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Subject: Chalkhills #93

                  Chalkhills, Number 93

                   Tuesday, 15 May 1990
Today's Topics:
                      Andy Partridge
                  Are You Receiving Me?
                    Urgh: A Music War
                      Recent Doings

Subject:    Andy Partridge
Date:        9 May 1990 08:07:32 GMT

Something I heard on national radio in the UK last week:

	Andy has produced the new album by The Lilac Time.
	The band member who was being interviewed said that Andy
	spent a lot of time programming wierd drum rhythms and
	shouting at the band to keep in tune!

	Apparently Andy met the band in a recording studio in the
	Swindon area, where he was working after the studio in his
	attic at home had fallen through into the bedroom below.
	Fortunately, he wasn't there when it happened.


Date: Wed, 9 May 90 11:59:04 PDT
From: (James McGowan)
Subject: Are You Receiving Me?


I'm a new subscriber and just got my first Chalkhills news today -- looks
like there's still some knowledgeable XTC fans around!  I've been
following the band since Drums and Wires and saw them for the first
time in San Francisco at the Stone Club.  They were touring to support
Black Sea (`81 or `82?) and played like they were being kept in cages
between shows -- by far the most frenetic performance (read: sweaty
and fun) I've ever seen!  Unfortunately, that was also the last time I
saw them play live.  I went to the Hollywood Palladium show the
following year -- the same show that Andy Partridge collapsed at just
before going onstage :-( !  Oh well, maybe someday...

Listen:  I'd like to correspond with anyone that heard and taped last
year's "Radio Station Tour".  Andy, Colin and Dave played live
on the air at several radio stations around the states as a kind of
surrogate tour, and from what I've heard, they were great with just
acoustic guitars.  I'm still kicking myself for not knowing about
their local appearance at KROQ-FM in L.A.!  Please E-mail me if you
can help!


Jim McGowan             Technical Writer, Network Research Corporation  (805) 485-2700  2380 North Rose Avenue, Oxnard CA 93030


Subject: Urgh: A Music War
Date: Fri, 11 May 90 15:41:36 PDT

    From: "THOR::GJJ5315"

    I found a copy of Urggh: A Music War today on CD.  How are the other
    performances.  I like a lot of the other groups, but I'm not spending
    15 dollars for below par performances.  What's the recording quality?
    Is it really worth it beyond the XTC track?

It's good, definitely.  The recordings are very clean for live stuff,
and many of the performances are excellent.  My only bitch is that the
CD omits some six tracks from the original double album.  Some of them
I can live without (Toyah, for one; the Members, because I have the
studio version), but there are a couple unforgivable removals:  the
wonderfully loopy John Otway (collaborator with XTC on the Jasper
Japes single -- by the way, does anyone have that?  How is it?), the
sadly unknown Alley Cats, and Athletico Spizz 80.  There was one other
omission, which I don't remember offhand.

So, yeah, on the whole I'd have to recommend it.  But grudgingly.

-- Stewart


Date: Sat, 12 May 1990 21:13:36 PDT
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: Recent Doings

Mark Hessman <> asks:

>     Let's see... anybody know what the band is up to now?  They should
>be due for some new material soon, that's for sure... but I haven't heard

  The latest news is that the new single by The Lilac Time, with Andy
Partridge producing, has hit the stores.  The single is called _All
for Love & Love for All_.  The CD-single has three extra tracks.  The
question, however, is whether Andy produces only the title track or
three tracks.  The cover claims that Andy produces all but the second
track, while the label on the CD claims that Andy produces only the
title track.  Anybody have better information?

  And other news from the latest issue of _The Little Express_ (have
you subscribed yet?)...

  Dave Gregory played on Alice's album _Il Sole Nella Pioggia_, along
with Steve Jansen, Richard Barbieri, Peter Hammill, and Jon Hassell,
last June.  (I want a copy of this CD.)  Dave also did a radio
interview with Dave Bookman of Radio CIUT, Toronto, in December 1989.

  Colin's been writing songs.  Andy had been producing a number of
songs (at last count, seven in all) for The Lilac Time (as you can see

  Not much else of note, I'm afraid.

	-- John


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