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Subject: Chalkhills #83

                  Chalkhills, Number 83

                 Friday, 23 February 1990
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                      Chalkhills #82
            Availability of non-Geffen XTC CDs
                    Re: Chalkhills #82
                 Liveage and Discography
              XTC on US CD / "Live" Faux Pas
                     pre-Barry songs
               Todd and "Another Satellite"
                    Drums and Wires CD

Date: 21 Feb 90 17:05:18
From: Dan Kletter <>
Subject: Chalkhills #82

         Reply to:   Chalkhills #82
out of curiosity, which XTC singles/bootlegs are available on cd these days and
how easily are they obtained? i'm aware of the Oranges and Lemons singles (the
angry young men b-side to the Loving is very good!).

thanks.--d (

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Date: Wed, 21 Feb 90 22:05:02 EST
From: Gary L Dare <>
Subject: Availability of non-Geffen XTC CDs

Most of the XTC catalogue is available on Virgin in Canada; some of
them are internally imported from the UK for sale at domestic price
(about C$20-24), but there is a Virgin Canada pressing of "Skylarking"
that contains both "Mermaid Smiles" and "Dear God".  It is the only
version with the original release intact and "Dear God" as bonus track.

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Date: 21-FEB-1990 23:23:34.73
From: Ed Aubry <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #82

>Actually, I had a dream last night that Andy was upset about the
>bootleg CD of _Making Plans for Andy_, because it contained some
>material that he was embarrassed by.  Andy and Colin were running
>around the country trying to prevent the distribution of the
>aforementioned CD.

Can you tell me a little about this disc?  I've never seen it.



Date: Wed, 21 Feb 1990 22:51:39 PST
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: Liveage and Discography

Mark Hessman <> asks:

>     Also -- somebody talked about the Black Sea Tour thing as being
>the only 'live' XTC we'll hear... well, as far as I know, several
>people have recorded the in-studio concerts of last year (including
>myself), and that there was a plan of some sort circulating for
>some sort of distribution for those on this list who want.  Any
>more info??

Yes, Chalkhills has compiled a number of Live-on-Radio shows from
last year onto one 90-minute cassette.  This tape is being copied and
will shortly be available for trade (or barter), barring duplication
difficulties (which are already occurring).  Many Chalkhills
subscribers have already indicated their interest in this tape, but
if you haven't and you are also interested, please send a message to
<> inidicating your interest.
Chalkhills is willing to trade for tapes of other hard-to-find XTC
audio or video material, and is ofttimes interested in material by
other artists as well.

Steve <mmlai!> has this to say:

>Another subject:  Have XTC *ever* performed any of their early songs
>after Barry left ?

Yes.  For example, in the 22 December 1980 concert that was recorded
to make the _BBC College Concert_ album, XTC played both "Battery
Brides" and "Statue of Liberty".  They also played "Statue of Liberty"
at the 23 April 1981 concert at the Agora Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia.
Most of the concerts in 1979 and 1980 included songs from _White
Music_ and _Go 2_.

Which brings me to another subject: the information in the previous
paragraph comes to you through the miracle of the U.S. Postal Service.
Chalkhills recently received a discography containing a large quantity
of heretofore unknown information concerning the recorded works of XTC
and its members.  If and when this information is incorporated into
Chalkhills' own on-line discography...  Well, don't count on it soon,
as we also have day jobs.  In any case, there is a large section
concerning all known audience and/or radio recordings of XTC in

Chalkhills do not know if this information is correct, but you can write to

	XTC Discography
	3930 Burwell St.
	Bremerton, WA  98312

for further information.  Chalkhills intends to.

	-- John


Date: Thu, 22 Feb 90 08:41:26 CST
From: oconnor!keaton! (Joe Lynn)
Subject: XTC on US CD / "Live" Faux Pas

	Mark Hessman <> zapped me with:

	> somebody talked about the Black Sea Tour thing as being
	> the only 'live' XTC we'll hear... well, as far as I know, several
	> people have recorded the in-studio concerts of last year (including
	> myself)...

	Whoops!  I completely forgot about the 1989 "Radio Tour", as
	well as the boys' appearances on MTV and _Late Night_.  Okay,
	you got me.  Force me to listen to Shriekback's _Go Bang!_
	for the next three hours. (Sorry, Barry...)

	Mark also asks very significantly:

	> if Virgin is finally getting plans together to re-release more of
	> the older stuff on CD?  And if they're not sure yet, how
	> how can we pester them to change their mind? (smiley-face deleted)

	The following CDs are available as domestic releases from Geffen
	in the USA:  _English Settlement_;  _The Big Express_;  _Skylarking_;
	_Oranges and Lemons_;  and soon to follow: _The Compact XTC_.

	If you want to pester the execs at Geffen, write to them at the
	address on a Geffen album.  You may also want to write to ICE
	(I have the address, if anyone wants it).  It's been my experience
	that while the record companies may not release as much as we want
	them to, they'll at least acknowledge your letter, which means
	_someone_ is seeing your request.  And if the right person sees
	enough requests, who knows.  Or maybe I'm just dreaming.

	(If you ask me, I think Geffen waits around to see which Virgin
	imports sell the best, then comes in with their own domestic

				Joe Lynn


Date: Thu, 22 Feb 90 13:28:17 -0500

anyone have a copy of the 7" UK PS Science Friction/She's so Square
for sale???


Fred Dalrymple


From: sco!
Subject: pre-Barry songs
Date: Thu Feb 22 15:26:18 1990

    From: mmlai!

    Another subject:  Have XTC *ever* performed any of their early songs
    after Barry left.  In concerts when they did "some oldies" for encores,
    it never went back before Drums & Wires.  Did they just dump the old
    songs after the Barry/Dave switch?

Well, I'm pretty sure that at least "This is Pop?" and "Battery Brides"
stayed in their repertoire after Barry's departure.  Both are on the
bootleg "The Rhythm", which was recorded on the Drums & Wires tour.
Maybe another, too...certainly it would have been hard for them to
ignore two albums' worth of stuff at that point, when it constituted
2/3 of their total output...

-- Stewart


Date:         Fri, 23 Feb 90 01:36:12 EST
From: Ben Zimmer <ZIMBENG@yalevm.bitnet>
Subject:      Todd and "Another Satellite"

(from interview with Todd Rundgren)
One of the changes is that Andy came up with a song that I didn't necessarily
think fit into the concept but Andy wanted to have it on the record, and that
song was called "Another Satellite".

What a jerk! To think that he would even consider cutting out such a great
song. My opinion of his production of Skylarking gets lower and lower.

                                                            Ben Zimmer


Date: Thu, 22 Feb 90 13:33 CDT
From: <BBHULSEY@uams.bitnet>
Subject: Drums and Wires CD

>If I didn't already own both the original US LP version (with 'Life') and
>the import CD, I might buy it.  As is, I can't justify the expense ($18 or
>so, as I recall) just to get 'Life...' on CD.  If you don't already own
>both, run out and buy it! :-)

Eighteen bucks!  Jeez!  I can't even find "Drums and Wires" around here in ANY
form (CD, casette, vinyl, etc.).  The imports that I am able to find (I too
made the mistake of buying the "Big Express" import right before it was
released domestically) cost around twenty five dollars.  I would be more than
willing to pay eighteen bucks for a copy of the COMPLETE "Drums and Wires" on
CD.  If anyone out there knows of any mail order houses that might stock this,
or if anyone out there is willing to actually mail me a copy in exchange for
the price of the disc plus shipping cost (hey, Peter Lee!), please drop me a


Bruce Hulsey
Univ. of Arkansas for Medical Sciences



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