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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #11-22

         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 11, Number 22

                  Wednesday, 18 May 2005


                 Kirsty, Kirsty, Kirsty!!
             XTC nosh-up on National Network
                 I Think It's About Time!
                  United States of Erica


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Emptiness lies through the glass, I shield your eyes.


Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 14:01:21 -0400
Subject: Kirsty, Kirsty, Kirsty!!
Message-ID: <>


Wayne, you said:  "OK Kevin, I'm a bit confused about this. Are we talking
about the UK imports
and, if so, what's the difference between the reissued imports and expanded
imports? I love much of MacColl's stuff and have held onto all my original
US releases for years in hopes that they'd eventually be reissued."

Oops, and you're also confusing me, here.  All I can say is that I was
wandering with some friends, around the import section of the Virgin
Megastore located in Downtown Manhattan in the Village, and my friend
pointed out at least three expanded and reissued Kirsty MacColl
titles--KITES, ELECTRIC LANDLADY and a two-disk edition of TITANIC DAYS.
I'm psyched to get all of these and, since they were in the import section,
I assumed that they were indeed imports.  This is hard to tell, however,
because the same section, near boxed sets, also featured a copy of the
So, I'm doubly confused over another aspect of these reissues.  Has Rhino
Handmade decided to make their releases available to megastores?

Not being able to log onto websites and tool around properly, I can never
check out all these answers from Rhino Handmade.  I don't know what label
the Kirsty MacColl reissues fall under.  They should be amazing, and I
guess that, what is left over appears on the 3-CD set, FROM CROYDON TO
CUBA; THE ANTHOLOGY.  Oh, and I'm just assuming that the entire catalogue
might be reissued in these expanded editions, although I did not see any
more than those afore-mentioned four titles.  Enlighten me!



Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 08:42:20 +0200
From: giancarlo galli <>
Subject: XTC nosh-up on National Network
Message-ID: <>

Hi Chalkers,
on Italian radio RAI, 3 between 23,30 and 24, since monday there's a
wonderful program conducted by fellow chalkhiller Vittorio Albani.
Roughly translating it's title sounds like "Swindonian Tales: XTC and
sorroundings". You can have a look at the tracklist here
Interesting mix... isn't it?
It's refreshing to spend a few time listening to my speaking box singing
sweeties and honeys... wish this could last more. Unfortunately the last
broadcast will be on may 13th!
Ciao a tutti and let's hope for some new material by A&C


Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 17:36:47 +0100
From: stevesomerset <>
Subject: I Think It's About Time!
Message-ID: <>

Hi folks,

It's twenty years now since I started to work on the script for 25 o' Clock
The Movie. As some of you already know this process began when I was working
for Kevin Godley and Lol Creme back in the eighties. Since then the script
has gone through many changes and about two years ago there was some talk of
making it available in a book form. This never happened but now I think it's
time to let this baby out! So I am now making the script available. It will
be about sixty pages and will include some of the original story boards. So
now you can get those video cameras out and make this long-lost classic
yourselves! Each one will be signed by me and individually numbered.
E-mail me via for details of cost.



Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 10:14:05 -0400
From: John Relph <>
Subject: United States of Erica
Message-ID: <>


I came across a reference to some "funky house" rekkids by The United
States of Erica.  Apparently Erica is in fact Erica Wexler, she who is
recently associated with our Mr Partridge.  It has been rumoured that
these funky house records were possibly produced by Partridge.

I have found references to a single for the song "I'm So Sick of
Models!".  Remixes were done by the team of Dillon and Dickins.
However, details are few and far between.  Oh, there's supposedly a
promotional video as well.

Does anybody out there know anything about this?

	-- John


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