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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 11, Number 68

                Saturday, 10 December 2005


                 Where Did Where Did Go?
        well, I guess you're having a killer time?
                   Re: Ordinary People
    The Compact XTC/Where Did the Ordinary People Go?
                  Re: No Jesus, No Peace
                 re: Thanks For Christmas
            Paul's top raves for frilly faves
     Michael's Picks of 2005 - for what it's worth...
   Re: Michael's Picks of 2005 - for what it's worth...
  Barry and Andy again / Other iTunes album of interest


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Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 07:18:53 +0000
From: "Darryl W. Bullock" <>
Subject: Where Did Where Did Go?
Message-ID: <>


The 'new' version of Where Did the Ordinary People Go is not available on
iTunes in the UK. There are 257 XTC tracks available here, but not that one.
However Breugel, one of the extra tracks from Andy's collaboration with
Harold Budd (previously on the limited vinyl version of Through The Hill and
a cover mounted freebie CD) is there.

Does anyone have any more details on this particular recording of WDTOPG?
Is Dave on there?

As I said - AAAARGH!

Darryl W. Bullock


Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 12:24:41 +0000
From: "dunks58" <>
Subject: well, I guess you're having a killer time?
Message-ID: <>

Hey Chalkerlings,

First a confession -- it's shameful I know, but you'd think, what with my
devotion to the Dukes and all, that I might have come across it earlier ..
maybe twenty or thirty YEARS earlier would have been nice ... Nevertheless,
these last few weeks I have finally discovered The Pretty Things' "S.F.
Sorrow" in all its remastered glory. Holy snapping arseholes, Batman, what a
stunning record. I was utterly blown away. All I can say is .. WOW! and hats
off to the Things and Norm "Hurricane" Smith. It is now my official greatest
psych record of all time. I thought "Music In A Dolls House" or "Mr Fantasy"
was about as close psych came to perfection. I was wrong.

Apart from that, and numerous other horrors to nasty to mention, I'm still
'ere and still rockin'.

To all and sundry -- beginning with our esteemed insomniac moderator -- a
very merry festive season and a happy, successful and safe New Year. Bless
you all, and may we all continue to be silly as long as possible.

My Top 5 CDs of 2005: (in no special order)

* Louis Jordan: "Jivin' With Jordan" (4CD boxed set)  You don't like Louis
Jordan? "Jack, you dead!". Every damn track is gold and worth it just for
"Stone Cold Dead In The Market". Classic, and as funny as a fit. This is
where it all began, baby.

* Various (Australian) Artists: "Spellbound Sea" (Rufus Records) I fully intend to be 'sent off' to the strains of
Bernie McGann playing Alastair Spence's "34 Degrees South". Sublime.

* Pretty Things: "S.F. Sorrow" (I know, I know ...)

* Beck: "Guero" (It's Beck, it's funky -- what the hell else do you want?)

* John Fahey: (I'm cheating) "Voice of the Turtle" *and* "The Return of The
Repressed". Man, if this guy had been any further ahead of his time, he'd
have been starring in "Dr Who". AMAZING.

My (6) Fave TV/movies this year:

* "The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou" -- odd, strange, yet strangely
compelling, AND hugely funny ... AND it has (*sigh*) Angelica ...

* "Napoleon Dynamite" -- I beg you, someone, anyone -- PLEASE send me a
"Pedro For President" T-shirt! Damn what a great movie.

* "Lost" -- OK it ain't quite "Twin Peaks", but it was pretty engaging ...
and at least there are no aliens (yet)

* "Scrubs" -- I have SUCH a bad boy-crush on the guy who plays Dr Cox ...
just cos he's SO goddam brilliant. What a fantastic comic actor that guy is.

* "Battlestar Galactica" -- talk about THE classic case of making a silk
purse out of a sow's ear.
And how about the legs on that Cylon chick???!! Woweeee!

.... what??? Come on, she's just a robot!

* The NEW "Dr Who" -- looking forward to the new guy, but man, what a great
job Chris Eccleston did. Funny, racy, pacy and very smart. Hats off to ya,
Russell T. Davies. A great rebirth for an old classic.

In the meantime ....

Merry thing and happy new thing



Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 10:59:40 -0800 (PST)
From: Benjamin Lukoff <>
Subject: Re: Ordinary People
Message-ID: <>

> I logged to the the iTunes Music Store (US) today looking for the new
> download-only Belle & Sebastian album.
> Greeting me at the top of the mainpage was a picture of Andy & Colin
> along side the magic words "Exclusive Track"
> I clicked the link and found "Where Did The Ordinary People Go?" The
> track is credited to Andy Partridge & XTC, but Colin is singing it.
> Upon first listen, it's a great tune.

This does sound great. When does it date from? Those strings sound awfully

Now, call me a luddite, but as great as this is, I'd love to purchase it
on a physical disc (perhaps direct from Idea, signed by Andy and Colin)?
Think it and the two new XTC tracks will ever see the physical light of


Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 15:03:27 -0800 (PST)
From: Steve <>
Subject: The Compact XTC/Where Did the Ordinary People Go?
Message-ID: <>

Thank you all (including Mr. Relph) for posting the new track "Where
Did the Ordinary People Go?" info so quickly. I went to itunes and also
saw "Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down." Difficult to resist not purchasing
that at iTunes as well.  By now most of you might already know there is
a new singles compilation CD "The Compact XTC" which is where "Wait
Till Your Boat Goes Down" is actually being released from. It comes
complete with compacted muse cover art. I vow to buy the entire CD too.

The following is from chalkhills about "Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down":

Andy : "I wrote this sat up in bed about 3 o'clock one morning. All the
hairs on the back of my neck stood on end with excitement, I honestly
(naively) thought it would get to No. 1 in the charts. It didn't, in
fact nobody bought it, but it's still my favourite XTC track, and my
hairs are still known to dance about a bit if ever I hear it nowadays."

Andy: "A great melody, but in hindsight something in the rhythm came
out sluggishly; it's a bit turgid."

Thank you again,
Another Steve


Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005 06:13:22 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Re: No Jesus, No Peace
Message-ID: <a06110402bfbdc49f9042@[]>

At 10:00 PM -0500 12/5/05, Amy Chalkhills wrote:
>XTC fan since '82, longtime Chalkhills reader, not so frequent poster...
>I listened to "Thanks for Christmas" today, and the question came to mind:
>Just who or what is being thanked? It's been noted several times on
>Chalkhills that Andy is an atheist. Or am I listening too literally and
>missing the joke?

It sounds to these ears like an atheist writing a Xmas song at
gunpoint, trying write a Xmas song without reference to any God of
any sort. On that level he succeeds, but without God or Jesus Christ
or any other deity, there's nobody to thank, is there? In comparison
to his other work, it's one of the strangest songs in his catalogue,
and more perplexing in its way than "Dear God." If you don't think of
what he's not saying, though, it's pleasant enough and goes down easy
with all the Xmas bell sounds and such.

Chris Coolidge
President, Vermont Spiritualist Association


Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005 08:19:23 -0800 (PST)
From: Pastor Tim <>
Subject: re: Thanks For Christmas
Message-ID: <>

So last night I was walking around Home Depot (a gigantic hardware
store here in the states) looking for furnace filters when I suddenly
found myself singing along to... WHAT'S THAT?!  XTC IS PLAYING OVER THE
HOME DEPOT'S PA?!?!  Man, I might even become a 'better consumer' if I
could hear tunes like that in the store.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for furnace filters and I'd also like to put in
a request for XTC's 'War Dance'..."  [chuckle...]

+ Pastor Tim

"Men have gargoyles round their hearts..."
                              -- Church of Women


Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2005 14:07:36 +0000 (GMT)
From: Paul Culnane <>
Subject: Paul's top raves for frilly faves
Message-ID: <>

Top Faves 2005 (in no particular order, except maybe # 1)

1. "(Come On Feel The) Illinois(e)" - Sufjan Stevens

Unsurpassed as album of the year, by miles.  Someone said it was
"try-too-hard", the song titles pretentious, and even proceeded to
ridicule the guy's given name (why?  It's a funky name I reckon,
apparently pronounced "Soof-yan").  Perhaps this person failed to be
moved by key tracks "Chicago" and the chilling "John Wayne Gacy Jr"
(when he goes "oooh my go-o-o-d", I do the same about the way he
sings that line - shiver up the spine time); and the overwhelming
dexterity of the playing and those celestial melodies.  Well, I
continue to be moved.  This one has been permanently lodged into its
very own dedicated CD deck in my house, ever since I took the

2. "Jollity" - Pugwash

Deceptive album title, because while this is a collection of
superbly crafted and magnificently recorded "power-pop" melodies,
there seems to be a darker and more bittersweet undercurrent in
chief Pug, Thomas Walsh's intent.  Maybe that's why this one
consistently pressed all my buttons.  Bonus: a co-write with Andy
Partridge, and a string quartet scored by Dave Gregory and recorded
in the famous Abbey Road Studio 2.  And for those of you who may
have been wondering who the support musicians are on the new 2005
XTC tracks, well, it's really not my place to say-

3. "Hark!" - The Shadow Kabinet

See # 2, insofar as here is another consummate pop practitioner with
a distinct dash of psychedelia.  Lovin' those mellotrons.  Think
Syd-Barrett mayhem crossed with the more accessible aspects of Robyn
Hitchcock, with a cheeky nod to The Monkees for good measure.  Chief
Kabinet Minister Steve Somerset, while having delivered a delightful
LP of his own making, was also responsible for the "Wish List"
charity CD that many of us enjoyed this year.

4. "Out-Of-State-Plates" - Fountains Of Wayne

A 2-CD compendium gathering all of their b-sides plus some rarites,
demos and live performances.  Every bit as wonderful as their
regular releases.  Witty, perky, and with just enough grit to
un-nail yer feet from the floor and set them a-tappin'.  Anyone
who's bathed in the fountain will know exactly what I mean.  Two
Christmas songs included, just like the Three Wise Men.  I mean,
"he's jolly and hairy, and so very merry, ain't he cute, the man in
the santa suit", or a priceless title like "I want an alien for
Christmas".  And the band's cover of ELO's "Can't Get It Out Of My
Head" has to be heard to be believed.

5. "Aerial" - Kate Bush

Another double-disc set.  Some people expressed disappointment with
this, after the 12-year hiatus.  I can understand that.  It's
certainly not the Kate of yore.  But here she has delivered a
beguiling set of songs to do with (I think?) things like motherhood,
maturity, growing old gracefully, and some pretty erotic asides to
boot.  All couched in lanquid, loping, textured grooves that may
take a while to infiltrate the brain.  But when they eventually do,
you may just end up quoting one of la Bush's earliest songs and
declare: "WOW!"

There were so many of these newer bands, like Killers, Franz, Kaiser
Chiefs et al, and I struggled to tell them apart, even though each
had a gem or two (at least) to offer.  The new Coldplay was fine, I
really enjoyed the second Gorillaz album, and have developed an
abiding desire to have my way with Alison Goldfrapp.

Listening a LOT to "Kaviar" by the late Kevin Gilbert.  It's so
heavy, and at the same time, darkly funny (thanks TB).  This music
makes me sway to & fro while I chuckle. . "the
ghetto of beautiful things", indeed.  Check it out and turn it up
loud.  "I just wanna play catch with my Dad", makes me cry and
laugh, all at the same time.  And the guitars crunch, isn't that
what you want?

Disappointments?  Well, I make it a rule to not dis the bad stuff.
After all, one person's poison may be another's nectar, and look,
most times you can change the channel or simply turn it off, or
indeed leave the room like you might if someone drops a particularly
strong fart.  Few things are more boring or irritating as when
someone whinges all the time about something as pantheonic and
edifying as music.

However, three honourable mentions for extra goodness and
nutritional fibre:

1. "Awake Is The New Sleep" - Ben Lee Cheeky upstart prodigy with
clever songs recorded unapologetically in glorious lo-fi.  2
[self-titled] - Wolfmother This young Aussie trio seems to have
absorbed all the good bits from traditional seventies "prog" and
parlayed it into an entirely fresh new (and wild) approach to suit
the tie-dyed kids of the new millenium.  2. "Chaos And Creation In
The Backyard" - Paul McCartney Say say say no more, except that
it is utterly FAB.

Three fantastic titles that brought out the latent 70s rock-pig in
me, and they're all double sets, loaded with extras:
1. "Family Jewels" - AC/DC
2. "Daddy Who?" (the complete) - Daddy Cool
3. "Born To Boogie" - Marc Bolan & T.Rex

And finally I'll leave you with a set of lyrics from Kevin ( 'scuse
me for my feeble transcription, it's not yet on the website, so I
gotta work it out myself, but it's so heartbreaking anyway).  Is it
about Sheryl Crow????


[opening word: slurred]  Valentine you've really set me up this time
As soon you've filled my heart up with a girl that's on the climb
And I am just a ladder up to where she wants to be
For I did not stand a chance
'Cos love is not the question here
It's the fortune that I bring
She needs the best of everything
Oh, I do not stand a chance
For should she save the common man
And she could have a king
She needs the best of everything
Oh, she needs the best of everything
The best of everything

[something obscure but sounding good phonetically],  take back my desire
'Cos I don't have enough of what all that this requires
Way down deep inside my heart
I still feel she's the one
Oh, I do not stand a chance
She's singularly unimpressed
And words of love I sing
She needs the best of everything

Oh, I do not stand a chance
I only thought I was helping her
Now I'm dangling from her string
She needs the best of everything
The best of everything
And tell her one thing
Something she ain't never gonna find
That's a man who would love her
As much as I - as much as I-
Oh, I do not stand a chance
'Cos love is not the question here
It's the fortune that I bring
She needs the best of everything
Oh, I do not stand a chance
Why should she settle for a common man?
And she could have a king
'Cos she needs the best of everything


Deck the halls and watch yer balls



Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005 10:39:39 +1000
From: "Michael" <>
Subject: Michael's Picks of 2005 - for what it's worth...
Message-ID: <000001c5fd22$3536daf0$0300000a@CourtAndDyl>

1.	Band discovery of the year "CKY". Album - An Answer Can Be
Found. Check out the movie "Jackass" for samples of their work.

2.	Discovered artist of the year "Xavier Rudd"!!! * * * * * rating
for the recently released "Food In The Belly". You have to give this guy
a listen!!!!! Has also released "Solace"

3.	Aha Shake Heartbreak - Kings Of Leon. I just love the rough
sound of the music and the emotive coarse vocals.

4.	(a.) Back Home - Eric Clapton (has Double Fantasy homeliness
about it) + (b.) Chaos & Creation In The Backyard - Paul McCartney (has
some dark songs which is not the norm from Paul but sounds great).

5.	Firin In Fouta - Baaba Maal - I have a passion for West Coast
African music - see

6.	Ali Farka Toure - Red And Green (see above)

All we are saying, is give peace a chance.



Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005 04:14:19 +0000 (GMT)
From: Paul Culnane <>
Subject: Re: Michael's Picks of 2005 - for what it's worth...
Message-ID: <>

Yes Michael, Buck, Roy and other groovy things

Thanxtc for that.  Why don't you come forth more and show what a
fabulous person you've proven to be?  Welcome!!!!  I think I'll
investigate your music far more.

Good choices Mikey-babe

John L (God rest his soul) turned to Paul McC (I take it as read)
and said: "It's only me"...

"Say the word: LOVE" - from Rubber Soul (what a funky little
overlooked ditty)

Paul McHeart-throb


Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005 07:32:34 -0500
From: "J. D. Mack" <>
Subject: Barry and Andy again / Other iTunes album of interest
Message-ID: <>

Check out this December 10 newsblurb at

"Am doing a birra playing with that Andy Partridge bloke again next week.
The idea is - ahem - free form improvisation. Recorded As It Happens. Don't
look like that - it might be good. Martyn Barker is drumming. The project
is of the order of mating a horse, a badger, and a lizard so, you know,
monstrous births may result. Still, in the phrase of the Great Vonnegut,
they may be Hopeful Monsters."

Also, with all this talk of XTC on iTunes, it may interest some to know
that the Shriekback album Cormorant (the one with Andy on guitar) is
available on iTunes as well.  Here in America, at least, Cormorant is a
relatively expensive import, so I for one an glad to be able to download it
for $9.99.

J. D.


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