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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 11, Number 9

                 Sunday, 20 February 2005


                    Re: Satanic Panic
   Facts re: digital downloads officially straightened
                    Re: Sufjan anyone?
            XTC Forum "Our Favorite XTC Songs"
                   crass self promotion
                 Slightly off subject....
      Okay, okay...but only because I can't sleep...


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It's just for me to kick in space.


Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 05:26:54 -0800 (PST)
From: Al LaCarte <>
Subject: Revolver
Message-ID: <>




Got it.

Once upon opine, a few people came together and onesided that
"Revolver" was the best Beatle record.  I'm pretty sure Harrison (not
George) was there.  I told them they were all right, but I couldn't
come in...actually I was very busy that day.

I love "Revolver" - especially the side closers.  Some of JL's best
work there.  George was on fire, Ringo did the best he could with the
first of his two under-water adventures, and Paul still churning out
beautiful melodies from his seemingly endless supply.  Dentist
pimping acid, book of the dead, backwards guitars.

It's great. I get it.

Still, I'm certain I like all of these better:

1) Abbey Road
2) A Hard Day's Night
3) Rubber Soul (Still can't decide which one...)
4) The Beatles

H. Al Chemy

NP:  Starclock

Never playing:  Air Supply

"But I'm Le Tired"


Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 07:41:36 -0800 (PST)
From: The Colonel <>
Subject: Re: Satanic Panic
Message-ID: <>

> A big "Thanks You!" to Patrick (The Colonel) for his
> best of 2004 list.  He recommended the
> album "Satanic Panic In The
> Attic" by OF MONTREAL.
> I decided to give it a try, bought it and began
> listening.  And I thought "This is pretty bad!".
> (The first song is called " Disconnect The Dots".)
> I almost gave up on it right there, but luckily I
> went on to the second song.  And listening to the
> second song I thought "Wow!  This is great!".  As I
> continued through the CD I really feel for
> this wonderful band. Very Kinks-ish, but yet much
> more than just a 60s pastiche.
> So I join Patrick in highly recommending this
> album.  (Just skip the first song!)


Thanks for the kind words, and glad you found
something you like on my list!! I've known about this
band for a while, but this was the first album I heard
by them that really hooked me.

BTW, I think that first track is great, but it's
definitely a departure from the band's regular sound;
more 80's synth than 60's psych, so I understand your

There was also an EP of cover tunes, which is given
away free with the album. I highly recommend that as
well, especially their cover of the Shins' "Know Your
Onion" (my favorite new band in the last several
years!)... I mention this because the EP did NOT
accompany 'Satanic Panic' when I bought it, but I
later found all of the tracks available as free
downloads on Of Montreal's official site... So check
those out too, if you haven't already!!!

Also, I second the opinion of whomever was discussing
the Futureheads in the last digest. I love the style
and sound, but the songs just don't do anything for
me. Really, the only one that hooked me was the cover
of "Hounds Of Love." Dogs Die In Hot Cars had a much
better album song-wise, IMHO. But to each his own!

-The Colonel


Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 12:12:48 -0500
From: Duncan Watt <>
Subject: Facts re: digital downloads officially straightened
Message-ID: <>

In my last missive re: getting paid for digital downloads off of legal
downloading services, I said that iTunes/Napster/etc. was paying
micro-labels only 2-3 cents/download. I was wrong - they pay on the
average about 65 cents per *downloaded song* to the distributor, who
then takes a cut(as they should, between 9-18 cents, depending),
netting the label about 45-50 cents per *downloaded song*. Here's where
I was confused - some of these services offer *streaming downloads* as
part of their subscription service package. These *streaming downloaded
songs* net the label about 2-3 cents per 'download' after the
distributors' cut. Result: listener can hear the tune a few times, pay
only the subscription fee(which they paid already anyway), artist/label
gets paid 15 or so cents, and listener has no reason to purchase...
anything! Sweet Action!

Or even cooler: you use AudioHijack to record the streaming download,
then you don't need to buy ANYTHING, and you don't even need to
*endure* the boring(!) wait for your P2P client to <heavy, strained
voice on> fiiinnnnd the sooongg you're loookingg to steeaall... God,
can't this stealing thing work FASTER? I.... just... want.... to....
steal.... some..... R. Stevie Moore.... songs.... after all, Sherwood
likes him, he's probably good.... dammit!

Why isn't XTC on iTunes? I know personally people close to the band
have been looking into it. Could it be because they haven't found a way
to do it without watering down the value of selling real CDs? Because
with the new model of subscription-based streaming songs, there's NO

Please - wonderful, thoughtful, interesting, complex adult-oriented
music is really over, at least until the government goes about breaking
the monopoly and someone figures out a way to get an *entire
generation* of young adults who are used to getting music for free to
realize that if you don't make it possible for an adult musician to
clear a profit on interesting work, they'll stop making music
altogether, and we'll all be left with a choice of Avril and The New
Avril. It still costs more to make an Apple Venus Vol. 1 than is
possible to make back, now that touring and radio in the US have been
taken over by ClearChannel. It's all about good-looking young people
with rich parents and grandfathered luckily-we-made-it-before-Napster
acts and cross-promotion-ready actors. And
"college-radio-acts"...woo-hoo, I *really* want to hear what that
25-year-old has to say, let alone *play*... There's no more room on the
radio, in the stores, on the TV, even in the clubs and colleges (can
you say ClearChannel block-booking?) for non-mainstream acts that make
over $15,000/year. Either PAY FOR YOUR MUSIC, change the system or go
eat your thin major-label UsherGruel. Hey- it's free! Isn't that what
you *wanted*?!?!

Maybe you could just HOPE Andy into writing and recording a new CD,
hiring musicians, paying engineers and studio time, making promotional
materials, coordinating distribution, etc. on his own dime just so he
can not get airplay and lose any possible chance of clearing his
investment to thieves.

Love (and enjoy your Avril),

Your happy pal Duncan

ps stiill young and good-looking and write songs that are less than
2:45 and get to the chorus before :15 and have unpolitical lyrics and
are in 4/4 time and are correctly auto-tuned and produced with no
dynamic range and talk about things that only under-30's could possibly
care about? Then here: another hopeful castle-stormer pointed out that
if you're only interested in selling(hee-hee!) things digitally, CDBaby
has a better offer than The Orchard, which also distributes your
physical product to all the online record stores (Amazon, CDnow,
VirginMega, etc.) for people to physically purchase. CDBaby requires
the customer to actually go to CDBaby's site to purchase your stuff,
which is a deal-breaker for serious micro-labels. Look, I know it's not
really over, I'm just too old-and-tired to lead the revolution
myself... but tell me what I can do to help *you* change it, young'un,
and I will. Music - not bad sync-dancing, not lip-syncing, not video,
not "hey, that 14-year-old has great tits" - is The Best.

pps anyone see Jamie Foxx(yes, the actor) kick hapless Alicia "no, I
really *do* think I'm sexy" Keyes' ASS on the Grammys Sunday night?
YES! Take THAT, little fake-musician-with-the-right-cheekbone-structure!

ppps now go steal some R.Stevie Moore, see what THAT does for your
karma, dickweed


Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 06:34:42 -0800 (PST)
From: pancho artecona <>
Subject: Re: Sufjan anyone?
Message-ID: <>

Greetings form N'Awlins,

While looking at the burgeoning lists I've noticed the
absence of one Sufjan Steve.  Just wondered if anyone
was digging him like I do.  A bit Sufi, a bit
stereolabish and quite ingenious.

I first heard him on a friend's recommendation (ripped
cd) and have since PURCHASED almost all of his
work...I do have an ethic after all.  It is extremely
important to support your fave musicians in the barren
wasteland of the electronic frontier (eye opening
info, Duncan).

Anyway, that's it.


ps-thanks for the lists, I've got plenty of exploring
to do.


Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 20:34:22 -0500
From: "Scott Barnard" <>
Subject: Futuredogs
Message-ID: <BAY22-F18958BC0A420FC5DB55589BD6C0@phx.gbl>

I suspect that I like Futureheads more than Todd does, though they
remind me more of Wire than of XTC. I also suspect that I like Dogs
Die In Hot Cars less than does the esteemed Mr. Relph - "I Love You
'Cause I Have To" is, I'm sorry, an awful song. But there was an
interesting blurb in the January issue of Mojo wherein Ross Millard
of Futureheads discussed his favourite albums of 2004:

"I also like the Dogs Die In Hot Cars record. It's a really divisive
one - you either love them or loathe them. But I think they've got a
lot of good songs. They're kind of later XTC, where we're earlier XTC.
Maybe we should do a show together. We open, they close and we kind of
do XTC's whole back catalogue."

Not a bad idea, but something tells me that this guy has never
heard Apple Venus.


Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 10:53:09 -0800 (PST)
From: Jeff Eby <>
Subject: XTC Forum "Our Favorite XTC Songs"
Message-ID: <>

With the recent talk about the odd division between some chalkhills
members and XTC Forum posters I'd thought it'd be at least a good idea if
those of who regularly keep track of both could point out things of
interest. I was very surprised to find out that so many people on this
list didn't know about the September meeting, which was certainly never
meant just for Forumers.

So I just thought I'd point out a little something going on at the XTC
forum right now.

Max, a forum masochist, has volunteered to take on the task of
organizing a "favorite XTC song" poll. It's been attempted a couple times
before on the forum but with little organization and poor results but I
think this could work, especially if alot of people contribute.

and while you're there why not drop a line at the forum meeting thread
to say if you're planning on coming (maybes accepted). Nothing
official, just an attempt at figuring out how big the thing is likely to get.

"Spastic Minnow"


Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 10:50:53 -0500
From: "Chris & Melany" <>
Subject: crass self promotion
Message-ID: <004501c51508$76648cf0$fe0cf645@Sony>

been going through the collection here and decided to part with some old
things via ebay.

not to be a total bandwith hog, ill do 3 b&p's of the XTC 1/24/80 DVD.




Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 23:23:03 +0000 (GMT)
From: Mark <>
Subject: Slightly off subject....
Message-ID: <>

Went to see one of my top 2 favourite bands (no prizes
for guessing the other) that hasn't played a gig for
over 7 years yesterday:

The Wedding Present

May not, to some of you, have the same melodious
intent as XTC but WOW, if you get a chance go along.


Bjarne Stroustrup (inventor of C++):

"There's an old story about the person who wished his computer were as
easy to use as his telephone.  That wish has come true, since I no
longer know how to use my telephone"


Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 00:52:55 -0800
From: "Pastula Aaron" <>
Subject: Okay, okay...but only because I can't sleep...
Message-ID: <BAY24-F5D4BDF342C20FB1028734A26E0@phx.gbl>

...thanks to my roommate and the "Magnum P.I." marathon going on in the next

The Best Damn Desert Island Top Ten List, Period:

1. XTC - Skylarking
Truthfully, just about any album from the world's greatest band could have
taken the top slot (and probably fill the remaining nine), but for me, this
is the Kubrickian Monolith of records.  I first heard it when I was 12, and
it was responsible for the most profound musical evolutionary leap of my

2. Mike Keneally - Boil That Dust Speck
Easily Mike's best record; a brilliantly complex catacomb of an album that I
still haven't completely managed to find my way out of.  Anyone who is even
remotely a fan of progressive rock, or pop, or whatever, simply MUST own
this record.

3. Genesis - Trick of the Tail
I love all the old Genesis records, but to me this is the perfect blend of
progressive complexity and pop catchiness.  Phil Collins is the man; with
this album and Brand X under his belt, he can play all the Disney music he
wants as far as I'm concerned.

4. Gentle Giant - Free Hand
These guys never got the recognition they deserved.  Not only could they
perform incredible vocal arrangements, but each member of the band could
proficiently play no less than fourteen instruments at the same time.

5. Peter Gabriel - Sixteen Golden Greats
This wouldn't be on here, save for the fact that lately I can't get the solo
piano version of "Here Comes The Flood" out of my head, and that it's the
best album for when you're driving the I-5 corridor through central
California.  I mean, "Big Time" at 90mph...does it get any better?

6. Elvis Costello / Burt Bacharach - Painted From Memory
Because you can never have too many flugelhorns, and because "God Give Me
Strength" is just an awesome tune.  One of the few albums I know of that can
be played at any time, regardless of mood or tidal patterns.

7. Mike Keneally - Wooden Smoke
Vastly different from BTDS, but it contains my all-time favorite MK song,
"2001."  I'm still trying to figue out what the story is that runs
throughout the concept of the album.  Anyone know?

8. XTC - English Settlement
When I die, I want to come back as this album.

9. Radiohead - Kid A
These guys are easily the Pink Floyd of my generation.  I don't know how
they manage to get better the further they stray from traditional song
structure and so-called "listenable" music, but they do.

10.  Frank Zappa - The Yellow Shark
When I hear this, I think how stunningly unjust it is that he didn't live
longer.  Compositional technology was catching up to his brain, and I think
he was finally getting to a point in his life when he could make exactly the
kind of music he wanted without nearly the hassle he was used to.  Such a
shame, but this is a great swansong.

Okay, I think I can get to sleep now.



Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 12:55:06 -0800
From: Phil Corless <>
Subject: Blogs
Message-ID: <>

Harrison's post about his blog makes me wonder if anyone else on Chalkhills
has their own blog... I'd like to start a list.

I've got two:

Phil Corless


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