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Subject: Chalkhills #95

                  Chalkhills, Number 95

                   Monday, 11 June 1990
Today's Topics:
                      (Homo Safari)
                        Their CD's
            Misc. Ramblings and Chalkhills #94
                   andy in the basement

Date: Wed, 6 Jun 90 16:46:03 EDT
From: (John White (x37690))

One thing that was unclear to me (having come in in the middle of a
discussion of the Homo safari series) was that all tracks are
instrumental. Other unsuspecting readers might want to know this, too.

What's the story with that frigger Compact XTC which was going to be
coming out? Is the release date known?

Thanks again for all,

	John white (


From: dhgpa!dhtpa!
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 90 09:48 MDT
Subject: Their CD's

I have a few questions concerning the XTC CD's, I hope somebody can answer
one or two...:

- Who archieved that the old albums have extra tracks on CD ?
  (Manager? The group? Someone at Virgin?
  Remember: a lot of CD-reissues are treated like "you-should-be-lucky-our-

- Who decided that these extra tracks should be between side1 and side2 ?
  (The obvious place is at the end of the CD...
  I remember reading an interview with Andy a long time ago in which he
  explained why tracks like "Roads Girdle The Globe", "Complicated Game",
  "No Language In Our Lungs" and "Travels In Nihilon" are at the END of an
  album-side: because these tracks are "difficult" and not easy to follow-up
  with other songs.
  What I am trying to say is: are these meant to give a "rest", before side2
  begins? Have they actually THOUGHT about it?)

- Why is Go2 the exeption to the above rule ?
  ("Are You Receiving Me?" before "Red")

- Who changed the titles on the "White Music"-CD ?
  (E.g.: "X Wires" that became "Cross Wires", etc. Or are these finally
  spelled as they SHOULD have been?)

- Does anybody know the "CD-code" of "Oranges & Lemons" ?
  (AAD, ADD, DDD??? A long debate can be started for this (Hi John!)... I'm
  not looking for that, just: is there anybody who actually KNOWS it ? (read
  an interview perhaps))

Anybody out there who knows?

          ;         Andre de Koning         ;
          ;   APT Nederland BV (AT&T-NSI)   ;
          ; email: att!hvlpb!dhgpa!adkoning ;


From: (Mike Harrison)
Date: 6 Jun 90 16:39:26 GMT

In article <971@xenon.kcl-cs.UUCP> rhodes@kcl-cs.UUCP (Paul Rhodes) writes:

>>XTC -- Sgt. Rock (is Going to Help Me)
>	Similarly, is Sgt Rock a character from a comic?

Yes, Sgt. Rock is a comic book character. You've never heard of Sgt. Rock
and Easy Company? Man, where have you been? DC Comics published a Sgt.
Rock (and various other WWII comics) for a long time. They still publish
the odd Sgt. Rock Special.



Date: Thu, 7 Jun 90 12:20:59 PDT
From: Alan F. Perry <>
Subject: Misc. Ramblings and Chalkhills #94

>Any and all views expressed in Chalkhills are those of
>the individual contributors only.  So please contribute,
>otherwise this disclaimer won't mean diddly.

OK, I'll go for it.

XTC Today.

Does anyone know what XTC is up to these days and when might we see a new
album?  The rumored concert tour never materialized around here.  Has anyone
heard anything concerning touring?

My Favorite XTC Album.

The album (actually CD) that turned me on to XTC was "Oranges and Lemons" and
out of what I have since accumulated ("O&L", "Skylarking", "English
Settlement", "The Big Express" and "Go 2") I have to admit that "O&L" is still
probably my favorite, although that varies with my mood.

Is there something wrong with me?  It seems like most people on this mailing
list don't like "O&L" that much.  What's up?

My Latest XTC Acquistion.

I recently purchased "Go 2" without being familiar with a single cut on the CD.
I bought it for two reasons: a) it was XTC and b) the cover.  If you are not
familiar with this CD, the cover (at least in the version that I bought) is
black with white typewriter text on the front and back.  The text on the front
starts out "This is the ALBUM COVER" (or something like that) and goes on with
a humorous description of the purpose of the album cover.  There is similar
text on the back and on the inside.  There is an interesting map of Swindon.

I wish I found the album as interesting as the cover.  Fortunately, any music
that I listen to long enough I will eventually start to enjoy, so it just a
matter of time.

Should I do it?

On my copy of "Skylarking" I managed to scratch the CD so that "That's Really
Super, Supergirl" skips on a couple of my CD players.  It is worth it to
buy another copy of the CD for that one song?

That's it for now.

alan perry


Date: Fri, 8 Jun 90 02:28:24 EDT
From: (the best things in life always melt)
Subject: andy in the basement

i recently was mailed a number of radio sessions done by robyn
hitchcock froma friend of mine in britain from a radio show
called "the basement" (at least that's what i gather the title
of it to be). in one section of this session, robyn is being
interviewed by the host, and who should be in the studio, but
mr partridge himself.

so, out of the kindness of my heart, i transcribe for you now
the interesting parts of this light-hearted "interview"


robyn: but i think this business about time, you asked andy about
       time passing you by. you got to remember that otherwise
       it would freeze. you wouldn't's like without the
       filtering process we call time, everything happens at once.
       and that would be catastrophic. i mean, i assune you under-
       stand this.

host:  not at all - not for a second. i just hoping some of the
       listeners do.

andy:  time gives you a chance to change your personality, which is
       interesting. cos i mean, ten years ago, i was *so* different
       than i was now, and i'm sure ten years time will show the same.

robyn: where you a punk?

andy:  why, i - absolutely!

robyn: really?

andy:  yeah...

robyn: oh, well i'm glad i didn't meet you.

host:  you two seem to have a lot in common, musically. you know:
       robyn hitchcock and andy partridge of xtc. both have a fairly-

andy:  i think you're trying to get us married! you keep getting us
       on the same shows!

host:  have you two met before?

robyn: vaguely-

andy:  no we haven't, have we darling?

robyn: i met andy in the basement two years ago, the one where we go

andy:  yes.

robyn: down below, but i mean, i'm not that familiar or anything...

host:  last time i had a conversation with andy, he said he wanted to
       produce the next robyn hitchcock lp

robyn: this is news.

andy:  you're on! can we do some soliciting over the air?

host:  yeah - i signed up his...

robyn: yeah, well, it's just you know-

andy:  robyn, you need a knob-twiddler, and you can take that anyway
       you like.

robyn: what? you like doing tha kind of thing?

andy:  yes - love it...

robyn: you like twisting things from side to side in a confined space?

andy:  i do - i like being really cramped and putting your hand on it
       and wrenching backwards and forth-

host:  well, i think that's as much as we knew to know about that. robyn,
       you get downstairs, you gotta do another number. andy partridge,
       thank you very much-

andy:  i'll get upstairs and clean the attic

robyn: yes...

host:  yeah, go upstairs and slip into one of johnny's long frocks...


and then it ends...

it's much more humorous with the tones of their voices - robyn's kinda
aticulate drawl, andy's quick slur and the host's thick scottish accent.
in fact, it's damn right funny!



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