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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 11, Number 71

                Tuesday, 20 December 2005


                       my two cents
                        Top ALBUM
                       Re: Warbles
       Saturday Social Countdown to XTC Party Time
                  New Songs and SNMNMNM
                        words etc
                    Joining A Fan Club
                        Dear Fire!
                      Trombone d'Or


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Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 08:48:38 +1100
From: "Paul Haines" <>
Subject: my two cents
Message-ID: <000901c60353$a3503770$7400a8c0@pc1>

I've got a bootleg of the original "Where Do The Ordinary People Go". (I got
lots that still aren't on a Fuzzy Warble yet, and not just because they're
Colin-penned songs). I thought it was a great song. Is this new I-tunes
piece a different version to the one doing the old bootleg rounds? BTW, I
think it's a great song, it's better than a lot of the other demos.

And also, I hate this whole buy and download a song shite. Computers are not
the way to LISTEN to music. MP3s have shit bitrates. That's why we have
stereos. But then I'm an audiophile waanker.

Paul Haines

Ps Gidday to the Sgt! (Haven't heard from you for a long time, Mr


Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 20:59:14 EST
Subject: Top ALBUM
Message-ID: <>

Seeing as how most music these days,at least the shite we get stuck
with in America, is CRAP to the nth degree, the only album I
considered anywhere decent was As Is Now, by, who else, the Modfather,
Mr. Paul Weller. *sinks down in a bow at the mere mention of the name*

Wrote to Gregsy yesterday, that SOB better get back to me soon, or I
shall just have to Avada Kedevra him! (Sorry, my fantasy geekiness is
showing, I've seen the latest film 4 times already. Geek, and proud of
it, damn you!!!!!!!)

Ahem...tis all for now,
XTC song of the day-Blue Overall
non XTC song of the day-Stoned Out of My Mind-The Jam


Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 18:20:11 -0800 (PST)
From: Todd Bernhardt <>
Subject: Re: Warbles
Message-ID: <>


> Travis Schulz asked:
>> Anyone know how many more volumes of Fuzzy Warbles there may be, and more
>> importantly, will there someday be a FW Boxed Set?

To which Smudge replied:
> Unless anyone can say otherwise, I believe there were always going to be 10
> discs in the FW set - so we're still awaiting the last four, which I think
> are due over the course of 2006.

I will say otherwise -- Smudge is right about the original plan, but I
believe there now are only two more due, and then I think the series
will have run its course.

I loves me some Warbles, but will be glad when Andy can focus on
releasing new music again. He's got a lot more brilliant stuff in him.


Fashion is something barbarous, for it produces innovation without
reason and imitation without benefit.
 --George Santayana, philosopher (1863-1952)


Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 21:44:02 -0000
From: "Phil Gazzard" <>
Subject: Saturday Social Countdown to XTC Party Time
Message-ID: <000801c60352$ffcc0480$f41e2052@phil4urhfkaxxz>

Just to let you know that Andy Partridge is picking his top 10 XTC songs
on BBC Radio Wales 'Saturday Social' prgramme (Saturdays at 7:30 pm).
Last week was Chalkhills And Children at number 7, this week Season
Cycle at number 6. I asume there'd be another 5 weeks to go, then...



Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 07:31:14 +0000
From: "Darryl W. Bullock" <>
Subject: warbling
Message-ID: <>

In the last digest, Dave Smith wrote:

"Unless anyone can say otherwise, I believe there were always going to be 10
discs in the FW set - so we're still awaiting the last four, which I think
are due over the course of 2006.

As to the eventuality of a Boxed Set, I'm sure that in a few years, once
everyone who's bought the individual sets has got them, there will be a
boxed set released - perhaps with one extra song, ringtone and a postcard -
which we will be asked to buy all over again.

Help me get through these cynical days ;-)"

hahahahahahaha! Glad I'm not the only one who's getting a tad miffed at
being 'encouraged' to buy the same material over and over again rather than
anything genuinely new, but didn't Andy state around the time of volumes 5
and 6 that there were now only going to be 8 discs in the FW set and, I
believe, there are already plans on the horizon for the box - in the guise
of a stamp collector's album.

Happy XTCmas, one and all



Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 08:12:10 -0500
From: "Tim Kendrick" <>
Subject: New Songs and SNMNMNM
Message-ID: <006901c603d4$a890cd90$28a4f504@Kendrick>

Hi everyone!

I've made a homemade CD with all the new songs:

1. Open a Can of Human Beans
2. Where Did the Ordinary People Go?
3. Spiral
4. Say It
5. I Wonder Why The Wonderfalls
6. Didn't Hurt A Bit
7. End of The Pier

Not quite as good as a brand new full album,
but it will do for now.

I LOVE "Where Did The Ordinary People Go"!!!
I've always thought it was a fantastic song, ever since I heard
it played in the shed by Colin and Dave (and Andy on tambourine)
during that homemade video for that convention.  I got Colin's demo
shortly after that.  I've always thought it was one of the great lost songs
from Nonsuch.  So I'm really thrilled it's finally been done properly.
And I think the result is brilliant!!

I tried to compile a "Best of '05" list,  but I must be getting old.
I can't come up with even a list of 5 best this year.  There's a few
very good CDs I picked up this year that were released in previous years.
One of my favorites was released in 2003, but I just got it a couple of
months ago.
It's by a band called SNMNMNM and it's called "Power Pack Horse Crunch".
Not sure if anyone has mentioned this band or album before, but it's very
They are sort of a mixture of They Might Be Giants and The Sugarplastic.
So if you like those 2 bands, then check out SNMNMNM!

Happy Holidays!



Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 09:10:01 +0000
From: "pop boy" <>
Subject: words etc
Message-ID: <BAY101-F238EA6C72CE1EF3F32943EAA3C0@phx.gbl>

To reply to Dave's reply.....

Powerpopboy67 spake thus:

>>Read the interview with Partridge in Word in which he says that virtually
>>all fiction is a waste of time (apart from Dickens) and that real life is
>>much more interesting, and so what is the point of reading fiction?
>>Um...I'm sorry Andy but that makes you sound like Liam Gallagher and must
>>be one of the dumbest statements of the year.

Surely the real difference between Messrs Partridge and Gallagher is that
the latter obviously takes some misguided macho pride in declaring he "don't
read books," while Andy's intelligence, learning and, above all, towering
imagination, are there for all to see . . . if you care to look.

If you look through history, many respected artists of all walks share this
sort of opinion - would you berate a top chef for saying he prefers plain
food? Woud you berate a top sportsman for not wanting to watch sport in his
time off?

Perhaps Andy has so much going on in his head that there simply isn't room
for other people's flights of fancy?

Failing all that, perhaps you could look at it as Andy's personal opinion
and simply try and respect that? Calling him dumb doesn't make you look the
sharpest tool in the box y'know.

As someone else has pointed out on this forum, Andy lists his favourite
films in the Word article - all of which are 'flights fancy' and fictional.
I didn't quote Andy verbatim when I wrote 'all fiction is a waste of time' -
hes actual quote was much more disparaging and I'm sorry, but to say
something so, so sweeping and to dismiss a whole massive part of Art, is, in
my mind a dumb thing to say. It's like someone saying 'All music is rubbish'
- just plain dumb.
Also, Andy uses storytelling endlessly in his songs which correct me if I'm
wrong is fiction. He uses metaphor and simile, both of which are tools in
the writing of fiction. But of course, 'real life is much more interesting'
and that is why Andy tells stories, writes songs and uses these tools in his
flights of fancy instead of being a documentary maker.
And maybe Andy hasn't got too much going on in his head at the moment,
otherwise he might have written some new songs in the last few


Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 14:59:42 +1100
From: "Simon Knight" <>
Subject: Joining A Fan Club
Message-ID: <BAY109-F30810442F8261E47650C51D03E0@phx.gbl>

Can any Jellyfish fans explain this to me?

Seriously, WTF is this?  My head hurts - which is better than bleeding, like
my ears are.

I'm hoping their intentions weren't serious.


Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 19:51:18 -0500
From: Mitch Friedman <>
Subject: Dear Fire!
Message-ID: <>


Forgive me if this is old info that everyone has known
about forever, but I just stumbled across a video of
XTC performing "Great Fire/Dear God" live and acoustic
from 1989 on MTV. This is NOT one of the three studio
live videos that we've all seen. As far as I know, this
has never been mentioned before. Anyway, enjoy!



Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 22:27:25 -0500
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Trombone d'Or
Message-ID: <>


Robert Mallows sent scans of "Generally Major: Colin Moulding
Workshop" from the May 2005 issue of "Guitar & Bass" magazine.
It's a pretty good workshop, including some interesting bass charts
and hints.

But the real interesting item is the photo of XTC live from the "Black
Sea" era.  Andy has his "Sgt Rock" guitar on, complete with his
stripes.  Terry's in full motion.  Dave is sleek and slender, shades
on, playing a cool Fender Mustang or Explorer or something.  With a
beret.  (Maybe it's not Dave at all!)

But check out what's in front of Dave Gregory on the stage.

	-- John

I wonder if it's French.


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