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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 10, Number 53

                 Friday, 19 November 2004


                   Geezers of Nazareth
                      Fuzzy Warbles
            Just how are Cafe Tacuba like XTC?
         nines news and siouxsie in a hot tub...
                     Bliss Descending
                       XTC Mash-up
                Columbia, Gem of the Ocean
                   XTC items for sale.


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Cast a shadow on the wall.


Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 20:35:22 +0000
Subject: Geezers of Nazareth
Message-ID: <>

I doubt very much that they're from Nazareth (unless there's one 'oop
North'), but the album - Songs On The Radio - is well worth a listen
(I would guess at influences from XTC, thro' Jellyfish, to Tortoise.)
Apologies if they've already been mentioned, when I wasn't paying

Also quite smitten with (fairly) recent offerings from Husky Rescue
("Country Falls"), Bent ("Ariels"), Savath & Savalas ("Manana"), Adem
("Homesongs") and Funkstorung "Disconnected"...

Heck, it's _almost_ time to drag out those Favourites lists (for 2004)!

Cheers, Jon
NP: Otis Spann "My Daily Wish"


Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 07:11:40 EST
Subject: Fuzzy Warbles
Message-ID: <>

I went to CDNOW to order F.W. 's # 5&6 but noticed they are selling
for 30.00 a pop.  I'll have to wait until they become available used
since I am currently not working.  Does anyone know where I can get
them for less (substantially) than 30.00?? Also, is there another
version of "When We Get To England" available anywhere.  I love the
song but would like to hear a more polished, produced longer version
if possible


XTC Fan from Jersey City since 1980


Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 00:39:53 -0800 (PST)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: Just how are Cafe Tacuba like XTC?
Message-ID: <>

I was surfing around the AMG Allmusic guide
reading a review of Cafe Tacuba's Cuatro Caminos
(which is a really great record, by the way), when I
read the following: "Simply put, there is no album,
not even in Cafe Tacuba's own catalog, that is
remotely like Cuatro Caminos. As pointed out by the
band's biographer, the only record that can be cited
as a reference, not for sound or music but in terms of
reckless adventure and sustained effort, is XTC's
long-ago album Go 2."

While I can think of many records with 'reckless
adventure and sustained effort', the name check is
kind of cool, given Cafe Tacuba's status as an
'important' band.
You can read the review in it's entirety here:


Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 18:05:43 -0500
From: "Mark & Barb Kirk" <>
Subject: nines news and siouxsie in a hot tub...
Message-ID: <002101c4ca9e$78917a60$6501a8c0@home>

Hello Chalkfolk and Chalkfolkettes,
First off - breaking news from The Nines....


Jason Falkner has agreed to take on the mixing for the Nines new album. We
just recently heard the preliminary mix of a new Nines song called "Driving
Myself Insane" and we are really excited.

Andy Partridge of XTC and I have recently written a song called, "Receiving
Me/Don't touch that Dial", which hopefully will be recorded and featured on
the new album...we'll keep you updated.

The Nines recently finished recording a few piano/band songs with a 16 piece
orchestra. This will probably be smattered throughout the next album.

The Nines' song "Days and Days", from Wonderworld of Colourful can now be
heard on Fox tv's Dawson's Creek DVD season 3 release.



And secondly, I'm stepping up and agreeing with my fellow Chalkhillian and
all around lovely person - Mr. Paul Culnane - that yes, I would be delighted
to share a warm bubbly bath with Ms. Sioux... you got that one bang on Paul!

(listening to 'Wonderworld of Colourful' while enjoying an early Sunday
evening beer, and edging back into the shadows once again... )


Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 14:28:59 -0800 (GMT-08:00)
Subject: Bliss Descending
Message-ID: <>


Relax. Breathe normal. Focus on the gold pocket watch I'm holding. Good.

You will pick up Jason Falkner's new EP "Bliss Descending" ( iTunes)

When I snap my fingers you will awake feeling refreshed.

One, Two , Three (snap) awake.



Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 08:19:57 -0200
From: Paulo X <>
Subject: XTC Mash-up
Message-ID: <>

IF you enjoy mash-ups, check Boojiboy Jr.'s version of XTC's "Radios in
Motion" at:



Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 13:22:22 EST
Subject: Columbia, Gem of the Ocean
Message-ID: <>

Well, of *course* columnated ruins domino! What the hell *else* are they
gonna do?

A thousand years from now, theologians may well still ponder the ineffable
question: Given that Brian Wilson is God, does it then not follow that
Carnie Wilson is Jesus?

Or perhaps all is illusion:


don "marital" device done wrote:

> We held a sort of secret wedding ceremony which climaxed (?)  with our
> getting matching tattoos low on our stomachs, but in reverse so that they
> would match up when we made love. I still love mine. LAst I heard she was
> cursing me for talking her into doing it, but... time has a way of fucking
> with us all, n'est pas?

Boy, you said a mouthful, there, Sparky. I know *just* what you mean:

My wife Visine and I are by way of being what you might call your history
buffs. We're both passionately devoted to that roiling, turbulent and
downright sexy period of the American story that followed the election of
Thomas Jefferson in 1800 and ended with the Andrew Jackson accession in
1828, with the advent of the Spoils System and the dismantling of Madison's
Second National Bank.  (Damned thing was unconstitutional! It exposed the
government to control by foreign interests, people! I'll fight anybody who
says otherwise! Right here!)

I tend to take the Federalist position on most issues, while Visine skews
Whig. I don't know, it's just our upbringing, I suppose, but goodness
gracious do those dinner-table arguments get rowdy! One night a few years
ago, after a couple of bottles of Tokay, we got into it over the Missouri
Compromise, she taking the plainly specious position that the 1820 Ad Hoc
Conference Committee was constitutionally prohibited from amending the
Missouri bill to prohibit slavery north of 36deg30min west, and I defending
the Thomas Amendment as a downright Solomonic instrument. Gradually, over
the course of the debate, we found ourselves getting rather hot and sticky,
and I think both of us realized there was more going on here than a mere
dustup over Monroe-era congressional procedure -- this was animal passion!
Talk about the Era of Good Feeling! Grr-rowl!

So with our tenth wedding anniversary coming up, I decided I was going to
give Visine the surprise of her life. Once in an unguarded moment she'd
confided that she thought Aaron Burr was the sexiest man in the Jefferson
Administration, which set my Federalist blood to boiling, I can tell you!
But such is my devotion to my little Dolley Madison that I resolved to have
a tattoo of Burr limned on my belly, so that she could gaze upon his
vivacious Vice-Presidential visage whenever she gave me a little, you know,
Manifest Destiny.

The night of our anniversary, after the celebrations, and in the privacy of
our bedroom, full of expectancy and anticipation of the delights to come, I
triumphantly showed her my new Burr tattoo. But instead of bursting with the
breathless excitement I'd expected, she cried out, hid her face in her
pillow, and wept bitterly. When I was finally able to kiss away the tears
and quiet her sobbing, I asked her why she had carried on so. "Oh, Henry,"
she sighed, "I only wanted to please you! Oh, I've been such a fool!"

She parted her nightdress and pointed to her beautiful belly, bare in the
candlelight. There, freshly scribed in her honeyed skin, was a perfectly
executed portrait of Alexander Hamilton.

So nowadays it's either what Doctor Johnson called _coitus more ferarum_ or
it's pistols at twenty paces. They say Hamilton shot into the air. Oh, yes
he did. Ye-e-e-e-s he did! Wee-hawken!

Harrison "And which sex position pleases" Sherwood


Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 16:31:25 -0000
From: "Belinda" <>
Subject: XTC items for sale.
Message-ID: <00fb01c4ccc2$e1f94cf0$7a589951@davidfoh4tm83a>

Hi all

I have two XTC items for sale.

One's a T-shirt from the Manchester convention back in 1989 (but yellow was
never my colour) and the other is a huge Dukes of Stratosphear Sweatshirt
(well, it was always huge on me) which was once white, and is now not so
white. But it is warm and lovely and big. Yes, it's big. And winter's


Belinda x


Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 21:27:25 +0000
From: stevesomerset <>
Message-ID: <>

Hi Folks,
Just thought you might be interested in this.

I just finished putting together a video for HARK!
If anyone out there is interested - and their mailbox is big enough - e-mail
me and I'll send you a Quick Time (4mb) file of the video. It's FREE and
it's all good clean psychedelic fun.

My website has just been updated and I hope to be able to stream the video
on there soon.

Not Lame should be selling HARK! next week too.

Thanks to all of you who have bought a copy of HARK! and sent me such
positive feedback. It is very much appreciated!

So if you want to check out The Shadow Kabinet on video, e-mail me via the
website or

All the best


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