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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 12, Number 44

                Monday, 25 September 2006


                    Re: Andy's hearing
                        Yes, Quite
          Well I don't know if I like ELO EIEIO
                       To the bone
                 Bare Warbles / No Album
                 Please get me a witness
                        RE: Boners
                    Woken by the clank
                    Beatles Mashup FYI


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Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 12:20:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: jose artecona <>
Subject: Re: Andy's hearing
Message-ID: <>

Hey 'hillers,

I read on the chalkhills website that Andy was
suffering from tinnitus after an incident while
recording, that he was undergoing hyperbaric chamber
therapy for treatment.

Does anybody know anything else about this or how he
is doing?  I remember when he had the severe infection
that almost got him...I hope he comes out of this OK.

Take care,



Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 12:28:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Al LaCarte <>
Subject: Yes, Quite
Message-ID: <>


>Jeff Lynne<


While we're at it, let's get those two sublime tunesmiths from Air
Supply to "help" Andy write songs, and recruit Britney Spears and
Jessica Simpson to sing.  I hear Ted Nugent is looking for work



Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 14:51:39 -0700
From: "Wayne Klein" <>
Subject: Well I don't know if I like ELO EIEIO
Message-ID: <BAY108-F122E0EC0749F84BBA35EC8F9210@phx.gbl>

Paul Culnane < said:

>I'd forgotten just how fantastic, and what a GENIUS Jeff Lynne is. <snip>

Kevin State:

Dunno about youse guys in da UK, but on this side of the pond, we were not
allowed to forget, because they played every damn one of their 63 hits once
every nine seconds on the radio throughout the Carter, Reagan, and Bush
administrations, and they still do in some backwoods limited-DNA-variation
areas, including satellite radio.  Then of course, assorted others (Tom
Petty, fer one) keep that screamin' sow-und (Ike Willis reference) alive by
hiring him to produce their next record.

>John Lennon cited them as a favourite: "just how The Beatles might have
sounded if we'd kept going".

Kevin again: I would pray to Allah that they would've all gone to therapy
together, or
something, first.

>Except, a fantasy-  wouldn't it be nice (!) if OUR BOYS could team up with
Jeff twiddling the knobs?  What a barnstorming rekkid that could be.

Kevin stated:

Sorry, Paul, but the thought makes my piss turn cold.

I just never liked the guy.  Randy Newman was right about him.

Actually Kevin  he (Lynne) eventually co-produced one of Newman's albums so
perhaps Randy's opinion changed a bit with time or more than likely he was
just providing voice to one of his characters in that particular song.


Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 17:52:00 -0700
From: "Wayne Klein" <>
Subject: To the bone
Message-ID: <BAY108-F9A2A67930AB342A532C4AF9260@phx.gbl>

>From Jon-

>Darryl Darryl Darryl you forgot the cassettes as JJ so rightly pointed
>out shame shame. But Kevin and Wayne seriously you need remasters of B
>sides? And you think Virgin thinks they can make $ off of that. The
>fan in me says 'yes please', the business man says 'uh-huh, ain't
>gonna happen'.

Ahh but I thought that "Message from the Country" by The Move would never be
reissued/remastered as the fan base for that album is by now quite small. It
did happen this year however (granted it took 10 years but eventually when
they run out of things to remaster...they find obscure stuff).

If it did happen I would think that Virgin would probably try and combine
these with the various B-sides from singles that haven't been compiled to a
CD set. I'd guess another boxed set at some point in the future..who knows
when or where.


Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 16:12:16 +1000
From: "Simon Knight" <>
Subject: Bare Warbles / No Album
Message-ID: <BAY109-F3709F854C451A0455F73CD0270@phx.gbl>

Jon Rosenberger wrote:

>There are only ten discs submitted to Virgin and so far very very very
>little that has
>been on Warbles has not been on one of the originals so please do not
>feel badly that we are only getting 9 Warbles instead of the bandied
>about 12. Cos the cupboard is bare!

I was disappointed to notice 'Reign Of Blows' is missing from the
tracklisting of Volumes 7&8.  I heard the demo a long time ago and was
shocked to realise it's actually an amazingly strong song, smothered by an
ill-suited production.  It's probably the only demo of a finished XTC song
available elsewhere that I was interested in being on the FW collections.
And they left it off!  Argh!

Although I'd love a new album, i have to wonder if the whole FW process is
really Andy looking back on the band and winding it down.  If Colin doesn't
really feel the need to write songs anymore I can live with his decision.
The recording / record company / promotion process was never an easy one for
the band, and after the muted reception to Apple Venus / Wasp Star, perhaps
smaller, simpler pleasures are to be found elsewhere for him.  It's not like
*our* mortgages are on the line if we demand a new album.

Our priorities change as we age.  Although it'd be a shame if there was no
new material to look forward to, their albums have given me enough
entertainment over the years that I'm thankful for what they've given us.
I've recently been working on an essay about 'Skylarking', and had come to
the realisation it's almost 20 years since I first heard it, and it's an
album i still find enjoyment and hear new discoveries in to this day.  I've
lived with it from 15 to 35.  Boy to Man.  I see no reason to imagine it
won't still be with me at 55.

I'll look on new material as a nice gift if we're given it, but the albums
we've got are a damn fine collection of work indeed.

RE: Everyone Discussing Jeff Lynne

I know ELO were hugely popular in the 70's, but I seem to have missed
hearing almost everything they ever put out, and have never heard them
played on the radio.  I only know of them via four experiences:

1) Jason Falkner's cover of 'Do Ya', (good performance, but can never
remember the song other than the 'do ya do ya want my love' section);

2) Part of 'Don't Bring Me Down' (?), an instrumental approximation of which
was used as intermission music in an early 80's Commodore 64 game called
'Frantic Freddie', and I only know was ELO because my sister would point out
the fact and sing along *every damn time I played it*;

3) A childhood cinema trip to 'Xanadu', (thanks to the girl up the road's
Olivia Newton-John obsession), where no-one in the group knew, a) their
name; b) why they were famous, or, c) a song they'd sung that had previously
been a hit.  I didn't notice the songs - we were too busy being shocked by
Livvy being slutty enough to wear White Fringed Vinyl Boots onscreen, (known
as C.F.M. boots around the schoolyard).

4) My father's copy of an ELO album that had some kind of 'space' theme.  I
never listened to it because, a) for some reason I thought it might be
related to that awful Jeff Wayne 'War Of The Worlds' album he played all the
time, and my alien invasion nightmares didn't need any more encouragement,
thank you very much; b) it was Dad's Record and his album were 'off limits'
to us kids; and, c) when he did play his albums, they were usually Utter
Shit.  I can trace my 9 year old excitement over New Wave as being largely
because it sounded *nothing* like anything he played.  (You couldn't pay me
enough money to reapproach Pink Floyd from an Adult Perspective.  The damage
has been done).

Oh yeah, back to the topic.  How can this be all I know about ELO?  Maybe
they just weren't very popular in Oz.  We were all obsessed with Skyhooks in
the 70's.  When 'Xanadu' came out I remember being more in love with 'We Can
Get Together' by Flowers.

Ooh, wonder if I've still got that one...  off to look.


Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 07:29:27 -0400
From: Christopher Coolidge <>
Subject: Please get me a witness
Message-ID: <>

On Sep 22, 2006, at 1:40 PM, Chalkhills wrote:

> Sorry, Paul, but the thought makes my piss turn cold.
> I just never liked the guy.  Randy Newman was right about him.
> Kevin Brunkhorst
> still very much alive in Nova Scotia
> (hi Todd!)

"Right off, they needed a name/Someone said "How about The
Renegades?"/Johnny said "Well I don't know/I prefer ELO." So what
else did Rand have to say about Lynne? Do tell. I know he produced
one track on Land Of Dreams, and of course makes it sound like ELO
with Randy on lead vocals. Whatever it is, might have something to do
with why he didn't produce the rest.
    In all fairness to Lynne, I think he's a brilliant songwriter,
The Move were a better band after he joined, but with two creative
geniuses in the band, his days working with Roy Wood were numbered.
It's no wonder he's practically the only songwriter on every ELO
album since ELO II. Ever hear any of Bev Bevan's songs? (I direct you
to his only two recorded songs, both on The Move's Message From The
Country. 'Nuff said.) Brilliant songwriter Lynne was and is, whoever
convinced him he was a great producer doesn't have their ears on. But
hey, if you like samey mid-rangey stuff, the more power to ya.


Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 10:26:06 +0100
From: "Darryl Bullock" <>
Subject: RE: Boners
Message-ID: <000501c6e084$a11d6180$0202a8c0@benson>

Jon Rosenberger wrote:

Darryl Darryl Darryl you forgot the cassettes as JJ so rightly pointed out.
Shame shame.

Hey old buddy - hope you and yours are keeping well. I hadn't forgotten the
cassette release, what I meant to say was R&BB has always been available on
CD, rather than it has only been available on CD. Apologies to one and all,
mea culpa and all that - it's been a trying few months.

As for Jeff Lynne, forget it. Never liked the guy, never will. Free As A
Bird is godawful - the original Lennon tape is so much clearer than the
nasty, treated, pseudo-ethereal ghostly whine that eventually made it to
disc, although Real Love still makes me cry. I know John once said that he
though ELO sounded like the Beatles would have done, but God love him he
talked a lot of toss at times.

If there's anyone Andy and Colin should consider working with it should be
Neil Hannon of the Divine Comedy.


Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 10:30:19 +0100
From: Mark Fisher <>
Subject: Woken by the clank
Message-ID: <>

A lovely big postman delivered a lovely big box to me this morning: the
Fuzzy Warbles box and the three new CDs. Haven't had time to play much yet,
but I'm Unbecome already sounds like a stand-out - it's crying out to be
used in a Hollywood romcom just at the point when the boy loses the girl.


Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 04:41:18 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kzincat <>
Subject: Beatles Mashup FYI
Message-ID: <>,6115,1534969_4%7C%7C1534139%7C1_0_,00.html

"New" Beatles album soon....
''Love'' November

Sir George Martin, now a sprightly 80, glides into a
small room at London's Abbey Road studios and takes a
seat beside his son Giles. Just down the hall is the
famous Studio 2, where, 40-odd years ago, Sir George
and the Beatles created some of the greatest records
ever made. The Martins  36-year-old Giles is also a
producer, with a CV including Kate Bush and Elvis
Costello  are here to put the final touches on an
extraordinary new Beatles project, a so-called
''mash-up'' album called Love. The disc takes elements
from more than 130 original Beatles tracks and meshes
them together into a ''panorama of sound,'' as Sir
George puts it.


"It is not *who* is right, but *what* is right, that is of importance."
    -- Thomas Huxley

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