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Subject: Chalkhills #76

                  Chalkhills, Number 76

                 Friday, 2 February 1990
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                     XTC CD reissues
                    A newcomer speaks
                      DUKES OF STRAT
                    Re: Chalkhills #75
                  R.E.M. Discussion list

Date: Wed, 31 Jan 90 09:22:30 CST
From: oconnor!keaton! (Joe Lynn)
Subject: XTC CD reissues

This information was culled from the latest ICE newsletter:

Geffen is planning on reissuing  _The Compact XTC_ on CD sometime
in April.

Gee, does this mean I shouldn't have spent the $25 two years ago
for the import version?  Maybe Geffen realized how well the Virgin
version was selling over here and they just got smart.

				--Joe Lynn


Date:     Wed, 31 Jan 90 09:55 MDT
From: <RLANTHIE@ducair.bitnet>
Subject:  A newcomer speaks

Hello folks,

I guess the main question I have is why doesn't XTC ever tour?  Perhaps a
related question is have they ever?

For those of you who don't know about Noteworthy Music it's a CD store that
has great prices, although the XTC collection is not so great.  The number
to get a catolog is: 1-800-648-7972



Date: Wed, 31 Jan 90 17:43 EST

	I've seen lots of "Dukes of Stratosphere" albums, and they're
usually under the XTC files in record stores.  I haven't bought any yet,
but I believe at least Andy Partridge is in the Dukes.  This is probably
a stupid question, but as a new XTC fan, I'd appreciate some info on the
Dukes and a description of what kind of music they play.  Thanks.


Date:         Wed, 31 Jan 1990 18:22:00 EST
From: Mark Hessman <>
Subject:      Re: Chalkhills #75

     Hi!  Welcome, everybody, back from break and such!!  =)

     First of all : My XTC acquisitions proceed nicely.  Now I've
added *Drums and Wires* and *Black Sea* to the collection... and I
do like them both a lot, I'd say the latter more than the former...
even the worse *Waxworks* tracks on *Black Sea*, like "Sgt. Rock"
and such, sound good... and then there are great tracks like
"Burning With Optimism's Flames"... this album is much meatier
than the previous two.  And *D & W* (without the extra "Day by Day"
or whatever it's called) is good too, though a bit lighter in tone.

     Also : Somebody mentioned a REM discussion list in one of the
postings recently... if someone could give me its address, I would
be *VERY* happy...

                                      -- Mark


Date: Thu, 1 Feb 1990 22:14:46 CST
Subject: R.E.M. discussion list

I sent the following form letter to a lot of people:

	The R.E.M. mailing list was renamed "New Music Discussion List"
about two years ago.  This was because people were itching to find
something to say about R.E.M., and sometimes weeks went by without a
	The address is the same.  For bitnet it is LISTSERV@NCSUVM
and the particular listserv is nmusic-l.
	I think I opened a can of worms by calling the service by its
old name.  However, R.E.M. does come up, and there is a database with
'fitted' lyrics to their albums.
	I haven't been on the list for a year.  If you want current
info get in touch with Chuck Kesler (CHUCK@NCSUVM).  He is the owner.

Gary Jedlicka


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