, hell

A                          C#
...But if you take my wish away

        Em                         E
...Then this cold world could burn as well

(Break: basically E with a guitar lead over it)

Outro: (starts with B)

Gb: 6446XX  (this is just an approximation)

           B            Gb       B   Gb
You're the wish you are I had...

           B            Gb       B   Gb
You're the wish you are I had...


Rather tricky, actually. He keeps using D# and Bb, doesn't he?
Anyway, have fun...

--John Hedges


Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 22:21:13 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Video Tree, IRC

I wrote to Erik in January and got a reply from him.  He said
that he just had not gotten to my tape yet, but that he was busy
making dubs.  hmm...judging by what other's are saying, I am
beginning to wonder.  Erik???

I used to chat in #XTC whenever I went on IRC in hopes that I
would run into someone from Chalkhills by chance(or just someone
who liked the band).  But it never failed...anyone who came in
was either looking for sex or drugs (but not rock n roll) :-).
Maybe we could meet in #Blacksea or something like that.  I have
been using that for a channel to chat in lately.  Also, ever since
getting online, I have used the alias sizzer; I even used it as my
screen name back in the AOL days.  That's always my nick on IRC.
Look me up sometime if you're on.

That's all.


Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 12:59:23 +0900 (JST)
Message-Id: <>
From: (Michael Wicks)
Subject: Japanese drums and wires CD LinerNotes

Hello all!

This is in response to Paul Culnanae's question about the liner notes to
D&W, Japanese CD version.
The one I was able to get has the catalog number,  "VJD-28108" and, aside
from some notes in Japanese (nothing too new, except it has a reference to
"Mr. Partridge's avant guarde-sense compared to Mr. Moulding's straight and
orthodox style of songwriting (!), lyrics to all the songs including Chain
of Command and Limelight,   and some info on the songs which sound similar
to what is written in Mr. Twomey's C&C bio of the group.
There is one bit of liner notes, though, that Paul is referring to, so here
they are in their (mostly) entirety:

     "The album was rehearsed against all odds (you know the sort of thing,
no lavatory, complaining Chinese waiters from next door) in the cellar of
our managers ex-club and in a collapsing barn just outside of town.
Recorded at the Townhouse Studios in Goldhawk Road, London, against all
odds (Blocked Lavatories and complaining Ian Andersons from next door).
     The man who entered a competition on the back of a chocolate fingers
packet and assumed he'd win a holiday in Greece was the victim of a very
cruel joke, the actual prize being the job of producer for a fortnight. Yes
Mr. Steve (space invader) Lillywhite.
     They said in the rules that the winner would be able to bring along a
friend. The poor lad with Flip Flops and Bronzing Gel was non other than
engineer in chief, Hugh (no ears, great holes though) Padgham.
     Dressed very poorly as an airline stewardess, a hotel manager and deck
chair attendant to complete the picture were tape operators and tea
stirrers, Georgie Chambers and his dog, 'Lonely', Steve Prestage and Nick
     Thanks to Dick Cuthell for being 'Herb helpless and his mariahuana
brass' and for the Vernon Yard male voice choir on roads girdle the globe.
Smacks of appreciation to Steve(anything you can do, I can do louder)

While reading through this, a couple of questions came to mind, namely:
     1) What are 'chocolate fingers' and 'Flip Flops'?
     2) What's the signifigance (or the pun/joke) in referring to 'the
Vernon Yard male choir'?
 and...3)  Did Andy Partridge write these liner notes? It sounds like his

Before I check out, please check out my home page's music section with a
rather straightforward background gif of my favourite album cover! Be
warned, though, it's still far from finished!
Any suggestions?




Message-ID: <>
From: Robert Triptow <>
Subject: Black music
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 21:24:57 -0700

1. I think those of us who might have mentioned black artists in our
top-ten lists were too busy listening to the music (or "doing something" to
the music) to bother with top-ten lists.

The concept of "desert island discs" cracks me up. I went on a long weekend
trip once where we only had four albums for the car stereo. They were our
very favorite albums and included "Abbey Road." By the end of the weekend,
we were sick to death of all of them. It was years before I could listen to
"Abbey Road" again. I would prefer to be stranded on that old desert island
with no music at all, so I could listen to whatever came into my head. (But
it would probably be something godawful that would stay in my head for
years. Oops!)

2. The do-it-yourself XTC video for "No Thugs in Our House": Play the song
while watching the trailer for "A Clockwork Orange." The do-it-yourself
video for "Peter Pumpkinhead": Play the Zapruder film until you go blind.

Or just listen to the music. I hate videos.

3. What artiste would I like to hear cover an XTC song? Howzabout the
Mormon Tabernacle Choir doing "Dear God"? Although they'd probably call it
"Dear Gosh."


End of Chalkhills Digest #2-105

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