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Subject: Chalkhills #88

                  Chalkhills, Number 88

                   Monday, 2 April 1990
Today's Topics:
		    Earn Enough For Us
              Respectable St., video version
              What is Skylarking's theme???
         Angry Young Men, Skeletons, Paint Heroes
                 New XTC CDs in the works

Date: 	Wed, 21 Mar 90 17:51:55 EST
From: tse! (Don Marks)
Subject: Earn Enough For Us

You were asking whether the Canadian 7-inch for Earn Enough For Us really
exists. It does, I saw it here in Toronto a couple of years back, but
not recently. I'll try to look around for it.

Don Marks


From: hvlpb!dhgpa!dhtpa!
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 90 08:26 MET
Subject: Oops...


I'm sorry I caused confusion about "Go 2" on CD with/without "AYRM?". I
didn't look good enough in The Great Chalkhills Discography I suppose.

But, as to follow-up the question: if the CD also has the editted version,
what IS there editted?


Andre de Koning, The Netherlands


Date:         Tue, 27 Mar 90 21:53:25 EST
From: Ben Zimmer <ZIMBENG@yalevm.bitnet>
Subject:      Respectable St., video version

Watching the video to Respectable Street, I noticed the lyrics were cleaned
up a bit, I suppose to satisfy some censors.  Instead of "sex positions" it's
"propositions," and instead of "retching" it's "stretching."  Anyone know why
they had to make the changes?  Pretty ironic that they had to make the song
more "respectable."  Have they had to bowdlerize any other songs?

"All part of decency's jigsaw,
      I suppose..."                                      Ben Zimmer


Subject: What is Skylarking's theme???
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 90 9:09:36 EDT

i've got a few questions:

What is the supposed theme to Skylarking?  I've been trying to figure it out
but have gotten nowhere.  It seems to deal with relationships, but other
than that there seems to be no cohesive theme.  What have I missed?

also, awhile back someone here mentioned that "The Compact XTC" is coming
out in the US.  Is this true, and if so what is the release date?

lastly would anyone out there want to tape me a copy of "Making plans
for Andy"?? I would almost kil to hear a live version of "No Thugs..."
email me if so...


"for each event the inarticulate glory, 	|  William H. Stoner III
the equal and opposite will tell the story"	|  Systems Operator OSU CIS
	jane siberry - half angel half eagle	|


Date: 1-APR-1990 17:16:31.72
From: Ed Aubry <>
Subject: Angry Young Men, Skeletons, Paint Heroes

Okay, I've had no success whatsoever tracking down these songs:  "The World
Is Full Of Angry Young Men," "Skeletons," and "My Paint Heroes."  Is there
anyone out there who has these songs who would be willing to discuss a trade
of some sort?  I have just about every studio release they ever did (except
these new ones), so if anyone is looking for old b-sides, let's talk about
exchanging tapes.  I'm also looking for the single by the Colonel, if anyone
has that.

My address:



Date: Mon, 2 Apr 1990 16:08:54 PDT
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: New XTC CDs in the works

  I finally received the latest edition of _The Little Express_, and
though I would rather see them get your subscription than to release
information contained therein too soon, I think this particular tidbit
merits immediate distribution.

  Andy says:

      Virgin have let me know that they are going to be putting
      out one or two CDs of rare XTC material -- stuff that came
      out one B-sides and EPs, but for all intents and purposes
      disappeared on vinyl.  So they're going to try and compile
      everything on to as many CDs as it tapes.  _Takeaway /
      Lure of Salvage_ will also be released on CD shortly.

  I can't wait!

	-- John

  P.S. _The Little Express_ is a very well done Canadian XTC fan
magazine.  For further reading, writing and rhythmatic on XTC you
might like to drop a line enclosing SAE or equivalent to

    The Little Express, Box 1072, Barrie, Ontario, L4M 5E1, Canada


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