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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 10, Number 26

                 Wednesday, 30 June 2004


                       Dead Rhinos
             Best British albums (allegedly)
                The Milk and Honey Review



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Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 20:30:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: Wes Long <>
Message-ID: <>

This has most likely been discussed here in the
past... still:

I had a nice chat with our man Partsy about Peter
Blegvad, and he urged me to find a copy of Peter's
book, "Leviathan." Blegvad wrote a comic strip that
appeared in the Sunday edition of "The Independent"
for seven years. The book contains what are said to be
the best of the bunch, though it's mentioned in the
forward that there are a good many "darker" strips
that weren't included; which I'd now pay good money to
see. The strip is just incredible, unlike any I've
ever seen. It's very difficult to explain, so here's a
link to a review that does the job quite nicely:

... and here's a link to a site devoted to the strip,
it's a bit slow and unclear, but it does feature a few
of the strips to give you an idea of what's going on

I searched for the book on Amazon and found a used
copy for $5! It arrived in the mail and I was
immediately struck by the beauty of the book itself;
then I proceeded to read the entire thing from front
to back. I've done that twice now and find myself
picking it up at least once a day still.

Egad! Not another link wes? Yes, another link!

I need to call Andy and thank him for turning me on to
this... if you don't know this book, do yourself a
favor and check it out.

Simpsons creator Matt Groening described it as "one of
the greatest, weirdest things I've ever stared at".



Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 06:32:02 -0400
From: Derek Miner <>
Subject: Dead Rhinos
Message-ID: <a06100504bcfb1667870c@[]>

Kevin Wollenweber wrote:

>While those thieves at WB cannot be trusted, it might be a good idea if
>XTC decides to sign with the label or at least work at getting their
>entire library of albums bought up by the thug Rhino.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the record label named Rhino
is sadly a shell of its former self. Most of the people who made the
company's reputation are long gone (some to a promising upstart
called Shout! Factory), and Rhino is really just a catalog reissue
department for Warners' labels now. And I seriously doubt they're
interested in the effort to do XTC properly. I'd be surprised at this
point if they ever finish off the Elvis Costello reissues they
promised before some of the talent slipped out of Rhino.

= Derek =


Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 10:31:12 +0100
From: Mark Fisher <>
Subject: Best British albums (allegedly)
Message-ID: <>

The Observer's music supplement ran a poll of the 100 best British albums
yesterday. Guess who didn't feature?

Number one was the Stone Roses, though, and I seem to remember them using
John Leckie to produce the album because they liked what he'd done with the

And good old Terry Hall includes White Music in his top ten albums in a
separate list. He also includes the best of David Essex, which I like to
think is a conceptual joke. And just to make sure we get the message, the
Observer accidentally repeats his list, so XTC do get two mentions.



Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 23:53:56 -0400
From: Benjamin Gott <>
Subject: The Milk and Honey Review
Message-ID: <>


I guess The Milk and Honey Band's album will be out soon!  There's
apparently a review in the newest NME, and I found this one at Review
Boy from the Moon took four years for the Milk & Honey Band to record.
Groups break up, governments dissolve and Olympic titles are contested
in four years. The lengthy genesis of this album shows in its carefully
crafted guitar pop that visits the edgy folk of Tim Buckley via the
intensity of Radiohead with a lush orchestration and otherworldliness
that suggests this band has an agenda all of its own. Straddling the
concerns of the bedsit poet, the forever lovelorn, the social misfit
and the terminal daydreamer, The Milk & Honey Band prove their worth
with a collection of songs that are quietly epic, gently grandiose and
abudantly rich. They know they're good and they know we know they're
good. They just don't like to shout about it. --Ben Clancy

I'm looking forward to it.  If Andy thinks it's good, then it's got to
be good!  (Right?)



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