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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 10, Number 25

                   Friday, 18 June 2004


                      Swindon story
                     New town Chomsky
                       XTC on WFMU
             Close Encounters of the CD kind
          X-sTatiC? I thought they were dead...
              The Rhino Bowls 'em All Over?


No Chalkhills digest next week.  I'm on holiday.

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So we're working every hour that God made / So we can fly away.


Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 13:02:35 -0400
From: "Corin Ashley" <>
Subject: Swindon story
Message-ID: <184701c44d7a$66ca7670$1602a8c0@corin9>

here's a little story that I thought you might enjoy ...

My band, the Pills, did our first UK tour last week and took a gig in
Swindon solely out of our devotion to XTC. Besides, you gotta be somewhere
on a  Sunday night, right?

We did an interview with the local Swindon paper wherein I gushed quite
enthusiastically about our love of XTC and mentioned that the first song we
ever played together was "Vanishing Girl". When we got to Swindon to play at
a pub called the Broadwalk, the barman said "there's a letter for you" and
handed us an envelope. Imagine our excitement when we opened it to find a
letter from Colin thanking us for the kind words, wishing us well with our
tour and asking us to send him music. I was virtually light headed and a
mighty battle ensued over who gets to keep the letter ( I won, bass player's

Then, this little blonde angel, absolutely gorgeous, walks up to me and says
"Are you the Pills? You're my favorite band, I play your CD all the time and
I cannot believe you've come to Swindon. I never thought I'd get to see you
live." I was thinking how lucky we were to have at least one fan for the
show when she continued: "And you like XTC? That's my dad's band." Holly
Partridge, for it was she. Turns out she stole our CD that I gave to Andy at
a record singing in Boston a  few years ago.

I was stunned, I told her it was like meeting Alice In Wonderland or
something. She wasn't jiving us, either, as she stood right up front and
sang along to all our songs. We had a great time hanging out with her after
the show, she's super duper nice,  and she went out to the payphone to phone
her Dad so we could say hello. I'm afraid we got him out of bed, so i was
expecting a  quick hello but he had us on the phone for almost 40 minutes.
We talked about the Dukes, recording, songwriting, etc. He offered us some
encouragement for our show in Liverpool the following week, talked about
when XTC used to play at Eric's in Liverpool. Finally, he asked me to do him
two favors:

a) send him some music since Holly keeps raving about us

b) stay off his daughter.

The latter being a bit more difficult than the former, it was a thrill
nonetheless. We'll be posting Swindon photos (taken by Holly) on our website

Rave on,

Corin Ashley


Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 11:25:17 -0500
From: William Loring <>
Subject: New town Chomsky
Message-ID: <>

Richard promoted the new Chomsky album "Let's Get To Second" in the last
digest, and I must concur. I have all three of Chomsky's releases, and
they're all fab. Drums and Wires era XTC, and lots of other '80's influences
abound in this catchy music.

I also see a pretty overt homage to XTC in the new album in track number 2
"Animal". A sample of the lyrics below:

    Building rage in a furnished cage
    In jungles of concrete...

Then the chorus:

    You're an animal a new town animal
    don't believe you can sit alone
    and wonder
    you're an animal a new town animal
    don't believe you can sit alone
    and wonder

Anyway, this is great stuff. Intricate guitars, pleasing harmonies, it's
good. Buy some. I got mine at Amazon.

...bill loring


Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 12:43:12 -0400
From: "Krys Olsiewicz" <>
Subject: XTC on WFMU
Message-ID: <>

Just wanted to let you know that our boys were part of the playlist on a
special Reagan-focused radio show by the illustrious Station Manager Ken
Freedman on WFMU 91.1 FM. Check out the playlist below and you can even
listen to an archive of the show at the following link:

-Krys Olsiewicz

Playlist for 09 June 2004 | Today's Reagan Programme

An American Who Loves His Country   Dear Mr. President
Unknown Artist   The Right Man In The White House
Firesign Theater   Hey Reagan
Negativland   The Answer Is

Music behind DJ:
The Minutemen   This Aint No Picnic
Robyn Hitchcock   The President    Element of Light
Mission of Burma   That's When I Reach for My Revolver
James Kochalka Superstar   Hey, Ronald Reagan
Camper Van Beethoven   Cowboys From Hollywood
Heaven 17   We Dont Need This Fascist Groove Thing
Ron and the DC Crew   Ronnie's Rap
Shawn Brown   Rappin' Duke
Gil Scott Heron   B Movie    The Best Of
Bonzo Goes to Washington   We Begin Bombing in Five Minutes

Mayfield & Nissen   The Moral Majority
Mr. G   Reaganomics, Part 1
Demo Disc   Tax Facts, 1980
Ed Special   Lack of Spare Parts Edit
Was Not Was   Tell Me That I'm Dreaming
Unknown   Reagan Drug Speech
Bongwater   Reaganation
Neil Young   Campaigner
Spiro Agnew   Effete Corps of Impudent Snobs
Doug Khan   Reagan Speaks For Himself

Happy Fingers Institute   (I Lived Through) Ronald Reagan
Ramones   Bonzo Goes to Bitburg
Jazz Butcher   President Reagan's Birthday Present
Monochrome Set   Apocalypso
Frankie Goes to Hollywood   Two Tribes
Victor Lundberg   An Open Letter to My Teenage Son
Robert Tamkin   A Teenage Son's Open Letter to His Father

Fugazi   In Defense of Humans
Prince   Ronnie Talk to Russia
Spencer & Spencer   Russian Bandstand
Floyd Tillman   This Cold War With Youi
Jim Backus   Delicious
Bedful of Metaphysicians   For Cash
Max D Barnes   Dear Mr. President
Sam and Joe   Save The Children
Johnny Sea   Day For Decision
Gang of Four   I Love a Man In A Uniform
Psychedelic Furs   President Gas
XTC   Here Comes President Kill Again


Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 16:13:01 -0500
From: "James Lowe" <>
Subject: Close Encounters of the CD kind
Message-ID: <>


I was driving to an appointment early this past Saturday morning on
Chicago's north side and along the way I see a garage sale sign hawking CDs.
So I decide to check it out on the way home in an hour or so.  I figured
that I might find one or two gems or a classic to fill in my collection.
But if I came up empty handed I would not be surprised.  When I got there I
was confronted with a two car garage filled with boxes loaded with CDs!
Some Posters, LPs, box sets and books. Nothing was marked with a price so I
asked one fetching woman who seemed to be quite at home what the deal was
and she said I am just a neighbor that's the guy over there who's in charge.
I recognize him and immediately I know I have found the mother lode!

As it turned out I had stumbled quite by accident onto the esteemed Greg
Kot's (the Chicago Tribune rock critic) annual garage sale.  Everything was
just a buck or $2 and needless to say after about an hour of picking I was
$67 poorer but infinitely richer in CDs.  Greg was definitely very cool and
we discussed a number of the titles I purchased and music in general  (what
else) until the next happy shopper came to check out.   I then called
everyone I know that lived near by to get their fanny's over there and check
it out.

I scored a bunch of great power pop bands CDs like the Lackloves, the Kicks
did you know that Jason Falkner's Brother is in that band? Greg pointed that
out to me....Cheaptrick, Wondermints, The Wonderstuff, Squeeze and titles I
would not have bought if the price wasn't was what it was. Like the Harold
Budd "La Bella Vista."  A couple of singles from the new Chomsky.   Lot's of
Compilations and pre-releases. The fact is I probably left a lot behind. The
good news is that GK took my email address and will inform me of the next
purge of his collection.  He is surely someone who practices what he
preaches, his parting words to me were that he pays for most of the music he
wants and everything he made from the sale this weekend would be re-invested
in music! He's just making room for deluge to come.  It seems as if the
first Saturday in June will not be the same ever again.

It's been a very good week!  XTC Content... I am sending him a XTC Bumper
Sticker ( guess I should keep some in my car)

Jamie (XTC bumper Stickers) Lowe<about:blank>

"If you are going to wait for someone to encourage you to do something, you
just better give it up."


Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 08:22:55 +0100
From: "Edward Percival" <>
Subject: X-sTatiC? I thought they were dead...
Message-ID: <>

Dear all

It's been a while, but we're back! In the first of what we hope will be a
series of gigs covering the latter half of 2004 we're pleased to finally
announce the "next gig", which will be back in London at the Dublin Castle,
Camden on Friday 9 July.

It's a great venue, and we had a great time there last summer. Get more
details here...

In other news...

We promised a while back to occasionally update the video clips on the site
so we just posted up a couple of new ones, one from our last visit to the
Dublin Castle and an acoustic version of Senses from last September in

As ever, any last minute requests for songs to be included in the set for
the next gig can be made on the site so feel free to make suggestions. Our
usual friendly and diplomatic discussions (ha!) regarding what songs are in
and what songs are out may well be swayed by your opinions.

We hope you can make it to Camden and look forward to seeing some of our old
friends from previous gigs again.

Adrian, Dan, Ed, Mick.

PS- You might be interested in this link....


Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 09:18:26 -0400
Subject: The Rhino Bowls 'em All Over?
Message-ID: <>

One last note:  I just learned, thanks to the new issue of ICE Magazine,
that Rhino, of all companies, is upgrading the entire Paul Simon solo
catalogue.  I don't expect this to be earth-shaking news to anyone,
especially with the discontent some of you have voiced on this list
regarding rampant repackaging and reissuing; but I find it interesting that
just about all back catalogues are showing up on Rhino or one of the other
scaley arms of Warner Brothers, from all other labels.

Okay, I know that Simon's last studio album, YOU'RE THE ONE, was released
on Warner Brothers, but it doesn't always mean that the back catalogue of
that particular artist ends up in the same place.  While those thieves at
WB cannot be trusted, it might be a good idea if XTC decides to sign with
the label or at least work at getting their entire library of albums bought
up by the thug Rhino.  Oooh, just imagine what *THEY* could do with each
album, not only with original album design being fully replicated in fancy
digipacks and all that, but with full lyrics and absolute original master
tapes and all the bonus tracks we had hoped for on the Virgin reissues.
Oh, I groan at the prospect of having to sell off the old editions again,
were this to happen, but all the additions that I just spoke of would be
the only way the corporate label-makers could get me to go through all that



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