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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 13, Number 27

                   Friday, 15 June 2007


               RE: Rare XTC footage on DVD
                       I'm excited!
  We've got the title for the *King For A Day* follow-up
                   based on xtc song...
             My 2nd Interview Album for sale


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Air leaving slow / Still breathing though.


Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 15:18:29 -0400
From: "Krys Olsiewicz" <>
Subject: RE: Rare XTC footage on DVD
Message-ID: <BAY117-F3789A4CA5CAADE6BD50282DF1A0@phx.gbl>

Paul wrote:

> Before I tackle the matter in the subject heading, I beg to differ
> with the recent statement that "All Along The Watchtower" was XTC's
> *sole* cover version. What about Captain Beefheart's "Ella Guru",
> which they contributed to a various artists tribute to Mr Van Vliet
> (and was a b-side on one of the O&L singles)?

But methinks there is also the XTC cover of the obscure
tune, 'Fireball XL5.'

Back to lurking,

Krys Olsiewicz


Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 01:10:04 +0100 (BST)
From: Paul Culnane <>
Subject: I'm excited!
Message-ID: <>

Alright, the only thing I can think of to make this post XTC-relevant,
is that Chris Sharrock played drums for both XTC and World Party (as
well as The La's).

Yes, September 13, here in my hometown!!!!  World Party and Steely Dan
on a double bill killer.  Me there with bells on!

Without music, life is just a bunch of dates by which bills should be
paid   - Frank Zappa

  Paul Culnane
ICE Productions Australia


Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 18:29:39 +0100 (BST)
Subject: An(dy)ograms
Message-ID: <>

"XTC content: Andy Partridge is an anagram for Nerdy
Prig Data. It's also an anagram for Try Dried Pagan."

  Wrote Another Steve

  Using his logic, I reckon Dirty Red Pagan is a slightly better effort.




Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 22:11:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ryan Anthony <>
Subject: We've got the title for the *King For A Day* follow-up
Message-ID: <>

Let's see: Paul McCartney is a genius and a twit, he
is alive and dead, and he is the man of the moment and
thirty years past being worth discussing. I get it.

We could stop talking about The Beatles, alumni
thereof, and Frank Zappa if our own heroes would only,
oh, I don't know, release a new song or something.

Hurrah to Tyler Hewitt for his anagramic revelations.
Yes, "Horn Twit Defilers" (for *Flowers In The Dirt*)
is worthy of Beefheart. And "Try Dried Pagan" should
be the title of the follow-up to *King For A Day*: an
mp3 compilation of Chalkhillian covers of Andy
Patridge solo material. I got dibs on "GOOM"!

What? Becki DiGregorio and R. Stevie Moore have
already agreed to arm-wrestle each other for the
privilege of covering "GOOM"? All right then, I will
content myself with "The Laugh Track."

Ryan Anthony
An independent Internet content provider

P.S.: We are all -- yes, you lurkers too, you in
particular -- going to post to Chalkhills on 07-07-07.
Which Fuzzy Warble are you going to cover with your
Mr. Microphone, your Casio, and your GarageBand?


Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 14:47:29 +0200 (CEST)
From: Leandro Benacot <>
Subject: based on xtc song...
Message-ID: <>

  hello hello hello-

I've just post a draw freely based on "Runaways", you
can check it here:

 and if you look in the blog archive, maybe you can
find some other xtc-reference...

        I promise more XTC based art...


 PS: XQS,I forgot all about english tenses...



Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 21:22:55 +0100
From: "Belinda" <>
Subject: My 2nd Interview Album for sale
Message-ID: <00fe01c7aec1$ccd8f440$c001a8c0@belinda402a39e>

Hi all

OK I had two copies and I sold the first one, and this is the second and
final copy I have for sale on ebay.

It's a Geffen produced Interview Album with Andy Partridge selling
Skylarking. That is to say, it's basically the SkyLarking Album (With Dear
God on it too) and in between each of the tracks is Andy telling us about
the tracks, wrapped either side with the Geffen man introducing and wrapping
up. It's one of those old fashioned black 12 inch diameter long playing
album jobbies which you can only play by putting it on one of those Record
Player TurnTable thingies and sticking some kind of a needle in the groove.
Turn the dial up to eleven though, just to be safe.



Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 20:45:44 +0000
From: Jefferson Ogata <>
Subject: parthenon-genesis
Message-ID: <>

So a small crowd of us XTC geeks showed up at the Parthenon Huxley/Don
Dixon show at Jammin' Java in Vienna, Virginia last night. P. Hux was
alerted to us in advance, since J. D. Mack had earlier written to him to
request his version of "Another Satellite", which he trotted out
acoustically, by the way, very nicely. But early on in the show P.
called us out, as it were: "So I understand there are some XTC people
here tonight," perhaps just to find out if we'd really shown up, and
then he commented to the crowd, forming a vague cross with his index
fingers--a ward against vampires, or... us--that XTC people should have
a sign, like the devil's horns (or sign of the cuckold), or maybe a
secret handshake, but I think he meant something that others could see
easily so they could steer clear of us.

So, who wants to think up a secret XTC hand sign/curtsy/silly walk/butt
wiggle/avian courtship display? Something by which the XTC-cognizant may
know one another so we can form an even more insular society? We *need*
this. :^)

- Jefferson "Not as clever as Harrison" Ogata

Jefferson Ogata : Internetworker, Antibozo


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