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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 11, Number 25

                  Wednesday, 8 June 2005


             Well, We're Talkin' 'bout It...
               Re: Order of Their Hedgerows
            O/T: 'Office' reference in "Lost"


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If she held them would you trust her?


Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 10:30:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: Todd Bernhardt <>
Subject: Jollity
Message-ID: <>


When I first got this bit of news from the Pugwash Yahoo list, I thought
about posting it to Chalkhills, but figured, nah, someone was sure to beat
me to the punch. But then #11-24 comes out, and nary a word about this:

See that photo? See the three members of XTC (well, two members, and one
ex-member) all in the same smiling, let's-have-our-photo-taken group?

My hat is off to Mr. Thomas Walsh for achieving this feat. I, for one, am
looking forward to the new album! Jollity, indeed.


Life is short. Be swift to love! Make haste to be kind!
     Henri Frederic Amiel philosopher and writer (1821-1881)


Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 21:47:31 -0500
From: "eriC draveS" <>
Subject: Well, We're Talkin' 'bout It...
Message-ID: <001b01c56654$4284c290$f16a56d1@XLZOOM2>

Paul Culnane asked:
"Some of my north american friends have gone apeshit about Pseudo
 Echo's cover of "Funky Town".  How cool is that?"

eriC answered:
It's not very cool these days to be "into" 1980's music. Witness a car
commercial last year about a man going to his high school reunion, wearing
the same 1980's style clothes and dancing pathetically to the tune of "I
Ran" from A Flock of Seagulls coming out of his car stereo.

Naturally, however, whether or not it is "cool", I liked Pseudo Echo's cover
(and the remix on our local station WBBM-FM in Chicago, which was tremendous
(the remix, not the city, which has enough tremendence)). The song I can't
get out of my head right now, however, is "White Horse" by Laid Back, and
for some reason I associate the two songs.

Join us next week when we present "Songs to Reminisce About Songs With",
including "You're So Vain" and "Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song".



Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 11:02:54 -0600
From: t lewis <>
Subject: Re: Order of Their Hedgerows
Message-ID: <>

Imagine my bemusement when, while reading along last issue I tripped over a
reference to me(!) by the kind Steven Paul. To wit:

>I've been following the comic strip "Over the Hedge" ever since May and June
>2000 when creators Michael Fry and T. Lewis added references to "Black Sea"
>(5/10/00) and "Wasp Star" (6/10/00) to the strip.  Today,  the creators
>added a very slight XTC reference, which may have appeared in other stips
>which I didn't pick up on.  In a vista from the forest looking into the
>subburban landscape, the creators have included a billboard for "Antheap
>Realty - Crawling with value" [little hard to read].
>This link might get you there.  The date of today's strip is May 27.

I'm T Lewis, the artist on "Hedge" and, sure enough, I'm a forever XTC back to White Music right up through Fuzzy Warbles.  Mike Fry,
the writer, although a capital and downright visionary guy in every other
respect, is not a fan.

non-XTC Trivia: In the strip that Steven cites, I also put in a distant
billboard that reads "Shoes for Industry!"...That reference got a lot of
email (more than "Antheap", which even for XTC mavins is pretty Extra Smug Points for Steven). It's of course a Firesign
Theatre quote from (I think) "Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers"

For what it's worth, here's a more exact link to the strip

semi-XTC Trivia: "Over the Hedge" is in production at DreamWorks to be a
cgi flick in May, 2006. I have evangelized the studio folks about XTC. In
fact, one of the producers (another capital guy) bought Apple Venus, which
he really enjoyed although he choked a bit when his 10-year-old walked in
during the randy spelling bits in "Your Dictionary".

I pushed rather hard to get Yazbek on board the production, especially in
light of his Full Monty and DR Scoundrels work. I burned a cd with my fav
cuts from his first two albums (not a fan of Damascus) and the Broadway
stuff and sent it out to The Powers. Didn't click, however, with the
director (yet another capital guy, and a terrific musician). I felt a kind
of rueful vindication when Yazbek was signed to do the Broadway adaptation
of Shrek, another DreamWorks production. So near, and yet...

Meanwhile, as a consolation, it looks like Ben Folds will be working on the
film. And with William Shatner in the cast (as a ham actor possum), I'm
mentioning to whomever will listen a rematch from Shatner's "Has Been"
outing. Avril Lavigne is also doing voice-work (as Shatner's possum teenage
daughter) and I'm talking up getting her mixed in there, too. Not, by the
way, to imply that I have much power at all to really influence these matters.

Thanks, Steven for noticing. And thanks John R for this wonderful list (and
your Sugarplastic work, as well).


Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 01:00:24 +0000
From: "dunks58" <>
Subject: O/T: 'Office' reference in "Lost"
Message-ID: <>

Hi all!

Hope evryone's well and happy. Just thought I'd drop in a little o/t
observation whih we noticed while we were watching "Lost" last night and to
our amusement, the writer worked in a little gag about "The Office" into the
script. For "Lost" fans, this is in the episode in which Claire escapes from
the clutches of the evil Ethan.

During the epsiode, there are several flashbacks involving rock star Charlie
(Dominic Monaghan); in one, he recalls visiting the home of a rich
girlfriend, from whom he plans to steal something valuable to fund his
rampant smack habit. When he asks the girl where where her father is, she
says "Oh he's up north -- I think he's just bought a paper company in

Well it made me laugh anyway ...



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