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                Tuesday, 20 February 1990
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                  Life Begins At The Hop
                    Re: Chalkhills #80
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                    XTC Boots & Video

Date: 17-FEB-1990 01:03:58.14
From: Ed Aubry <>
Subject: Life Begins At The Hop

What's the story on this song, anyway?  Was LBATH on the "original" version
of D&W, or was it later added at the expense of Day In Day Out, a la Dear
God/Mermaid Smiled?  Is there a long, elaborate explanation for this
controversy that someone would like to post?  Why would they make such a
change?  Why are there no copies that include both?  Which song does Colin
prefer?  etc, etc...



Date: Sat, 17 Feb 90 12:19:17 -0500
From: Jon Drukman <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #80

Gary Jedlicka:

The line is "any changes made in here will be made over MY DOGS BODY..."

This information from The Little Express a long time ago where Andy
explained all about the Psonic Psunspot tracks.

I don't hear "fuck" in Great Fire, but that's OK...

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Date: Sat, 17 Feb 90 12:46:36 EST
From: (Void where prohibited by law.)
Subject: Hello

Question:  Would you happen to know if XTC will be releasing any more
	   of their older albums on CD in the US?  I ask because I
	   bought Big Express on CD at hefty import prices only to find
	   it released in the states at a much lower price about a month
	   later.  Not wishing to repeat this, I waited for the rest to
	   be released in the states.  I'm still waiting.  I have this
	   awful fear that they're waiting for me to break down and
	   spend $25 for an import just so they can release it
	   domesticly a week later to confound me.  In any case
	   I'm interested in XTC and wouldn't mind hearing from
	   similar-minded people.

				-- Stewart Tame


Date: Sun, 18 Feb 1990 22:04:17 PST
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: In Reply...


> I heard a LIVE version of "Generals and Majors" a few weeks
>ago. What album is this from?

It's possible that the version you heard was the B-side to the _Sgt.
Rock_ single, which also features a live version of "Living Through
Another Cuba".  Another live version of these songs also appears on
the _BBC College Concert #9_ and _BBC Rock Hour #212_ albums, sent
to radio stations for one-time broadcast.


William H Stoner III <> says:

>I was just wondering what other XTC discs have things missing?

>Also this boot had "Life begins a the hop" I imeadiately checked my copy
>of drums and wires and found that it wasn't on there.  I actually noticed
>because I was recording it.  So what other XTC discs are

Actually, the original Virgin UK _Drums and Wires_ did not contain
"Life Begins at the Hop".  It was added to the Epic USA release at
the expense of "Day In Day Out", which was relegated to the free
single inside.

> Which of the Safari tunes came from which albums? I know 5 & 6
>came from Mummer b-sides but waht about the others (and who wrote them?)

Number 1, "Homo Safari", is the B-side to "Life Begins at the Hop"
(how appropriate)

Number 2, "Bushman President", is one of the B-sides from the
"Making Plans for Nigel" single.

"Egyptian Solution (Homo Safari Series No. 3)" is on the "Senses
Working Overtime" 12-inch single (and CD-single).

"Frost Circus" and "Procession Towards Learning Land" (Nos. 5 and 6
in the Homo Safari Series, respectively), are on the "Great Fire"
12-inch single.

Oddly enough, number 4 in the Series, "Mantis on Parole", which
appears on the "Wake Up" 12-inch six-song EP, was the last to be

>Are there any good videos out there, live or otherwise?

Yes.  If you subscribe to _The Little Express_ you will find a
number of people who have videos to trade.

>And I read a couple issues back that the Compact XTC is going
>to be released by Geffen, is this true? And if so what's on it?

Don't know if it's true, but the Virgin UK CD has the following:

    Science Friction; Statue of Liberty (edit); This is Pop?  (single
    version); Are You Receiving Me? (edit); Life Begins at the Hop;
    Making Plans for Nigel (edit); Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down;
    Generals and Majors (edit); Towers of London (edit); Sgt. Rock (is
    Going to Help Me) (edit); Senses Working Overtime (edit); Ball and
    Chain; Great Fire; Wonderland; Love on a Farmboy's Wages; All You
    Pretty Girls; This World Over (edit); Wake Up (edit).


Gary <> sez:

>       I've been finding a lot of pseudo-subliminal messages.

>        "Mike quit playing with yourself"-Bike Ride To The Moon

Don't think that's right, but it does sound like something about
playing with onesself.

>Recently I was listening to "Great Fire" and I keep hearing "fuck" on top
>of "...been as good as this."

Yeah, I'd been wondering about that for a long time.  I don't think
it's "fuck", but it sure ends with a "ck".  Right after the word

>       As an aside to the Dan Rather quote concerning LSD, some people
>that I talked to think that "That's Really Super, Supergirl" is the
>world's greatest acid song.  "Even better than King Crimson!!"

An ex-junkie friend of mine says that King Crimson was great to
listen to on heroin.  Not that that has any relevance.


Sam Bell <> asks:

>Does anyone know who does the voice for the 'Alice in Wonderland'esque
>segments sprinkled through the Duke's album?  For instance the one
>between 'Vanishing Girl' and 'Have You Seen Jackie?'.
>Anyways, I was wondering who does the little-girl voice.  Is it a
>real girl (in which case I may be in love) or just Andy on helium
>(in which case I just embarrassed)?

Those are two little girls, Lila and Lily Fraser.  And you should be
embarrassed anyway, they're a little young for you.

        -- John


Date: Tue, 20 Feb 90 15:34:02 CST
From: oconnor!keaton! (Joe Lynn)
Subject: XTC Boots & Video

William H Stoner III <> sez:

> I went to a record convention last week and picked up a boot of the
> called 'Black Sea Tour '81'.  It was of suprisingly good quality...

This album is also known as the "BBC College Concert" (see John Relph's
discography);  I've also heard WXRT in Chicago playing tracks from
this album ("Optimism's Flames" and "Bushman/Cuba/Generals & Majors").
It's a great recording, and I have a feeling it's all we're gonna
hear along the lines of "live" XTC until the band starts touring again.
If they start touring.  When they start touring.  Oh, who knows?

> Are there any good videos out there, live or otherwise?

_Look Look_ is really good;  I used to live near a video store that
had a copy taken from a laserdisk.  Talk about awesome quality...
Here are the songs on _Look Look_ (all of them were done in the studio):

	This is Pop? (single version:  performance/concept video.
		Andy and Colin look like they're about fifteen)

	Statue of Liberty (edit:  performance clip)

	Are You Receiving Me? (edit:  concept piece)

	Life Begins at the Hop (performance clip.  Looks like something off
		of the Kenny Everett Video Show.  Remember him?)

	Making Plans For Nigel (performance/concept.  ditto "LBATH")

	Towers of London (edit:  performance. Filmed at the Towers of London.)

	Respectable Street (single version: concept;  the boys are hilarious
		as 'straight' people living next door to elderly 'punks.'
		Dave has a beard in this video, too.)

	Generals and Majors (edit:  concept/performance.  Lots of uniformed
		guys sitting at a table where the guys are waiters.)

	All Of A Sudden (concept/performance.  Really moving.)

	Ball and Chain (concept.  village fathers being bribed/blackmailed)

	Senses Working Overtime (edit:  performance.)

> ...the Compact XTC is going to be released by Geffen, is this true?

Yes.  It's going to be released sometime in March, along with a Siouxsie
compilation (yeah!).  Here's what's on _Compact_:

	Science Friction;  Statue of Liberty;  This is Pop?;  Are
	You Receiving Me?;  Life Begins at the Hop;  Making Plans
	for Nigel;  Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down;  Generals and
	Majors;  Towers of London;  Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me);
	Senses Working Overtime;  Ball and Chain;  Great Fire;
	Wonderland;  Love on a Farmboy's Wages;  All You Pretty Girls;
	This World Over;  Wake Up

Most of the songs on this CD are the edited, single versions.
It's still a "must buy," though...

			--Joe Lynn


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