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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 11, Number 2

                 Friday, 14 January 2005


                     RE: Oh Happy Day
             Re: Top Ten of Twenty Ought Four
                     Mommyheads Mania


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It doesn't matter, now we're all dead.


Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 16:52:15 -0800 (PST)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: RE: Oh Happy Day
Message-ID: <>

I heard Thanks For Christmas several times in public
this holiday season. Usually in the grocery store, as
part of a set of mostly unlisteneble Xmas songs.
Hopefully, it won't get associated in people's minds
with bad pop Xmas songs.

The first time I set foot in Washington DC was in
January of either '97 ot '98 ( I can't remember
which). I had packed for winter, and arrived to find
it about 60F and rainy every day. I enjoyd the warmth,
but was very overdressed in turtlenecks and winter
It's only been the past couple of weeks that I've
needed my winter coat in Chicago. Global warming is

Your description of 'one of those nasty little malls
that are designed to make people excited when they
visit' reminds me of Arlington, VA. My partner's
sister lives a couple of blocks from Pentagon City,
and that whole area fits that description to a T.


John R. wrote...


Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 23:37:15 EST
Subject: Re: Top Ten of Twenty Ought Four
Message-ID: <>

In a message dated 1/6/05 4:37:20 PM, Craig writes:

> Time to submit my Top Ten of 2004.  I'll keep my list to music only,
> although there were plenty of good books, movies, current events, etc.
> this year.

Craig?? Are you a Chalkhillian in Sacto? I was at that Davies Hall show as
well and they was nary a dry eye among my three companions and I. Folks, if
you get the chance to see BW live, do it!

You may want to know that Todd Rundgren and Joe Jackson are playing in
Santa Rosa in May ... I'll be at that one for sure.

Warren in Sacramento


Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 14:09:10 -0500
Subject: Mommyheads Mania
Message-ID: <>

Frank McDonnell <> wrote:
>I will give a STRONG second to Michael Versaci's recommendation of the
>Mommyheads album, Bingham's Hole.  There are some fantastic grooves on
>this album, particularly the title track, Pig In a Blanket and Needmore,
>Pennsylvania.  It is their best work, but there are good things to be
>said for their Don Was-produced major label eponymous album, which
>doubled as their swan song.   I had the pleasure of seeing them live in
>Portland, Oregon while I was in college; they kicked the horse's ass.

I saw them in Seattle (a town I was visiting at the time) and they
were quite good.  I have three of their CDs and while I like them all
I don't think they capture how good of a band they were live.



Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2005 17:25:06 -0000
From: "Belinda" <>
Message-ID: <004601c4f670$2952d180$b3e49951@davidfoh4tm83a>

Hi all,

Breaks my heart, but has to be done.
I have an original LOOK LOOK video (from 1982) for sale. PAL copy.

Best wishes from Belinda x


Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2005 18:56:32 -0600
From: "eriC draveS" <>
Subject: Coincidences?
Message-ID: <000a01c4f6af$3f170740$3b6c56d1@XLZOOM2>

Thought I'd share with my fellow Chalkhillbillies a couple of coincidences I
came across while doing nothing related to XTC.

1. In the Game Boy Advance game, "Advance Wars 2", the two young boy
commanders are called "Andy" and "Colin".

2. I was watching Monty Python, and Graham Chapman was playing a "Lady
Partridge" talking about a train: "But the 7:58 stopping train arrived at
Swindon at 8:19..."

3. Needless to say, this is the same Monty Python which is responsible for
the Deaf Beethoven sketch in which John Cleese, playing Ludwig Von B, is
only able to compose his Fifth Symphony after he goes deaf. At the end of
that sketch the background music is the end of Jimmy Durante's "The Lost
Chord", which as we know is where Andy got "XTC" from.

eriC draveS

"Can't go back to Swindon..."
--Spinal Tap


Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 22:26:56 -0000
From: "peter" <>
Subject: Revivified!
Message-ID: <000601c4fa88$29cacf70$71d46e51@diablopeter>

To All you brilliant XTC Fans out there:-

I'm NOT Dead, XTC is still strong with me.
Many things have changed in my life but XTC have remained a Huge part of it
I have been silent for too long and I intend to return to 'The Limelight'.

Best Regards



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