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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 12, Number 41

                Saturday, 9 September 2006


                         RE: Ape
              porr choice of words, perhaps
               The Dukes: A Guilty Pleasure
                 RE: Rag and Bone Buffet
                       Song of Joy


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The captain's box of butterflies have all hatched out as lice.


Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 22:51:53 +0100
From: "Dave Smith" <>
Subject: RE: Ape
Message-ID: <000f01c6d06c$558b3670$ec362b52@Dave1>

Art'noon Chalkers of the Hill

In 12-40, Aaron Pastula did sayeth:

>> PS -- I hear that after the FW box set comes out, Andy is going to
>> release the *demo versions* of the demo collection as a 27-disc, ultra-
>> rare collector's edition which will include Andy's previously unpublished
>>children's book "Snarky McSnark-Snark and the Purple Whales of Fallum-
>> Butter;" a hardbound, 500-page liberetto/expanded liner note/recipe book
>> which will include several pages of fake XTC tattoos and technical
>> recording schematics of Andy's shed throughout the years; a DVD of Andy
>> making funny faces and voices in the mirror; and X-ray reproductions of
>> Andy's injured hand and a vial containing microscopic fragments of his
>> broken eardrum.  All packaged in a faux-fur carrying case worthy of the
>> "fuzzy" namesake.  Pre-order yours and start bitching today!

These would be the demo versions for comb and paper, right?

Is the ear-drum fragment signed?

I'll take three!

What do you mean it isn't buy two get one free!

APE, you bastard rob-dogs!

Ah, errrm, right, sorry (top stuff Aaron).

Also, Paul Culnane lauded the new Scritti Politti album - he's not wrong

In my opinion, for sheer "nary a clunker"-ness, Green Gartside is up there
with Andy, Paddy McAloon, Mark Hollis (whither those two these days, sigh)
and Paul Buchanan and his Blue Nile chums.

I would also recommend "Western Skies", the latest album by Roddy Frame -
more top work well worth investing a few hard-earneds for.

Right, back to sleep.



Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 20:41:27 -0400
From: "jude hayden" <>
Subject: porr choice of words, perhaps
Message-ID: <>

AP (coincidence?) wrote:
"Really?  Raped? If you've been "raped" by this latest effort to provide you
with a unique offering by XTC, then what do you call what happened to Andy &
Co. under the watchful monacle of Virgin records for all of those years;
years for which Andy is now trying to pay himself back?"

Now that I've stopped rolling my eyes, I'll admit that it was a harsh choice
of words, although I still stand by my initial reaction to the announcement
of the FW box set. But as I admitted in the last digest, all of my
anticipated rectal pains have been eased by the subsequent announcement of
the various package offerings on the APE site.

Tongue in cheek, ice packs put away,


Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 21:31:40 -0400
From: <>
Subject: The Dukes: A Guilty Pleasure
Message-ID: <>

Have been enjoying the live streaming of the Towson University,
Maryland (WTMD-FM).  Every morning they have a "Guilty Pleasure Song
of the Day".  Usually it takes the form of a Come On Eileen or a track
from a band like the 1970's Firefall.  Recently a listener requested a
song in honor of the passing of Syd.  The DJ said something to the
effect of, "What a great idea...a band called the Dukes of
Stratosphear put out an album back in 1987 called 'Psonic Psunspot'.
Both words are spelled with a p.  It's actually a parody album, it's
XTC, Andy Partridge and company, when they recorded a 1960's
psychedelic parody."  He then played The Vanishing Girl.   The station
has a regular eight-song or so rotation of XTC songs.

Too cool.  Thank you Ed in Stevensville, whoever you are.

Bob S.


Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 07:20:17 +0100
From: "Darryl Bullock" <>
Subject: RE: Rag and Bone Buffet
Message-ID: <002201c6d0b3$5b858c00$0202a8c0@benson>

To Kevin Wollenweber and others:

What's the confusion over the availability of Rag and Bone Buffet?

R&B Buffet has only ever been available on CD - it was issued that way along
with the XTC compilation Explode Together in 1990. R&B Buffet is currently
available from for as little as $0.39 (as I write this there are
20 new and used copies available) and the disc is still available from
Virgin in the UK, priced between #8 - #10.

Have I missed something?



Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 23:29:36 -0400
From: Christopher Coolidge <>
Subject: Todd&Frank
Message-ID: <>

On Sep 4, 2006, at 4:07 PM, bingoball yaztoy wrote:

> You said: <<Anyway, I was the interviewer, and it was great talking to
> Todd, and great to hear what he said about XTC. Was trying to get him
> to say more but he *does* always mention them and he had Esquivel and
> Space Ghost to plug...>>
> I'll tell ya, I was astounded to hear Todd give a head's up to Frank
> Zappa & Mothers of Invention album, WE'RE ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY.
> At one time, I considered Todd Rundgren and Frank Zappa to be the
> major producers of the decade because absolutely *NO* one was doing
> what they were doing, sonically.  Can't say whether the mutual
> society would have been felt by the late Mr. Zappa, but I know that
> I miss Zappa's musical presence and know that many musicians turned
> out to be closet fans.  Both he and Mr.  Rudgren have specific ways
> of recording that amaze and still delight me today.  I am and always
> will be an extreme fan of A WIZARD, A TRUE STAR, despite what
> critics back then said about it.  Since all the songs on that album
> seem to segue nicely into the next, it proves that, perhaps, Todd
> was listening intently to what Frank Zappa was doing with his music
> and concepts, while inserting his own sensabilities to the mix as he
> went along.

They have something in common, they both produced a Grand Funk
Railroad album. Todd had his first commercial success as a producer,
in fact, with We're An American Band. Zappa, on the other hand,
produced their last album with the original threesome intact, Good
Singin' Good Playin', which stiffed so badly the band broke up, with
only sporadic reunions of two out of three of the original trio
throughout the 80's.(they may have had the odd reunion since then,
all three cooperated for the Behind The Music on them a few years
ago, and they seemed on pretty cordial terms at that point)


Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 23:44:28 -0400
From: Christopher Coolidge <>
Subject: Song of Joy
Message-ID: <>

On Sep 4, 2006, at 4:07 PM, yoyo flattop wrote:

> 3) Who wrote "Song Of Joy" and what is the definitive version?
>    Something about Pier Jesu?  'Scuse my ignorance.
>      Any suggestions or recommendations please?
>    Didn't someone have a hit with a vocal version of it in mid-70s?
>    Any help appreciated.

The original melody comes from Alec Bing's favorite composer, the
great Ludwig Van Beethoven. The final movement of the Ninth Symphony
with the vocal part in German. Over the years an English translation
became extant, and used mostly as a hymn(this woman at my church
wants me to play it her ten year old daughter playing viola. Should
be interesting.). Then of course there was the pop version that was
out sometime in the 60's or 70's, I have no idea who does that one.


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