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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 11, Number 55

                 Saturday, 8 October 2005


                       Future dogs
                meeting place thank you's
                  Apple Box extra tracks
                       Fifth Cullum
                   el caballo Uffington
                      The Apple Box
Bobbing for Apples, for want of a bob, the horse... oh, sod it...


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Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2005 10:42:29 +0100
From: Mark Fisher <>
Subject: Future dogs
Message-ID: <>

In his review of Franz Ferdinand's new album in The Guardian
(,,1580837,00.html), Alexis
Petridis says that Andy Partridge describes the new wave of new wave
imitators as "Future Dogs Die in Kaiser Ferdinand's Hot Hot Car Party".

It's a classic Partridge gag, but does anyone know when he said it?


Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 17:48:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kathleen Davis <>
Subject: meeting place thank you's
Message-ID: <>

Hi, revellers! This is Kate, fulfilling her promise to be a more
active member of the Forum AND Chalkhills in the future. I just got
back in Los Angeles a few hours ago...

I had such a fantastic time meeting all of you (well, those of you I
mustered up the courage to talk to), bidding on things, and dancing my
head off to XTC songs Saturday night (THANK YOU, BOYS!).

The show Saturday really was the highlight of the trip for me...Thank
you guys so much for playing so many of my favorites and for doing
Mayor of Simpleton in the end! True bliss. I almost passed out from
too much dancing during Scissor Man and Beatown. THANK YOU.

Thank you to the Amazingly Organized Organising Committee---you guys
were so helpful and efficient which made the whole weekend a
stress-free blast. Special thanks to Youie for all his help and OOTM
for her extra special kindness...and to all of you for being so
delightful and genuine and welcoming to me and my friends.

Dan, next show? LA???

FYI: The Big Express is a truly beautiful album--give it another
shot. So many amazing and under-appreciated songs...I don't love every
song on it, mind you, but some of my all-time favorite XTC songs are
on here. And though I am normally one of impeccable taste, I find My
Weapon positively delightful and fun...uh-oh...I think I opened up a
whole new can of....human beans?

-Kate (the Baltimore One currently living in L.A.)


Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 20:33:49 -0600
From: "Lee Shedden, B&G" <>
Subject: Apple Box extra tracks
Message-ID: <>

 >Now this new box set.  What's goin' aahn???  The two "new" tracks will
only be available if you buy the box.  You get a PIN to download these
new things.  Fuck, what's that?  Why couldn't they put the new songs
onto a simple CD EP for all to enjoy?  >

Well, nowhere do they say that the tracks are only going to be
available ONLY to people who buy the Apple Box; just that they'll be
given for free to those who do. I bet (though this hasn't been made
clear by the folks at idearecords dot co) that they'll be made
available for download for 99 pee just like all the Warbles tracks are.

That said, it would be nice to have a high-quality physical version
(mp3s are ok for me, but those with supercalifragilistic stereos don't
tend to be keen on 'em) with some packaging, but if that artifact were
ONLY available with the Apple Box I'd cry foul - smacks of Springsteen.

staggerlee from the Forum - long-time lurker, first-time poster


Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 08:46:39 +0100
From: Adrian Ransome <>
Subject: Fifth Cullum
Message-ID: <>

"Del" wrote:

>Also I would assume that Andy Partridge
>must have thought Cullum had at least some
>musical talent to agree to work with him in the
>first place!

Which is why Andy was, at one point, writing with Liz Atomic Kitten, no



Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2005 07:47:42 -0500 (CDT)
From: <>
Subject: el caballo Uffington
Message-ID: <>

On September 27, dunks58 writes:
> Back to things Chalkular: having recently discovered the incredible
> Google Earth program led me to wonder -- can you see the Uffington
> Horse with this thing? I looked tonight and couldn't find it -- what
> are the coordinates? Is it in fact visible with this thing -- I
> noticed that quite a lot of that area of England doesn't appear to
> have been scanned in any great detail (or am I missing something?).

I haven't found the original but there is a larger replica in Mexico
that can be seen in high resolution using google earth at

Info on the replica is here...


Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 13:47:55 -0400
From: John Relph <>
Subject: The Apple Box
Message-ID: <>


In case you do not receive the mailings from,
here's the gist of the latest such mailing:

    Idea is proud to announce the release of the much awaited Apple Box
    on 31st October 2005.

    Available to pre-order NOW.

    The Apple Venus albums were originally intended as a double album,
    but much to Andy and Colins frustrations were released as separate
    albums. Here, they are united as originally intended, with the
    bonus of their respective demo albums in a 4CD set.

    The box is stunningly simple, pure white, matt laminated with a
    peacock feather varnished on the box lid. A white matt slipcase
    completes the look.  Inside, each CD is packaged in its own
    cardboard wallet with new artwork and a 64 page book contains the
    lyrics to all the songs for the very first time with new liner
    notes by Andy and Colin.

    Autographed copies will be available only from this site.

    A real treat for all XTC fans is the inclusion of a special
    content card.  Each card contains a unique PIN number which will
    enable the user to log on to the XTC web site and with the PIN,
    download for FREE, 2 brand new XTC tracks, 'Spiral' and 'Say It'.
    Also on their mobile phone, with the same PIN you will be able to
    access, via an SMS text, a FREE XTC 'Stupidly Happy' ringtone.

    Also available are a limited edition set of 2 heavyweight gildan
    ultra T shirts, one black and one white, each printed with the
    Apple Box logo in expanding ink to create the subtle effect of the
    box artwork.

    The special Apple Set, includes everything in the Apple Box plus a
    set of the 2 T-shirts and the badge, plus a very special EXTRA
    ITEM.  Send the postcard in the pack back to us and we will send
    you FREE, your extra item.

    Buy now at:

Oy, a very special EXTRA ITEM.  Someone please tell me what it is.
I'm not buying the shirts.  I've got too many T-shirts already.

	-- John


Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2005 12:19:02 +0200
From: "don device" <>
Subject: Bobbing for Apples, for want of a bob, the horse... oh, sod it...
Message-ID: <003a01c5ca5f$5fc6dfe0$a43e4251@computer>


Listen out there all you flamers who so brutaly took me to task for daring
to object to the fact that the only records that I've ever ordered by
Internet, (despite the super-power-twin-ring powers of Colin and Andy) to
arrive broken, not once, but consistently, were my ('pay the extra-quid we
fought in the new-wave-wars for you brother, here's our bloody John Hancocks
to prove it!') 'Fuzzy Warbles' (You'll forgive me for forgetting which, but
you can always consult the archives).  Around 60 percent of APE/etc...'s
merchandise has arrived chez moi in a less-than intact state, as opposed to
say about ZERO percent from, or even about 5 percent from ebay
(USED) for chrissakes...

So prepare your flamethrowers, you mental dead-enders, because, as per
custom, I'm gonna poney up the (doubtless more expensive) dough (but more of
it goes to our piggies, er, idols, nay irreprochable gods!) for the new
Apple Box Set... Already have in fact, sucker that I am. How many of you who
spanked me virtualy for daring to quesdtion the business practices of our
boys are doing the same? Precious few, I'll wager, though you'd never dare
breathe a word of criticism their way... Fault of your budget, whatnot, eh?

No one's forcing me to buy them, god knows. I just can't stand the image of
Andy breaking open his piggy babk to buy a little lead soldier.

That said, this solder soldier can only be lead (heh-heh) so far. I hereby
swear on my collection of nearly all-original release XTC discs that if this
'BOX' arrives broken due to excessive greed by whomever, from Andy on down
to the lowly packager-wrapper (who does a much better job (for the same
crappy pay, I imagine) ,elsewhere, I will consider my Contract of Quality
with XTC, my longtime idols and faves, null and void.

I will thenceforth gladly burn a disc with the two 'NEW' XTC tracks for
anyone who wishes to avoid being had.

As for myself, I've already sold my soul, deja sailed 'round on e-bay, just
a few scratches to Mr A Partridge of Swindon (methinks Colin's none- too-
comfortable with this pilaging, but what do I know?) for a tremendous body
of work done for the most part over a decade ago.

Anyone else find it strange that XTC have released more music (time-wise,
number of discs-wise) since the strike than in their entire career up till
now? I'm now buying the same music, albeit in varying forms, for the sixth
time. How dare I ask what'sz wrong with them? What's wrong with me? Or those
few among you who find me apostate in my mere questioning of plastic quality
and whether they could pick it up a notch. Any of us who've releases
independant discs know that you can save a couple o' bob by buying fragile
jewel cases....

NEW XTC PLEASE!!! I felt sorry for thelwilst they were on strike, but upon,
being struck I'm forced to look at how solid an seemingly impervious tos
everal mailings and moves are my VIRGIN issue XTC CDs, LPs and 45s...

The rant is over, FLAME ON!

Love from the debtor's prison,

don device


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