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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 18, Number 2

                 Monday, 23 January 2012


                      Re: Bonnie B.
             Shindig Magazine had this to say
                    Happy anniversary
          New Skylarking as a Digital Download?


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Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2012 08:10:31 -0500
From: Christopher Coolidge <>
Subject: Re: Bonnie B.
Message-ID: <>

On Jan 5, 2012, at 8:22 PM, Chalkhills wrote:

> Christopher Coolidge reports it was Bonnie Bramlett, not Bonnie
> Raitt, who slugged Elvis Costello when he spoke coarsely of Ray
> Charles. I defer to Coolidge-san, who is one of the five or six
> people on this site the rest of us ought to be paying to read, but
> my memory couldn't be clearer that the pugilista was Raitt. Maybe
> the source -- a dj? an alternative-weekly music columnist? -- I got
> the news from three decades ago was wrong.

My source was Random Notes in Rolling Stone, I even read it myself
with my own eyes. In an interview with Rolling Stone a couple of years
later he even apologized for the incident, saying he'd had too much to
drink. The apology was directed to Ray Charles, not to Bonnie Bramlett

> How'd the band come to choose Delaney & Bonnie's daughter? Maybe
> someone who'd had two sangrias said "Tribeca" and someone who'd had
> three made a quick phone call.

I'm one of the two or three dozen too. It's not a bad album, "These
Strange Times" is a curiosity because it's Mick Fleetwood's only lead
vocal and solo composition ever on a Fleetwood Mac album. He doesn't
sing so much as recite the lyrics. It's more listenable than
Revolution #9 but far from essential. Billy Burnette's contributions
are solid, he's kind of like a cross between Nick Lowe and Dwight
Twilley musically but not as strong as either, Christine's as
dependable as ever, Dave Mason contributes just two songs, both
cowrites which is a pity considering his back catalogue. Bekka sings
great with lead vocals on several songs and shared vocals on a couple
of others, but she's not much of a writer, her best song was
contributed by Kit Hain(whose 1981 album Looking At You I have on
vinyl, Roger Daltrey's done a couple of her songs on his solo albums),
"Winds Of Change." As for why she's in the band, Dave Mason's known
her since she was a baby, remember he played with Delaney and Bonnie
during one of his sabbaticals from Traffic. Bekka probably still calls
him Uncle Dave.

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Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 11:30:43 -0800
From: "Jamie Lowe" <>
Subject: Shindig Magazine had this to say
Message-ID: <>

Shindig Magazine had this to say about the new improved Skylarking...



Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2012 05:08:41 -0800 (PST)
From: Jamie Crampton <>
Subject: Happy anniversary
Message-ID: <>

Hello Chalkies

Worth pointing out I think that 2012 is the 30th anniversary of (shamefully)
XTC's only (UK) top 10 single (Senses...for 1 week at no. 10) and album
(English Settlement, 1 week at 5 and 1 week at 10).  As a proud Brit it
makes me sad to think that such talent was so (commercially) underrated.
Still it can be our little secret :)

Happy XTC30!



Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2012 07:41:45 -0800
From: Pastula Aaron <>
Subject: New Skylarking as a Digital Download?
Message-ID: <COL110-W412F18A3A0435BB8B56829A2850@phx.gbl>

Anyone know if Andy has plans to release the new Skylarking as a digital
download?  Yes, I know the "vinyl purity" is kind of what makes the mustard
on that kind of thing, but 1) it's out of stock anyway and 2) I haven't
owned a turntable since Ronald Reagan.
Would love to have the new mixes so I can hear what all the fuss is about.
Also, a suggestion:  Buy Powers from the APE site and get yourself a good
pair of headphones.  I dont know why I always enjoy Andy's soundscape side
projects so much (Through The Hill is still one of the best musical items
I've ever purchased), but he has a great way of making the esoteric
palatable.  Guess that's part of why XTC is so great.
Anyway, get back to me on that Skylarking thing, would you?  :)


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