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Subject: Chalkhills #85

                  Chalkhills, Number 85

                   Monday, 5 March 1990
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          CD singles (discographical nightmares)
                   Re:  Chalkhills #84
                      Chalkhills #84
                        3 Wise Men

From: sco!
Subject:  CD singles (discographical nightmares)
Date: Thu Mar  1 14:12:59 1990

Harken well to the words of John Relph:

>You won't find the two USA promo CD's, but they're just the album
>versions, so who cares?  The _Senses Working Overtime_ CD-3 seems to
>be widely available, comparatively.  I rarely see the _Dear God_
>single, but it does show up, as does the _Mayor of Simpleton_ UK CD-3.
>The US CD singles are around, but most stores have stopped carrying CD
>singles.  Both the _King for a Day_ and _The Loving_ UK CD singles are
>very hard to find, and I've only seen a few of each.

What about the Geffen King for a Day single (non-promo)?  It doesn't
include any really new material, but if anyone doesn't have "Toys"
and "Desert Island" (originally on the "Love on a Farmboy's Wages"
double-pack 7", also on the Virgin "Mummer" CD), it's well worth it.

The "King for a Day" import CD single (with crown-shaped package!)
is still at least slightly available; I special-ordered it from a
local retailer several months ago, and last month it finally came in.
Get 'em while you can...

-- Stewart

        [ Sorry, I made a mistake, it won't happen again.
          Yes, I forgot to include the Geffen _King for a
          Day_ CD single.       -- John


Date: Fri, 02 Mar 90 10:07:38 EST
From: "Loden,Tom , MIT Lincoln Lab" <>

For those people into collectables:

   saw the 'Drums & Wires' album with the included single (that's 3a. or 3i.
   in the official chalkhills XTC Discography) for $24.99 at Planet Records,
   Kenmore Square, Boston,MA



Date: Fri, 2 Mar 90 10:46:57 -0500
From: (Erik Mark Seligman)
Subject: Re:  Chalkhills #84

someone mentioned in your last letter "Thanks for christmas" by the Three
Wise Men.  Is this another XTC alias or something? (I haven't heard of it


Date: 2 Mar 90 08:24:23
From: Dan Kletter <>
Subject: Chalkhills #84

         Reply to:   Chalkhills #84

thanks for posting the list of singles!

->    _Dear God_, CD-single, Virgin UK, CDEP 3, includes
->    Homo Safari; Bushman President; Egyptian Solution; Mantis on
->    Parole; Frost Circus; Procession Towards Learning Land.

i included this because i thought you might be interested to know that i found
about ten copies of this at Circular Motions last Sunday evening for about $12.
i bought myself a copy without even blinking! i really like the Homo Safari
series. they're quite different from the XTC of Drums/Black Sea days that i'm
more used to. once again, money well spent!--d


Date: Fri, 2 Mar 90 18:19:36 CST
From: (Bird Rendell H)

>As for CD-singles, here's a list:
>_King for a Day_, CD-3, Virgin UK, VSCD 1177, includes
>    King for a Day (remix); My Paint Heroes; Skeletons.
>_King for a Day_, CD-single, Geffen USA, PRO-CD-3522 (promo).

I would like to add this CD-Single (5 incher) :

_King for a Day_, CD-Single, Geffen USA, 21236-2; includes
     King for a Day (Czar Mix); King for a Day (Versailles Mix);
     Toys; Desert Island.

(* I think that I should also mention that it is a picture disc ....sorta.*)

"Toys" has quickly become one of my favorite XTC songs.  I was in New Orleans
last weekend  (it was Mardi Gras) and Tower Records had quite a few copies of
this one in stock. Unfortunately, they had none of the other ones that were

Keep up the good work,


From: samsung!uunet!bcstec!tahoma! (Don Scheidt)
Subject: 3 Wise Men
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 90 11:04:01 PDT

Hello, world o' Chalkhills, I have a request.

Several years ago, I saw the '3 Wise Men' EP and failed to buy it
immediately, not realizing I was blowing the one-and-only chance.
So... does anyone know where one exists for sale, in at least
VG+/VG+ (Goldmine's grading system) condition?  Generous offers of
a taped copy are swell, but I'd be willing to buy the real thing...

Please reply to:
Many thanks!


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