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                  Sunday, 8 August 2004


                   RE: Complicated Game
                      Roundabout XTC
                     Around the House
                       Re: Finnish
                     Following Finns
                  Towers of London Loves
  Off Topic - Crowded House / Neil Finn / Finn Brothers
RE: The Magic Roundabout/ DDIHC Vs. XTC/ Brian Wilson Vs The Dukes
                   Andy on Tom Robinson


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It's clear / Guess this is the end of the pier.


Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2004 09:31:43 -0400
From: "Krys Olsiewicz" <>
Subject: RE: Complicated Game
Message-ID: <>

"Adrian Ransome wrote:
IS Complicated Game a political song?"

I'll say it is.  Simply lookee here:

A little boy asked me should he put his vote upon the left, no
A little boy asked me should he put his vote upon the right, no
I say it really doesn't matter where you put your vote
Someone else will come along and move it
And it's always been the same
It's just a complicated game

In the US, we have the Supreme Court to "move" votes.  Let's hope they
don't do that again.

-Krys Olsiewicz


Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 15:17:11 +0100
From: roundabout <>
Subject: Roundabout XTC
Message-ID: <>

Hi there,

Andy Partridge lives in my street. How cool is that! I've delivered
him a copy of our latest album - see details below.

The eagerly awaited 2nd album by top English Mod band Roundabout entitled
"Better in than out..." has just been released by ARC records
catalogue number ARC014.

It is available from Detour records, or by visiting the bands myspace
web site where it is can be purchased for only #7.00GBP plus p&p.

You can also download demos from the album at the myspace site absolutely free.

The address is

Incidentally, any bands (or individuals for that matter) that would
like to join myspace should follow the attached link. Membership is free.

Anyone wishing to stock the album or book the band, please mail us.





Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 09:58:38 -0500
From: "John Voorhees" <>
Subject: Around the House
Message-ID: <>

Haven't posted on the Hill in a coon's age. Ahhhhh... feels good. Kind of
breezy up here...

Anyway, Ben Gott was looking for Finn-based recommendations. What a
coincidence, as I'm going to see the Finn Bros. this very night at the House
of Blues in New Orleans. I don't get out for a lot of shows, but Neil Finn
is on my VERY short list of favorite working musicians. (Yeah, he treads
dangerously close to our Andy.)

While I enjoy Temple of Low Men, it's a bit on the 'culiar side. I think
Neil and crew wanted to distance themselves a bit from the mainstream pop of
"Don't Dream It's Over". What you need, my friend, is a copy of Woodface.
It's the only House CD which includes Tim as a member and what a difference
it makes! (It also includes "It's Only Natural.") There's a lightness and
exuberance to the whole disc... these guys are obviously having a great time

Once you've got all the tunes from Woodface stuck in your brain, go ahead
and pick up the House's final CD, Together Alone. And then you will be well
and truly hooked. (The posthumous Afterglow has some real gems on it, but
it's not quite an essential.)

There were several leftover Neil/Tim songs from Woodface, and most of them
are on the first Finn Brothers record. (Depending on your location, it's
either called Finn or Finn Brothers.) It's a fine CD, a bit more acoustic
and laid back, but I don't quite rank it with my favorite Crowded House
albums. I understand the new one (coming out in a few weeks) is definitely a
band project, and quite reminiscent of Woodface. I'm excited!

After closing up shop on the House, Neil released two ... um... two and a
half solo discs. First was Try Whistling This, a very dark and offbeat
recording. (Again, I suspect that Neil was trying to distance himself from
the poppish side of CH. He's a restless fellow, it seems.) Personally, I'm
more fond of his next disc, One Nil. (For some reason, he decided to make a
few production changes and switch around a few songs for the American
version, which is called One All.)

I'm not as familiar with Tim's solo work. I have a cassette copy of his
self-titled album and I can't quite get into it... a bit too MOR. But I know
that one of his discs includes a couple of the songs that he wrote with
Neil, and I really oughtta pick it up.

Split Enz really has a completely different feel to it than almost any of
this stuff. Very energetic, angular, keyboard-heavy and dark. Probably your
best entry point would be Time And Tide.

Hope that helps, man. You've got some great discoveries ahead of you.

(Frankly, everybody reading this needs to pick up a copy of Woodface. It's a
frickin' classic, already.)

- John Voorhees


Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 15:01:32 EDT
Subject: Goop
Message-ID: <>

> From: "Pledge" <>
> Subject: The Magic Roundabout/ DDIHC Vs. XTC/ Brian Wilson Vs The Dukes
> On an even happier point, I had the extreme pleaseure of attending Sir
> Brian Wilson's London show on Tuesday.

For US Brianiacs, the Brian Wilson Official Web Site has projected dates for
a US tour in late September and all of October
(, although most dates are marked "Venue
TBD." Only two dates, 10/16 in Atlanta and 10/20 in Tampa, have tickets
available for purchase now. Check That Space, kids. The Gig of the Century
-- as we've heard repeatedly in this August Forum, it's an absolute must-see
that will tug at your heartstrings and heal your aching balls.


In other news, the best XTC song released in the last year was "Apples" by

And yes, Ben, that AllMusicGuide redesign is just awful. What the hell were
they thinking? And not only that, but my one shot at rock-n-roll immortality
has fizzled, dud-like: They name-check everybody but the Virgin drinks lady
in the Credits listing at The AllMusicGuide -- seriously, it's down to the
Fourth Assistant Post-Production Engineer's Assistant Intern -- but do they
list the guy who wrote the incredibly entertaining and engaging liner notes
essay? No, sirs and madames, they do not!

Harrison "Petty? Moi?" Sherwood

Pee Yes: XTC Bar Bet time: Name ALL drummers who have played with
XTC. Betcha can't. Winner gets a big, slurpy lick from the ineffably sexy
Thomas Walsh.  Second place gets two licks. (Rimshot.)


Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 16:23:49 EDT
Subject: Re: Finnish
Message-ID: <>


             As a reply to the gentleman looking into Split enz,crowded
house and the Finn brothers. I will speak loud and strong about Split
Enz.Three LP's (OK CD's) you must own from them are "frenzy" "true colors"
and "waiatia".  If you still have a record player, owning an original true
colors with the built in laser show etched into the Vinyl is simply a must
have .(big express with round record jacket, is also on that list).The Spilt
Enz release time and tide was OK, but a bit too commercialized for my
liking. I have few crowded house CD's but I don't own any Finn brothers, now
if someone could tell me which Finn brothers CD's is the best I will look
into picking it up for my eargasm.

        I just spent 25$ on a special order of DDIHC.. it better be worth it.

        Recommended forgotten LP "heaven 17" -- penthouse and pavement
selected tracks In my head playing at moment Geisha boys and temple
girls. At the height of the fighting...  that is all...

              Bill Goodfellow  Syracuse NY

 PS  Buy WISE potato chips ,I'll make more money to buy more XTC....

"it doesn't matter where you put your world cause someone else will come
along and move it and it's always been the same, it's just a complicated


Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 21:49:51 -0400
From: "Neal H. Buck" <>
Subject: Following Finns
Message-ID: <>

Fine Fellow Chalkies,

Just a quick delurking to mention to Ben that besides the well-known
Split Enz / Crowded House, etc. projects, that the Finns have shown up
on several albums by Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music), including "K-Scope,"
and 801's "Listen Now." So they have certain prog-rock credentials, too
- not just "pop" - not that there's anything wrong with it!



Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 15:18:28 +0100
From: Adrian Ransome <>
Subject: Towers of London Loves
Message-ID: <>

Not sure if it's been mentioned before (and I'm far too lazy to actually
look through the digests to check) but the soundmash/bootleg/mix fad that
swept the internet a few years ago (and featured a couple of Xtc tracks in
some form or another) is still going strong.

One of the latest projects "Parkspliced" is to rip apart Blur's Parklife and
rebuild it in a similar-yet-different manner. One track - Londinium Loves -
features Blur, The Kinks, The Beatles and Xtc and can be downloaded in mp3
form from the project's webpage here:

Nice to hear the inclusion of "Rain" by The Beatles in the fadeout of
"Towers of London" - either a lucky coincidence, or someone really knows
their Xtc history.



Date: Thu, 05 Aug 2004 22:23:18 +0000
From: "*Hobbes *" <>
Subject: Off Topic - Crowded House / Neil Finn / Finn Brothers
Message-ID: <>

Ben Gott was asking:

>could someone talk
>to me about Split Enz, Crowded House, and the Finn brothers?  I've got
>"Temple of Low Men," but XM was playing "It's Only Natural" the other day,
>and I'm enchanted.  I want more.  Where do I go next?

Just one fans opinion - It's all great stuff.  You'll want it all:


Since Crowded House had a definite end, they're an easy band to investigate
- there's only four albums!  With some careful used cd shopping you could
easily pick up their entire catalogue for the price of one new cd.  (I saw
Together Alone in a used cd shop yesterday for $4... a loaf of bread is only
a dollar less than that!  What a sad fate for amazing music).

So, to the albums.  The first three albums are produced by Mitchell Froom.
Since he's worked with
just about everyone of note under the sun you should know what to expect
from one of his productions and if you'd like it or hate it.  (For my money
i'd love to hear the albums Elvis Costello, Crowded House, Suzanne Vega and
Ron Sexsmith would have made without him).

"Crowded House" is very of it's time, (ie the Go-Betweens 'Tallulah') and I
for one find the 80's production distracting, let alone the fact the whole
album was mixed slightly slow through a mastering accident.  Although it's
their most popular american album I'd buy this one last.

"Temple of Low Men" might have been the first nail in the coffin of
stateside success but it's my second favourite album of theirs.  The sublime
"Into Temptation" is a good signpost for what lies ahead.

"Woodface" is the album everyone will tell you to buy, so it's probably your
safest bet.  I find it overrated, with dated production showing the flaws in
the weaker songs on the album.  This album has the most filler of any of
theirs.  It's saving grace is light and breezy Beatlesque confections like
"It's Only Natural', 'She Goes On' and "Weather With You" that show off the
brother's amazing harmony singing.  It also contains the haunting "Four
Seasons In One Day", which is one of the greatest songs you will *ever*

"Together Alone" is the album I would recommend first, and the strongest set
of songs that hold together as an album (aside from Paul Hester's 'Skin
Feeling').  The production is interesting, varied and less cheesy that the
three proceeding albums, and still sounds fresh today.  Where else can you
get a song that sounds like the Beatles falling down a staircase and landing
on a Maori choir? (In My Command).  Take a good listen to the melody of
"Nails in my feet"...  who else out there is putting that much care into
their melody lines and yet still sounds so effortless?  Trust me, this album
is the keeper, it pays repeated listening much more than their previous

So that's the four albums.  There's also a kind-of-hits compilation
"Recurring Dream" (buy the one with the bonus live disc") with three non
album tracks (including "Not the girl you think you are", which would shame
Oasis in it's Lennon-channeling, to far great success).  There's also the
b-sides and unreleased tracks compilation "Afterglow", which is far stronger
than you'd expect, and which I'd probably buy before the first album.


Two solo albums so far - "Try Whistling This", which sounds more trendy than
Crowded House, with the addition of sampled drum loops.  Luckily the
melodies still shine through.

"One Nil"...  a quieter production and a stronger album than the previous
one.  The songs sound more natural and organic, and it's nice to hear Wendy
and Lisa adding backing vocals to someone's songs again.  Buy this first.
Unfortunately it was tampered with for american release (two songs removed,
four remixed, two new ones substituted and reneamed "One All").  I haven't
heard the remixes, but the two new songs were weaker than what was removed
in my book, so it might be worth tracking down the import.


There's the 1995 album "Finn", a casual bunch of lo-fi recorded songs that
people were expecting to be more "It's only naturals" and "Weather With
You's" and wasn't.  Worth investigating.  Prepare to put some time and
repeated listens into it and you'll discover some great songs, just don't
expect to be knocked out on the first listen.  (For my money, songs that
reveal their charms over time are the better ones anyway).

They also have an upcoming album "Everyone Is Here" released in the next
couple of months that they've promised a more 'professional' sound with.


Used to be all over the Australian radio when i was a kid, back when artists
like Kate Bush were in the top 10.  (And I naively though music was always
going to be that good!).  Much more of their time - lots of reverb and
affected vocals.  Starting with the 2cd compilation "Spellbound" might be
your safest bet.  Though it's non chronological, it is remastered, and it's
the same price as one normal album, (and with 39 songs it a good, cheap
introduction).  Funnily enough I used to prefer Neil's songs over Tim's.
I'd even suggest just buying this compliation and saving any further
investigation of their catalogue until it's properly rereleased and
remastered.  Part of their appeal was definitely visual, so check out the
greatest hits DVD released a little while back too.

I'm not a fan of Tim's solo work, so someone else might fill you in there.

Hope this helps!



Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2004 21:24:41 +0100
From: "Peter Fitzpatrick" <>
Subject: RE: The Magic Roundabout/ DDIHC Vs. XTC/ Brian Wilson Vs The Dukes
Message-ID: <003501c47cbc$95ee1300$6f01a8c0@shabbyroad01>

> On an even happier point, I had the extreme pleaseure of attending
> Sir Brian Wilson's London show on Tuesday. i think most of us have
> known for years how great he is, but I'm a newbie to his world.
> The tour book mentions XTC and the Dukes in particular as bands
> influenced by the unreleased Smile tapes.

Little did Brian know that 2 of the Dukes recently attended his show. Fans.
Paid for tickets. Top notch enjoyment.


Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2004 10:00:23 -0400
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Andy on Tom Robinson
Message-ID: <>


I listened to the Tom Robinson BBC6 interview with Andy Partridge, and
it's a decent interview, I suppose.  What I liked, however, was that
they played one of the songs to be on Fuzzy Warbles v6: The End Of The
Pier.  Have y'all heard the song?  I'm having a lot of trouble
understanding the lyrics, however, as they seem to be slightly of a
stream of consciousness bent.  Any help will be appreciated.

	-- John


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