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Subject: Chalkhills #73

                  Chalkhills, Number 73

                Wednesday, 10 January 1990
Today's Topics:
               The First Chalkhills Survey
                   question of the day
                     put on an `act'

Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1990 13:43:35 PST
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: The First Chalkhills Survey

Here they are!  The results of the First Chalkhills Survey!

I won't bore you with the details of how and when the survey was
conducted, save to say there were 24 responses (only 24, out of over
100 subscribers).  The ranked results only represent responses with
more than one vote.  In some later issue I'll try to compile some of
the more interesting responses and the lyrical phrases chosen.

	-- John


        The First Chalkhills Survey

1.  Favourite song
        A. Fly on the Wall
        B. Senses Working Overtime
        C. Dear God
        D. Ballet for a Rainy Day
        E. Yacht Dance

2.  Favourite song title
        A. Gangway, Electric Guitar Coming Through \
           Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her \
           Train Running Low On Soul Coal \
           You're the Wish You Are I Had

3.  Favourite song released as a single (A-side)
        A. Senses Working Overtime
        B. Mayor of Simpleton \
        C. Dear God
        D. Great Fire

4.  Favourite 7", 12", or CD single sleeve/artwork
        A. none
        B. No Thugs in Our House
        C. This World Over (7-inch, with postcards)
        D. King for a Day (12-inch or CD)
        E. Dear God

5.  Favourite single (the package: songs, artwork, etc.)
        A. none
        B. No Thugs In Our House
        C. Senses Working Overtime
        D. Dear God
        E. The Mayor of Simpleton

6.  Favourite Partridge song
        A. none
        B. All of a Sudden (It's Too Late) \
           Respectable Street \
           Train Running Low on Soul Coal \
           Ballet for a Rainy Day \
           Dear God

7.  Favourite Moulding song
        A. Fly on the Wall \
           Making Plans for Nigel \
           Wake Up
        B. King For A Day \
           I Remember the Sun \
        C. In Loving Memory of A Name \
           Generals & Majors

8.  Favourite lyrical phrase (a few words, a line or two)
        A. "People will always be tempted to wipe their feet / on anything
           with 'welcome' written on it" ("Snowman")
        B. "Just on your knees and pray, and while you're down there,
           kiss your arse goodbye" ("Living Through Another Cuba")
        Note: honourable mention goes to "No Language in Our Lungs" and
           "Respectable Street", but the phrases chosen differed

9.  Favourite album
        A. English Settlement
        B. Black Sea
        C. Skylarking
        D. The Big Express
        E. Mummer

10. Favourite album title
        A. Drums and Wires
        B. English Settlement
        C. The Big Express
        D. Skylarking
        E. Psonic Psunspot

11. Favourite album cover/artwork
        A. Drums and Wires
        B. The Big Express \
           Go 2
        C. Skylarking \
           Oranges and Lemons
        D. 25 O'Clock

12. Favourite solo (guitar, harmonica, keyboard, etc.)
        A. guitar solo on Real by Reel \
        B. guitar solo on No Language in Our Lungs \
           guitar solo on Life Begins at the Hop

13. Favourite B-side not originally on an album (except for _Beeswax_)
        A. none
        B. Extrovert \
           Dear God
        C. Desert Island \
           Heaven is Paved with Broken Glass
        D. Tissue Tigers
        E. Toys

14. LP track that should have been a single
        A. Earn Enough For Us
        B. none
        C. Merely a Man
        D. Funk Pop a Roll \
           That's Really Super, Supergirl
        E. Fly on the Wall

15. B-side that should have been on an LP
        A. none
        B. Desert Island \
        C. Toys \
           Dear God

16. Least favourite song
        A. My Weapon \
        B. All Along the Watchtower
        C. Cynical Days

17. Least favourite album
        A. White Music
        B. Go 2
        C. none
        D. Skylarking

18. Least favourite video
        A. none ("They have VIDEOS???")
        B. Life Begins at the Hop \
           Senses Working Overtime
        C. Are You Receiving Me?

19. Favourite video (including The Dukes)
        A. Mayor of Simpleton
        B. none
        C. Dear God
        D. Making Plans For Nigel
        E. Respectable Street

20. Fave Dukes of Stratosphear song
        A. Vanishing Girl
        B. The Mole From the Ministry
        C. Brainiac's Daughter
        D. What in the World??... \
           Bike Ride to the Moon

21. Your most valued recording (and why)
        A. The Three Wise Men: "Thanks for Christmas"
        B. _English Settlement_ \
        C. XTC cassette compilations by John Relph
        D. _The Big Express_ \

22. Best radio station and/or program for hearing XTC
        A. WFNX, Lynn/Boston.
        B. none
        C. KFJC, Los Altos Hills \
           WXRT, Chicago

23. When you first heard XTC
        A. 1980
        B. 1979
        C. 1978 \ 1982 \ 1983 \ 1984

24. When you first became a fan
        A. 1986
        B. 1982
        C. 1980
        D. 1980 \ 1981 \ 1985 \ 1988
        E. 1978 \ 1979 \ 1983 \ 1987

25. How you heard about Chalkhills
        A. USENET newsgroup
        B. Love-Hounds Internet mailing list and
  USENET newsgroup \
           direct electronic mail from Chalkhills
        C. USENET newsgroups (news.lists or other)
        D. USENET newsgroup
        E. The Lyrics Server at UMASS (Lyrics@umass.bitnet) \
           the RADIO_RADIO notesfile at Digital Equipment Corporation


From: sco!
Subject: question of the day
Date: Wed Jan  3 18:06:37 1990

Inspired by the weird-time-signature talk now going on in the newsgroup, I ask you folks the following:

What the heck kind of time signature are the verses for
"Let's Make a Den"? Actually, maybe it's the chorus I'm thinking
of; this song doesn't really have a verse/chorus distincion, does it?
Anyway, I'm sure you know the part I'm talking about.  Screws me up
every single time I try to count it off.

-- Stewart

	[ It starts in 7/4 and goes to 4/4 after three measures
	  or something like that.  I think Rundgren wanted them 
	  to do that song, but only if Andy changed it to 4/4 all
	  the way through.  I'll try to find the reference.
		-- John ]


Date: Fri, 5 Jan 90 16:51:11 est
From: (Paul H. Wanuga)
Subject: put on an `act'

To all of you who bitched and moaned about the "over-production"
of Mayor of Simpleton on the word "act", and said that this proves
that XTC has sold out, why don't you try ging back to an album that
Andy called the last one to be able to go on the road, Black Sea.
Listen to that fourth song, and count how many times Colin's
"Love at First Sight(sight, sight, sight, ...)" occurs.
ELEVEN!  Nobody seemed to mind this, yet one word on a new
album got so many people in a fury.  I'm surprised that you
all didn't think that XTC was going classical when they had
a flute on Skylarking.

                            Trying to be realistic,

                            Paul Wanuga

P.S. - I just went over to England and visited all the landmarks on the
       map of Go 2.  Quite a thrill.


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