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                 Tuesday, 31 October 2006


     Xtc Ate My Secret Lovechild's Drug Hell Hamster!
           XTC in (the original) The Wicker Man
                       Crackin' Up
                      Dumb All Over?
                  Re: One Way Ownership
                      Merely a Man?
                   sounds like chicken


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And the jellyfish stings.


Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 23:23:03 -0800
From: Steve <>
Subject: TheSheBeats
Message-ID: <>

Mark Fisher <> wrote:
> There's a song on the Shebeats' website that appears to be about the former
> Mrs Partridge:

thanks for his link
holly partridge
cool... xtc content!
they sound good too

another steve


Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 08:58:12 -0000
From: Adrian Ransome <>
Subject: Xtc Ate My Secret Lovechild's Drug Hell Hamster!
Message-ID: <>

Wotcha, cock:

Xtc spotted in Sunday tabloid shocker! <>

(It's about rare vinyl. Looks like someone actually did their homework about
the boys - apart from the "they're still making records today" line, obv.)

"he'll save the children, but not the British children"


Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 11:45:42 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Shebeats
Message-ID: <>

Mark wrote:

>>There's a song on the Shebeats' website that appears to be about the
former Mrs Partridge:

I think it has a more "Holly's Mum" feel about it, especially
considering who's singing it, Mr Fisher, but I'm guessing you probably
knew that already you cheeky limelight man!



Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 08:54:08 -0800 (PST)
From: Frank Agnello <>
Subject: XTC in (the original) The Wicker Man
Message-ID: <>

Saw the original 1973 film of The Wicker Man last night for the first
time in many years. With the band's exploration of pagan-related
themes for most of their career, I wasn't going to be surprised if I
came across one or two references - but I have to say I was surprised
to come across at least five.  There's a maypole, a Greenman pub (very
cool sign, btw), mentions of a harvest festival and a sacrificial
bonfire, and woodcut drawings a la Nonsvch.  There may be more, that I
didn't catch - if there are, I think we'd have to qualify the film for
use in an XTC drinking game.  Just wanted to share...


Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 08:55:22 -0800
From: "Wayne Klein" <>
Subject: Crackin' Up
Message-ID: <BAY108-F15F09D032F0680F3E03C3CF9FA0@phx.gbl>

>From Phil:

>The band 'Cracker' left Virgin Records a little acrimoniously a while back.
>Virgin, as they do in these cases, decided to release a greatest hits album
>without the band's permission, thereby pissing off said band.
>The solution in this case:  Re-record all the songs and release it on your
>own label.  Nifty, and probably beats delivering hire cars.

It's the way to go. I know that The Everly Brothers did this when they moved
to Warner Brothers (although in this case Warner paid for it and owns the
recordings) when they couldn't (or wouldn't) license their early hits.
Result? Instant Greatest Hits package that sold extremely well.

I've often thought that it would be worthwhile for Andy, Colin (and maybe
they could draft Dave back in the fold to contribute his guitar parts) to
re-record some of their bigger hits so they could license them as they see

>From Thom:

>Finally, I am very sorry to say that my survey request has fallen
>upon deaf ears since I posted my request for information from you all
>in Chalkhills 12.35.  It started off great in the first week to ten
>days or so but then it dwindled to a few more and finally a DEAD END!
>I am actually quite saddened by this.  I thought that the responses
>would be flooding my inbox & then I re-tooled the request in 12.36
>for those of you who thought my original request might be a bit time
>consuming.  Either way, I've struck out and, honestly, I am bummed

>The finally tally was as follows:
>1)   Skylarking
>2)   English Settlement
>3)   Apple Venus Volume 1
>4)   Black Sea
>5)   Oranges & Lemons
>6)   Nonsuch
>7)   Drums and Wires
>8)   Mummer
>9)   The Big Express
>10) Wasp Star: AV Volume 2
>11) Go2
>12) White Music
>All the best to everyone.  I've enjoyed Chalkhills an awful lot this fall.
>Keep it up!

Sadly Tom I'm one of the many who probably didn't respond (I don't recall)
as I've been swamped with emails, work and family life. It's a good list
though although I personally wouldn't put "English Settlement" at #2.

My list (not that you're keeping track any longer):

1. Skylarking
2. Apple Venus Volume 1
3. The Big Express
4. Nonsuch
5. Black Sea
6. English Settlement
7. Oranges and Lemons
8. Wasp Star (aka Apple Venus Volume 2)
9. Drums and Wires
10. Mummer
11. White Music
12. Go To

As to the debate about continuing XTC. I had always thought that Andy had
indicated he would continue without Colin if necessary (even if they jointly
own the name). It wouldn't be the same of course as Colin always provides
nice counterpoint. Even if Colin played on an XTC album without any of his
own original songs (this would be a first!) it would still benefit from his
harmony vocals, bass playing and feedback.

As to Dave replacing Colin...despite their reproachment I don't think that
it's likely that Dave would want to do that. With Andy doing his own
orchestration on computer Dave would have even less input in the band's
musical direction/sound than before. That is unless it were a guitar
dominated record. I suspect he is enjoying his freedom now and then there
would be the daunting task of showing Andy his songs (if he had any to
contribute). Even if they recorded a few Gregory compositions it would alter
the sound of the band again (for good or bad).


Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 11:58:55 -0500
Subject: Dumb All Over?
Message-ID: <>

Hello, Chalkhillers, and especially Kevin Brunkhorst:

You said: <<Meanwhile, the whole 'leasing' concept spewed by the
record labels is crap.  I buy the CD, I put it in the stereo, and I
hear the sound.  The more likely it sounds like corporate rock, the
less likely I am to buy it anyway.>>

By "corporate rock", I'm guessing that you mean anything that sounds like
it came from an "AMERICAN IDOL".  If looked at that way, I totally agree
with you.  Anything within the moment, that appeals to a general audience
that doesn't really care whether it is listening to "audio wallpaper" will
make a record company money, even though, if the record company put as
much enthusiasm into a project around a reissue of an album, like any of
the original XTC recordings, money would also be made, although I guess
you could also argue that point as I cannot speak, in actual dollars and
cents, specifically as to what is made on such projects--and a case could
also be made, from reading posts here over the years, of how fickle the
taste of that core audience is.

Knowing taht, I guess that it is unfortunate that musicians never did take
control right away of their back catalogues and now we, the fans, are
suffering for it, because record companies are run by some who don't
really know or care what classic material really sells and why!!  The
kinds of surveys done on the subject sound to me like questions asked of a
panel on the previously mentioned prefab muzak show.  We're doomed!!  XTC
is doomed!!

Re-recording one's back catalogue is okay for recent bands like Cracker,
but what the hell is a group like the Who supposed to do?  Of course, I
think taht their record company is cooperating, as we know that Pete
Townshend's solo stuff is nicely reissued, but one can never expect XTC to
reform now that it is highly unlikely and decide to actually record their
material all again as they don't feel quite the same way about that old
stuff as they once did when first starting out!!  You know the old saying,
"you can't go home again".

My idealistic feeling about it all is that, as I said, record companies
really don't care about those old things anymore, so why not give the
artist the chance to buy their back catalogue and do with it what they
will?  Yeah, I know that doesn't bode too well for artists that may not
have that loose change to go out and buy back their music, but there are
some who might take that chance, like Andy and Colin, and reissue it as
they, themselves would like.

Just a thought.

Oh, and I apologize up front about this, as I know that we really should
post personal inquiries on this list, but, Craig Vreiken, please send me
your E-mail address off-list as I lost it with an accidental purge of my
inbox.  Just would like to know if you'd gotten any of those classic jam
albums we'd been talking about.

Kevin Wollenweber


Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 17:17:21 -0500
From: "J. D. Mack" <>
Subject: Re: One Way Ownership
Message-ID: <>

At 12:30 PM 10/29/2006 -0500, Steven LeBeau
>Because when you sign with a label, you forfeit your rights to own
>the recordings.

Usually.  It's not out of the question for an artist to pay the costs of
making a recording out of their own pocket, and then license it to a
label.  I believe Primus does this.

No one forces anyone to sign a bad deal.  I have a musician friend who was
making a good living as an independent, and he was courted by several
labels that all wanted to give him a bad deal.  His response: why would I
want to take a pay cut?  He remains independent to this day and probably
makes more than 90% of the bands signed to a major label.

J. D.


Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 15:27:42 -0800 (PST)
From: Todd Bernhardt <>
Subject: Merely a Man?
Message-ID: <>


You may know that the MySpace XTCfans site (
posts a different XTC song each week ... well, now you can find out what
Andy thinks about each song by checking out the XTCfans blog

This week, the song Andy looks at is O&L's "Merely a Man." Find out why the
Beatles, Sly and Robbie, and ZZ Top all had an influence on the song's


P.S. -- I hope all Americans on the list do their civic duty on Nov. 7 and

"The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It
will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment."
 Robert Maynard Hutchins, educator (1899-1977)


Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 17:48:07 -0600
From: "James Lowe" <>
Subject: sounds like chicken
Message-ID: <BAY116-DAV10A8217B2CC18C0026FC6DBEFA0@phx.gbl>

Hi Chalkholders;

Here's a MP3 for you that you might like from

"Circles" - Porter Block (
If "Circles" is as vaguely pastoral, skillfully produced, and giddily
melodic as an old XTC song, this is no accident. Peter Block and Caleb
Sherman, doing business as Porter Block, are the first to report that their
biggest influences are the Beatles and XTC. It's wonderful enough to see a
new band that understands XTC's brilliant but underrated contributions to
rock'n'roll history; it's all the better when the band in question handles
its influences this comfortably. I hear a lot of indie bands that seem to
have this unconscious need to sound exactly like their musical heroes, down
to out-and-out vocal mimickry. I am relieved right away by Porter Block in
that they write XTC-ish songs without having a singer who sounds at all like
Andy Partridge (or Colin Moulding, for that matter). In any case, the chorus
here in particular offers winsome XTC resonances, both musical and lyrical
(including the very Andy Partridge-like word "whirligig"), and if you don't
have any particular knowledge of or interest in XTC (but why not??), it
doesn't matter, as the lilting 3/4 melody stands beautifully on its own two
feet. "Circles" is from the CD Suburban Sprawl, scheduled for release next
month by Engine Room Recordings. The MP3 is via the band's site.

Also, will some one who has contact with Andy please ask him to update his
brief history of Rock and Roll and make it available via download.  It's
certainly time.  Please?  That little snippet has probably made its way onto
countless mix tapes.  I know I've used it more than once.

And another thing, Here's a nice 3 part article with a free download of
Sonic Boom which appears on FW Vol.7.  There's not much new in part one and
part two is all discussion of Fuzzy Warbles (yes, the series is done).  It
is part 3 that holds many answers about Colin, the fate of XTC and where
Andy and XTC the "Brand" is going from this point forward.  Very

Finally, my FW Collectors album arrived today yippee!  Something I have been
looking forward to.  And one more thing, if you'd like an XTC bumper sticker
or three I still have some.  Please contact me directly for details.  The
web site is down temporarily because the effing host went out of business.
Should be back up soon.

Best Regards,

Jamie Lowe

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.
If you think about that, you'll do things differently.
- Warren Buffett


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