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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 11, Number 57

                Wednesday, 19 October 2005


                    Re: Gentle advice
                Re: Historical perspective
                       English Tea
                 Re: Voice o' Experience
           Haiku for Danny Phipps (in 3 parts)
                       RE: Demands
              The Meeting Place - more raves
              Because he CAN, that's why...
                     XTC Lyrics Test


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O, ladybird / I have heard you have to run to tend your children.


Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 23:01:25 -0700
From: David van Wert <>
Subject: Re: Gentle advice
Message-ID: <>

> don device expostulated, while threatening to lick any man in the
> house:
>> NEW XTC PLEASE!!! I felt sorry for thelwilst they were on strike, but
>> upon, being struck I'm forced to look at how solid an seemingly
>> impervious tos everal mailings and moves are my VIRGIN issue XTC CDs,
>> LPs and 45s...
> I've generally found that, temptation and impulse to the contrary,
> it's
> best to avoid posting pugnacious opinions on the Internet while
> falling-down, weeping drunk.
> Harrison "voice of experience" Sherwood

Yes, listen to Harrison-- he is wise beyond his beers.
I've recently fitting my own computer with a breathalyzer (from
Apple, the iBeenDrinking attaches to the top of your monitor) which
disables submit buttons and all outgoing e-mail for sober review.
It's saved me loads of cash in 1:30 am Amazon/Ebay purchases and
loads of face in 1:30 am comments to my ex-wife's blog.
Listen to Harrison.

Yer Pal,
"Time and grilled cheese wait for no man." --Sovrana Sostrata


Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 12:24:32 +0100
From: Mark Fisher <>
Subject: Re: Historical perspective
Message-ID: <>

On 16/10/05 6:16 am, "Chalkhills" <> wrote:

> As for not being able to talk about guns in this digest, again you
> fail to see the true issue. The Administrator decided to put an end to
> the Melt the Guns thread as in his opinion it had gotten out of hand
> and needed to be reined in.

Interesting how much Gray seems to know about me on the basis of three short
sentences. I happen to be a Beatles fan, but the Beatles thread on
Chalkhills got out of hand years ago and it's never been reined in.



Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 05:10:11 -0700 (PDT)
From: Michael Versaci <>
Subject: English Tea
Message-ID: <>


"English Tea" reminds me of Andy reminding me of Paul.

The new McCartney record might not make Beethoven roll over, but it is
an excellent collection of songs from a man who has been more-or-less
underachieving for about 35 years.  The songs are in the style of "The
Beatles" (white album) and have some staying power.  If you already
like Paul but are leery from having been burned before by hype
followed by disappointment, and you aren't expecting "Maybe I'm
Amazed" or "Live and Let Die," you probably will be quite happy with
"Chaos and Creation in the Backyard."

I saw him in September and for an irrelevant has-been, he rocked the
house down much to the delight of this irrelevant never-was.  His
voice was strong.  The band rocked hard and sang tight  vocal
harmonies that were faithful to the original versions.  The song
choice was both tasteful and ecletic, ("I'll Get You, "Let Me Roll
It," "For No One,") and devoid of some of his more embarrassing
moments, ("Let 'em In," "Magneto and Titanium Man.")   Indeed, I would
go as far to say that it was one of the best concerts I'd ever seen,
and I've seen many.



Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 13:04:16 +0200
From: "don device" <>
Subject: Re: Voice o' Experience
Message-ID: <000901c5d241$59e27e10$a43e4251@computer>

Dear Harrison "Voice o' Experience" Sherwood,

Point taken? Nonetheless ('NONtheless'?) one must also avoid blind,
incoherent rage with simple, run o' the mill blind drunkeness! ;-p

Best to you all,

don "voice of QWERY on AZERTY" device


Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 11:21:46 EDT
Subject: Haiku for Danny Phipps (in 3 parts)
Message-ID: <>

!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!
!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!
!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!

!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!
X - T - C!!!! --O-- Ecstasy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!

!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!
!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!
!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!


Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 12:16:14 +0200 (CEST)
From: N TURNER <>
Subject: RE: Demands
Message-ID: <20633128.1129544174581.JavaMail.www@wwinf3101>

Hello Chalkhill types. I just been catching up on reading some recent
postings. What is wrong with people? all this demand, demand, demand
for a new album. It's getting worrying that some of you are sounding
like petulant brats. Do you want XTC to become Clapton, Rolling Stones
et al? churning out the same old dirge everytime they slip from the
limelight? I'm sure that Andy and Colin will put out an album of songs
they feel happy with when the time is right for them. In the meantime
just chill out my friends and enjoy whats already out there. I would
rather have one brilliant album of class songs rather than year on
year, CD after Cd of second rate nonsense. Apple Venus box set is not
compulsary to buy, it's there to add to your collection if your a
serious fan. It doesn't pretend to be anything else as far as I can
see. So, after me everybody take a deep breath, smell the flowers,
exhale and relax. See, all better.

Nigel (no plans at the moment)


Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 16:22:44 +0200
Subject: The Meeting Place - more raves
Message-ID: <>

Hi people of the collines de craie,

I, too, had the real pleasure of attending The Meeting Place in Swindon, and
as Kate (#55) and Tim (#56) have already observed, it was fan-f-ing-tastic.
There were a great many more "Forum" people there than 'Hillers, but I did
have the opportunity to meet quite a few faces whose Forum names I
recognized, as well as the above-mentioned Chalkies.

Although I may be repeating some of what Kate and Tim said, a couple of
things cannot be stressed enough:

The organization was fantastic, the venues appropriate (especially "The
Furnace" on Saturday night), the comraderie excellent, and there was never
that sort of "Trekkie convention" feeling I was a wee bit apprehensive of
finding there.  Instead it was a lot of people who just love the band and
enjoy (finally!) being somewhere where they aren't alone with their
adoration.  People, by the way, from England, Wales, USA, Sweden, Australia,
Germany, France, Austria, Japan, Italy, and elsewhere -- truly a meeting
place for fans.

The concerts were excellent.  Unfortunately, due to car rental/hiring
problems I missed most of Martin Newell's, but I was there early enough to
catch the Fuzzy Warblers and I must say, what a pleasure.  I didn't know
what to expect, but it was definitely fun, and good.  This was their first
gig and there were moments when that was evident, BUT - once they got
grooving, they were excellent!  The standout songs in their set for me were
"I Defy You Gravity" of their Warbles numbers (of which they did quite a
few), and "Ladybird", a song by that other group they were covering,
whatever their name is again.  The band members also thoroughly enjoyed
their set and vowed (at least in private conversations with me at breakfast
or in the old town) to continue to refine their act and to return!

How to top it all?  One word: X-sTatiC.  This was a gig not to be missed,
and was my actual reason for attending, since I had heard such praise of
their work here on the 'Hills.  It was not exaggerated praise, let me tell
you!!  The group was/were

  a) fantastic musicians,
  b) versatile (guitarist and bassist switching instruments as needed,
     guitarist taking over the drums on "This World Over" for the usual
     drummer's moment in the vocalist's spotlight),
  c) well-practiced and very well-versed in the XTC catalog,
  d) absolutely, positively, electrifyingly spot-on for almost all of their
     3+ hour set, and
  e) playing their final gig.

Or so they said.  The reason their guitarist gave me: When you've set your
sites on being an XTC cover band, come to Swindon and played for 200+ fans
in the Furnace, where else can you go from there?  One thought, which I know
the band is/are discussing: back to Swindon in 2007.  The idea for '07 seems
to be a "plethora of XTC bands;" the organizers already tried to contact one
American XTC cover band to attend this year's event (you know who you are
and you did not reply!), and they intend to communicate with bands in
California and Texas (at least) in attempt to convince them to come over in
2007.  *Now that would be a great event!*

Anyway, this gig was originally rumored to have been planned as a double
set, first electric and then acoustic.  X-sTatiC had performed 61 XTC tunes
prior to the night, and I know they did several new ones (for them) on the
evening.  Unfortunately, since there was a curfew of sorts, they never got
to the acoustic part, but that did not hurt the evening at all.  While they
played at least one song from every album, they specialized in the first 5
(plus 3-D) and they were simply stunning.  The Furnace is excellent for a
concert like this; it was packed (I would guess 200 or more people), the
sound was fantastic, and the place just rocked!  What an experience, to hear
the music being played live.  If you shunned traveling the long distance to
this event, believe me: You really missed something great!

One Forum member, Michelle, wrote down their entire track list (and the
Warblers', too, I believe), so I hope I can make contact with her to get the
details.  If I do, I'll post them here.

Carol Moulding and son Lee were present on both nights, with Lee (as Tim
mentioned) taking over the drums beautifully for 3 cuts late in the set,
including the most-played song of the weekend, "Nigel".  Lots of mingling
going on, and Carol seems to really enjoy seeing this kind of thing.  Colin
dropped them off a little up the road, as I heard later, apparently a little
afraid of what might await him at the Furnace.  He needn't have been, but
perhaps he was also worried about a "Trekkie convention" atmosphere?  I
think it was unfortunate, as he (and Andy and/or Dave) would have received a
warm welcome and it might have meant more to them -- and of course to their
fans -- than they would have expected.

And speaking of relations present on the evening, I spent an hour or so
after the concert speaking to Dave Chambers (of "Terry's brother" fame),
quite a fun discussion with quite a nice guy, who is a very admiring brother
(and uncle) to boot!  At the Sunday event, I spoke with XTC's sound man for
quite a long time who brought tapes with him of XTC practicing for albums
and even playing songs like "Blitzkrieg Bop"!  (He also brought his gold
record of "Drums and Wires".)

By the way, at the Saturday daytime event at The Spot, the Quiz mentioned by
Tim was followed by rare video material of TV broadcast coverage of XTC.
Some incredible, rare stuff, *including* the entire BBC concert "around" the
Barry Andrews-era "Watchtower" that was recently touted in #53 (they did
lots of songs that evening, not just "Watchtower"!), another entire TV
concert performance, lip-synching to "Sgt. Rock", and weirdest of all, the
moment at which XTC was a "household name band": the entire cast of a
children's show (can't remember the name, help me someone), dressed in
medieval or renaissance style, concocting a reason to sing a bang-on version
of "Making Plans for Nigel", complete with all the bits you love to sing
along with!  Excellent!

A splendid time was had by all, and, if the organizers plan something
similarly attractive, I will definitely try to be there when The Meeting
Place reconvenes in 2007!

Au revoir!

- Jeff


Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 13:01:29 -0700
From: "Pastula Aaron" <>
Subject: Because he CAN, that's why...
Message-ID: <BAY109-F24E8EDC78D079E13EE1072A27E0@phx.gbl>

>why the hell
>doesn't andy (especially) stop concentrating so damned much on
>rehashing stuff that's at least 6 years old, but go ahead instead
>and put out an album's worth of new material?

The short answer?  Because many of us wanted him to.

I'm as eager as the next guy for a new XTC album, but remember that Andy's
reasons for putting out the Fuzzy Warbles series were largely about wanting
to "beat the bootleggers" at their own game.  Obviously, there was a market
for the unreleased stuff, and Andy figured that if fans were willing to pay
good money for old, nth generation demos, that he might as well properly
package and profit from them himself, as well he should.  Now that he's
taking the time and effort to, in true Partridge style, do it correctly,
uncompromisingly, and up to the standards with which we mark the rest of the
XTC catalogue (namely, Andy's standards), I find it ironic that many people
are fed up with the series.  Again, this coming from someone who admits that
maybe 6 discs of Warbles would have been sufficient, and who really wants an
album of new material.  But these are Andy's choices, not mine.

And maybe Andy really isn't interested in a new XTC album right now; or, at
least, not interested in releasing a new album simply for the sake of
releasing a new album.  Now that he and Colin are on their own (and a little
older, let's not forget), I suspect it's a lot more work to find a studio,
producer, etc. without the usual big label resources at your back.  Couple
that with, I'm guessing, less-than-earth-shattering total sales from AV 1&2
and a popular music environment that isn't exactly the most welcoming of
true talent, and maybe Andy and Colin figure they're better off at this
point working on side projects and the like.  Making an album is a
tremendous effort -- maybe the reward doesn't seem worth it?

Or, maybe they're stockpiling new tunes for the triple-sided "History of the
Middle Ages" masterpiece.  We can dream.



Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 00:08:05 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jason Pytka <>
Subject: XTC Lyrics Test
Message-ID: <>

I posted this over on the official site forum.  For
the benefit of any Chalkers who might be interested
and don't read the articles over there, here you go:

Hello all.  I've written an XTC lyrics test.  It's on
a web site called  It's a site
that allows people to create their own matching system
for finding a significant other as well as to create
and take quizzes about a myriad of subjects.  Alas,
while a fun site, this isn't intended to be spam for
them, so I'll move on....  I think it's a pretty
challenging test that addresses all eras of XTC, but I
wouldn't mind some additional opinions.  Besides, I
suspect more people here than on OK Cupid will
actually be interested in taking the quiz.  If you're
interested, you can link directly to it at

Yes, it is an ugly-long link, but I'm not paying
anything for the hosting, so I'm OK with that.  I hope
a few of you can swing by.  Feel free to contact me
with any comments.



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