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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 10, Number 45

                Wednesday, 6 October 2004


                 Jeremy Lascelles / TMBG
                       aloha ha ha
                   Re: Hark At This...
             We were all terrified of Todd...
                        RE: HARK!
         It's no fun being a Dalek, I can tell ya
                    Two new albums...
                      Fuzzy Warbles


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When right is rifle-shaped where can you hide?


Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 13:26:10 +0100
From: Anthony Chapman <>
Subject: Jeremy Lascelles / TMBG
Message-ID: <>

Hello all.

Couple of things :

1. Jeremy Lascelles

Back when my old band was published by Chrysalis Music, the MD was
none other than Jeremy Lascelles.  I can't remember if it's mentioned
in Song Stories, but apparently he's something like 20th in line to
the throne of Britain - hence most of his underlings nicknaming him
"King Jeremy".  He once told us that his young son loved our music,
and listened to it alongside "Cypress Hill and all that gangsta rap
stuff".  (Bear in mind this was probably 1995 or thereabouts).


Sorry if anyone else mentioned this already, or if it's already common
knowledge - but you all know the TMBG song "XTC vs Adam Ant", right?


Anthony Chapman


Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 09:03:49 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jim Smart <>
Subject: aloha ha ha
Message-ID: <>

The Fuzz has arrived!

What treats are in store for the hillians de chalk. To
my ears, Fuzzy 6 is much better than Fuzzy 5, though
both contain amzing gems.

I never send in my "best of" list for Chalkhills,
because I don't buy 10 CDs a year anymore. However,
this last month has been pretty amazing, so I'll offer
up a small list for 2004:

Fuzzy Warbles 5 & 6 - Andy Partridge
Well, duh.

SMiLE - Brian Wilson
I can't believe this. I never ever thought such a
thing would be possible. As one of those nuts who
tried to assembe his own Smile album a few years ago,
this comes as a completely uplifting revelation.

Everyone is Here - Finn Brothers
Everything falls into place for my favorite kiwis. And
Jon Brion in the mix, what a bonus!

Let's Bottle Bohemia - The Thrills
Not as good as their amazing first album, but still
quirky and original. No more mintions of California
towns, though.

A Ghost is Born - Wilco
By far the best album of the year. See Wilco live if
you possible can. The new line up is amazing. I've
been following Wilco the way an explorer goes up a
river delta. I know that way back in the heart of
darkness is Uncle Tupelo, and I am taking the time to
explore some of the side tributaries, such as:

Arabella - John Stirratt and his twin sibling, Laurie

Trace - Son Volt
OK, released back int eh 90s, but totally amazing alt

I watched that Wilco movie again recently, "I Am
Trying to Break Your Heart", making a tape for a
friend. Then I read Chalkhills, and it occured to me
how cool it would have been to have a similar movie
about the process of making Skylarking.

And how great their new drummer is! Oh, if he could
make an album with XTC, that could really be


PS - I agree with Paul. "My Land is Burning" from
Fuzzy Warbles 5 is awesome. However, I prefer "I Can't
Tell What Truth Is Anymore" from Fuzzy 6. That song
has everything I love about Andy's art. Perfect.


Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 09:43:27 -0700 (PDT)
From: Dane Bramage <>
Subject: Re: Hark At This...
Message-ID: <>


Steve Somerset spake:

"We're currently talking to a couple of internet record labels, one of
which is based in the States, who want to sell the album."

Oh, I do hope you're talking to Portland, Oregon based CD Baby!.  They
have an excellent reputation, and I recommend them heartily.  If you
haven't already, you must seek them out!




Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 16:13:05 +0200
Subject: We were all terrified of Todd...
Message-ID: <>

Hi people of the collines de la craie,

Harrison wrote:

>Andy respected Todd's musical ability but
>hated his attitude and sarcasm.*

>*Andy has a thing about sarcasm. When speaking to me about his wishes for
>the COMC liner notes, he took particular care to direct me not to be
>I wondered if perhaps there wasn't some traumatic
>memory in which someone had used sarcasm as a weapon against him. Hmm.

No: it was just Todd.  Everybody was terrified of Todd.  I've seen grown men
pull their own heads off rather than see Todd.  He used...sarcasm.  He knew
all the tricks: dramatic irony, metaphor, bathos, puns, parody, litotes,
satire.  It drove Andy crazy, he was convinced that Todd was a monster.
Normally he was wont to be about six feet tall in Andy's eyes, but when Andy
was *very* depressed Todd could be anything up to eight hundred yards long.
When Todd was about, Andy would go very quiet and his nose would swell up
and his teeth would start moving about and he'd become very violent and
claim that he'd laid Gary Glitter.

By contrast, Leckie, Nye, Lillywhite, Rushent, etc. were real darlings.
There's nothing they wouldn't do for Andy, they were smashing blokes.  Oh
yeah, sometimes they split his nostrils open, pulled his liver out, nailed
his head to the floor.  Or nailed his wife's head to a coffee table.  But,
be fair, there was nothing else they could do, was there?  I mean, he had
transgressed the unwritten law.  And they were very reasonable about it... I
mean, once, Andy had to ask Lillywhite if he'd mind not nailing his head to
the floor and he agreed and just screwed his pelvis to a cake stand.  They
were gentlemen, and they knew how to treat a psychedelic impersonator.

Au revoir!



Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 16:04:16 +0100
From: "Edward Percival" <>
Subject: RE: HARK!
Message-ID: <>


Just to add my praise to Steve Somerset's announcement as he was kind enough
to send me a copy a couple of months back.

Hark is a warm and loveable record, just like Wishlist.

The title track alone is worth the price of admission, but there are a
myriad of treats within- much more consistent than either of the latest
Fuzzy Warbles.



Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 09:44:15 -0700
From: "Kris Guttormsson" <>
Subject: Midis
Message-ID: <388501c4aa31$628c5560$>

Hello, I've never posted to this thread before but I have followed it for a
number of years.  I have recently been looking for some decent XTC midis to
work with, specifically The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul.  I checked out
the chalkhills site and didn't seem to find a .mids directory.  Does anyone
know of or possibly have this file?  Many thanks in advance!



Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 07:59:03 +0100 (BST)
From: Paul Culnane <>
Subject: It's no fun being a Dalek, I can tell ya
Message-ID: <>

Crumbs, the latest Hills was fun.  Really dug Harrison's typically
chucklesome and insightful bit about Rundgren/Skylarking.  And hearing
about the guys living within blocks of each other, that's fantastic!
And I also recommend Jamie's bumper stickers.

It might seem plain that I had a major "bender" this weekend just
gone, but it was largely fun, fuelled as it was by more beer than is
advisable, and relentlessly soundtracked by the latest Furry Baubles
(at Tufnel 11).  But reading back the Chalkhills Digest, I was alarmed
to discover a couple of atypical (I'd like to think) non-sequiturs in
my contributions, and I'd like to clarify if I may.

But before I do that, must say how funny and warming I found it, that
I'd posted about Ben G, and immediately afterwards, he chimed in with
his thing.  That wasn't "engineered", I mean, I'm in Canberra,
Australia, he's in Connecticut USA.  But (cue Twilight Zone theme),
it's damn eerie and serendipitous that his post came in about 15 mins
after mine.  And there are so many other things we have discovered
that we've got in common.  That scar, Ben - isn't that the weirdest,
spookiest coincidence???

I always enjoy Relphie's lyric quotes at the front of the digests -
how do you select them John?  Often they apply to the matter at hand,
like the war or the elections or the seasons or whatever.  But where
does this one come from? ('scuse my ignorance):

"If you take a trip to nowhere it might blow your mind."

Now, just to clarify some slack reportage on my part-


Just listen to everything, but the final denouement, his guitar solo.
He wails and cries and screams out for mercy on a simple gat.  It's
fuckin' overwhelming.
-well, I mean, DO DO DO listen to the final denouement!!!!!
He's brilliant, and from the vibe I get he means no harm, only to spread
the musical word.

-what I meant there might seem ambiguous.  He's not doing harm by
spreading the musical word.  On the contrary!

It would be very easy to fall (somewhere)...

And penultimately in response to Benny's post:

And, finally, here's one last item for all of you, related to the
"Wrapped in Grey" acetate that's been popping up on the list.
 2004 Ben Gott "1996-2004" - HP CD-R (very rare 2004 US original).
"Ben Gott 1996-2004" lovingly written on  the CD with blue magic
marker.  Encased in a sturdy plastic jewel case.  Contains 13 Ben Gott
originals and 5  Ben Gott covers.  Custom Ben Gott business card
 Price: $2550.00
Anyone want to buy it?  And, unlike, "Wrapped in Grey," this is the

- How I laffed!  And I'm chuffed that I'm gonna get the free one, ha ha.
Now, if anyone's got a spare $2550.00, I'll consider selling an item
of Terry Chambers' undergarments that he inadvertently left here.

On current high-rotation, some fantastic music (courtesy another
nugget Chalkfriend, Marky-Mark the funky):  The Nines, The Pillbugs,

Make your vote count.  Our world is at stake here!
Love-on-ya (that's a Bowie-ism)
~~ p@ul-of-oz


Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 13:47:19 +0100
From: "Paul Sandford" <>
Subject: futureheads
Message-ID: <001301c4aad9$741b2e20$64d54e51@Samnjake>

Went to see the Zutons in Brighton last night (a great live band by the way,
highly recommended!). They were supported by The Futureheads who do a
remarkable impression of XTC circa Drums and Wires. I was almost  expecting
to hear Helicopter!! In fairness they are a really tight new band who do a
fab cover of Hounds Of Love albeit in a Swindonian stylee!!!


Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 19:33:28 -0400
From: Benjamin Gott <>
Subject: Two new albums...
Message-ID: <>


Amongst all of the new releases today, I recommend Robyn Hitchcock's
INCREDIBLE "Spooked" (a collaboration with Gillian Welch and David
Rawlings) and, strangely enough, William Shatner's collaboration with
Ben Folds, Joe Jackson, Adrian Belew, Aimee Mann, et al., "Has Been."
Produced by Ben Folds, it is at times hysterical and, strangely enough,
compelling.  You should check it out.  His cover of Pulp's "Common
People" is a fucking RIOT.



Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 21:31:45 -0400
From: Benjamin Gott <>
Subject: Fuzzy Warbles
Message-ID: <>


I'm very happy to get my copies of "Fuzzy Warbles" volumes five and
six.  I'm very disappointed, however, in my own stupidity: the song I
was most excited to hear is not, in fact, the song included on FW#5.
When I saw "Jacob's Ladder" on the tracklisting, I was thrilled, as I
thought that the included song was "On Jacob's ladder with an angel up
my back /    He says he never thought that Russia would be first to
attack..."  Of course, the song I was thinking of was "Now We're All
Dead," though I'm sure you can see the confusion...!  Nonetheless, I'm
glad to have the Warbles in my hand, and I will give them a long listen
this weekend.

I put "Spooked" in tonight at a dinner party.  Everyone thought it was



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