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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 11, Number 23

                   Sunday, 22 May 2005


                  Re: XTC - Gaston Hall
         Andy Partridge on new Shriekback tracks
                  Africa Nearly Sampled?
             Are you waving or just drowning?
                        is it new?
        United States Of Erica Promo - It was me!
               Unite-y Snakes of La Wexler
          News on Dave Gregory or Guitargonauts?


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Me and the wind are celebrating your loss.


Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 06:40:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: pancho artecona <>
Subject: Re: XTC - Gaston Hall
Message-ID: <>

Hi there,

In case anyone is wondering what happened to, that wonderful ptp site for music and
video, they are now located at

That's where you can find  the torrent for XTC live at
Gaston Hall, Georgetown University, Washington DC
January 24, 1980 NTSC DVD as well as a bunch of other
great stuff (live Jellyfish, Beefheart, Costello, etc)

Ellaguru-thank you thank you thank you a boy
or a girl your frou frou makes me cuckoo.  Thanks for
all your effort, great performance.

Take care,



Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 10:05:20 +0100
From: "Darren A. Peace" <>
Subject: Andy Partridge on new Shriekback tracks
Message-ID: <!~!>

Just in case this hasn't already been picked up, I'm quoting from the
Malicious Damage label website (
<>  ) :

shriekback: the album is getting closer and sounding great - andy partridge
has played some extceptional guitar on it... it's got no title yet but we're
still aiming for release at the end of june and i can guarantee it's worth
the wait

There's a label sampler already available at , on which there's:

00:07 SHRIEKBACK the strongest wind that blows
barry andrews has spent the last eighteen months writing, programming and
perfecting the new shriekback album... as yet untitled it features martyn
barker and mark raudva plus guitar contributions from one of barry's former
band-mates, andy partridge of xtc, and is planned for release on Malicious
Damage in june

The sampler also includes:

00:12 SHADOW KABINET full moon song
"when greyness strikes run to the kabinet of dr. shadow... he'll put the
psychedelia back in your step!" - andy Partridge, xtc

Oo. I'm excited!


Guildford, UK


Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 07:28:30 -0400
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Africa Nearly Sampled?
Message-ID: <>

Friends of Calcium Carbonate:

A reader wrote in with this question:

  I was in Australia in June of 2000.  A couple of times I heard a song
  on the radio that was built around samples from "It's Nearly Africa".
  Do you know what the song might be?  I was directed to something in a
  record store, but when I listened to it back home I found I'd been
  lead astray.

I'm afraid it's got me stumped.  Can anybody out there answer this
question?  Because now that it's been asked I'd like to know the
answer, too!

	-- John


Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 17:56:32 -0700
From: "Wayne Klein" <>
Subject: Are you waving or just drowning?
Message-ID: <BAY4-F1363E39BE877F0CBF6E981F9090@phx.gbl>

>>from Kevin This is hard to tell, however,
because the same section, near boxed sets, also featured a copy of the
So, I'm doubly confused over another aspect of these reissues.  Has Rhino
Handmade decided to make their releases available to megastores?<<

That one I can answer. Rhino Handmade has indeed made their product
available in retail outlets.

Believe it or your message did clarify my question about the Kristry MacColl
CDs. Sounds like the expanded imports are currently the only ones out there!



Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 11:37:30 +0200 (CEST)
From: N TURNER <>
Subject: is it new?
Message-ID: <2440208.1116581850555.JavaMail.www@wwinf3003>

Hello people

I watched the debate unfolding about all the new bands that were xtc
influenced and decided to give it a go and listen. It all sounded
pretty exciting, however when i got my ears around DDIHC, Futureheads
et al, i was a wee bit disappointed. The sound is there but the
content aint. When i go back to xtc's first outing it still sounds
fresh and vibrant, it still gives me a buzz all these years on. The
new bands may get better but the initial impact is a bit of a damp
squib, sorry guys. We shouldn't be looking for another xtc, just enjoy
the original. Soundalikes are fun for a while but I want originality,
songs that knock my socks off and leave a mark on me. I went to see
some local bands recently (Sheffield, England) and had to listen to
anoth batch of Radiohead wanabees. Until a band called Milburn got
up. They are 4 lads from Sheffield age 17 who got everyones attention,
there is a buzz about them check em out, i think they have just got a
contract (

Bye for now

Nigel (no plans at the moment)


Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 13:47:21 +0100
From: stevesomerset <>
Subject: United States Of Erica Promo - It was me!
Message-ID: <>

Hi folks,
I was the man responsible for directing the video for the United States Of
Erica 'I'm So Sick of Models' track. It was a cheap,cheerful and very
colourful piece of pop art designed to be played on large video screens in
night clubs. It featured hundreds of still 35mm shots animated and
manipulated in a program called 'After Effects'

I think it ran in a couple of night clubs and got some tv showings in the
States on a channel that showed indie videos. Oh yes and it got shown at The
Highgate Film Festival here in London.

Steve Somerset


Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 17:14:15 EDT
Subject: Unite-y Snakes of La Wexler
Message-ID: <>

In a message dated 5/18/05 11:13:30 PM, relphmeister writes:

> I came across a reference to some "funky house" rekkids by The United
> States of Erica.  Apparently Erica is in fact Erica Wexler, she who is
> recently associated with our Mr Partridge.  It has been rumoured that
> these funky house records were possibly produced by Partridge.

Erica of The United States of Erica is in fact Erica Wexler. AP mentioned
this to me in our last chat. She also was involved in a project called
"Luna." I don't think Andy produced these, because (he told me) at the time
we spoke (February 1), Erica was off in New York working on another
recording project. I gathered that for the sake of their relationship they
keep their studio aspirations separate.

I can't find anything about her in any of the standard databases -- AMG,
UBL, MUZE, etc. Which might in itself be revealing.

> I have found references to a single for the song "I'm So Sick of
> Models!".  Remixes were done by the team of Dillon and Dickins.
> However, details are few and far between.  Oh, there's supposedly a
> promotional video as well.

Back in the early 2000's, when I was writing the COMC liner notes, Andy and
I discussed ways to publicize this using the Internet. (The Idea web site
was as yet only a gleam in Two Brown Girls' eye). This was a pet project of
Erica's as well.

Harrison "first, do no harm" Sherwood


Date: Sat, 21 May 2005 14:48:58 -0400
From: mjoann <>
Subject: News on Dave Gregory or Guitargonauts?
Message-ID: <>

Hello all,

I don't believe I've ever posted here, though I've lurked for about 5
years! So, here's my concern:
I've been a regular visitor to DG's web site for several years now. It
used to be updated pretty much every month, but hasn't changed in over a
year. I miss reading the pick of the month! Have he and/or the web
masters given up on it?
The last news I read on DG, he was working with Pugwash, but that was
about a year ago. I know there are some people on the list who are in
contact... is there any new news? I hope he is well. I have great
respect for his talents (and amazing music collection!)
Do we all need to chip in and buy him a new guitar so we can read a new
"pick of the month?" ;)
Any news would be appreciated.

Mjoann (reading from scenic, southern Ohio)


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