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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 14, Number 24

                  Thursday, 31 July 2008


RE: Gaston Hall - January 24, 1980 NTSC DVD - REMIX ---> Bittorrent
                       cafe tacuba
                    Drive By Truckers
        "Beatown" is the MySpace song of the week
        This one's for you.. and you.. and.. YOU..


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I got some lovely / In my head.


Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 15:07:01 -0700
From: "Gregory Sandoval" <>
Subject: RE: Gaston Hall - January 24, 1980 NTSC DVD - REMIX ---> Bittorrent
Message-ID: <9840CC0E412E44E1889202403B3BC66B@skylarking>

Many thanks for the heads up on this! Seeding as I type...

There was also a torrent of the Dave Gregory Remoulds on TTD at one time,
has anyone seen a copy of these? I'd love to hear them someday - I've only
got an .mp3 of I Am The Walrus.

Chalk on!
dr. beat


Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 18:02:05 -0600
From: Michael DeBernardi <>
Subject: cafe tacuba
Message-ID: <>

i've been lurking on chalkhills since '91 or '92 and only felt the
need to post a handful of times, but my recent "discovery" of the
mexican band, cafe tacuba, has drawn me once again out of my shell.  i
don't recall having seen them referred to on this list before (or
maybe i was not paying attention), but i can only scratch my head and
recently acquired their entire discography and have been blown away to
a degree that i have not experienced in years.  the album "cuatro
caminos" in particular is a tour de force of musical virtuosity and
stylistic variety, but all of their records are great.  i swear that
if they sang in english, they would be mentioned in the same breath as
the beatles, beach boys, radiohead and, yes, xtc.  the boys from
swindon are a direct influence, and cafe tacuba has taken the guitar
sound of "drums and wires" to a whole new level.  check out the track
"camino y vereda" off of "cuatro caminos" and never turn back!

okay, i recognize that the above paragraph is overloaded with
punctuation, enthusiasm, and hyperbole, but you must believe every
word of it.  remember, this is coming from a longtime chalkhillian who
posts, on average, once every two years.


Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 23:49:01 -0400
From: Christopher Coolidge <>
Subject: Drive By Truckers
Message-ID: <>

Simon Deane wrote:

> Another recommendation of a band: Alabama's "Drive By-Truckers".
> Not very XTC like, granted, but more of their songs hit the spot
> than most other bands I have listened to recently - try A Blessing
> and a Curse, the Dirty South and Southern Rock Opera - two of those
> albums available on emusic.  A lot of guitars, songs with a
> beginning, middle and an end, anger, social commentary, personal
> confessions, sadness. Fantastic stuff in my view.

One of the few contemporary bands who interest me. They kick ass and
rock out like The Faces and Exile-era Stones, but they write these
dark, intelligent and thought-provoking lyrics as well. Their best
introduction is probably Southern Rock Opera, which somehow traces a
sociological line through Lynyrd Skynyrd, 70's arena rock concerts,
George Wallace and college football and somehow manages to connect
them all in "the duality of the Southern Thing." The album starts
with a chilling recitative about a car crash which kills the driver
and pins the severely injured girlfriend in the passenger seat with
the wheels still spinning and "Free Bird" still playing when the cops
and ambulance arrive. "You know, it's a REALLY long song." It just
goes on from there. Main songwriter Patterson Hood grew up with his
dad as a bass player in the Muscle Shoals rhythm section, so all
these well-known musicians were hanging out at his house and keeping
him awake half the night as a child. Patterson rebelled as a high
school and college student by playing in punk rock bands and
listening to gangsta rap, eventually coming back around to classic
rock from a more edgy punkish viewpoint. Any of their albums is a
good investment though, you really can't go wrong with them, though
their most recent album is a bit more of a shift to a more melancholy
and reflective sound, considering that one of their three guitarist-
songwriters left for a solo career and divorced his wife the bass
player, who remained in the band and contributed three songs herself
for the first time. They add a multi-instrumentalist who plays some
guitar as well as pedal steel, mandolin and other stringed
instruments and Patterson's dad's old Muscle Shoals friend Spooner
Oldham on Hammond organ. The effect is elements of their old sound
mixed with mid-70's Traffic, which fits since Patterson's dad was in
Traffic for that period.

My Internet Radio Station, Guerilla Music


Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 17:50:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: Todd Bernhardt <>
Subject: "Beatown" is the MySpace song of the week
Message-ID: <>


Over at the XTCfans MySpace site (, the
song of the week is "Beatown."

If you want to know why Andy thinks Barry's Crumar organ is the sound
of sex, or what exactly drove Andy wild about Agnes Moorehead when she
was on "Bewitched," check out the XTCfans blog site at

Beatown, it's a capital city
And all roads lead to Beatown


P.S.  Happy Belated Birthday, Terry! And Happy (probably by now also
belated) Birthday, Mr. Relph!!


Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 11:39:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: Deb Brown <>
Subject: This one's for you.. and you.. and.. YOU..
Message-ID: <>

>Ryan wrote: "Make sure to download "Song For Wes Long." Andy needs to
know we appreciate him dedicating music to Chalkhillians and that the
rest of us want songs, too. Granted, Relph is next in line, then come
Sherwood, DiGregorio, Coolidge, Dunks, Versaci, and the rest of our
heavy hitters, so you and I will have to wait until sometime in the
22nd century, but let's at least get the ball rolling."

To which Simon Deane so sagely replied:

I reckon Mr T Bernhardt ought to be fairly high on the list too..>

Right you iz, Mr. D..  I say, I say, dearest Herr Partridge..when
might we expect to hear the sure to be rousing, Ballad of Todd 'he
said Moorehead' Bernhardt, hmmm???

Perspiring minds wanna know!


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