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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 12, Number 45

               Wednesday, 27 September 2006


How much in US Dollars is the box with just the 3 final FW CDs?
                    Re: Rain of Blows
                Say It 375,976 Times Fast
              Do Ya, Do Ya , Want my glove?
            Reign Of Blows there (not so bare)
                         Re: Love
                     Oh No, it's ELO
                    fw and other stuff
                     Lynne for Dukes
 They weren't called The Trav-Lynne Wilburys for nothing


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I heard the engine's dying breath.


Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 12:41:08 -0400
From: Steve Maser <>
Subject: How much in US Dollars is the box with just the 3 final FW CDs?
Message-ID: <p06240614c13db6f446ad@[]>

Anybody order/been billed for this?

Just curious...

- Steve
Steve Maser (    | Thinking is man's only basic virtue,
Desktop Support Manager          | from which all the others proceed.
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering  |                          -- Ayn Rand


Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 10:17:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jeff Eby <>
Subject: Re: Rain of Blows
Message-ID: <>

Simon Knight wrote:

>>>I was disappointed to notice 'Reign Of Blows' is missing from the
tracklisting of Volumes 7&8.  I heard the demo a long time ago and
was shocked to realise it's actually an amazingly strong song,
smothered by anill-suited production.  It's probably the only demo
of a finished XTC song available elsewhere that I was interested in
being on the FW collections.
And they left it off!  Argh!<<<<

That was exactly my reaction when I first heard the Reign of Blows
demo and was also disapointed to see it missing from the tracklisting.
The good news is that it is not completely missing. It is featured on
the bonus disc "Hinges" available with the collectors box.

1. Gold
2. Now We All Dead (It Doesn't Matter)
3. Rain Of Blows (early version)
4. Reign Of Blows
5. Jump
6. Shake You Donkey Up
7. Happy Families
8. Here Comes President Kill Again
9. Beating Hearts


Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 13:27:55 -0400
From: Harrison Sherwood <>
Subject: Say It 375,976 Times Fast
Message-ID: <>

Somewhere in that halcyon year 1975, I was riding along with the
Patriarch in the PatriarchMobile, radio oozing Jeff Lynne moaning

And I can't get it out of my head
And I can't get it out of my head
And I can't get it out of my head
And I can't get it out of my head
And I can't get it out of my head
And I can't get it out of my head
And I can't get it out of my head
And I can't get it out of my head
And I can't get it out of my head
And I can't get it out of my head
And I can't get it out of my head
And I can't get it out of my head
And I can't get it out of my head
And I can't get it out of my head
And I can't get it out of my head

The Aged P. reaches out, intoning laconically "Well, *I* can." *Snap.*

Blissful silence. He had some taste, did old Dad.

On Sep 25, 2006, at 10:20 AM, Coolidge wrote:

> The Move were a better band after [Jeff Lynne] joined,


Now, granted, times change, fashions mutate, and 1967 was an
altogether lighter and happier year than 1970, when suddenly
everybody felt the need to turn in dreadful sludgey-drudgey "heavy"
blooze wankage, so some consideration has to be granted for the
times, but I'm damned if I'm going to concede that the guys who did
"Blackberry Way" were *improved" when they put out the utterly
unlistenable "Looking On."

Also, The Move kicked The Idle Race's ass all over the field.

And -- all cards on the table -- I love "Mr. Blue Sky."

Harrison "No accounting for taste" Sherwood


Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 10:42:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jon Rosenberger <>
Subject: Do Ya, Do Ya , Want my glove?
Message-ID: <>

Always thought they said that. Made perfect sense to me.

Simon that's be 'Out of the Blue' which in my opnion is an
indespensible desert island disc ( I always wondered where ya plugged
in the hi-fi on a Desert Island?). Your Dad has excellemnt taste from
the sounds of it throw it on. Side 4 first. Although to me "The Whale"
is the standout track, it's my prog side showing again. Big problem
with Lynne is he always wanted to be the 5th Beatle in a band full of
guys who couldn't give a toss about the Beatles he out lasted most of
em and got what he wanted towards the end but in the meantime ELO put
out some great stuff.

  Turn To Stone
  Rock a ria
  Evil Woman
  Fire On High
  Pretty much anything from OOTB
  4 Litte Diamonds
  Can't get it out of my head
  Living Thing
  Steppin out
  Strange Magic

For all non goers think Supertramp (without their humour) crossed with
the musicianship of the Doors ( without their bottom end drive) run by
a McCartney wannabe but with only about 1/3 of Sir Paul's polish and
sense of Melody. Cos they sound just like that. LOL.

As for him producing XTC? r u nuts Culnane? or whomever first added it
to the thread I have lost that at this point. Would be just like
Rundgren. Andy is a crotchety ol cuss at this point in the studio and
I would fear for the life of anyone who actually tries to 'produce'
him. For better or worse from here on out Andy is gonna produce
himself. It's no wonder Colin doesn't want to work another slab of

And Yes I agree, I have no problem if they are done as band I think
they have left a fine legacy but if they are then bloody say so, so I
can tkae my next breath OR get into the shed and twiddle
something. oooo er. Not that Andy! Put that Shark down! tsk tsk

D, with ya. Was good to see you still posting.

While I am here I'd just like to post that it baffles me that bands
SUCK today as badly as they do. Open letter to all bands and musicians
'play for yourself', enjoy what you do, otherwise it will show in your
music. I have been listening to alot of Little Steven's Underground
Garage on Sunday nights on the Radio and it is amazing to me how much
fun these guys are having making music. You can hear it. Perfect?
no. But it is still better. .02

Ol Crochety signing off



Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 11:05:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: Steve <>
Subject: Reign Of Blows there (not so bare)
Message-ID: <>

Simon Knight wrote:

>I was disappointed to notice 'Reign Of Blows' is missing from the
>tracklisting of Volumes 7&8.  I heard the demo a long time ago and was
>shocked to realize it's actually an amazingly strong song, smothered by an
>ill-suited production.  It's probably the only demo of a finished XTC song
>available elsewhere that I was interested in being on the FW collections.
>And they left it off!  Argh!

This is the tracklisting for the 9th bonus CD:

Included as a bonus in The Official Fuzzy Warbles Collector's Album.
  All songs recorded at Andy's home.
 Instruments and vocals on all tracks by Andy Partridge.
  Lyrics, Charts and More

Now We All Dead (It Doesn't Matter)
Rain Of Blows (early version)
Reign Of Blows
Shake You Donkey Up
Happy Families
Here Comes President Kill Again
Beating Hearts

another steve says:
looks like this tracklisting has a bit of a political message saved especially
for the collecting enthusiast (a little safer audience)
...and what conscienscious artist can avoid a statement now and then?
quite frankly i'm relieved to see it
too much going on these days that seems to be getting worse
the month prior to the release of this tracklist i had an infatuation with
Beating Of Hearts
i'm assuming it's the same song listed here
fitting end for the series to me

louder than tanks on the highway
louder than bombers in flight
...the rythym of love powered by the beating of hearts

thank you Andy P

another steve


Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 14:41:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jamie Crampton <>
Subject: Re: Love
Message-ID: <>

I wonder if this has any relation to the EMI-upsetting
"Grey album" which appeared a couple of years ago.  I
managed to locate a copy of said album and while it is
very interesting its really not that sonically
brilliant, I listened to it a few times and pretty
much got bored.  Never mind, soon be time to wheel out
"Thanks for Christmas", I only found that song last
year, knocks Slade, Wizzard, Mud et al into a very
cocked hat.


--- Chalkhills <>

"New" Beatles album soon....
''Love'' November

Sir George Martin, now a sprightly 80, glides into a
small room at London's Abbey Road studios and takes a
seat beside his son Giles. Just down the hall is the
famous Studio 2, where, 40-odd years ago, Sir George
and the Beatles created some of the greatest records
ever made. The Martins  36-year-old Giles is also a
producer, with a CV including Kate Bush and Elvis
Costello  are here to put the final touches on an
extraordinary new Beatles project, a so-called
''mash-up'' album called Love. The disc takes elements
from more than 130 original Beatles tracks and meshes
them together into a ''panorama of sound,'' as Sir
George puts it.


Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 22:49:31 +0100
From: "Dave Smith" <>
Subject: Oh No, it's ELO
Message-ID: <002901c6e0ec$7b8d4f80$ec362b52@Dave1>

I was an avid fan of ELO in my younger days. I was between 12 and 17 when
they were at their best and was quite impervious to theie perceived
naff-ness by the cooler kids in school.

Being just too young to "get" punk, it was the combined might of XTC, The
Specials, Madness and Talking Heads that weaned me on to a more eclectic set
of musical tastes, with the result that my ELO collection sat, unattended
for many years.

In fact, as I recall, they were propped on the bottom shelf (the shelf of
death - oooooh!) just next to the two Blue Oyster Cult albums a mate bought
me for successive birthdays because HE liked BOC. I don't think I even took
them out of their sleeves until I retro-explored things proggy in my

However, when I wised up and matured enough to realise that lots of
influences is a GOOD THING and refusing to be tied to the mast of one style
(especially what's "cool") is a BAD THING, I quickly remembered what it was
I loved about ELO. Great melodies, hooks, well-used strings etc. OK, no
super musos among them, nothing ground-breaking or earth shattering, but for
simple pop/rock songs, Jeff's writing took some beating.

It's no coincidence that the critical reappraisal of ELO's work is gathering
momentum - a recent TV advert for a job wensite uses the original recording
of the afore-mentioned "Do Ya" - a 30-year-old track - and it sounds great!

That said, as has been pointed out on here, Jeff's production technique is,
well, pure Jeff. The double-tracked drums, the driving 4/4 rhythm, the
insistent bass - they worked a treat for ELO and created a trademark sound,
possibly as disticntive as Phil Spector's "wall" (which, in an interesting
parallel - or not - was what Roy Wood was forever replicating in Wizzard
after he left ELO).

This means that you can identify a Lynne-produced track within seconds of it
coming through your speakers - the Wilburys, Orbison, The Everly's, Petty -
great lost ELO songs abound.

Would this work for XTC?

Would it bollocks! Sorry - each with merit badges down both arns, but just
too totally different to be anything but a disaster. Anyroadup, I have it on
reasonable authority that Jeff likes a degree or two more studio control
than even Mr Rundgren. Can you imagine it :-)

Although it's an interesting (there I go again) exercise in music-foolery.
How many other combinations of great (or atleast favourite) artists can you
think of who would quite simply go together like . . . I dunno, Tom Waits
and Britney Spears . . .

Back to The Diary of Horace Wimp . . .

Actually, I'm currently blissing out on Talk Talk's live "London 1986"
album. How come all the good guys don't do music no more? Come back Mark
Hollis, Paddy McAloon, hell, come back Andy!

Smudge Out.


Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 08:11:32 +1000
From: "Paul Haines" <>
Subject: fw and other stuff
Message-ID: <000301c6e0ef$90e77010$7400a8c0@pc1>

Hey All,

Just got this huge package from England turn up on my doorstep yesterday.
Opened it up and there's this massive faux stamp album, something a wee bit
bigger than I was expecting, something maybe 3 times bigger than the Coat of
Many Cupboards box. My smile stretched as wide as the Fuzzy Warbles stamp
album. Had the 3 new discs insides, a booklet from Sir Andy, and a bunch of
FW stamps. It was more than I was expecting. Did I say that already? Haven't
had a chance to listen to any of it yet though, but I did put all my other
Fuzzies into the book...

Jeff Lynne? I'm not there either, Mr Culnane, though I like ELO I would not
be keen at all to see that happen.

But as for a Neil Hannon colloboration? WOW!!!! That would be very very very
interesting to hear. Boners indeed.

Simon -- "Reign of Blows" and "Rain of Blows" are on the bonus cd Hinges.

Paul Haines


Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 23:05:10 -0700
Subject: Lynne for Dukes
Message-ID: <>

Maybe Jeff Lynne can do the next Dukes record. Dukes with strings, yes!



Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 08:42:03 EDT
Subject: They weren't called The Trav-Lynne Wilburys for nothing
Message-ID: <>

Hi everybody,

    I know I may be beating a dead horse here, but, despite being a
lurker, I felt I had to put my two cents in.  It would be a travesty
having Jeff Lynne produce any XTC effort.  His goal as a producer has
always been to make the next E.L.O. album with the artists he works
with providing the guest vox.  Don't get me wrong, Jeff is a fine
musician and songwriter.  Just listen to "Do Ya" by The Move, not the
inferior, castrated version by E.L.O. many years later.  If you want
prime Jeff, listen to The Idle Race.  His joining The Move did not
really improve them, but spelled the end for them.  Pre-Jeff, The Move
were one of the most amazing bands the U.K. ever produced, next to our
boys and The Kinks.  All right, I've said what I had to say.  I just
wonder if Nick Lowe would be available when Andy and Colin are ready.

The guy with the Uffington Horse tattoo,


"I would never join any club that would have me as a member." -- Groucho Marx


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