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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 10, Number 37

                 Tuesday, 24 August 2004


                      Planet Smile?
                       Crided Hice
                 Re: Dukes @ Wilson show
                     Re: Finns again
                   Radioheads in Motion


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And all the world is football-shaped / It's just for me to kick in space.


Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 16:26:00 -0400
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Planet Smile?
Message-ID: <>


Anybody know what happened to Planet Smile?  It seems to have gone the
way of the moon in "Space: 1999"...

	-- John

NPIMH: Herschel Sizemore: Rebecca


Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 16:40:06 +0100 (BST)
From: Dom Lawson <>
Subject: Crided Hice
Message-ID: <>

A wise man once wrote...

>>Since when did Chalkhills become the Finn Brothers appreciation society?
>>Dom, you were supposed to watch the door!

Yeah, sorry about that. Nipped off for a wank.

Even so, it is a rather sorry state of affairs to see
so many grown men - who, being XTC fans, can hardly be
accused of being completely hapless - slavering over
such horrendously bland nonsense. Maybe there's
something in the Finns' music that I'm not
"getting"...but then I don't really acknowledge the
concept of things being "gettable", if you "get" me.

Anyway, I was sent a copy of the new Finn Bros album
last week, by some poor, unsuspecting PR who clearly
doesn't realise that I worship Satan and eat raw puppy
faces for breakfast...given all this preposterous
gushing that's been going on, I'll give it a try and
report back to you. I'll borrow a cardigan from my
Dad, too, for added authenticity. And a rocking chair.
And some valium. Etc.

XTC content? Yes, thanks. Very.



NP: Necrophagist 'Epitaph'


Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 09:55:37 -0700 (PDT)
From: Benjamin Lukoff <>
Subject: Kinks
Message-ID: <>

"WAYNE KLEIN" <> wrote:
> Don't know if there are any Kinks fans here or not but I'm sad to report
> that Dave Davies suffered a stroke that left him paralyized on one side
> of his body. Evidently he had the stroke while promoting his latest
> album "Bug" in July.

Yep, I'm a Kinks fan and a long-time subscriber to the Kinks Preservation
Society mailing list ( Sad news.
People on the list are trying to be pretty upbeat about it, but he's been
in the hospital since June 30, which is quite a long time.

> I'd also recommend that great album by the other brother band that
> matters-The Kinks. "Village Green Preservation Society" has been
> reissued as a great 3 CD set featuring the album entirely in stereo,
> mono and with a third disc consisting of BBC tracks, recordings made for
> but not used on "Village Green" (many of which ended up on b-sides of
> singles or on "The Great Lost Kinks Album").

I second this recommendation. Great package, and the remastering does make
quite a difference. Also (and I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing)
it's on the Sanctuary *Midline* label (shades of Geffen Goldline!) so even
though it's a British import, you can get it for $20 in the States. $20
for a triple-disc set--yikes!


Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 14:09:18 -0400
Subject: 10CC/XTC
Message-ID: <> wrote: "Don't know if there are any Kinks fans here or not
but I'm sad to report that Dave Davies suffered a stroke that left him
paralyized on one side of his body. Evidently he had the stroke while
promoting his latest album "Bug" in July.

I'd also recommend that great album by the other brother band that
matters-The Kinks. "Village Green Preservation Society" has been reissued as
a great 3 CD set.  Also worth noting the reissue of the Godley & Creme
catalog. Always been a 10cc fan (although their albums after Godley & Creme
left fell victim to the law of dimishing returns with the exception of two
really strong albums) and have always seen a 10cc/XTC type of connection
there. Always loved "L", "Freeze Frame" , "Goodbye Blue Sky" and parts of
"Birds of Prey"."

Oh wow, where do I start?  So sad to hear about Dave Davies.  A friend of a
friend had been piecing together a book on the lives and careers of the
Kinks, and because of this, I'm so surprised that I'd heard nothing of this.
Sure hope he recovers and gets back to what he loves, or at least retires
with smaller projects in the works.  Hell, I don't know how Bob Dylan
continues to tour, tour, tour all year round, but, hey, that is how artists
actually make money.  Until the day that they can actually make money from
their studio art, such grueling tours will constantly put that artistry to
the test.

Oh, and I not only ordered my copy of the 3-CD version of VILLAGE GREEN
PRESERVATION SOCIETY, but I also ordered an album that had been compared to
it in an Other Music blurb, Fairfield Parlour's FROM HOME TO HOME.

Oh, and yes, I'd always seen the 10CC/XTC connection, especially on sections
of the XTC album, MUMMER.  "In Loving Memory of a Name" could have clearly
been a Godley & Creme composition.  Just yesterday, I received my copy, from
COLLECTOR'S CHOICE, of the double-disk reissue of FREEZE FRAME, coupled with
another album, but where did you find these other titles?  I'd never heard
of them and hadn't seen 'em in any catalogue or on the Other Music E-list
update sent to me each week.  Are all of these available from the same
record label?

Lastly, I've corresponded on and off with Becki DiGregorio and she is still
planning this new psych project that will be utterly fantastic whenever it
is completed.  She will not be rushed.  If making and manufacturing your own
music were so much easier, we'd all have copies right now and in the kind of
packaging that I'd like to see accompany this thing.  when she told me that
she was thinking of packaging the project as flamboyantly as album covers of
the '60's, I'd given her all kinds of bizarre ideas ranging from the Moody
Blues' IN SEARCH OF THE LOST CHORD to Iron Butterfly's BALL to, of course,
the daddy of 'em all, the Rolling Stones' THEIR SATANIC MAJESTY'S REQUEST,
but such stunning and sparkling ideas right now are far too rich for the
blood of the independent.  Whatever it turns out to be, hey, it will be



Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 22:04:55 +0200
Subject: Re: Dukes @ Wilson show
Message-ID: <4123D287.5743.286EF0@localhost>

Dear CHalkers,

I'm (temporarily?) delurking to quip:

>  I also have to know which of the two Dukes went to
> see Brian Wilson (although if I had to guess Dave Gregory and Andy would
> be my pick knowing what huge Wilson fans they are).

IMHO it's a bit of a trick question and DG + AP would be the obvious
choice so my money is on Sir Cornelius Plum and E.I.E.I. Owen.
Unlikely as it may seem and despite the infamous kitchen incident
they have been sighted together before.

Now where do i claim my price?

Yours in xtc,

Mark R. Strijbos


Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 20:32:19 -0500
From: steve <>
Subject: Re: Finns again
Message-ID: <>

On Aug 18, 2004, at 9:52 AM, "WAYNE KLEIN" wrote:

> Dunks mentioned that the Finn Brothers album might be out. In the US I
> believe the release date is 8/24. It's reportedly has an entire band
> supporting them on it.

Yes, a 5 man band, although Jon Brion should probably count as 3 -

> The new (highly recommended) Finn Brothers album 'Everyone is here'
> features Jon in both production and instrument duties. The record
> company in the UK have issued an interview disc and this is what
> they had to say :
> "Q : So, this is the first album the Finn Brothers have recorded in
> 8 years; and this one has been given more time.
> NF : It is, we talked about doing this album as long ago as, well,
> probably three or four years ago but the time needed to be right and
> the window fell open about a year and a half ago and we thought that
> we wanted to give it its' due this time. Last time although it had
> been fantastic fun and the whole tempo and pace of the thing -
> one month to record, two months touring - kinda meant that it was
> sublime in many ways, we felt like a bit of a backyard recording to
> some degree and we wanted to just give it its' due and make the
> songs really fleshed out and fully formed and, you know, give the
> album a production value. It was gonna be our main focus.
> TF : The essential core of the, you know, people who played on it
> was quite small. We had three musicians in Los Angeles, we had
> Sebastian... (NF : ..Steinberg..) on the bass who Neil's worked with
> quite a bit over the past few years. Wonderful bass player. We'd
> Matt Chamberlain on drums, brilliant drummer, and Jon Brion who
> played keyboards and guitars and scratched his face into a
> microphone a few times, you know, did all the, sort of, left of
> centre kind of odd things you wouldn't have expected to do but also
> played very solid kind of parts. And so the three of them plus us
> was the real band. We did have strings on a few, we put strings on a
> few songs which we recorded in London and Tony Visconti played some
> instruments on the track that he worked on with us called
> Disembodied Voices. And there were other people too here and there
> but essentially it was a five piece band playing pretty live in the
> studio....
> Q: Track 4 is Luckiest Man alive. Jon Brion, the America musician
> who features on many tracks, is credited with playing Turkish
> banjo. What's that?
> TF : It sort of looks like a banjo, but it has more of a twelve
> string guitar in it as well, bit more twangy and ringy less kind of
> folky, folksy.  Yeah, he, that track went through quite a little
> journey - we tried it once and then we scrapped that and tried it
> again in LA and we did the rhythm track and it felt really great but
> it was like 'what do we do now?'  and then Jon basically got his
> hands on it one night, em, I don't think, I wasn't, I was barely
> around, Neil was doing a - 'were you doing a gig that night, I think
> Neil, at Largo?' - and Jon, you know, had a few hours on his own, he
> did those really great guitars with all that bottom end on them and
> slightly Faces kind of thing of picking up on the melody with the
> guitar and, you know, the track was virtually done at that point so
> hats off to him again but we definitely won't talk about him any
> more (laughs). But, yeah, he brought that song alive a lot and, you
> know, I just had to sing it and let Neil do his stuff, you know, his
> harmonies and put some other sounds on it and there it was."

Someone posted the above on the Embrionic list, run by some Relph guy.

- Steve


Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 09:28:50 -0400
From: Kulak Matthew-MGI0253 <>
Subject: Radioheads in Motion
Message-ID: <4788A0BB433CD611B8B00002B30CF07D0A7AB4D2@pa06exm02>

Hello Chalksters,

It seems I am about to follow in the footsteps of many of the recent posts,
and discuss mostly non-XTC topics.  However, there is a bit of an XTC
reference in here, so all is not lost.  If only Andy and Colin would release
some new material, we would not need to digress nearly as much!  [If Andy or
Colin is reading this:  Wink-Wink-Nudge-Nudge.  Please take note of these
subtle hints!!!]

First, due to the aforementioned lack of new XTC  material, I have recently
rediscovered Radiohead.  Much to the chagrin of my wife, I have had my car
CD cartridge filled with their stuff for the last 6 weeks - nonstop!  (In
deference to her dislike of Thom Yorke's "whiny" voice and the screeching
guitars, I try to limit my home listening to the times she is not around.
But lucky for me, my 5 year old daughter "loves" Radiohead, and requests it
repeatedly, so I always have a ready-made "excuse" to pop them into the CD

Oddly enough, in listening to OK Computer for the 100th time, I began to
notice a few XTC-esque bits in there.  If anyone else has this disc, maybe
you can tell me if you agree, or if I am totally off my rocker!  For those
who don't have the disc - get it!  It easily falls into my top 5 discs of
all time!!!  In Subterranean Homesick Alien, there are a few guitar
interludes (the first occurs from 1:25 thru 1:40) that I swear could be Dave
Gregory during the Black Sea era.  Not sure what it is about it - whether
the guitar sound itself, or the arpeggio-style phrasing.  Then, in Karma
Police, at 3:34, Thom Yorke does a mighty fine Andy Partridge warbling
impression.  (I hope "warbling" is not an offensive term to use here - but
not sure what exactly you'd call this particularly distinctive Andy
Partridge trait.  Wonder if AP could copyright it???)

Another recent rediscovery is Blur's Parklife (thanks to whomever recently
mentioned the Parkspliced project, which is what helped me decide to give
this one a listen again!)  As this is the only Blur release I have (besides
an extended single of There's No Other Way), can anyone suggest the next
best release of theirs to get?  With disposable income at an all-time low, I
have to carefully plan out my next purchases, based on feedback I can trust.

Which leads me to my next topic - thanking all for the Crowded House/Split
Enz/Finn ratings.  I have a good amount of their material, but hearing the
various impressions of each release's merits will help when I'm ready to
acquire my next 'someFinn' special.  And by the way, I have to join in the
pro-Woodface camp!  There are very few songs on there that I wouldn't be
tempted to put on a best of collection of their stuff.  And there are 4 or 5
tracks on Woodface where Neil and Tim's harmonies are just unbelievable!  As
for Neil's solo stuff, I think both One Nil and Try Whistling This are worth
getting.  There are enough truly excellent songs on each to warrant the
cost.  The guy can sing - and writes some amazing songs!  I also have to
agree with Dunks that Message to My Girl (Split Enz era) is a classic.  I
discovered this one on their greatest hits disc, and have put it on almost
every collection disc I have burned for others.  I could listen to it
endlessly and not get tired of it - it's that good.  Lastly, if you want a
taste of Neil live, check out the 7 Worlds Collide DVD or Sessions at West
54th Street DVD.  The 7WC is much more upbeat, with various guest artists
(Eddy Vedder, Ed O'Brien and Phil Selway from Radiohead, Johnny Marr, etc.).
You'll discover that Neil can "really rawk" when he wants to!  The Sessions
DVD is much more subdued (sadly, the in-studio audience are so reserved and
quiet, you want to jump in there and shake them up for Neil's benefit), but
the performance is still worthwhile.

Having said all that, I think I'll get back to my musical rediscoveries of
discs I haven't listened to for quite some time.  Now where the heck is that
Debbie Gibson disc???



Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 21:38:22 -0400
From: "m.sparks" <>
Subject: </lurk>
Message-ID: <002f01c487e8$b6473960$9600a8c0@esmerelda>


I've been lurking a while now.  Guess I'm not quite as up on the XTC trivia
as most: I don't know all the drummers, vocal guests, recording engineers,
or waterboys.  But XTC has been the soundtrack of my life.

I've been an XTC fan since listening to GO2 in my boyfriends room during a
party in high school - reading the album cover while sitting on the floor
next to the right speaker and ignoring everyone and everything else.  I
heard Senses Working Overtime on the radio in the senior lounge at school
and was hooked.

White Music was the in my boyfriend's VW cassette player on the trips
between home and college.  Later, after we both dropped out of school, his
band covered Jason and The Argonauts.  English Settlement was playing as I
moved, with cassettes and players, from apartment to apartment, looking with
little success for a job in a steel town that had just lost it's biggest
industry.  Leisure, for certain.

I ended up in California with the Big Express. Train Running Low on Soul
Coal and This World Over was foggy San Francisco, jobless at first, a little

I ended up back in the south.  I stole a copy of Mummer - not even an
original but duplicated on a long-play metal cassette - from a girl who
worked with me at a laundry and it was playing with the humming of dryers in
the background while I folded nice-smelling clothes in windowless room on
grey winter mornings.  Great fire burning.

I found a job, a tiny little 2 room house to rent, and bought a copy of
Skylarking and played Earn Enough For Us to my future husband.

A year later we married and moved to sunny Florida.  I bought my first copy
of Oranges and Lemons (on cassette) and played Garden of Earthly Delights
driving Highway 41 with the windows down to let the sea breeze in.

A few years and two children later, Holly Up On Poppy and other Nonsuch
tunes were the background to noisy saws as I made furniture for the
children's rooms.  Somehow I'd decided to take up being a musician, with
minimum wage jobs earning full time about 75% of what it cost to put two
young children in daycare.  I could gig weekends and nights and be a
stay-at-home mom all week, right?

So after the divorce......

(side note: only after reading chalkhills for a while and catching up on xtc
trivia via the URLS mentioned here and there did I begin to see this
coincidental biography :-)

.. after the divorce I tried for a while to continue, but ended up quitting
music, going back to school, getting a day job.  In the middle of this,
though, I met a really nice guy, bought most of the catalogue on CD, played
the discs for him.  One day he appeared at my door with Apple Venus and Wasp
Star.  I married him.

I graduated, bought all the Fuzzy Warbles, joined this list, and picked up
the guitar again.  So like a lot of the Chalkhillians?  Hills-people?
Children? ;-) I'm a musician.  Or not.  My last CD was out of print years
ago (ok, 1997) and I don't have a song to hock.

Last night I played my first gig in 5 years - a gig that I think is my last
- choked for the first time on stage since the early days of playing and I
don't think I want to do it again.  I think I *finally* understand AP's POV.

So that is my intro.  I'm off to see the pages of some of the members here.
I'm a fan of music in general, too, with diverse interests.  Good to hear
discussion of some other bands, too, since AP won't rewrite my life in music
on a monthly basis and release it on CD ;-)

Good to meet you all.

Melanie Sparks


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