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Subject: Chalkhills #84

                  Chalkhills, Number 84

                  Thursday, 1 March 1990
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           On a Safari for the Last Homo Safari
                    Re: Chalkhills #83
                    Suzanne Vega & XTC
                   Mailbag and _D&W_ CD

Date: Fri, 23 Feb 90 12:00:29 -0500 (EST)
From: Chap Godbey <>
Subject: On a Safari for the Last Homo Safari

I've found every one of the homo safariage around except #2 and #1.
Anybody want to tape, or sell, or whatever, trade tape etc?


Date: Mon, 26 Feb 90 09:13 CST
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #83


Now for the question I've been too embarrassed to ask
  What is a "chalkhill"?

Also, since I've been reading Chalkhills, I've not noticed too
discussion on XTC's views on religion.  Are they (Andy in particular)
agnostics or atheists?  They sometimes seem to be saying contradictory
things about religion/god, for example "Dear God" and
"Thanks for Christmas"  (as The Three Wise Men).  Anybody want to
enlighten me?

Rick Rockershousen


Date: Tue, 27 Feb 90 13:21:24 CST
From: oconnor!keaton! (Joe Lynn)
Subject: Suzanne Vega & XTC

	Quoted from the March 22, 1990 issue of _Rolling Stone_,
	reprinted without permission:

	"Some of the songs are still mysterious to me," says
	Suzanne Vega, who has made herself at home in New York
	City's Skyline Studios for the last six months and is
	just now putting the final touches on her latest album,
	_Days of Open Hand_.  "I'm still trying to figure out
	what the deal is with them."  Eager to get back to
	writing after an extended hiatus, Vega made a concerted
	effort to get her creative juices flowing this time.
	"I went to London, where I had no commitments, family
	or friends to talk to," she says, "I found it really
	helpful to lock myself in a room, because it forced
	me to put something down on paper."  Vega, however, is
	not without outside influences.  "We think 'Book of Dreams'
	(the album's first single) as our XTC song," she says.
	"We had all been listening to _Oranges and Lemons_, which
	I think is a masterpiece."  Vega coproduced _Days_ with
	boyfriend and keyboard player Anton Sanko.


Date: Thu, 1 Mar 1990 11:23:17 PST
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: Mailbag and _D&W_ CD

Ed Aubry <> asks about _Making Plans for Andy_:

>Can you tell me a little about this disc? posted this in Chalkhills #76:

>Hey...I was at a record fayre here in England a few weeks ago when I
>picked up at XTC cd that I hear is very is called Making
>Plans for Andy and seems to be a compilation of
>various live tracks as well as remix of Cliff Richard's The Young
>Ones, which if you have ever seen is hilarious.

The track listing is as follows:
     Radios in Motion; Statue of Liberty; Set MySelf on Fire; New Town
     Animal; All Along the Watch Tower; This is Pop; Dance Band; Neon
     Shuffle; Traffic Light Rock; Looking for Footprints; No Thugs in Our
     House; Senses Working Overtime; Making Plans for Nigel; Sgt. Rock;
     Life Begins at the Hop.  bootleg, taken from a BBC concert, 1978,
     and an Amsterdam Paradiso concert, 1982, except for Looking for
     Footprints from Flexipop flexi-disc, and Traffic Light Rock from
     Record Mirror single.  also contains two tracks by The Young Ones.

Dan Kletter <> asks:

>out of curiosity, which XTC singles/bootlegs are available on cd these
>days and how easily are they obtained? i'm aware of the Oranges and
>Lemons singles (the angry young men b-side to the Loving is very good!).

_Making Plans for Andy_ is the only XTC bootleg CD I've ever heard of.
And I only know of one person who has seen it (see above).

As for CD-singles, here's a list:

_Senses Working Overtime_, CD-3, Virgin UK, CDT 9, includes
    Egyptian Solution; Blame the Weather; Tissue Tigers.
_Dear God_, CD-single, Virgin UK, CDEP 3, includes
    Homo Safari; Bushman President; Egyptian Solution; Mantis on
    Parole; Frost Circus; Procession Towards Learning Land.
_Mayor of Simpleton_, CD-3, Geffen USA, 9 27552 2, includes
    One of the Millions.  also available from Virgin Japan, VJD-12034.
_Mayor of Simpleton_, CD-3, Virgin UK, VSCD 1158, includes
    Ella Guru; Living in a Haunted Heart; The Good Things.
_Mayor of Simpleton_, CD-single, Geffen USA, PRO CD 3408 (promo).
_King for a Day_, CD-3, Virgin UK, VSCD 1177, includes
    King for a Day (remix); My Paint Heroes; Skeletons.
_King for a Day_, CD-single, Geffen USA, PRO-CD-3522 (promo).
_The Loving_, CD-3, Virgin UK, VSCD 1201, includes
    Cynical Days; The World is Full of Angry Young Men.

You won't find the two USA promo CD's, but they're just the album
versions, so who cares?  The _Senses Working Overtime_ CD-3 seems to
be widely available, comparatively.  I rarely see the _Dear God_
single, but it does show up, as does the _Mayor of Simpleton_ UK CD-3.
The US CD singles are around, but most stores have stopped carrying CD
singles.  Both the _King for a Day_ and _The Loving_ UK CD singles are
very hard to find, and I've only seen a few of each.

One final sour note.  The recently reported CD of _Drums and Wires_
that claims to include "Life Begins at the Hop" doesn't.  The
jewel-box insert (not the booklet) has been re-done and claims that
the track order on the CD is as follows:

    1. Making Plans for Nigel
    2. Helicopter
    3. Day In Day Out
    4. When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty
    5. Ten Feet Tall
    6. Roads Girdle the Globe
    7. Life Begins at the Hop
    8. Chain of Command
    9. Limelight
    10. Real by Reel
    11. Millions
    12. That is the Way
    13. Outside World
    14. Scissor Man
    15. Complicated Game

Unfortunately, the CD has not been remastered and is the same as the
original version, the insert for which was also incorrect, albeit
differently.  The correct track order for both of the Virgin UK _Drums
and Wires_ CDs is as follows:

    1. Making Plans for Nigel
    2. Helicopter
    3. Day In Day Out
    4. When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty
    5. Ten Feet Tall
    6. Roads Girdle the Globe
    7. Limelight
    8. Real by Reel
    9. Millions
    10. That is the Way
    11. Outside World
    12. Scissor Man
    13. Complicated Game
    14. Chain of Command

"Life Begins at the Hop" can be found on _The Compact XTC_.

	-- John


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